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  2. I'm surprised there were no stories about his gay lover pushing him down the stairs.
  3. And yet you don't notice the huge gap between 1 and 2...the very definition of a 'non sequitur'. Your link showed tech company EMPLOYEES donate to democrats, not the tech companies themselves. Individuals are unlikely to bank at SVB because SVB specialises in business accounts, not personal bank accounts. It must suck to keep getting owned by your own links
  4. Time Left: 29 days and 21 hours

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    I am the chief rigger at Skydive Oregon and I am selling a complete rig for the mother of one of our staff who died in a motorcycle accident. This rig is in great condition and was made for a 5’ 6” jumper who weighed approx. 155 lbs - Icon I-3 from 2017 with less than 100 jumps on it, made for a 5’ 4” to 5’ 7” (162cm to 178cm) jumper. RSL only; no Skyhook. Soft ripcord handle and freefly-pud Mn handle. Aerodyne Technical Bulletin 250-122 (alternative AAD cutter placement) has been completed. Aerodyne SB 121817 (Semi-stowless Mn D-bag replacement) still needs to be done. Aerodyne’s website says that a new bag will be provided free if the old one is returned. - Smart LPV 135 reserve with 8 repacks and one deployment. - Vigil Cuatro AAD that is up to date and expires in 2028. - Crossfire2 119 with approx. 500 jumps on the canopy and only 50 jumps on the lines, with no holes or patches. Last reserve I&R was 06 Dec 2022, so it is good until 04 June 2023. Asking $4995 for a quick sale (Negotiable). Includes economy shipping to continental US. Will accept PayPal or Venmo, Cash or cashier's check. Please contact me (Ted Farnsworth) via email at [email protected] for communication about this rig. This is the best way to contact me, as the website has often had messaging issues. You may also contact Skydive Oregon to verify my credentials if you like.


    Vancouver, Washington - US

  5. Let me break this down (in tiny pieces so Olof can follow) 1. The majority of customers w balances greater than $250k are tech companies (at least according to Ro Khanna the Silicon Valley’s representative) 2. Tech companies overwhelmingly contribute to Democrat coffers (as you guys have been bragging about) 3. By using OPM (other people’s money) the administration the administration broke the rules regarding FDIC deposits and covered the exposure of SVB customers and by extension, it’s donors. 4. If anyone doesn’t think there is at least a partial political motive in this bailout, all I can say is…Bless your heart, Pollyanna, aren’t you just adorable.
  6. This is Leon mentioned by OP. We'll be doing an informal first annual Tandem Instructor Gauntlet, Olympics, Boogie, Wacky Fun-Time Training Combine(Name clearly still up in the air), to prepare for our season, this weekend. Myself and my instructors will be participating in a series of jumps and activities in order to dust off our skills, build team cohesion, and develop the concept of a TI competition. I'll be reporting back to the group with how the event goes. If anyone would like to contribute ideas feel free to drop them here, or contact the DZ here.
  7. Time Left: 29 days and 18 hours

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    Infinity I-34 SN: 8534 Will sell the whole package for $3000 Sturdy Rig Hanger included Seller pays shipping within US Rig (Separate price: $2800) VSE Infinity Container # 8534 Built for a wide shouldered 5'11" 210 lb male 1 owner, approx 800 jumps DOM April 2011 New Pilot Chute Custom risers and front riser loops AAD (Separate price: $600) Vigil II # 41515 DOM 10/2014


    - US

  8. Agreed. The appropriate way for McConnell to leave the Senate would be a vote of expulsion by his peers, (Article 1 - Section 5), for refusing to do his constitutionally-mandated job.
  9. They are continuing to make very small gains. They are pouring more men and artillery into the area. Losing more troops and equipment every day. Wagner leads the way with army following up. It seems as if losses for Putin have declined as have the use of large assaulting forces has slowed. For a while two weeks ago Ukrainian resupply could not travel into Bakhmut without suffering losses. That seems to have been taken care of now. Through the destruction of Russian artillery and widening the pocket.
  10. bluej1286

    Storm 135

    Time Left: 29 days and 17 hours

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    Crispy canopy, maybe 300 jumps. Good line set. Great for a lighter jumper, wingsuiters, and people looking for predictable, consistent openings.


