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  1. ?? Carlson's last show had 4 million viewers - that's people watching one episode of one show at the same time, and it's highly unlikely that the majority of regular or semi-regular viewers of the channel all sat down at the same time. They've got 20M+ social media followers and their youtube channel has 8B+ views. That's a heck of a lot of exposure before you even get into the repetition of their arguments from viewers to non-viewers. While I'm sure they overestimate their influence, I think you're really underestimating it.
  2. What is it like? How much of a connection does she have to their policy? Did she tell them to bury Floyd in a gold coffin? You never explained why that was such a big deal to you, by the way.
  3. jakee


    Yeah, I'm sure Rush would be totally fine with going back to hundred year old medicine and giving up those viagra and pain pills he's so fond of.
  4. Yes, you do see. Why you pretend not to I have absolutely no idea.
  5. jakee


    Just curious - can you remember any time in your life in which it hasn't been coming?
  6. Pull the other one, it's got bells on. If the actual question is as you just stated it then would it make any sense to ask Bill if they were trying to steal valour by looking like soldiers? No it wouldn't, ergo you are lying. Why you are bothering to do that in such a transparent way I have absolutely no idea.
  7. What fatigues? Video from the linked articles seems to show everyone dressed in black shirts.
  8. I don't see any reason why the two statements have to contradict. The police turn up with a warrant for that specific weapon, so he hands it over. That there was a search warrant is true, that there was no physical search is also true.
  9. What a funny site. Their entire entry on the Koch brothers reads: Charles Koch is the chairman and CEO of Koch Industries. David doesn't even rate his own page. Great job watching that influence
  10. I believe any political pardon is a perversion of the justice system, outside of those where innocence is overwhelmingly likely, or where the conduct involved has since been decriminalised or sentencing guidelines drastically reduced. Even then it would be better if the justice system had better mechanisms in place to deal with those things than rely on the bestowal of discretionary benevolence. That said, there are perversions and there are perversions. Clinton doing his brother a favour 20 years ago, as distasteful as it may be, is far less damaging to the integrity of the federal government than pardoning someone for criminality they undertook on your behalf, and while they are still witholding from prosecutors information they have about your involvement. Again, if you can explain which bit of that you don't understand I'm happy to try and explain it better.
  11. Um, clearly you can't. There's no suggestion that Bill was involved in Roger's cocaine business or the Roger was covering up for him in exchange for a pardon. Honestly I thought my question was pretty clear, but if you let me know which bit you don't understand I'll try and explain more clearly.
  12. Ok, you go. Who was pardoned by previous presidents for illegal actions they undertook in direct personal service to that president, while continuing to cover up for that president? Not even Nixon was crass enough to pardon the Watergate conspirators who went down for him. (It's increasingly my belief that if you could show Nixon how Trump responded to the Mueller inquiry and Ukraine scandal then zap him back to 1972 he'd have survived his second term intact. Trump took stonewalling to a whole new level even from him.)
  13. Another reason why the Trump presidency is so dangerous, right? If the only precedent he has set that endures is the normalisation of electing gibbering idiots who can't finish a sentence to save their lives you should think yourself lucky.
  14. What does this thread have to do with anything?