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  3. Ajanky

    How Green Is My Skydive

    Hi Bryan, very good article. I'm from europe and currently researching the theme "environmental impact of skydiving" as we will probably face much more critics on that in the near future - so I try to be prepared with facts. one remark: the Exxon Valdez spill etc example is misleading: spilled oil is in terms of "climate change" neutral - its still in its bound form and for the air its the same if IN the earth or ON the earth (of course ignoring the other problems of oil spill). thanks for your comprehensive overview. Andreas
  4. Time Left: 1 month and 23 hours

    • FOR SALE
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    Wings W8 -Freefly Friendly -RSL Equipped -Hip Ring Articulation -Cut-In Laterals -Cadmium Hardware -Soft Reserve Pillow Handle -BOC with Collapsible PC w/Freefly Handle -DOM:3/14, Serial #11033 -Estimated Jumps: 300 -Good overall condition, general cosmetic wear -Fits Mains: 135-150 Standard ZP, 170 Low Bulk -Pictured without Main assembled Fit Range: -Height: 5’3 - 5’8” -Weight: 120-145 lbs -Waist: 29-35” Precision RMax 148 -0 Rides, 5 repacks -DOM: 5/2015, Serial #60553062 -Inspected/Repacked: 10/20/19 Cypres2 Expert AAD -DOM: 9/2013, Serial 89412 -4 year service complete Main Canopies Available (Price listed is for complete rig with that main): -Spectre 150 - 350 jumps - $4200 -Sabre2 150 - <600 jumps - $4300 -Pilot 150 - 300 jumps, DOM: 2013- $4800 Price in USD. Shipping included in the USA. Buyer pays any payment handling fees (Cash Prices listed); PayPal, Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Zelle and US Financing accepted. Will ship International. Prices are FIRM. Please message for more pictures and information. Need Gear? We sell both new and used skydiving gear!


    Tampa, Florida - US

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  6. If the flag next to the OP's name is correct might be worth pointing out that there's some new incoming 'canopy rules' arriving into the UK. They are still a work in progress and unclear as to what's going to be, but the french system is being touted as the preferred base to work from. With that in mind, it would be good for the OP to think about "future-proofing" his canopy choices. For example, the writing is on the wall for a minimum of 2000 jumps for any crossbraced canopy, so really is no point for him to consider one neither now nor in the near future given his jump numbers. Non-crossbraced high performance wings may be having a closer look as well given the recent fatalities that prompted this review and the adoption of rules were on in Katanas. That is besides the wisdom of seeking to downsize or looking at more agressive canopies to fix a perceived problem which is likely more a technique issue that should be resolved with more practice and adequate coaching rather than a canopy choice issue. I mean, 6s double to single 90 degree turn in a xf2 @1.5wl in 230ft just doesn't compute and i'd put that to wrong technique hands down as it sounds like you are carving rather than diving. From a safety aspect I'd look at sorting that out as my first port of call, as in you dont want to 'discover' the right technique by chance in a random jump and suddenly have your 250ft dive turn into a 350 footer. But that's a conversation you really should be having with an experienced coach who can watch your landings and assess where you should be going with it
  7. Can't help you with trading, but if you have patches you can't identify, then posting pics here would definitely be a start in the right direction.
  8. If you like to trade skydiving patches contact me at I also have patches I need help ID'ing Please contact me if you can help. Joe Wachs D-4671
  9. dgrabowski

    Mirage G4 M2

    Time Left: 1 month and 10 hours

    • FOR SALE
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    DOM 2007/05 (M2 sizing: standard 126 - 143 optimum/lpv reserve; 9-cell 135, SOME 150 main) Harness size 16.5-18-Std (last owner was 5'7 145lb female) (See Mirage website for harness sizing details and measurements, or ask me) RSL Equipped NEW pillow reserve handle Estimated 700 jumps Reserve freebag assembly dated 2012 (no cutaways on THIS bag, looked like three prior) Hip rings Very good condition overall, no wear, but could use a wash (recommended that your rigger do this AFTER inspection) Includes everything that should be included: RSL, reserve bag/bridle/PC, main bag/bridle/handle (hackey with tab), main risers, main and reserve toggles, cutaway handle, reserve handle, hook knife Fully rigger inspected and approved Buyer pays shipping, insurance, and any transaction fees. Ships pretty much anywhere, or pick up in Jersey City, NJ.