    Virginia Beach, Virginia - US

  11. Good riddance if true. He's the hypocrite who refused Garland a hearing at all, and then rushed Barrett's hearing though in almost record time.
  12. jakee


    Something interesting has happened in Bakhmut. A few weeks ago pretty much every western outlet was predicting the complete fall of the city within days, and questioning the wisdom of Ukraine continuing to defend it and risk encirclement/loss of many troops. Today Zelenskiy visited the city. The fighting isn’t over, but it seems the Russian offensive has run out of steam. Maybe the Wagner / Army infighting has reached breaking point or maybe they’ve simply run out of soldiers and supplies in the region?
  13. I've been watching the Mike Patey videos about how they built the red bull plane - one of the things they said was that they wanted it to be multi purpose, so this isn't a one trick STOL pony. Underneath, its a carbon cub with as much weight stripped out as they could. They have replaced a number of panels with carbon to make it lighter, lighter tyres and stuff. The big changes were that they moved the fuel tank low down in the fuselage so the pilot could stand on the brakes without putting it on its nose - that fuel tank is only 7 Gallons and then they have a removable 25 gallon tank for transfers and airshows and what have you. Oh - and they gave it a 50HP shot of NOS to get it safely back in the air If you like engineering wizardry, all of Mike Pateys stuff is fascinating - his own previous plane builds, Draco and Scrappy are absolute monsters. This is the first Build video for the carbon cub
  14. I take it that you are defining his constituency as the lobbyists and other contributors to his personal bottom line. Most GOP policies work against the average working class white non-college GOP supporter.
  15. Apparently there's a strong correlation between the Cracker Barrel/Whole Foods ratio and GOP/Dem voting ratio in counties across the USA. Ditto for life expectancy.
  16. Time Left: 29 days and 11 hours

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    There are mirror visors for G35 in stock! +7 995 501-02-16 Дмитрий +7 920 478-20-32 Кирилл Сайт: Группа ВК: Телеграм: FB Инстаграм:


  17. Time Left: 29 days and 7 hours

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    Javelin odyssey, DOM 2014, 700 jumps, container TJNK, harness C 18, stainless steel hardware, chest and hip ring, reserve path daddy, sun path back pad, skyhook/RSL, FF-Handle Optimum-143, DOM 20144 2 jumps, Pilot-140 ZPX, DOM 2021, 70 jumps Cypres EXPERT airworthy till 10/2025


  18. And...Fox just dropped its retaliatory suit against her: Law & Crime: Fox News drops lawsuit seeking to gag Tucker Carlson producer suing them for discrimination
  19. Maybe it's just my bird and bunny people past but lately I wonder if the time/distance gap between today and what we imagine tomorrow might be is not what we hope, or more importantly, should want.
  20. ryoder


    Another Putin critic meets with an accident. Remarkably, no mention of windows, door-knobs, or tea, in the story: Newsweek: Russian Pop Star Who Criticized Putin Found Dead After Drowning
  21. Of course with our Republican brethren, one can always hope in one hand and crap in the other and let others bet on which will fill first. The sad reality is that no one, even we vaunted do the right thing liberals, can be counted on to do the right thing instead of the self serving thing. The only claim we can make is that we do the wrong thing less frequently.
  22. He claims that he lives in Flori-duh. And it's entirely possible he does. Maybe not likely, but possible. However, it's pretty clear he gets his paycheck from St Petersburg.
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  24. Or at least he decides he’s not running again and decides to do what he thinks is best for the country, and not just his constituency Wendy P.
  25. Rumor control has McConnell considering retirement long before his term expires in 2027. Those who have followed my reporting here know that any sketchy misunderstanding promulgated by the most impeachable of sources suit me just fine when it comes to supporting my hopes and dreams. So, as ever, I'm hopeful. The thing is the Governor of Kentucky, Andy Beshear, is a Democrat. Ky. Rev. Stat. § 63.200 controls. An executive committee comprised of members of the same party as the dearly departed or resigned submits three names for the Governor to choose from. Hopefully Governor Beshear, god forbid he is put in such a horrible position, is a typical Democrat who can't decide which recyclables go in the same bin and the clock just runs out. If ever there was a legitimate time for hopes and prayers now is that time.
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