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    I can't. Biden is boring and old, but has done well so far. He will get more boring and more old, and likely not survive his next term, or will be 25th'ed out. In which case the presidency will be in disarray and nothing much will get done. Which is not the worst outcome. Trump is an active danger to America. He has long campaigned on retribution and vengeance, and has stated he will be a "dictator" for a short time, and that he wants to "terminate" the "phony" Constitution. That's an active threat to America. One could claim "well, he won't be able to do that" - but ten years ago I am sure no one would have thought he could mount an insurrection, get abortion de-legalized or put Putin on a pedestal, either. If he accomplishes even 25% of what he sets out to do, he will have damaged the US significantly. Also, he is just plain evil. You can explain away greedy business decisions ("it's for the stockholders!") having a drug addict son, treating your kids poorly ("they're just not good kids") even working to take rights away from women ("the states should decide.") But you cannot pursue a stranger into a changing room and rape them without being inherently evil. And I don't want the US led by an evil man. The choice, for me, is very clear. The US is too important to me to ignore the threat.
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    As per SOP, you're coming here and telling a group largely made up of moderates what moderates believe, based on what you've been spoon-fed by your right-wind media diet. Does it take a lot of effort to remain so willfully ignorant that you post this in a thread where several people, including me, have detailed their support for Biden? There's zero doubt that he's increasingly looking like a horrible campaigner right now, but that doesn't negate what he has, and could continue to do as President.
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    Yes of course. You are just the guy who reposts the offensive meme and then says it has nothing to do with you, you are just passing on the message. Well.....let me tell you, that shit fools no one.
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    Plus he is a rapist.
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    thanks for not answering my question..... I have come to expect that from you. Trump did in fact suggest suspending parts of the constitution. And he is in fact, 'Satan in human form'. He attempted to overthrow an election and still to this day denies the outcome of the election. He did in fact steal millions from his charity, his corporation did indeed get convicted of 13 felony counts of fraud, his associates and confidants are in fact convicted felons... I could go on with a dozen other factual examples or more, Of course you, like all the other trumpie supporting types cannot even bring yourselves to admit that these things happened, thus saving you the respectful civic duty of justifying your support for this human piece of fucking garbage seditious cunt.
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    I sincerely wish America was as concerned about school shootings as they are ear shootings.
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    That's your problem, not societies. If naught else some kids will have parents and, hopefully, a stable loving family. You know, as opposed to wasting away in an orphanage or bouncing from being unwanted in a succession of foster homes. Your particular brand of homophobia may get you through the day but it doesn't help kids with no family of any type.
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    That’s pretty fucking weak dude….both from the ‘hey, look over there’ angle when your hurricane prediction absolutely shit the bed and also for attempting to conflate a trip she took to help her sick father with Cruz’s vacation getaway (for which he subsequently tried to throw his family under the bus)….just fucking weak, even for you
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    As I watched the debate and saw Trump lie with impunity, I was reminded about why you don’t play chess with a pigeon. The pigeon just knocks all the pieces over, then shits all over the board, then struts around like it won.
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    I've been saying the same about you for some time and you don't listen either. <Had to do it.>
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    Yeah. Jakee of course I am. See, this is why I block you at times - not contributing solutions, looking for bits and pieces of what people post just to keep it going in an ongoing circular loop. Setting up for the spike. Just add to the conversation, man.
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    While Jerry and I disagree on political matters. He is a man of integrity whom I respect greatly. I sometimes wish we could all schedule an evening firepit with a few beers and solve the world's problems.
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    I don't get the "I need to be energized" argument. The prospect of having that deranged moron in the Whitehouse again, energizes me to vote for ANYONE the Democrats put up against him.
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    Black and a Woman, got it. 55 Things You Need To Know About Kamala Harris Politico 2020 Black and a Woman, got it. As to compared to a racist, rapist, convicted felon, admitted fraudster, ex multiple bankrupt,....... oh well for some facts are irrelevant.
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    I'm no fan of Pence - but reaching out to someone with more experience than himself during a time of crisis is a point in his favor, not against him. Being able to ask for (and take) advice is something that's sorely lacking these days in politics.
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    I'll tell you my main reason that I cannot vote for Trump. When you pressure your VP to not certify the election - you've chosen to go against the most core democratic principles in our nation and tried to turn it into a dictatorship.
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    City Attorney & District Attorney of San Francisco. Attorney General of California (elected twice). But she has no 'experience or capability to problem solve or manage a complex task' Sure. Right.
