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  2. Then have to put on gloves every time you touch your own exterior door knobs. Every time you touch a water bottle. American "Centrists" applauding Putin. How far the US has fallen.Kinda like Rome eh?
  3. Too funny US per capita income is rising because: "COVID-19 is set to result in a further fall in the U.S. population growth. According to the latest estimates by the U.S. Congressional Budget Office, U.S. population will be 374 million by 2046, 10 million less than 2018's prediction. It mainly takes into account a predicted decline in the birth rate due to higher unemployment rates and an increase in anxiety to economic consequences of the pandemic. The long-term effects of the coronavirus outbreak in the U.S. are still anybody’s guess, but most economists and experts are predicting significant negative impacts on GDP, jobs growth and even population sizes. Data released by the Congressional Budget Office last week shows just how bad the U.S. government believes the outlook is for the future." The brilliance of high speed internet isn't watching porn 24/7. Its that the answers to everything is out there just ask the questions. If trump and the GOP wasn't so focused on "white power" perhaps immigrants from Ireland, Norway, etc would look at the US. Instead racist policies and border walls and Trump Virtually Cuts Off Refugees as He Unleashes a Tirade on Immigrants. So imagine the last few old white men in nursing homes being cared for by a Honduran orderly with a ratio of 100-1. Because there is nobody to look after the old white men. Immigrants that are brown, black, yellow etc.and remember the old racist GOP policies of the 2010-20's.
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  5. Given how Teslas have held up (one model S has been driven 1 million km) and how easy it is to change battery packs? Changing the battery pack will instantly refresh performance to new and will not be anywhere as invasive as changing a turbine or piston engine for example. No, people will upgrade because there's a newer, better aircraft model available with better performance, probably the clean-sheet electrics. Apple secretly degraded their iPhone performance when the batteries degraded but got caught when some people did battery replacements and found that performance suddenly increased.
  6. They made a few claims in that video: the market has "predicted" incumbent wins or losses right several times before the interviewee then explained why the numbers go up or down based on what the market thinks critically, they did not explain WHERE the markets get their prediction/opinion from. They probably look at the polls, and either agree/disagree with it but there seems to be no other source of information besides the polls, and instinct So sure, they guessed right several times, but they didn't show how the polls were doing when they guessed right. They didn't make those guesses in a vacuum. The markets are made of humans and they don't have any special knowledge that's not available to the general public. Heck, several posters here are investors. Their collective "guess" on who wins is shaped by their personal circumstances and the information they personally get, their demographics might make it different from the polls, but if you take their word as gospel then you're really just using them to process the news and polls for you.
  7. Time Left: 29 days and 19 hours