    Jersey City, New Jersey - US

  10. Sweet, what height is your 270 on the Gangster, and what size wing?
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  12. One of the coolest guys I have ever met in the sport. I have a photo of his that he took of me filming an eight-way team in training, framed on the wall. So many things he did were just for the fun of it. Blue skies my friend.... The Red Baron
  13. I'm also having a hard time visualizing your issue Curv 1.0 2015. Main has been packed for almost 4 months so not as springy. My guesstimate is 1-2lbs to pop the pin in both configuration. The amount of bridle under the right flap doesn't make a difference for the required force to extract the pin.
  14. Perhaps I can shed some light on Baronn’s biggest concern of the Museum... 48 years of nothing. Two years ago, I had the same questions. Instead of taking the approach of making accusations and insults on the internet, I chose a different road. I asked some people that knew. My good friend Gary Peek was a USPA Board member for decades, and gave me the following historical explanation. Bill Ottley was the initial proponent of the idea. It was his “baby”. When he died, he left $1,000,000 as seed money to develop the concept of a Skydiving Museum. Not much was done for about 40 years. Money collected interest, small donations were made to incrementally increase the amount. USPA supported the concept with some donated clerical support and free advertising in Parachutist. When USPA sold their original office townhouse and built & moved to their present location about a decade ago, the Museum made a deal and acquired an adjacent building lot next to USPA headquarters. The idea at the time was to build the Museum next to the USPA building. One could go in one door, the Museum, or turn the other way for USPA. If you have ever been to USPA Headquarters, it seems the main entrance is “wrong”. It faces a vacant lot, not the parking lot as one would drive in. That’s because there was a plan to build a Skydiving Museum on that vacant lot. The problem is, there would be no reason to go to the Museum. It is not a destination. It’s not near any attraction. It’s an hour away from DC. It is simply in a suburban business park. Now, it’s great for USPA, but terrible for any kind of business dependent upon tourist traffic. So, about the time of President Bush’ AFF jump, the Museum seemed to come alive again. The leadership started installing new trustees, included President Bush as honorary Chairman, and undertook a serious effort to get something done. Since that period, they have quadrupled the money in the bank, dramatically increased and catalogued hundreds of Skydiving items of historic value, installed several high profile people as trustees, hired a professional for fundraising, sought the advice of professionals in museum organization and management, and completely revamped the antiquated & unworkable original concepts. So to me, the situation is like this...I go to work for a business that has been around for 40 years, but never grown. In about 8 years, I quadruple the money in the bank, sign up almost a dozen of the top people in the industry to work for free, develop and catalog an inventory of over 1000 pieces of huge skydiving historical value and warehouse them for free, develop a concept where people and organizations from all over the world are sending money, and finally have some kind of definite goal line, and end result. Should I be supported & rewarded for my last 8 years of huge success and progress? Or should I be penalized for the previous 40 years where not much was done, and I had no control or input? What Baronn seems to not understand, all the money, inventory, donations, concepts have occurred in the last few years. So if there is blame or fault, should it be cast at the previous 40 years? Or should the last 8 years be given some credit for the accomplishments made. True, the end result is not yet accomplished. Yes, there may be some mistakes and compromises getting from “now to then”. But there is movement, there is forward progress. This is the historical perspective I was given by longtime friend and USPA Board member Gary Peek. It is not my opinion. If anyone wants to insult or trash Gary, go right ahead. I am sure it won’t bother him. If anyone cares to provide any additional first hand history, feel free. Paul Gholson
  15. I'll part with my Squirrel Funk wingsuit for 600.00 US dollars. Feel free to discover ALL the secrets, right before your eyes! It's still VERY air worthy by the way...
  16. Time Left: 1 month and 4 hours

    • FOR SALE
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    $49,500. Ready to fly/jump 1958 c182. Fresh paint in 2019, Wing extensions, 0470 w/~450smoh. 3380TT. Fresh annual and ADSB with purchase.


    - US

  17. I'm also 70kg and started my 90's at similar height (~420) on a Sabre 2 it dives more than a Saf2 and possibly more than both the Crossfire 2 & 3, the 3 doesn't dive a whole lot more than the 2. The Gangster from Fluid Wings is the one I'd choose (and I did) due to the recovery arc, I prefer it to the JFX (haven't tried the JFX2) but it's still a high perfomance wing and please please check with some smart people whether you're ready for it!
  18. Can anybody reccommend a Florida dropzone with a freefly event or load organisers on the weekend March 7-8th 2020? I'm going to randomly find myself in the area and was thinking to bring my rig, the higher the level the better HD sequentials would be perfect.
  19. Thank you. I should talk more to my instructors. Always ready for a PLF--I've really learned a lesson.
  20. I am working on a wingsuit project and I need someone to make a video for me of its different parts. I'm a little confused because of various explanations I read in articles. They helped a lot but now I have a lot more questions and need to see it more detailed and also someone with experience to explain it to me I'll be so grateful if you could help me
  21. Annual skill camp for Angle flyers, this year also for beginners! 2 weeks in total One week for beginners (groups up to 3 + coach) 20 Jul – 24 Jul One week for more experienced jumpers (groups up to 5 + coach) 27 Jul – 31 Jul Take one, or take both Registration opens soon Held in Skydive Finland, Utti, Finland For more information such as coach line-up, follow our facebook -events: Beginners week Experienced week More information About Skydive Finland: Located at Utti, Finland 2h drive from Helsinki Airport Busses and trains available, contact us to arrange a carpool! Bunkhouse (7€ per night) Camping available Cessna Grand Caravan OH-DZF Utti Angle 2019 Videos: Beginners Experienced
  22. Time Left: 1 month and 1 hour

    • FOR SALE
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    I am selling a Stiletto 135, DOM 04/2000. Excellent condition, no patches, no holes, lines are in good condition. My last jump was over 3.5 years ago and I'm finally parting with my gear. I had originally bought this canopy to build a 2nd rig and that never happened. If you're interested, shoot contact me. I'm willing to pay for return shipping, if you get it and your rigger finds something wrong with the canopy. I will only sell through a verifiable rigger or DZ. Don't ask me to sell or ship directly to anywhere other than a rigger or DZ.


    Dublin, California - US

  23. stabilizer lines (they don't always "fall" along the others...) I'm guessing that is what you are looking for.
  24. Can you post photos/video ? I have a hard time visualising your issue.
  25. Ryan275

    Infinity I13SN

    Time Left: 1 month and 12 minutes

    • FOR SALE
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    Velocity Sport Equipment, INC Infinity I-13SN container for sale. Container shows signs of use but is in good condition. Has small patch on closing flap. I had new leg straps, pilot chute and D bag installed. See photographs for the size of the person the container was made for. I’m 5’7” 165lbs and I think it fits great. I also thought it fit great when I was 140lbs. buyer pays shipping of $30.


    Omaha, Nebraska - US

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