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    I grow weary of your posting YT videos as source citations rather than using academic or more scholarly sources. This latest video would demonstrate that you know nothing of CRT. The video is about porn. Of which I tend to agree. Can you please stop throwing youtube videos and just add to the conversation. Nobody is going to view the videos you post. I will read thru something longer if given a source, rather than listen to a 30 second video from FB or YT. PS There is an (R) after my name also.
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    The promenade is the likely building. 191 peachtree was another but i that i think was completed by then. We jumped a lot of buildings back then and in the late 80s-early 90s Atlanta had a shit ton of construction: Gardner and I got arrested, jumping off of the Peachtree Plaza by…get this…Macy’s security. That was fucking embarrassing. But then I followed that up with jumping off of it again into the Braves Parade. Well almost into the Braves parade. I was going to land in the middle of the street in front of the motorcade and I had such an old mushy seven cell parachute that I didn’t even make it to the street. I came up about 15 feet short and landed in a small tree between the sidewalk of Peachtree Street and a parking lot. I had to land in a tree or I was gonna hurt somebody. But I fell down on the roof of a car like an SUV or something, and probably caved the entire roof in. I lost the parachute but managed to get away on my motorcycle that I had stashed in one of the parking garages. That was like 600,000 people that I did a fucking disappearing act on. Anyway, that was my one glory jump, I guess.
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    Ohh so you are fine supporting somebody who forcibly fingered a woman against her will. That makes it sooo much better.
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    Yeah Wendy! Let Rich here explain what it's like to be a woman in today's society to you.
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    Hi Mark, Best PR thing that could happen for Trump. Think about the photos of Trump with his fist in the air, blood on his face, compared to Biden who feebly says, 'We beat MediCare.' Jerry Baumchen PS) Largest 2 inches in modern American political history.
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    That's a 1970's perspective. Welcome to the 21st Century. What Bill said above is the key - "Intentional Families." Years of research by Dr. Manning would indicate that, "Beliefs that gay and lesbian adults are not fit parents, or that the psychosocial development of the children of gay and lesbian parents is compromised, have no basis in science. Our position is based on a review representing approximately 50 empirical studies and at least another 50 articles and book chapters and does not rest on the results of any one study. These articles appear in such journals as Developmental Psychology, the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, the American Psychologist, the Marriage and Family Review, the American Journal of Orthopsychiatry, and the journals of Family Relations, Sex Roles, and Social Work. An annotated bibliography on the topic can be found on the website of the American Psychological Association." You can read more about it if you're interested. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4091994/
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    Yesterday I became one of only 33 non licensed skydivers in the world to have jumped a passenger jet. Blue skies! https://skydive.shredvideo.com/f/77ZJE6xB40
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    Have you ever been a woman in a workplace where the management is all male, and handsy? Have you ever heard "the law says I have to interview them, but it sure don't say I have to hire them." Have you ever heard "you can come in, gorgeous, but your husband can't." Have you ever heard, yet again, "you must be on the rag." Or maybe "you can't be so blunt," when you're not as blunt as some of the men in the group. Being on the delivering side of all those is privilege, because no one else in management (or the power structure) can be told any of those things, because of who they are. Wendy P.
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    Well, except for all that silly coral dying Wendy P.
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    I will vote for Biden if he remains the nominee and has a heartbeat.
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    Really have to hand it to her, she beat off the competition rather handily.
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    The issue at Lodi was a complicated one - most people new to the sport don't get, and people who have been involved for a while argue over. I never had a problem over there when I was actively jumping more, but I would never send a new or newer jumper there unless they were under direct supervision from someone I trusted. The accident with Brett on Sept.17th (read above) is a microcosm of what was going on: Brett came to another local DZ a couple weeks before this accident. I was S&TA. I would not let him jump the wingsuit without an instructor. He wasn't very current and kind of had an attitude that was not really receptive to our constructive suggestions. He left and now we all know what happened next. Is that a Lodi issue, or a Brett issue? Some will say Brett was an adult and was licensed and chose to do that and it killed him. Some places do there best to help those who aren't keen on helping themselves. And that is probably the biggest difference between Lodi and some other places. Lodi will let you be an adult, largely make your own choices, and deal with the consequences. Except swooping..don't touch the front risers. Lodi supporters will point to things like no swooping, I've seen Bill kick people of the DZ for unsafe things, etc. etc. And that is all true. However, there was this "let adults be adults" attitude that got more than one person killed, because as we all know, adults sometimes don't know how to be adults - especially skydivers. The TI issue was criminal in my opinion. Anyone that thinks Bill didn't know what was going on doesn't know Lodi. Lodi is a fraction of what it used to be at this point. The TI thing did him in. Kill experienced skydivers all day - nobody will really care. Kill a tandem student with criminal shenanigans - the party is over. Adults being adults right?
