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  1. I think 'trained' is underselling it. Sustained for more than a handful of minutes 400W is world class. For more than an hour it's approaching record breaking. Especially if the pilot's attempting to emulate the Grand Tour cyclists by stripping body weight as low as possible to get the watts per kilo up. Do you want to have an ideagasm?
  2. That is funny! Because Luigi jumped for Icarus, and Icarus canopies were measured differently to everyone else. Like, what they said was 100 was actually a 90 (according to everyone else). So if, like with Icarus canopies, your wingsuit is 35 hypothetical square feet then cool, it's 35 hypothetical square feet Do you want to have an ideagasm?
  3. You haven't seen the suit, have you? There's a photo of it in flight in this thread. Simple question, if it's a square, is the trailing edge of the tail extension as wide as the armspan? Look dude, if you don't care how big it is why are you getting so defensive about how big it is? Just because it isn't 35 square feet doesn't mean its not still awesome. Do you want to have an ideagasm?
  4. No, but I could quite easily come up with an upper limit by measuring vertically and horizontally. I'd use the floor, not a bed But it's not a square and the tail extension isn't 5 feet across. Being realistic it's 6x5 minus big chunks of change. Do you want to have an ideagasm?
  5. Yeah. cut off 11 inches for your head and neck and the suit needs to be 7ft wide all the way down to make it 35 square feet. Even if you allow a few square feet for the tailwing extension you're looking at 6'6" width minimum. Have you actually put a tape measure on the suit? Do you want to have an ideagasm?
  6. How tall are you? Do you want to have an ideagasm?
  7. Apparently he's put the wingsuit on the backburner because the tracking suits are working a lot better. Said that the wingsuit has great exit performance but he couldn't get it to fly the way he wants it to. Do you want to have an ideagasm?
  8. Why do you need to wait until 200 jumps to do that? Do you want to have an ideagasm?
  9. But I can stand up 9 out of 10 landings! Do you want to have an ideagasm?
  10. Not even Dean Potter had arms that strong Do you want to have an ideagasm?
  11. jakee

    Aura 3

    It was very comical!
  12. You're saying that it is always the case that there are 180 opposed wind directions within a height span that a balloon can feasibly switch between at will in order to maintain a fixed position over the ground? Do you have a source or link to people that are operating balloons which can do this on any given flight? Who feels that $20k per jump is reasonable enough to create sustained demand for an ongoing business? How do they justify this feeling? Do you want to have an ideagasm?
  13. Can it? Under what conditions? How often do these conditions occur? And how many current, experienced skydivers would be willing to pay that much for one really high jump? Have you factored in the costs for rigs to fit the pressure suits? You said that people are willing to pay $4k for a tandem - you realise those tandem customers wont be able to do this, right? How do they do that? Do you want to have an ideagasm?
  14. LOL. How big of an area counts as 'hovering', how often do conditions in any given place make this feasible, and what range of altitudes would a balloon need to run through to make this happen? Ballpark figure? Rough estimate? How many zeroes before the decimal point? Do you want to have an ideagasm?
  15. So you're figurng $500 a person for just the helium, then you've got the balloon costs, crew costs, launch site costs, pressure suit costs, custom parachute and rigging costs, insurance costs, other business overheads, profit margin... exactly what final 'reasonable' per person jump ticket cost are you envisioning here that will lead to this becoming a commonplace activity? Do you want to have an ideagasm?