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  2. In December I walked into work sporting a bushy white beard along with a red and white Santa Claus hat. I greeted my co-workers with a rousing "Ho! Ho! Ho!" One of them replied "Are you calling me a ho?" This sparked a rousing debate about what she does at her part-time job.
  3. The RW-0 and RW-1 harness rings date the photo tot he early 1980s.
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    hi there. is it still available? cheers
  6. You do realize that it's just a trick to throw people off, then he comes back to kill everyone.
  7. And came across this one. Thought you guys might get a kick out of the album cover. Edit: sorry about the orientation, thought I'd fixed that!
  8. I think neither of these meanings are intended here
  9. I like this method: This was explained to me at a wingsuit competition in Germany about two years ago. On a rainy day everyone tried it in the training harness. For me it works just perfect.
  10. The confusing word is "exit." For someone new to skydiving, exiting is what you do when you go through the door. For experienced jumpers, the exit is the part of the skydive when you let go of the aircraft, and it is possible to be completely outside the cabin, say, on a C182 step or rear-rear float on an Otter, and still not have exited. Instructors can use the term "flyaway" with new jumpers so there is no confusion about what part of the jump they are referring to. Jargon can come later. --Mark
  11. Wendy understands excess testosterone on the male mind.
  12. Most of us at least occasionally are guilty of throwing barbed words in our comments and replies. Some of us make it a part of our style, probably without even thinking about it. It is easy and it lets us get our feelings of aggression out. And it is nearly always counter productive. I attempt to do it less often and I advise others to do the same. Most of us could never get to "Wendy" standards, but all of us could do better.
  13. "Give it to me! Give it to me!" she yelled. "I'm so wet, give it to me now!" She could scream all she wanted, but I was keeping the umbrella. They say that during sex you burn off as many calories as running eight miles. Who the hell runs eight miles in 30 seconds?
  14. Man, you stalked me across multiple threads for months on end making constant personal digs because you were too petty to let go of a single disagreement. You even commented on threads I wasn’t in just to make personal digs that had nothing to do with the subjects at hand. Do you honestly not realise that you are the last person to be throwing stones in this glass house? Besides, if I was Bigun I’d find your suggestion that he isn’t intelligent enough to know what he’s doing to be far more insulting.
  15. So you reply with three more digs, a suggestion on a better way to live, and a cherry on top question about his intellectual integrity. Good boy.
  16. If it's in the IRM, maybe someone with USPA should clarify. Just sayin' Wendy P.
  17. I don't know any skydivers who jump without the leg straps, and the rig looks really knew. I don't thing the hesitation would have happened if the rig was on properly.
  18. according to the post it was the french equivalent of the faa, so it would be more accurate to ask the faa to take the proactive approach to protecting us, not uspa. correct me if i'm wrong (it happens) but didn't we form the uspa et al to keep the faa from harassing (over-regulating) us? maybe we need to convert to the french stye faa and have a government agency that protects us. pipe dreams...
  19. yes I believe it’s referring to the time you’re transitioning from a vertical body position to a horizontal one. Some people refer to the hill as “during the exit” that’s the only reason I suggested it.
  20. How is it a personal dig? You’re intelligent enough to know it’s true. If you’re too sensitive to deal with it being pointed out when you’re intentionally misrepresenting reality then you should stop doing it. Aren’t you supposed to be in favour of personal responsibility?
  21. Well that certainly should shut the peanut gallery and apologists up. Boy I wish the USPA took as proactive an approach to protecting it's members.
  22. Jakee, one of the biggest reasons I don't respond to you often is - you can never make your point without tacking on some personal dig.
  23. Just my way of helping "Keep America Safe Again." As in - mi KASA su KASA.
  24. this is a sensitive subject. Yes after incidents of total malfunction or delay in manually reserve opening found by riggers during reserve packing cycle, Aerodyne has been contacted but denied any issues claiming testing were not done on a regular basis. We noted that malfunctions did happen on recent rigs (two last years) and it looked changes that had been carried out by the manufacturer (in particular on reserve closing flap) which at least affected the certification of the parachute since FAA has not being notified. Due to this situation, we asked French FAA equivalent to carry out tests with an independant and neutral laboratory called DGA (Direction Générale de l'Armement). in november 2021, Aerodyne president Pal Bergan and European representative Herman Landsman were present in Balma (France) to meet the French authorities and to conduct tests. A test protocol was drawn up by DGA and Aerodyne signed it up, means before starting each test , Aerodyne should validate what the rig was compliant (packing method, reserve PC power, type of canopies inside, reserve loop length, mounting of AAD, reserve manual force, etc)..before proceeding with the test in accordance with rules of art, which means parachute well tighten and chest strap, in a human body which fits to dimensions of the harness rigs, in a stand up and laydown position. The first day, we proceed to 17 tests and got 3 failed by manually deployment and 5 total malfunction by firing AAD located underneath the reserve PC, which makes a total of 8 on 17.. I cannot tell you more, since it is still under investigation....
  25. One of the projects Greg the Techie Guy and I are working on for next July's Cooper/UFO Party near Mt. Rainier is an extensive and fast-moving video of every legitimate bit of film footage shot of UFO's. Not the crazy, photoshopped stuff presented all over the internet these days, but the historical stuff. We will separate the footage with short explanations of what each one represents, as well as the date, the circumstances, and other details. Greg is going around the internet and gathering these up from YouTube and other sources. He submits them to me, and then it is my job to edit them into an entertaining video for attendees to the event. We think people will love it. The final version will NOT be uploaded to YouTube separately because we would have to get permissions from more sources than I can count on my fingers and toes. This was Greg's idea and probably the best one he has ever proposed. We will present the finished product on the big screen in high-definition next July. We're aiming for a 30-40 minute video. Greg said it was time someone did this, and it will help cut through the baloney from the US government, who may admit UFO's now exist, but who also haven't been as forthcoming as you might believe about the whole thing. I can hardly wait to present it for people next year. Greg thinks we should preface it with the DB Cooper in Three Minutes or Less video as a warm-up. I agree. That guy is so smart, I swear.
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