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    Or asking Trump straight off if the Secret Service had cleared him to be with the President, given he is a convicted felon and criminal, rapist, fraud, traitor, possible espionage crimes, ad nauseum.
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    I wonder if the strong focus on short-term goals of saving money and servicing the stockholders contributes. I do know that Boeing’s federal division had a lot of very good employees who were encouraged to find ways to save money in the 90’s and early 2000’s (my company was a partnership between Boeing and Lockheed-Martin). During Shuttle, IBM was wholly focused on quality; as a company, at my level at least we were encouraged to support the mission, not to come up with boondoggles. I have a feeling that was the same for most of the companies at the first and second-line levels, and very possibly the third. This strong focus on quality led to risk aversion, which increases costs. And, of course, taxpayers are all about cost, as are stockholders. The systemic things I see that really concern me all have to do with money, which here in the US at least (and much of the world) is power. And we all know that people like power. I don’t have the solution; this forum (and SC) are more like the donut counter where the old guys in the corner sit every morning and identify the world’s problems. Upper management at Boeing will be replaced at the discretion of the stockholders, and only if the stock price takes a tumble. And they won’t hire someone who doesn’t want a large compensation package, because he (it’ll be a he) won’t have a “track record of stockholder satisfaction.” Any more, that’s all that matters. Money makes most people pretty short-sighted. What Boeing needs is a longer-term goal, and the time and resources to address it. So yeah, a huge stock loss will help, but once they get a good quarter and some rich people have gotten their money back, things will go back Wendy P.
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    If Trump was smart he would not debate Harris. She would likely call call every lie on the spot, She can make endless jabs about his age and mental mistakes.
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    Did she rape anyone? Did she run a sham university? Did she steal from a children's charity? Did she specifically refuse to rent apartments to non-whites? Was she friends with Epstein? Did she say she would like to fuck her child? Those things alone outqualify her against Trump. Plus, Trump is too old.
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    I agree, but people in that situation prior to the pandemic also were not loving that situation. Trump got the tail end of a prolonged surging economy, which was ended by a global pandemic. The comparisons aren't apples to oranges and need a lot of framing to try and equalize. Has Biden been perfect, not even close, but his presidency has been pretty successful and I personally seriously doubt things would be better if Trump had been president these last 4 years.
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    Hi Bill, That is the problem with facts: They are so factual. Jerry Baumchen
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    Rapist, multiple victims, some under 13. Fraud. Convicted felon. Liar. Cheat. Insurrectionist. Treason. Espionage. Business failure. Twice impeached. Legally prevented from operating a business in NY. There are plenty of other titles he's earned, anyone one of which should be sufficient reason to not support him. He's just a broken piece of shit human and everything he touches dies. Fuck traitor Trump and the idiots who support him.
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    I disagree with that. If he gets the majority of house and senate (unlikely), he will never leave office, ever, not under any circumstances and the GOP will let that happen. Even if he loses, they already have plans in place to disrupt the election again, possibly sending it to the states for adjudication. All the checks and balances will be re-appointed with Trump loyalists who are also equally a threat to America, democracy and the world. Threats are already regularly pursued by law enforcement, but apparently the Supreme Court is on Trumps side and shoots all those efforts to hell. yet another example of the end of America.
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    Hi head, Ah, kids these days. :) Jerry Baumchen
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    The 38 people involved in the creation of Project 2025, 31 of them were nominated to positions in Trump's administration or transition team. Trump is Project 2025.
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    So akin to yourself then?
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    I know. But that's OK - I write my posts for most, not all, people to understand them.
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    Indeed. Unless our wishful thinkers get it in mind that there are no practical limits on Presidential power anymore the game is up. Trumps dynasty will continue until there is another coup. As I see it, only Biden can fix this but he'll need to get dirty hands and quit believing what is no longer true. If he won't step away from the nomination then, yes, he should resign. Maybe we'll get lucky and Kamala will do what is right. It isn't Sunday anymore, the facts have changed.
