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  2. 20kN

    How much can you lengthena harness?

    For the cost of resizing the harness on a container I think you'd find better value in buying a brand new container built for you. Then you can get all the options and colors you want with a perfect fit.
  3. patymaciel

    Good skydiving songs

    I'm just getting started on my AFF, so these are probably super cheesy, but my playlist has: - Best Day Of My Life - American Authors (title explains it all) - Sissy That Walk - RuPaul (because of that chorus that goes "and If I fly or if I fall, at least I can say gave it all, I'm on my way", and also "my pussy is on fire, now kiss the flame" lol) - Crazy - Gnarls Barkley ("even your emotions have an echo in so much space...") - Alive - Empire of the Sun ("lovin' every minute 'cause you make me feel so alive...") - Learn to Fly - Foo Fighters (too obvious, I know!) - Lose Yourself - Eminem ("success is my only motherfuckin' option, failure's not") - The Walker - Fitz and the Tantrums ("oh here we go, feel it in my soul, really need it, need it, so go, gotta feel it, body takes control..") And I came to this forum looking for more songs, because my playlist is so damn short, and the ride to the DZ is almost 2 hours long!!
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  5. maxmadmax

    RIP Hutch (Houston 2/21)

    Woof Woof and Woof! 12 years!
  6. Time Left: 1 month and 1 day

    • FOR SALE
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    Semi stowless D bag from Velocity. Known as the Party bag. I attached a picture of the sizes of canopies it fits for my rig, an infinity I-32. I'm sure it will fit something similar but don't trust me, call your manufacturer.



  7. wmw999

    Going Home Again

    You're not that old a fart. Honestly, canopy flying is a little less wild west than it used to be, with better control of swooping on most of the DZ's I've been to. So that's good. I do RW, and it hasn't changed all that much, other than that the participants mostly seem to be getting older. But so am I... Enjoy! Wendy P.
  8. blondie200

    190 stiletto

    Time Left: 1 month and 1 day

    • FOR SALE
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    190 square foot stilleto like new. Approximately 200 jumps. Manufactured in March 2016.


    Owatonna, Minnesota - US

  9. RoyWharton

    some used hardwear

    Time Left: 1 month and 1 day

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    Make an offer if interested.


    , British Columbia

  10. Plumcrazy37

    Vortex V5

    Time Left: 1 month and 1 day

    • FOR SALE
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    Like new condition. Approx. 140 jumps. Bought from my instructor before I bought a complete rig. This is in excellent condition. I am 5’7 and 170 lbs and it fits perfect. Instructor had a 170 main and a PD 176 reserve.


    , South Carolina

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  12. skymiles7

    Vertical Viper Suit for sale

    Time Left: 13 days and 20 hours

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    For sale: Brand new Vertical Viper Suit. Made for 5'6'' 145 lbs. Any questions let me know.


    , California - US

  13. skytribe

    How much can you lengthena harness?

    Is it a articulated harness ?. Does it have 4 or 2 rings ?. Does the rig have the right size yoke for you ? All will come into play when making a used harness fit you. The yoke size cannot be adjusted. As the person is a similar size and build then this will probably be OK. If the harness is a 4 ringed articulated harness then the adjustment is probably a cheaper and simpler fix that a master rigger could do - however it may work out easier and cheaper to just send it back to the manufacturer. Lengthening the MLW on an articulated harness can also create another issue if the lateral attachments are also not adjusted. (Personal experience on one of my containers). If the fix is more detailed - ie. its not an articulated harness and the laterals also need resizing then you may as well just send it back to the manufacturer with your measurements and let them rebuild a harness exactly for your dimensions. You may also want to take a look at some things like the legstraps/legpads as sometimes these may not be right as some people have big thighs and others not so big. Shortening is not too difficult but if they are too short then that can be a problem. a container re-harnessed may work out viable based upon the cost of the used container. The container is sized for the canopies and the harness is sized for the person who is wearing it.
  14. Justincblount

    opinions for a cherry jumper

    I didn't like the shape, design or material of the d-bag. I also didn't have much faith in the MARD system, the pin and cloth design. Maybe it's fine, it just made me feel weird. The closing sequence probably wouldn't bother me much on its own, just coupled with other things added to my dissatisfaction. I'm not very experienced though, so my instincts are suspect, and I'm sure there are Wings containers now with designs that differ from what I've seen.
  15. dannybhey

    Icon I-2 Mint Condition

    Time Left: 1 month and 1 day

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    2011 Icon I-2 Mint condition, located in NZ suits jumper 5ft 10, 170lbs



  16. gowlerk

    How much can you lengthena harness?

