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  1. Well, you’re not exactly known for responding to reason, are you?
  2. Sure, but it can’t be for claiming they’ve done something they haven’t done, as in the post above where you are flat out lying about the contents of an article you linked as evidence of your claims. No, it’s because you’re a dishonest and intellectually bankrupt troll, but nice try.
  3. It's not though, is it? Certainly your rcent pots have absolutely nothing to do with anything the Biden administration has actually done. Again, you have on multiple occasions brought the bad black man into this thread for no apparent reason. How has it felt to have him living in your head for the past 5 years?
  4. Let me just check if that's an accurate summary of your last post. Nope, you're lying again.
  5. You are flat out lying about the contents of the article you just posted. The actual contents of that article refute what you have said in this post more effectively than anything else I could add.
  6. Just because they're making the same stupid mistake you are does not make your mistake any less stupid. Do you want them to give a consistent, unchanging message or do you want them to react to the latest findings and recommendations? You can't have it both ways and pretend to be anything other than the brazen partisan hack that you are. And I guess you've noticed that all of you articles are bashing the Biden administration over the fact that the public are tired of covid and the public don't trust the fact that the recommendations keep changing as the Delta variant spreads. Quite frankly, the public needs to man the fuck up. They were hoping to move on from the pandemic? Well unfortunately, just like your creepy stalker ex the pandemic is not ready for the public to move on just yet and they have no choice but to accept that. It's still here and winter is coming. That has nothing to do with the Biden administration's messaging.
  7. So your criticism of the Biden administration is that they don’t have a crystal ball and can’t see into the future? Get over yourself.
  8. jakee


    Except that you deliberately chose to use a word that carries strong holocaust connotations and you used it for that reason. If you don't want people to think you're drawing parallels with Nazi treatment of Jews, don't go out of your way to bring Nazi treatment of Jews into the conversation.
  9. jakee


    Amazon still deliver physical CDs right? I’ve got a gift card that needs spending
  10. If the “we” refers to him and his family then yes, they are most definitely full.
  11. And you act like this proves a point. Again I have to ask, since you know that other people can read what exactly do you get out of pretending to be this stupid? EVER RECORDED in the last 11 years. Wow! I wonder what you would say if someone said a change in temperatures since 2010 was proof of AGW? If anyone seems grouchy it's because your staggering hypocrisy has crossed from amusing to tedious.
  12. jakee


    It's Schrodinger's virus. Equally and simultaneously a Chinese plot to destroy the US government and a US government plot to control the populace.
  13. It's not really a bet when it's already happened. Fox News: The only thing that will save Gavin Newsom is voter fraud Elder: Election full of shenanigans, "We're going to file a lawsuit in a timely fashion this time"