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  2. I'll take a guess here,, Dan's suspect may be McCoy.. Dan was hinting at a disguise but Darren didn't bite.. Dan also mentioned the fuel trucks, McCoy gave very specific instructions for the fuel trucks. They don't really match Cooper's instructions. McCoy was not Cooper.
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  4. Voting for the USPA BOD ends Friday October 29. You can vote easily at the USPA website.
  5. The women in the picture do not look overly impressed. I once had a pellet gun like that.
  6. billvon


    Pretty much everyone who knows how viruses work.
  7. Dan's teaser from 10 years ago,,,
  8. They are solvable, but are they solvable cheaply, that is the question. H2 is a very small, light molecule - just 2 protons and electrons. It can seep through many materials that you would normally think is gas-tight, including many metals. It actually flows around the grain boundaries in many metals, and sometimes they get trapped in those grain boundaries and form bubbles, or make it more brittle (hydrogen embrittlement), and/or react to create hydrides. Pipes (carbon steel) containing sour crude often got corroded by the sulphur from the inside, and the corrosion reaction would release hydrogen. Since the hydrogen simply zipped through the steel like it was nothing, we could measure the amount of corrosion inside the pipe by simply by taking hydrogen ion measurements from the outside.
  9. base698

    covid-19 "Life finds a way" Who could have predicted that?
  10. And have enough flags to sink your boat.
  11. Not unless you are also wearing swat gear, a kevlar helmet, a Trump 2024 jock strap, and waving your AR-15 overhead. Now that's patriotism.
  12. It IS patriotic to stand up to an resist corruption and hatred.
  13. One of my brothers spent a few years in the early 90’s working on fuel cells in NM. At the time, they were having trouble making it industrial. And then he moved to a different job for family and didn’t keep up with the old job… This was GM — they were already interested in the technology Wendy P.
  14. Dan Gryder's fourth YouTube video on DB Cooper ...
  15. Instead, silly. Time to ditch that stodgy old patriotism for the new and exciting kind.
  16. And sometimes things really ARE as simple as they appear. I agree that ever since a hustler like Ulis declared himself King of All Things Cooper, that Cooperland and any public activities related to it (lol except for the stuff AB does outdoors) has become one hell of a bore. I think 2021 has been a watershed year for Cooper and after the 50th anniversary comes and goes, that fewer people will care about him anymore. After some discussion with Susan and a few of the SUFON members, it's been decided to just ignore Bruce Smith and the crap he supports that is currently being spouted on his website. Truth is, he just isn't worth the trouble. Another truth is that when the same people who are breaking their butts and traveling long distances and renting cars and hotel rooms to attend Cooper Con get saddled with someone like just makes all of you look bad for not bringing him into line. I already have a boatload of emails from Cooper fans since about June asking if I will be at Cooper Con. Or if there WILL be a Cooper Con. (Most are not aware of Ulis and his Cooper Con site.) I tell these folks 'not a chance in hell'. Only I am nicer about it in my actual responses. I wish you guys luck, but without any self-policing going on in Cooperland among the participants, I would say Bruce is more of an embarrassment than a person who can draw a crowd. Eric Ulis is calling for a sellout. My prediction is probably between 60-80 people will actually show up. Other than the speakers. That has been the history of that event, more or less. Non-inclusiveness and the spreading of hatred and lies have a tendency to put off the public, especially when you ask them to shell out the bucks for you on one of the biggest shopping weekends of the year. It is a tough road sometimes.
  17. Before or after the pledge of allegiance and anthem?
  18. Oh, goody! Can we teach first graders to do it? How cool would that be?
  19. Give me twenty-six soldiers of lead and I will conquer the world. -Johannes Gutenberg
  20. Hi Bill, And, how many of the charged have confessed & are talking their butts off? So far, I think everyone of them who've been given the choice. Jerry Baumchen
  21. Hi olof, Re: hydrogen is a nightmare to handle. I've also been of this opinion. However, it would seem as though Toyota, with their Mirai, seem have over come the 'nightmare.' Time & more experience should tell us a lot more. While I have never considered myself to be the greatest Mech Engr to have graduated; I really consider these 'nightmares' merely problems to solve. Jerry Baumchen
  22. Look up Amir Valinia on Facebook. He's been developing one and it looks solid.
  23. Yep. Natural gas power generation will be needed for decades - at first for base load power, then for peaking, then just to supplement battery storage. But it will always be cheaper to get that last 10% of peaking power from natural gas. Which, as long as it's just for peaking, isn't much of an issue for CO2 emissions, since the duty cycle will be so low. (And at that point demand may be low enough that we can use biogas.)
  24. Yep. I loved the screen grabs from the rioters Instagram feeds. They read like: Jan 5th: "Get ready to RETAKE THE NATION! We will not be stopped until the rightful president is put back in power!" Jan 6th: "This is me and my buddies making history at the Capitol!" Jan 7th: "It was all Antifa."
  25. It also made Elon Musk's net worth bigger than ExxonMobile's Market Cap.
  26. Unfortunately when they get sick they start believing in science and don't just rely on the Blood of Christ.
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