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  1. jakee


    Something interesting has happened in Bakhmut. A few weeks ago pretty much every western outlet was predicting the complete fall of the city within days, and questioning the wisdom of Ukraine continuing to defend it and risk encirclement/loss of many troops. Today Zelenskiy visited the city. The fighting isn’t over, but it seems the Russian offensive has run out of steam. Maybe the Wagner / Army infighting has reached breaking point or maybe they’ve simply run out of soldiers and supplies in the region?
  2. No, you were wrong. You said the reports on how the Grand Jury process was working for Trump were not true, because the Grand Jury process once worked differently for you. You were clearly wrong, and clearly didn’t understand that your anecdotal experience was not a universal truth.
  3. I think the military definitely killed more Iraqis and Afghans than that.
  4. Nonsense, he was just pointing out that Bigun was wrong, which even Bigun now realises is true. Why are you still letting your personal grudges blind you to reality?
  5. Which was absolutely not his point nor what he said.
  6. I don’t think either of us has said anything about benefactors. I’m pretty sure the capital letter at the start and the full stop at the end makes it a complete sentence, but whatever. If you would like to complete a thought at any point that would be great, but I won’t hold my breath. Your own logic proves you are ok with discrimination. If you weren’t, you would be woke.
  7. Except in this case it’s not the right data. Basically saying ‘this isn’t ever how it works because the one time it happened to me it didn’t work like that’. Not to mention the naivety of assuming that the justice system works the same for everyone and a very wealthy ex-President wouldn’t ever receive any special treatment that the little people don’t.
  8. Meaning ice free Arctic in the summer. Who just said that?
  9. Unless I’ve massively overslept we haven’t had summer 2023 yet.
  10. I had no idea this was a thing pre-Covid. What on earth motivated them to start trying it in the first place?
  11. Not really. The head of risk management you’re referencing was not actually the ‘head of risk management at SVB’. She was the head of risk management at the UK arm of the company - a relatively small offshoot. SVB had no head of risk management at all. For over a year. Is that the danger of being woke, or the danger of being reckless, short termist, anti-regulation, free market capitalists? Silicon Valley Bank said it was too small to need regulation. Now it’s ‘too big to fail’
  12. I think the current conflict shows that we are still for more than well prepared for war with Russia. Their equipment and tactics are so terrible as to be almost self defeating. The one thing I see being flagged up is our supposedly low stock and slow production line of ammunition leading to issues with running out of shells at the rate they’re being used in Ukraine. But the thing with that is that we haven’t given Ukraine any longer range, high precision weaponry. Everything they’re doing is with artillery fires and as good as those are it leads to a heck of a lot of wasted shots, and a limited number of targets in reach. The full array of western cruise missiles and air power would have devastated Russia’s ability to pursue this conflict a long time ago. China is a different story as their kit is getting very good indeed. Their manufacturing capability is huge and high quality, and they’re getting very good at stealing the knowledge they need in order to catch up - see the F35 and the J31. But where and on what terms is that war going to be fought? Are we talking a sea based war to protect Taiwan? The US Navy is still the King Kong of the oceans isn’t it?
  13. Right, being woke is about recognising the undeserved benefit to some races and genders that is baked into the way society works. The anti woke deny that it exists, because they enjoy being able to receive said benefit.
  14. jakee


    Well this is, erm, what’s the opposite of comforting? Russian SU27’s intercept and crash into US Reaper drone over Black Sea (International airspace). https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-64959498
  15. Well that’s a disgusting and evil opinion. Then why have you only mentioned the locker room?