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  1. My point was clear. Whether or not you think Jerry is making a convincing argument for abortion to be legal is irrelevant. The pro choice movement has already won the debate.
  2. Does that even matter? Support for a full ban on abortion is at less than 20% in the US. Support for widely available abortion is over 60%. When it comes to arguing the case, the pro-choice movement has won. They have made their case to the American people and they have comprehensively succeeded in convincing them. This isn’t a discussion about abortion anymore. This is just another discussion about the myriad anti-democratic manipulations and abuses of political procedure perpetrated by the Republican Party in order to force their radical ideology onto a populace that does not want it.
  3. Yes it is. Then explain overturning Roe v Wade. They handed an enormous amount of power back to State and Federal government to clamp down on people’s rights, and according to Thomas’s concurrence they’re aiming at a lot more.
  4. It's important for kids to be alive, not for them to have a good life. Things like adequate nutrition are mere luxuries that the government has no business being involved with.
  5. They just weren't ready to ban it quickly enough. It's a sad state of affairs when the availability of important medical care for this small child was not a result of the Indiana legislature being more moral than Ohio's, but because they are less competent.
  6. No, in this particular case (and I can't believe I'm about to say this) the establishment of the Catholic Church is not any part of the problem. It's the individual catholics on the court who refuse to separate their religious beliefs from their secular duty to fairly and impartially interpret the law. Biden is catholic and makes no attempt (that I'm aware of) to impose his beliefs onto others. Surprise surprise, the right wingers have no such qualms.
  7. Are we reading the same thread? I'm pretty sure the answer he was looking for was "no".
  8. Possibly, though again in many cases executives have the power to spend enormous sums of company money on strategies that directly benefit their own bonus schemes. And changing the goalposts a little, the amount of cash that flows out of businesses to just a few people can be a lot more than that. Take the case of the wealthiest shop owner in the world, a man with so much spare cash he can afford to get into a pissing contest with his best frenemy over who can be the first to build a crewed, heavy lift interplanetary spaceship and not even notice the expenditure - but who also fights tooth and nail against any effort by his low-totem warehouse workers to unionise*. Because allowing them shorter shifts, better benefits and acceptable workplace health and safety would obviously be an unwise use of the company's money. And according to the voodoo economists this is how it has to be. The richest have to be allowed to continue to accumulate wealth that would have been undreamed of even a decade ago otherwise they wouldn't be able to provide the jobs we all need. But hold on! Better make sure those jobs aren't actually well paid or those super rich people will decide to just sit on their gigantic piles of gold and do nothing instead. It's like they're selling us Schrodinger's trickle down economy. It's fucking bullshit. * Could he be a better model of a Bond villain come to life?
  9. Again, not only is this clearly bullshit, it’s exactly the point that I was making. In a world where the executives, directors and shareholders of those companies are seeing their pay packets increase many times over from a point of comfortable wealth to extravagant riches, you’ve decided that the problems start when they’re forced to give their base level workers access to healthcare. This is obscene. It’s absolute fucking lunacy to believe any so-called economist who tells you this is the way the world has to be in order for it to function.
  10. Well that’s obvious bullshit, so I can’t for the life of me fathom what point you’re trying to make.
  11. “ The survey also showed that Catholic women have an abortion rate 29% higher than Protestant women.” Which means that all the Red states passing anti abortion laws are going to compensate by increasing the quality and availability of safe sex education in schools, right? ….. Right?
  12. Why shouldn’t we pick on CEOs? The colossal gap between worker wage increases (or real world decreases right now) and CEO wage increases can’t be ignored. They are earning actual orders of magnitude more than they did a few decades ago. With inflation this year hitting 9% already I was listening to a radio show that was full of experts warning that you can’t help out ordinary people on low wages by paying them more because it’ll have all sorts of knock on effects that’ll increase prices even further. I can’t remember the last thing I listened to that made me so angry. CEOs’, Directors’ and other executives’ salaries have been skyrocketing unabated for decades and it has simply happened. It will have had all kinds of drastic effects on society as a whole but who cares, it’s just a thing we have to deal with. Inflation is 9%, CEOs’ average compensation jumped 19% in 2020 alone. Not to mention with so much emphasis on share price linked bonuses those CEOs and Directors are in a position where they can simply manipulate a company’s financial performance in a way that suits their bonus scheme with stock buybacks etc and it’s all completely legal. Callous conservatives like to complain about poor people voting for liberals and their social welfare projects as ‘voting for bread and circuses’ - bullshit. Already insanely wealthy CEOs artificially bumping up their already obscene bonuses is what ‘voting for bread and circuses’ really looks like. And it doesn’t come for free. It costs money to do that. It doesn’t help the price of goods and services and it doesn’t help the spending power of an average worker. But talk about paying more to people who work a full time job and still struggle to afford central heating in winter and we have to be careful not to upset the system! Bunch of fucking arseholes.
  13. And that the Conservative justices so clearly know that as a matter of law they should have found against the coach, they had to flat out lie about the facts of the case in order to justify their theocratic decision.
  14. Now you’re just lying and you know it. Again, at what point does that make you stop and think about what you’ve done? And honestly, can anyone match the Republicans on their ability to get insanely butthurt over the tiniest things? Remember they’ve passed laws banning schools from teaching kids about reality they n case it makes any of them feel mildly uncomfortable.