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  1. jakee

    Steep game 2016

    Looks like they've got the Yeti from the old Microsoft FreeSki. I approve.
  2. jakee

    Freaks, Fogheads, Hunters...oh My!

    What was the question?
  3. jakee

    Uk Skydiving Peterlee Dz

    Find a weather history website. Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's shit. Some years there's loads of good, some years there's loads of shit. C'est la vie.
  4. jakee

    phoenix-fly.com is updated!

    Call me a crusty old traditionalist but it'd help if the homepage had a link to a full list of suits
  5. jakee

    Hot/Cold Air vs. Fallrate

    Localised and relative. Air doesn't all go up during the day and come back down at night.
  6. jakee


    The Skyflyer was a high performance suit, first in the direct line of development that's ended up as the PF Vampire series. You'll find it to be significantly harder to fly, both in controllability and accessing the performance, than modern intermediate level suits that will ultimately offer more performance and a greater range.
  7. P3. I don't think I've ever seen a T or R-bird on the cliffs (though I'm sure some are out there) but I've regularly seen guys in Phantoms going faaar. Further than me in my (semi ego driven) V3. Seriously, the Phantom series is stupid good. Probably the best suit per unit surface area ever made. And I don't think I needed to write 'probably'.
  8. jakee

    Forward speed old S3S VS Shadow

    Time to move on dude, it's 2012 - BirdMan is sooo noughties
  9. jakee

    sabre 2 135 and a wingsuit

    Nothing wrong with a Sabre2 for wingsuiting. If you're comfortable with the openings in normal skydiving you should be ok with a wingsuit. Not really, no. You can grab the base of them if you strain, but IMO you're better off just staying level in the harness and learning how to unzip quickly as soon as the canopy's flying.
  10. jakee

    1st Wingsuit Jump Question

    Personally, I don't like the 18 month thing at all. I don't think anyone can seriously argue that what you were doing a year and a half ago has any impact on how current and aware you are now. I doubt that any jumps you did 18 weeks ago have much impact on your performance right here and now. I would say that the number of jumps you've done this season, especially the last month or two and how current and prepared you are right now are more important than what you did last summer. I'd imagine lot of people will disagree with that because it's not what is Written, though.
  11. jakee

    Proximity flying from aircraft.

  12. jakee

    Real life speed challenge

    Was it? There's a fair bit of footage floating about of people getting over Grindlewald from the Heiger, not sure if I've seen it from the Mushroom.
  13. Expected? Not at all. Lots of people do, most don't. It's your kit, you can do whatever you want with it.
  14. jakee

    Wingsuits and Leg Mounted Pilot Chute Pouch

    With bigger wingsuits where wing covering the pilot chute is an issue, almost everyone uses the leg pouch in BASE and almost no one uses it in skydiving. With the margins you have in skydiving the slightly faster and easier access to a leg mount PC is greatly outweighed by the additional snag and premature opening hazards (IMO).
  15. jakee

    Wingsuit as Student Jumpsuit

    Did I just fall asleep for a year? Is it April 1st again already?