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  8. OCTOBER 13TH it's all about macro-economic policy
  9. Just call me a lier, it requires fewer words. While your at it, tell me what you really think of me.I won't ban you, turn off my notifications or call the speech police.I'd invite the moderator to stay out of it so we can use some profanity.You see, i've been called every name in the book.So have at it. In return I'll tell you my jape about the cold war,I never shared with you last year, same narrative, Trumps a racist. I find it interesting no one asked me what were the core American values, we're bonding over. Racist and the Alien.
  10. We've all been guilty of this at one time or another. Perhaps you don't like it that I don't check in to the Cooper Forum as much as I once did, or that sometimes I have criticized them. It's not an evil place, just 'misguided' sometimes. I know you've been told I was banned from the place for bad behavior. What Shutter didn't tell you was that this decision was discussed...and made...prior to the website even going live. So, like the stubborn SOB I am...I joined anyway, under a username and made one post. Just to show I could do it. Then on the next post, I told everyone who I was. I figured they might as well make it official, instead of just 'saying' I wouldn't be joining. It was no big deal, and looking back...I would not want to be associated with them anyway. Look at what other people see. They see a place where their three most prolific members (besides Shutter) either lie on their evidence presentations (EU), support filthy comments against others on their OWN sites (Bruce), or just insult the hell out of people all day (Georger). It wasn't like I created this situation, you know. We won't even talk about a site administrator SO slanted that he creates a special page dedicated to Little Old Me with silly dancing icons, and packed with lies. Excuse me for living. This is a site that has done major bitching to and AT me...and yet gets pissed if they don't get from me what they think they deserve. Well, you can't have it both ways. I don't respond well to insults, especially when they come through a one-way door. I don't think anyone would. It's also a place that plays 'circle the wagons' a lot. This means anyone who is a member can do no wrong...even if they do. Or as Beltar Conehead once said: "You will be placed on the protected rolls, and will come to no harm..." I don't mind discussing the case on a lightweight basis more or less. But my sole, real interest is to ensure the Cooper Campout Party next year (Covid willing) comes off like it should, and then I am moving on for the most part anyway. I have an autobiography to release, pictures to add to that, and a big move to CA next year. No big deal but Coco the Office Cat had to go in for mouth surgery today. She's home now, she's fine. And she says 'hi'. Nothing like dropping eight bills on your cat's vet to prove you love the cat. Oh, brother. Thank God for book royalties.
  11. I doubt it. There are a lot of STC's available for the aircraft we use, but in general only the simple ones (like door mods) are performed. The various turbine conversions for C206's and DC-3's are awesome but very few skydiving operations use them due to cost. We'll get electric aircraft the same way we got Caravans. Someone else will buy them in huge numbers then sell them when they get too old to get the performance they want (in our case, range due to aging batteries.)
  12. Variable pitch/constant speed props are used because 1) piston engines like to run at a specific speed, 2) you don't want to exceed a certain tip speed at higher speeds (breaking the sound barrier at the tips makes a LOT of noise and drag) and 3) you can't reverse a piston engine to provide beta range braking. Two of those three aren't a factor for electric motors, and if you want to climb, cruise and descend at similar speeds, there's really not much advantage to a variable pitch prop - and a lot of weight, complexity, cost and risk to reduce.
  13. If you take Putin at his word - then you're his favorite kind of sucker.
  14. Nahum Davila

    VOODOO V3, 2.0

    Yes I am! I'm from USA.
  15. Because electric motors and batteries will be cheaper than turbines. Not just in operating costs, but in capitol costs. The may very well be cheaper than rebuilding piston engines. Good question. That's why I said "practical conversion". Why do you think an electric motor pound for pound will be better or cheaper in a large airframe than a smaller one?
  16. I'm unfamiliar with who has what designs, but the freefliers at the DZ will know what's good and what isn't in your area. The diffusing - might make first flights safer/easier but I'm not an instructor so I could be wrong there. My home tunnel is an iFly 14 Footer. 2 Fan Recirculating design.
  17. So what? It's still only going to carry 4 jumpers. How much will the electric motor plus batteries weigh, and how much will it cost? These small dropzones are very capital-limited. If we weren't, we wouldn't be running piston aircraft built 65 years ago. It's not like we don't have better options available if we had more money to spend.
  18. Yep, but likely looking to at least semi retire, at the end of 2021, Getting old, and want to do much more travel.
  19. lol, what else is she going to say? seriously.
  20. Does this decal look like it was sitting in out in the woods for seven years,, the back had adhesive. No dirt, no debris, no stains, the edges are crisp. It looks "fresh".
  21. Aren't you glad to have nothing else of substance to offer?
  22. I have unfriended people when they started calling black people niggers or if they claim close friendships with people who do. I am fine being in a non-white power echo chamber.
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  24. Aren't you glad to have Putin on your side?
  25. They would all switch quickly if someone came up with a practical STC'd conversion. An O-470 weighs about 425lbs including accessories and carries about 100 lbs of fuel for 2 loads.
  26. I understand. I wouldn't bother responding to whatever they post over there. I used to, but I have mostly got out of that business. It's no big deal, but I kept trying to figure out what you were talking about. All the points you make, with the possible exception of 'doesn't look like its been out in the woods for years' I agree with completely. I used to think it was THE placard as well, but you convinced me. And heck...I was about to spring hundreds of dollars to search the area, arrange with Weyerhauser for the gate key...everything. Lucky I canceled that idea. That website serves a purpose, I'm sure. But they don't support anything positive when it comes to the public unless you happen to be in their little clique...which is down to the same few people anyway. I don't think anyone pays attention to them much anymore. It doesn't help when all the links and most of the pictures they post can't even be seen by the general public. I tried to explain this to Shutter, but he already knows everything. Plus they support negativity against others involved in the case, either actively or tacitly, which doesn't help their case. I gave up on them a while ago. Thinking you are perfect in every way just proves to *most* people you aren't.
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