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  1. ??? The fuck are you talking about? Mountains aren't DZs. If you can't comprehend going jumping without relying on someone else watching over your safety you might want to reconsider who you think is a scared whiner. But again, since it's so important to keep track of who's bold or not, what does it mean when I say you're full of shit?
  2. And what does that have to do with you reposting memes from insane conspiracy theorists attacking feminism? What does it have to do with you insisting that 'effeminate' is insulting even though you don't think there's anything wrong with being effeminate?
  3. Perspective doesn't change what is actually happening, it only changes whether you've seen it or not. When he's making blanket statements about the entire military based only on the things he has personally seen he is wrong.
  4. That's exactly why he's wrong when making a blanket statement. All more reasons why making blanket, black and white statements based only on his personal experience is wrong.
  5. I'm a base jumper, and was terrain flying wingsuits right through the years where August regularly saw so many additions to the BFL that it became known as WSBK - wingsuit base killing season. Does that make me bold enough for it to mean something when I say you're full of shit?
  6. Why? What do you want me to say about it? It doesn't contradict any of my points. Right, and based on the actual wide ranging investigations carried out by people who also spent decades in the military, that is not the case across the board. Your statement that racism can't exist when it's important that the team function successfully is, unfortunately, hopelessly naive. Look at those articles you couldn't be bothered to read - there were soldiers hanging Nazi flags on the walls of their accomodation who were left alone by their superiors because they were doing a good enough job that it wasn't considerd a problem. LOL, the perfect demonstration. You just attack again. You know I'm not a racist. You know that's an absurd lie purely designed to get a reaction. It's also been pretty clearly stated numerous times recently that it's a bannable personal attack so I expect Wendy will be having a word with you. You can if you want. I'm not sensitive enough to feel the need to do that.
  7. A bit, maybe. I think most racists aren't racist enough to go around shooting people on a whim. I also seem to remember someone recently getting quite angry over the idea of making assumptions about people.
  8. He should be imprisoned for decades. I don’t think you could design a better set of confusing, contradictory and physically hard to comply with commands if you were trying to engineer an excuse to shoot someone. Staggeringly, he was reinstated and allowed to retire with pension, which doesn’t really reflect well on the PD. In fairness, of the two incidents that shooting of the white guy was worse in the immediate moment, but was also instigated by a report of a deadly weapon. The shooting of the black guy at least involved a struggle, but is at the same time astonishing in the lackadaisical use of a deadly weapon against a person who they had no reason to believe had committed a crime or posed any danger.
  9. He used to. I haven’t seen any evidence of it for years.
  10. Yep. RBG was a progressive icon because she cared about the rights of others. Rush was a conservative icon because he was angry at the people they hate. That's exactly the point. Except.... every single time something like this happens we hear 'Democrats would have done the same if...' but every single time it is an example of things the Republicans have actually done. Republicans engage in the most widespread gerrymandering. Republicans engage in armed voter intimidation. Republicans rewrite the rules of postal voting and ID laws to suppress the most votes possible from unfavourable groups. Republicans refused to hear one nomination for over a year and rammed another through in less than a month. Sooner or later anyone with the slightest grip on reality has to realise that when you only ever hear people saying 'Democrats would have done this if...' then maybe it's just not true. Because that's the thing - the truth does not always lie in between two opposing groups or viewpoints. Sometimes one viewpoint is simply wrong, and sometimes one group is simply more amoral, more selfish and more concerned with excercising power instead of respecting the norms of good government than the other.
  11. How about you read the part of my post where I directly addressed the thing you just underlined? I can't be bothered to repeat it just because you can't be bothered to pay attention. I certainly haven't served in yours. But the people who have actually studied the problem instead of just relying on their own anecdotal experience and who have concluded that the Army does still suffer from institutional discrimination, have served in the military. What I have or have not done is irrelevant, the information still exists independently of my life choices. (Now will you use this as another opportunity to attack and pivot, or will you talk about the issues for once?)
  12. So you do not view it as an insult?
  13. No shit Sherlock. Lefties like doing things to help slow the spread of a pandemic. Righties like howling 'freedom!' and giving science the middle finger. What a stellar observation.
  14. Biden couldn't draw a crowd to a rally? What are you talking about? Biden didn't hold any rallies. He was intelligent enough not to want to bring tens of thousands of people together in close proximity during a pandemic. But talking of popularity numbers, you're surprised that the guy who consistently polled ahead throughout the course of the entire campaign, against an incumbent with record low approval ratings, won by a margin very close to what was expected to happen? I mean, it's not the greatest uset of all time, is it?
  15. That is quite an outrageous troll even for a seasoned pro like yourself. First, I would consider that comparison to be dancing on RBGs grave. To compare someone who spent her career working for equality and justice to an overt racist who spent his entire career just trying to make money from conservatives by insulting liberals? What the hell kind of comparison is that? Second, when Ginsburg died Republicans won. Through pure hypocrisy and the shameless application of political power in defiance of what they themselves recognised as the will of the people the right got exactly what they wanted, a hard right swing to an already right leaning court presiding over a nation which, on the whole, does not share those ideals. That is their celebration of her death. Lefties dont win anything from Limbaugh dying except the feeling that, on the whole, it's better that he's gone.