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  2. How about a NSFW???? What the fuck?
  3. I already said I wasn't going to look for it - feel free.
  4. I voted my conscience.
  5. I finally did a thorough analysis of the money find location... Based on pics, video and maps... statements during the find that it was found at the high tide line. Granted it is 40 years after the find... 1979 image.. money find = red dot
  6. It's ridiculous. I even heard it said that these products invite white people to indulge in the fantasy of enslaved black people. Just had some Uncle Ben's (made in Canada) So this is what it feels like to be a slave owner. Meh, maybe I need to try the stuff made in the U.S.
  7. Time Left: 29 days and 23 hours

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    INFINITY container. Made for 130 lbs and 5' 4" (60 kg and 162 cm). Of course it can go UP or DOWN in weight and height. I am 5' 10" and 170 lbs (176 cm and 77 kg) and made 1300 jumps on it. It was doable, but not comfortable (due to me being too tall and too wide for it). FULLY freefly-friendly! This is basically the same container that RED BULL Felix Baumgartner used his STRATOS Stratosphere jump. As you remember, he was spinning on his BACK at 1300 km/h (800 mph). So, it IS free fly friendly. :-) Options: RSL hip rings leg strap free-fly bungy mod antitwist risers hackey on PC Harness measurements from manufacturer: MLW: 16 1/2" Stabilizer: -1/2" Leg pads: 19" Will accept canopies from: Main 190 to 210 sq ft. Reserve: 160 to 190. Google search the phrase: INFINITY CONTAINER SIZING CHART , and check for container size I-45 there. DOM February 2002. Condition: container faded from sun, harness in good condition. You should get 1000 more jumps out from it. Extra (spare) cutaway handle and reserve handle included for FREE ! Photo attached, disable AdBlock and refresh the page if you cannot see it. Low cost tracked AIR shipping! (approx $55). I ship world-wide. Takes approx 15 calendar days worldwide. I am reputable user with over 3000 posts in the last 15 years. Master Rigger sale references available, your choice of payment method! Please contact me with the form below (logon first). Only if you get a bounceback, please EMAIL me at: SKYDIVER.FLY123456@GMAIL.COM with the ad URL copied into the email body. See the *NARROWED-DOWN* LIST of *ONLY MY PARACHUTES* for SALE ! : Click the LINK BELOW, where it says the words: ' CLICK HERE ' --> CLICK HERE for a LIST of my RESERVES <--


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  9. Nevermind, it's pointless - deleted.
  10. Hi John, Almost true; he was never a 'world leader.' Jerry Baumchen
  11. What ever happened to good old fashion fucked in the head? "Sexual Orientation" makes it sound like it's part of the LGBTQP movement or something. But I agree, if there are ways to convince people to get help, great. I say we should fund lobotomies if necessary.
  12. Just commenting that I'd love to see this, especially how it compares to a Power Onesie (if possible)
  13. You make it sound like it's a good thing that the left is blinded by their bias.
  14. That's the slightly funny thing about this thread. Everyone knows and understands the basic hypocrisy of the right wing. It needs no special thread of it's own. It is understood. Indeed, that this thread even exists is part of it.
  15. This thread should be titled "Hypocrisy of the Trumps".
  16. From world leader to world pariah in under 4 years: American Passports Are Useless Now I can go just about anywhere with my German passport. But almost no one wants to let in Americans these days.
  17. I know (or knew) several men, including my wife's father, who served in Burma - a theater of the the war that is almost completely ignored yet one in which the Imperial Japanese Army suffered is greatest ever defeat up until that time, at Imphal.
  18. Time moves on but its time to remember all those that made enormous sacrifices in WW2. Today is the 75th anniversary of VJ (victory over Japan) day that announced the end of WW2. Today Japan and Germany have become the friends of the west and modern democracies. Yet 85 million died all together to end the madness of a few men. That represents about 3% of the worlds 1940 population.
  19. Lame. A simple "mea culpa" would have sufficed, and not emphasized your hypocrisy.
  20. Phil1111


    Test less and Covid vanishes! News flash: by election the US is Covid free. No vaccines needed. Hey Turtle, trump was right! You don't have to be a centrist anymore!!. Covid is dropping in America! For the first time during the pandemic, the United States saw a downward trend in the number of coronavirus tests conducted each day. "Reported daily tests trended downward for much of the last two weeks, essentially stalling the nation’s testing response. Some 733,000 people have been tested each day this month on average, down from nearly 750,000 in July, according to the COVID Tracking Project. The seven-day test average dropped to 709,000 on Monday, the lowest in nearly a month, before ticking upward again at week’s end." Everyone can rest easy and party it up.
  21. Phil1111


    According to Ron latest Q drop China is the friend and Russia is the enemy. But given Fancy Bear was the author the whole psywar spiel, who knows.
  22. Phil1111


    Switched over to the Democratic party? Not as far as I know but post election many trumpites will see the light.
  23. Don't you find it odd that it's happening in so many states at the same time. No because it's routine maintenance and it makes sense to move low volume mailboxes to areas with higher traffic that need them, especially now given the anticipated influx from mail-in balloting. People really need to relax. It's not that hard to find a mail box, and if you can't be bothered to go to the post office, here's an idea - just give it to your mail carrier or leave it in your own mailbox for pickup. If it was Q saying that this was part of the deep state's plan to fix the election, you people would be saying "hey look, another kook and their stupid conspiracy theories."
  24. Putin has taken the vaccine and declared that there are no side effects
  25. Don't you find it odd that it's happening in so many states at the same time. Do you think they will put the replacement mail boxes in place before or after the election. Looking at America from the outside it IS looking more like a Banana Republic each day.
  26. Time Left: 29 days and 12 hours

    • FOR SALE
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    I'm selling my complete rig due to back medical issues. More photos/walk-around video: Main Performance Designs Sabre2 190 sqft DOM: 2002-April-01 ~540 jumps total (~450 previous owner, 90 mine) Reserve Performance Designs PD176R DOM: 2001-July-01 0 rides mine (unknown for previous owner) Container Sunpath Javelin J4K DOM 2002-May-01 my height is 181cm (5′11") and weight between 80-100kg (176-220lbs), had no problem fitting this is what it looks like on someone 190cm (6'2") and 100kg (220 lbs): AAD Vigil 1 DOM 2006-April-01 3 activations (previous owner) cutter included life expectancy according to Vigil is until 2026-April Maintenance Sent to Performance Designs USA in 2016-March-23 for a complete check-up and where they replaced: new microline lineset (still like new, only did ~30 jumps on them) new risers new pilot chute with freefly handle new slider new slinks medium patch on bottom skin (I have no idea where, couldn't find it) Bonus hook knife heavy duty carry bag 500g bag of rubber bands for microline pack monkey Notes I bought it in 2013 from Came with paperwork for all components. Always packed indoor on mats. Needs repack on main and reserve. Jumped at Skydive Transilvania and Skydive Balaton. Loved and cared for, all packers said it looks better than expected for it's age. Ideally personal hand-over, otherwise buyer pays item and shipping up-front. PM or email for phone number (to avoid spam).


    Baia Mare

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