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    Sure was a Windjammer Barefoot cruise... It was a shame what happened to them (the owner/founder died, and all the kids wanted passive income without putting anything into the company) Wendy P.
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  4. It's all useless. You are wasting your time. There are a literal ton of variables in play here. You cannot be sure that anything Kaye may have now is actually evidentiary. The only source of DNA you can even remotely trust are the original results obtained by the FBI from the tie. You need THAT analysis to go anywhere with this. And to get their results, that means an FOIA request done by an expert in DNA, a neutral third party. Or...a solid and recognized media organization. In other words, forget the National Enquirer and think of Rolling Stone, Reuters perhaps. This analysis the FBI has, whatever form it comes in...would have to be released to the public, not to an individual alone. Why? I will give you an example on why: Suppose I talk the FBI into releasing to me this report and I drop the ten grand to have KC's brother's DNA run and compared against this report, and then tell you that KC could not be eliminated as a result of this test. From what I understand, although the test the FBI was using with suspects for the tests they DID run could not positively confirm a suspect, the odds were somewhere between 1-16,000 to around 1-32,000 or so (if there was a 'hit'). In other words, if a suspect's DNA could NOT be eliminated, those were the odds that this suspect's DNA was on the tie. That's *almost* beyond the realm of coincidence. It's not one in a billion, but it isn't bad either. So... How would you know I didn't make alterations to the FBI's official results here and there, or just claim to you KC could not be eliminated? Would you believe me? Of course you wouldn't. And you shouldn't. If you want to compare suspect DNA to the FBI's results and have people believe you...then you should petition the FBI not to release the results of their DNA extractions from the tie to you, me, or any one person for that matter. That situation is ripe for abuse. You should petition them to release what they have PUBLICLY. It's the only way to be sure, and to keep people honest. And besides...asking them to do this not for yourself, but for the public...has a much greater chance of success. If the results are made public from the start, this means that certain controls against test abuse are automatically put into place. Your best bet to get an agreement from the FBI to release these results are to ask them to make them public, not give them to any one person.
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  6. Thanks for the article, quite interesting. If the battery is big enough it certainly could be a valuable asset to stabilize the grid. I can say from first hand experience that when uncontrollable events impact the grid the system operators will grab anything they can to help control and stabilize it. Our option of last resort was a rolling blackout. We had it in the plan and did simulations to be prepared. Other parts of the country use it on a regular basis as a standard operating practice. Public broadcasts to reduce usage were surprisingly effective. Then you can squeeze more with voltage reduction. We also had a voluntary interruptible program and a program where companies would run IC generators on request, these programs worked well. Losing the grid was always considered "not an option."
  7. Time Left: 29 days and 6 hours

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    Be the friendly face of skydiving at a large, full time tandem, AFF and fun jumper dropzone! We are a seasonal dz looking for both full and part time manifest staff to start May 1st through October 31st. We are a burble dz with positions for tandem manifest/customer service staff as well as fun jumper manifest staff. No manifest experience necessary, paid training provided if hired. Starting salary depends on experience within the skydiving industry. If you are interested, please email us with a brief introduction of yourself (no formal resume required).


  8. Hi Wendy, Re: It was a sailing ship in the Caribbean Was it the Windjammer Barefoot outfit? Jerry Baumchen
  9. wmw999


    Oh no, there’s nothing cheap about those trips Wendy P.
  10. cachente

    Saber 2 170.

    Time Left: 29 days and 4 hours

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    Selling my Saber 2 170. It has 551 jumps. itll take about 100 more jumps before a line change. good condition. Asking 1600 OBO + shipping


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  11. JoeWeber


    It's just fascinating the different ways people learn.
  12. The REALLY funny (and stupid) part of this is that a week or so ago, that fool posted a video criticizing the production companies that are refusing to put on large shows. The main reason is because the insurance companies won't cover them right now. During the video, Nugent asked "Why didn't we lock down for Covid 1 through 18?" Really. He's THAT ignorant. He's also 72, so he's at serious risk with Covid symptoms. But he'll be fine. I'm sure. He claims Covid is all a scam and a fraud, so he's just imagining his symptoms.
  13. Bigfalls


    Does Ted have cat scratch fever also.
  14. Wealthy person buys congressional influence? "Dog bites man" isn't news.
  15. "Why are you always talking about accidents? If you want perfect safety stay home on your couch! This is a skydiving forum, why aren't you talking about bitchin swoops and hot VRW?" Meanwhile back in Gaetz news - Turns out that his good friend Jason Pirozzolo, a drug entrepreneur and doctor, planned a trip to the Bahamas for Gaetz in 2018. Pirozzolo paid for Gaetz's travel, hotel room, entertainment, alcohol, drugs and hookers, and also gave him at least $2000 in campaign donations. In return, Gaetz made two speeches in support of Pirozzolo's organization - the Medical Marijuana Physicians Association - while in Congress. Investigators are also looking into this "pay to play" scheme, and to what degree Pirozzolo paid for Congressional influence.
  16. JoeWeber


    Why would someone limit themselves to a single cardinal direction. Why not NorthSouthEastWesterly?
  17. billvon


    Well, a lot of us pay a ton of money for only half an airplane ride. Seems kind of stupid. If you really like jumping out of airplanes, join the fucking Army. Then they will pay you to jump out of airplanes.
  18. That was a vacuum filter that was tested,,, Kaye has many sticky stubs used to collect particles,, he doesn't want to destroy those. But IMO, that is our best source of DNA..
  19. Didn't Ulis' recent History Channel show indicate that the DNA from Kaye's strips were uselessly contaminated?
  20. gowlerk


    Likely you will find some on the cruise. But at least they will be well heeled stupid people. Organized by National Geographic a division of Disney Co. , or The National Geographic Society? Nat Geo ain't what it used to be. Not that much cachet anymore.
  21. JoeWeber


    Cheap shot, John, and you know it.
  22. Tom K's sticky stubs from the tie would have the DNA.. The problems are testing is expensive, there may be many individuals and the testing is destructive.
  23. You can also contact L&B about this, I found them really helpful and responsive.
  24. ryoder


    COVID-Denier Ted Nugent Tests Positive, Highlighting Vaccine Hesitancy Among Some Members Of GOP Karma
  25. I'm going to wander over to the Incidents forum, to complain about them talking about accidents.
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