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  1. What? No. The definition of racism isn’t ‘prejudice that has consequences’. That makes no sense. A white guy who hates all Asians is just as racist if he lives in China as if he lives in Europe or North America.
  2. Then why did you ask what you know is an irrelevant question?
  3. In the welfare system, according to you. Unless you don't think the welfare system has any detrimental effects on black communities or families anymore? The fact that genuinely exceptional people from any group can succeed does not mean it is not more difficult for people from those families to succeed. This is such basic logic that I'm amazed you don't understand it. I'm kidding, obviously.
  4. The irony of a right winger moaning about different societal groups failing to respect the value of higher education is fucking brilliant.
  5. So you agree that racism exists, and you actively claim that entire branches of government have acted to the detriment of black communities specifically - but you still state that systemic racism doesn't exist? My question is, what on earth do you think systemic racism means?
  6. That's funny. I remember some of your soundalikes here moaning time and again about Obama blaming things on racism. I'll just leave you to find some of your fellow right wingers to argue against on this one.
  7. So can the right. The same constitution which enumerates the right also enumerates the process by which it can be taken away.
  8. You don;t know that it was a coincidence because you don't know it was happening at all. You made a blanket statement about lethal force being option 1, 2 and 3 that did not appear to be limited to analasys of this situation only. If you only ever intended to talk about this one incident and nothing else then ok, but it sure did not sound like that.
  9. Here's another reason why it really would be fucking awesome if every cop who was worried about the Chauvin verdict resigned immediately. After violently arresting woman, 73, with dementia, police laughed about it, video shows: ‘We crushed it’ Last June, Karen Garner sat handcuffed to a bench inside a booking cell weeping and in pain. No one had come to treat her fractured arm and dislocated shoulder hours after Loveland, Colo., police violently arrested the 73-year-old with dementia, her family said. Meanwhile, about 10 feet away, three officers sat hunched around a computer as they re-watched body-camera footage of Garner’s arrest, a new video released by the attorney representing Garner’s family shows. “Ready for the pop? Hear the pop?” the officer who initially handcuffed Garner can be heard saying, referencing the moment he injured her shoulder. She had been accused of shoplifting items worth $13.88, and the PD did nothing about her treatment for 9 months before eventualy 'opening an investigation' after the body cam footage was leaked. While I hope to god these assholes also go to jail, it would be far, far better if their fellow assholes handed in their badges before doing more shit like this to other people.
  10. While it's kinda seperate to the discussion of what the officer saw and had to react to - you still don't know that. Again, this altercation was going on for quite a long time before the cops showed up and no one was stabbed. Is it just coincidence and she finally decided to stab someone just as the cops showed up? Could be. But is there a good chance no-one would be dead or seriously injured if the cop hadn't shot her? IMO yes there is. And there are many, many more instances out there far more ambiguous than this where lethal force was also the first, second and third option used and was 'justified' when it quite probably didn't need to be.
  11. Cool! You do understand that you have just reinforced and strengthened my point, right? And have you decided if you want to go with the "countries need a BoR so they can also have civil rights acts" statement, or the "countries wouldn't need civil rights acts if they had BoRs" statement?
  12. Because it permeates every aspect of society including the ones the Federal government has no direct control over and it’s actually a very complicated issue that can’t be easily fixed by any single new law?
  13. First, that is the exact opposite argument to the one you just made about civil rights acts. Make your mind up. Second, the ICCPR would have been written with input from many countries without a BoR. Third, the BoR happily coexisted with slavery for nearly a century. It should be fairly obvious that it's not a magic panacea that immediately makes everything better.
  14. OK. Boys hear what Trump said and think about what they might be able to do to women in general. Better?