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  1. Aren't you glad to have nothing else of substance to offer?
  2. Then why not respond to the people giving you genuine answers, not just the people you most disagree with? You are responsible for the discussion your are perpetuating.
  3. But it is. As someone else pointed out, the issues that reach the Supreme Court are by their nature not black and white readings of clear and obvious law. They are complex issues that ther courts have already disagreed on and the rulings will involve an individual interpretation of the text. How you expect her or any other Justice to find a way to turn off their own opinions when faced with cases that are judgement calls I have no idea. First, that's what people are supposed to say in their confirmation hearings. That's what everyone says in their confirmation hearings. If you think they're all telling the truth, what possible reason did the Republicans have to block Garland for over a year and hamstrin the functioning of the court? You must be mad as hell at McConnell, right? Second, she's already an appeals court judge. She already promised in her confirmation for that job to be apolitical, and independant analysis of her rulings shows her to be within the most conservative group of appeals court judges. Why do you think she will now change? So you think the current court does not rule on the Constitution but makes law based on their own ideals? So why are you arguing that Coney Barrett's personal poilitcs are irrelevant? Do you think she will be unique among even existing Justices in her ability to interpret the Constitution? Is she some kind of unicorn?
  4. What are you talking about? It did go through in regular order. Both sides do what? The Democrats did hold a vote - the ACA did pass the House. What are you talking about? Even if the lowest common denominator of simply holding a vote has become the way to judge acceptable government practice then you are still arguing against the behaviour of the Republicans for refusing to vote on Garland.
  5. The amazing, clean, wonderful cages?
  6. ??? The republicans are in charge of senate business right now. Why would they have desperately wanted him absent in case of a tie?
  7. The ACA has been repeatedly challenged and repeatedly upheld. If it is now struck down by this most one sided court for decades you think that would be because it's defective?
  8. Really? You think that you calling woke culture a cult is neutral, thoughtful social analyis, but him saying you are being indoctrinated into cult thinking is rabid trolling? Sounds to me like you're pushing an extremely polarised viewpoint.
  9. That makes me go WTH are you talking about? Examples, please. You have no idea of the circumstances, no idea who was doing it, why they were doing it etc... but you still think it's a cult thing to with the a book written by a lady who I 100% guarantee you had never heard of before reading the article linked in the OP?
  10. It's a load of tosh. He just spends a bunch of time talking about cults, a bunch of time talking about his interpretation of 'woke' culture and hopes that you will start thinking about woke culture as a cult simply through the process of association, not because he has actually demonstrated any similarities. Take the bit where they talk about the sacrifices required by cults - giving money, cutting relationship and family ties, making pledges and allowing a cult leader to have sex with you or your partner/female relations. Then they mention anti-racist 'woke' culture requiring you to try and be anti-racist. WTF? Not only does that bear absolutely no relation to the extra demands made by cult leaders who have different overt mission statements, it also means that literally any ideology qualifies as a cult. Being a Republican means believing in right of centre social and fiscal policies? It's a cult! Being in the NRA requires believing in 2nd Amendment rights? It's a cult! Being pro-life requires you to be anti-abortion? It's a cult! Ludicrous.
  11. Oh you silly billy, you clearly don't have a clue what the grown ups are talking about. Ivanka and Jared were given jobs they weren't qualified for by Trump, in the administration so they could abuse that power, access and influence for the benefit of the businesses they were still involved with running (one of them being Trump's own business). Hunter got a job in gas without any input from Joe. See the difference?
  12. While I am a believer in the importance of proofreading, in this case I think the message is a bigger obstacle than the medium.
  13. jakee


    I wonder, when Biden wins bth the popular vote and the EC, will you concede that he is the President most of the country wanted? Will you say he is the President 'we' desired? Will you admit that WWW1WWA to the polls.... and chose Biden?
  14. It being a lie is what makes it a lie. But I do agree that all you and your fellow righties seem to have to offer is pot stirring. If you think Obama is a terrible President because of one of his cabinet picks coming from Industry then you must think Trump is beyond atrocius. The lists of examples of graft and corruption from his cabinet (let alone himself and his family) is staggering. Convincing of what? The evidence hasn't shown anything Biden did wrong. It hasn't shown Biden making any money. What specifically has it convinced you of? That is, quite frankly, insane. Trump's entire presidency has been characterised by providing opportunities for himself and his family to leverage their official positions, access and influence to enrich themselves.
  15. How were Trump's lies tolerated for so long? Everyone makes mistakes. They appear to have already fixed the issue before you even started bitching about it though, so what's the problem?