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  1. Amazing they can afford it after paying for so many hitmen.
  2. As far as the economics go is that not just a case of the software not being designed for that fairly unique use case? As far as the financials go the airlines would prefer their planes to run on full auto everything all the time because it's more efficient.
  3. I’m sure the Russians would have been happy to sell and maintain a fleet to them. Oh wait… probably still would have crashed.
  4. Not only do you have nothing to say about the topic, the only reason you’re here is to criticise people for saying something about the topic. Can you not drop your vendettas and behave like a normal person for once?
  5. Thank you for that riveting and important contribution. Sounds like they’ve found the burned out shell (it was a very ‘hard landing’) with all on board killed. After the way they dealt with the hijab protests last year I have a large amount of negative sympathy for the sick bastard and anyone associated with him.
  6. Rescuers apparently struggling to reach the wreckage in bad weather conditions / mountainous terrain. https://news.sky.com/story/helicopter-carrying-irans-president-involved-in-hard-landing-state-media-13139305 It's nice to see some good news in the world every now and then.
  7. What exactly is circular about telling you that a guy who murdered a BLM protestor for being a BLM protestor is a racist? I actually warned you this wasn’t a hill to die on but you just couldn’t let it go. Don’t blame me for that. But sure, vote for a bunch of racist enabling culture warriors because a guy on the internet hurt your feelings. I’m sure that’ll make sense to someone.
  8. But seriously though - don’t vote for amoral white supremacist enablers just because you think it’s fun to own the libs. Don’t you like your country? Vote for the only party currently demonstrating that it is made up of grownups who genuinely want to protect the country.
  9. You do realise that says nothing about me and everything about you, right? Maybe take a minute to reflect on how you got to the point of writing something that’s just so damn sad.
  10. But you can’t have examined it very closely to have ended up here arguing that he wasn’t a racist murderer. Anyway - I can’t help but think of the parallels with the Mississippi Burning case early in the civil rights era. 3 activists (only 1 of whom was black but yes, all 3 murders were racist) abducted and murdered by the KKK. Local and State authorities refused to investigate, so the FBI stepped in. When the FBI identified the murderers, the State refused to prosecute. The FBI was able to secure some token jail terms for civil rights violations, but it served as a major driver of wide ranging civil rights protections passed by the Government through the decade. And what now? The police do investigate. The state does prosecute. A jury does convict. But a governor decides no, that’s not good enough, what we want is Texas Burning. Today, 60 years on, in the 21st Century, Jim Crow style lynching should be legal and acceptable in our enlightened society. And all the while the Supreme Court works on rolling back what civil rights protections are left. This is what the morally bankrupt, power obsessed mainstream Republican Party is willing to promote in exchange for a few votes. That’s why it matters who you vote for. Is that really the side you want to be on?
  11. Every church in the world caters to the vice of having sex. It's one of the central pillars of what they do. Deciding not to be ok with homosexual sex is just rank bigotry.
  12. Again though, saying he was going to kill someone at a BLM protest and then doing it is also what we would generally call ‘a clue’.
  13. The racist murderer’s publicly stated intention was to kill someone at a Black Lives Matter protest. So while you are indeed confused, I’m really not sure why. You think he might have just picked that particular set of protests at random? If so, try this from Wiki: Following his murder conviction, messages Perry sent of him self-identifying as "a racist" and of him calling black protesters "monkeys" were revealed to the public. Honestly dude, this is not a hill you want to die on.
  14. Yes, that is a quote from the racist murderer, one that is not corroborated by any other witness. How much is it worth to you? Another quote from the racist murderer at the time: I didn’t want to give him a chance to aim at me, you know. So again, he shot a guy who was simply, legally, open carrying a gun and who categorically did not threaten him with it.
  15. Not even that. Foster didn’t pull a gun, he was simply open carrying a gun.