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  1. jakee


    Can you not? I see personal digs, lifestyle suggestions, nothing on topic…. I’ll wait for the always honest and consistent JoeWeber to tell you off for that.
  2. jakee


    Crikey, please don’t tar the rest of us with the oblivious brush. You can’t post links from obviously biased and untrustworthy sources and then just say “Oh I’m an atheist and it’s not from the Vatican so that just shows how much of an independent thinker I am!” It just shows that you’re lazy, credulous and lacking any discernible intellectual curiosity.
  3. Man, you stalked me across multiple threads for months on end making constant personal digs because you were too petty to let go of a single disagreement. You even commented on threads I wasn’t in just to make personal digs that had nothing to do with the subjects at hand. Do you honestly not realise that you are the last person to be throwing stones in this glass house? Besides, if I was Bigun I’d find your suggestion that he isn’t intelligent enough to know what he’s doing to be far more insulting.
  4. How is it a personal dig? You’re intelligent enough to know it’s true. If you’re too sensitive to deal with it being pointed out when you’re intentionally misrepresenting reality then you should stop doing it. Aren’t you supposed to be in favour of personal responsibility?
  5. I thought it was pretty straightforward too. The Republicans do it when they’re losing and they do it when they’re winning. They do it with far more national coordination and commitment and they’ve been successful to the point where numerous state senate majorities are locked in for perpetuity regardless of popular vote outcome. It’s not like you don’t know the Republicans are THE anti Democratic Party.
  6. The Democrats control the house after getting millions more votes. When the Republicans control the house they do it after getting fewer votes. The republicans also control numerous state legislatures where their voters are significantly in the minority. By arguing that both sides must game the system the same way because sometimes the Democrats win things you are being wilfully dishonest. You know damn well that sometimes the Democrats win because more people vote Democrat. ”I will agree the pendulum has swung towards to the Republicans being more guilty for this next election.“ The pendulum has swung to them being more guilty since Nixon.
  7. You know damn well which party has made it a central strategy and which has spent decades researching and implementing electoral methods by which they can undermine the actual will of the electorate. To even suggest that there is an equivalence between the two right now is beneath you.
  8. And if conservatives dominated the environment they wouldn't bother reading any post to find out what it was actually about, they would just fire off a boiler plate response to every thread about everything everywhere being the liberals' fault even when the topic has nothing whatsoever to do with political discussion. I think that would get pretty stagnant, don't you?
  9. Someone correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure that the way hard, non-bendy objects absorb impact energy is by breaking. When they don’t they just transfer it all to the next component in line.
  10. You not thinking is one of the great constants of this forum.
  11. Oh cool. I'm sure that solved everything.
  12. Funny thing is I’d bet all those old executives would swear they were hiring the best men for the job and the most suitable women for the typing pool. Well sure, if you believe what a bunch of old conservative white men have to say about it. But I think that’s rather the point.
  13. I just gotta wonder why you keep going to their gigs.
  14. So? People can legally change to what you called their fantasy gender and have it on their current legal documents. So ultimately they can get the courts to refer to them by whatever name and gender they want. And given the amount of emphasis you just put on the legality of the process, I'm going to have to assume you're totally fine with that. Lol, really? Only a very informal setting? So if you're in meeting at work you would insist on calling your boss Jonathan even if you knew he hated it and preferred Jon?