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  2. No, actually I am a contrarian, you should see what I do to Trumpers on other forums.
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  4. That can be cured with antibiotics, at least most of the time.
  5. A fraud is fraud of course, of course and everyone knows that a fraud of course is still a fraud unless of course It's the famous Mr. Trump!
  6. Is this rig still available? If so please give me a call. 229-869-4779 thanks
  7. Are you prejudging a person’s location based on their name? Not good form my friend, not good form.
  8. It's a witch hunt! Defund the FBI! He didn't do it! Even if he did, Hillary did it first!
  9. So how come the Trumps aren't in prison? Trump U, Trump Foundation.
  10. Yes when it gets cold in sub-Saharan Africa it kills a lot of people.
  11. And he is a team player. He had a career as a team player and he will die a team player. Loyal to his caste.
  12. Billions of dollars have been invested by FOX, big business, pharma, oil companies, etc. In the creation of the modern conservative. Brent and 65 million GOP voters is the outcome. Like the investments tobacco companies made from the 1920s to the 80s. Investments to create customers addicted to an idea that smoking is cool. That investment for them is now producing results. Since the 1980s Rupert Murdoch and his kin. Have educated conservatives with false science. Peddled ideas that science itself can't be trusted. Sold a pseudo-economic narrative that the same social protections that others in the G-7 enjoy. Can't work in America because companies are inefficient and the American worker can't compete with similar workers in other developed countries. Persuaded conservatives that winner take all is the new democracy standard. Brent is the product of that social engineering.
  13. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. Unless you are part of the powerful elite that is.
  14. And all guns are "killing machines" to further complicate the use of the word "machine".
  15. Yup, it's pretty cool! Just make sure you're squared up to facing the front of the plane on exit. Take a second before opening up and you fly the relative wind-up! I was really surprised at how far above the tail I got!
  16. California Democratic Rep. T.J. Cox has been arrested by the FBI on 28 counts related to financial fraud, Politico reports. Lock him up! Shoot the bastard. Take his wing suit and kick his dog. Go FBI!!!!!
  17. 8/16/22. By Tom Winter, Jonathan Dienst, Adam Reiss and Ryan J. Reilly Former Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg is expected to plead guilty to criminal charges tied to his indictment by the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office in an investigation of former President Donald Trump's businesses, according to two people familiar with the matter and a public court filing. Weisselberg is expected to be sentenced to 5 months in jail as part of that plea which could come as soon as Thursday morning, the two sources said. Other terms of the plea were not immediately disclosed, but the sources said that Weisselberg is expected to cooperate against the Trump Organization itself. There is no indication he will cooperate in any investigation into the former president, however.
  18. Yeah, the vernacular gets a bit odd, and the legal definitions are often at odds with the technical definitions. For example, from a 'weapons' standpoint, a "machine gun" is a large, crew served weapon. Usually mounted on a bipod or tripod (or vehicle mounted), often placed in a prepared, well protected position (called a 'machine gun nest'). From a 'legal' standpoint, a 'machine gun' is any full-automatic weapon, one that fires more than one shot when the trigger is pulled. From a 'weapons' standpoint, a machine gun, squad automatic weapon, battle rifle, assault rifle, sub-machine gun & machine pistol are all different. But because they are capable of full auto fire, from a 'legal' standpoint, they are all considered 'machine guns'.
  19. If that's true you need to tighten your laterals so you won't need to do the funky chicken to keep from spinning a perfect student. Or maybe the picture proves nothing.
  20. When you're down to hopefully you're down to the quality of your defense lawyers. Don't anyone for a second believe there isn't wiggle room in this.
  21. Hopefully, continuing to hold on to them in his own house for months after they were suboenaed while claiming to have already returned anything relevant should stick a fork in that one.
  22. The problem with these questions is that they literally can't be applied to the chaos that was the Trump White House. Like the very first one... you think there was a list? They were carting boxes of files out, in a panic, because they suddenly realised 2.5 months after losing the election that they were going to have to leave the Oval Office. And requests for records - as it stands it seems like many of these files were accumulated over long periods of time from briefings that were given to Trump. Now, if you give the President of the United States, in the Oval Office, a briefing folder and he tears out a couple of pages which he says he wants to read later, who in the room can tell him no?
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