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    Time for a new plan: Biden announces he will not accept the nomination and spends the next 4 months carefree cleaning up the mess with Executive Orders stacking the courts jailing Trump, etc. etc. etc.
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    So once again you posted a gloat to "own the libs" and it ended up backfiring, with a cat-5 that has shattered previous records in terms of how early in the season it came. (Broke the record by more than two weeks.) And it happened because sea surface temperatures are also at record highs, which is of course driven by climate change. https://bmcnoldy.earth.miami.edu/tropics/ohc/ So the thread that you started to try to deny the effects of climate change - ended up being a very good example of how fast the climate is changing. There's a lesson here that I am sure you won't learn.
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    Morning, Marc. After reading your post with quotes last night; I decided to verify what was written. I understand these are not your words, but a quote." Nor, could I find the source of your quote. But, I decided to go right to the source of which you reference and downloaded the Project 2025 "Mandate for Leadership" and just finished all 871 pages. I could not find your quote by reading, nor with using the "find" function. Side note: Is anyone on here aware that this "Mandate for Leadership" started in 1979 by the Heritage Foundation and was presented every four years after an election - no matter which side was in office. It was and has been a recommendation document. As I read thru it - there are a couple of important concerns for Democrats, 1) Women's Abortion Rights, and 2) Climate Control. Before everyone starts quoting what others have wrote about Project 2025; I would suggest reading the actual document, copying those areas that cause concern, pasting them with the page number on here. There are things you may agree with and things you don't. I didn't agree with all of it. I'm surprised the Democratic party does not have a similar document - perhaps if they did, both sides of the aisle could sit down and interlace what is good for the nation as a whole rather than partisan screaming points - by those who interpret it for others. Nigel mentioned your military service and "heartbreaking." I served under every President between Nixon and Bush v.1. We'll survive. Personally, I'm proud to be in a nation where we can at least have this kind of dialogue - not a luxury that many other of the 195 countries on this planet have. A Banana Republic damn sure would not have this kind of dialogue.
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    I definitely don't suffer from a lack of political diversity. I've spent the better part of my adult life working in the oil and gas industry in TX. Most of the people I spend my days with are quite a bit to the right of me, politically speaking. You can say a lot about me, but you sure as shit can't tell me I 'only surround yourself with those like minded'. Most of the time, my coworkers and I don't talk politics. When we do, it doesn't involve sharing asinine YouTube videos.
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    On Twatter: "Biden could shoot Trump on 5th Ave and I'd still vote for Biden."
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    I like a whole lot about him; the biggest problem organizationally is that he's not high enough profile. With Biden potentially dropping out, the standard succession would have Kamala Harris being the candidate; nearly everyone is pretty sure she'll be eviscerated, whether fairly or not is moot. I can see the appeal of running someone who will appeal to the more liberal end of the Democratic party, to energize them and get them to vote. It's part of why the Republicans tolerate Trump. Everyone wants the other party to run a centrist candidate; it's the NIMBY of politics, I guess. What a shame. And he may not be interested (of course, neither may the others who have been proposed by the movers and shakers of SC). But yea, if the Dems ran him against Kamala, I'd vote for him in a NY minute. And he might last until OAN or someone made up a "baby daddy" situation. Wendy P.
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    I spent fucking days developing the Gun Responsibility Bill before this thread was developed about five years ago. I replaced it in this thread. I've spent hours encouraging my friends on both sides of the aisle to send it to their representatives. I even made it easy by suggesting the NFA be used for all weapons since it seems to be lawful since no one has taken it to court. That's how I got serious. In light of the lack of gun responsibility laws enacted to minimize the shootings, then our only recourse is providing security measures. Now, I don't know if you're close enough to the line for a ban, but you're passed my line for being blocked. Done.
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    Hi Keith, Re: the pussies at Uvalde didn't respond in time. They could have saved many and I don't care what they said . . . they fucking stood there and listened while children died. I know that you served in the military, as I did. When I took the oath, to enlist, there was a part that said something about ' be willing to give my life in defense of my country.' I hesitated before I said that part. However, I never forgot it all the time I was in. We both know, that in a military action, sometimes good people have to die for the survival of the rest of us. I consider being a LEO the same thing. When you take that job, you must accept that you might die in the line of duty. As you said, the pussies at Uvalde failed everyone. End of rant, Jerry Baumchen
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