    All harness /container systems can be resized. How much the cost will be depends on how much work needs to be done and often who does it. The nicest work if done by the factory, but they will most often want to completely rebuild the harness. A master rigger can be considerably cheaper. At your size you can look a long time to find something perfect, so a re-size could be a good idea for you. You should figure anywhere from $400 to $700 in my experience. (making a harness smaller is often much cheaper)
  17. I recently found a rig for sale that has a perfect set up for myself, but the only problem is it’s sized for someone a little smaller than I am. I’m about 6’3” but the rig was made for someone 5’8”-5’11”. Is it possible to extend the length of the harness that much and if so how much does something like that usually cost?
  18. Hi Jarkko, As a teacher I'm always searching for interesting reading on the matter, and you should look for FE books (FE = further education, which effectively is adult education). Further education is about teaching a very specific skill, often vocational, to a wide range of individuals. Someone who just finished secondary education (high school) or someone much older. There's plenty of literature in this area. Also, I believe you will find this seminar very interesting:
  19. skytribe

    opinions for a cherry jumper

    August 2017 - Subterminal 150 ft Spectre. As a result of the incident, the jumper in question replaced the pilot chute with a new one and installed the MARD system and opened a discussion on the incident. This may be back from 2012 but seems to show a similar issue And the issue has been discussed.'s-wrong-with-wings-containers%3F/ So feel free to say its fixed a long time ago, but clearly there are rigs still out there that are not fixed, and clearly it has not been established that these parts should be replaced or even that they existed until the discussion started to happen. I understand that the rig was tested with the original design but if later the design is determined to be insufficient should the customer not be informed so that rectifying action can take place or should we just ignore the fact and install the new part on new rigs and forget about the older ones. Even making it known as a potential issue would be transparent. If the original design was good, then why the need to redesign it. I was talking to another jumper last year that was an S&TA at a DZ and witnessed similar issues on Wings containers and contacted Sunrise but got a poor response, it doesn't leave me with an impression of a manufacturer that is responsive to customer problems. Which again leads me to believe that the problem still exists in the field. The choice is down to the jumper what gear they want to jump. As I said, I will pack them in the manner that the manufacturer approves but don't personally recommend them.
  20. RoyWharton

    classified ads

    Thank you for your response.
  21. meat.missile

    opinions for a cherry jumper

    The new RPC is of a different design than the previous one. There was no service bulletin because there is no requirement to change it. How long ago was the issue you had at your DZ? I have seen one video of a RPC in tow when the jumper was belly to earth and that video is 10 or so years old with a subterminal deployment on a 250sqft ish reserve.
  22. airricks

    Certificate numbers

    Oops. Thanks anyway!
  23. mark

    Certificate numbers

    Yes. Also, I'm not Mark Lancaster ("MEL" here on --Mark
  24. airricks

    Certificate numbers

    Hey Mark - It's Eric, I was in Dave's course that you were at. My 8610 does says yes to Airman certificate, but my temporary certificate Dave gave me shows pending for certificate number. So contact Dave?
  25. baronn

    V5 Older Vector Great Condition

    AAD ready?
  26. gowlerk

    THC & Dropzones

    As far as I know there are laws against possessing or trafficking cannabis. There are no laws against "allowing" cannabis. So the answer would be no, because the DZO would not be breaking any law, Federal or State.
  27. DougH

    THC & Dropzones

    How would the Feds know? A we talking fun jumpers at night, or are we talking about tandem students and observers during the day. If jumpers are the jumpers dealing on the property, storing quantities that would attract attention? Are they using it discretely, or are they being assholes and drawing negative attention? If it was my business I would make it clear that at minimum there is no substance consumption on the premises by any time during operating hours.
  28. spdFlyer

    THC & Dropzones

    State law doesn't largely trump federal law, the supremacy clause contradicts that. It probably would come down to what you mean by allow. If they have a sign that says weed friendly DZ, probably not a smart idea, but if they just aren't kicking people off that smoke in their tent/trailer, I doubt the feds would bother. They would have to do something to get the feds attention and have some kind of active hand in the whole thing.
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