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  2. Who is this "she" of which you speak? You are also hopelessly screwed up on the history of this mess. Harry Reid changed the threshold for approving appeals court judges from 60 to 51 after the Republicans instituted a policy of blocking every single nominee put forward by Obama. Supreme Court appointments remained at 60 though. Then McConnell refused to allow a vote, or even a meeting with Garland. He then changed the threshold to 51 for Gorsuch as there was no way Democrats would vote for him considering how his seat was stolen. All of this cluster fuck flows from Mitch McConnell and his contempt for democracy and his willingness to destroy any possibility of representative democracy in the USA. Personally I wish I believed in Hell as I wish he would take his place there, along side Newt Gingerich.
  3. Hi 17, Interesting. I am just now sitting here watching the evening news & had that same thought. I'm glad Obama asked, if he did. She should have called it quits 7-8 yrs ago; we would then have a balanced court. Jerry Baumchen
  4. Trump has approved a plan . . . What gives him the right to allow or hinder the 1st amendment? I'm sure there are a lot of things I don't have a clue on - This is just sounding strange. I don't see how he can force a partial sale.
  5. Hahneman walked backwards down the 727 ventral stairs and went off back first at 9000 ft,, don't know when he pulled..
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  7. That ladies and gentlemen is how Trump manages to do so well with his base. Provided the headline or sound bite is good, he knows that they are too lazy to actually read. Provide a good headline, trigger an emotional response and get them to spout off and within 20 seconds the entire content is forgotten and irrelevant.
  8. Yes, it is allowed in USA. Look for a DZ that has a AFF/wind tunnel program. Other DZs allow several tandems then AFF with one instructor. I used to offer wind tunnel time, five static line (or IAD) jumps then jump #6 was AFF with one instructor. The wind tunnel AFF programs are best, getting 20 to 30 minutes tunnel time before your first jump will lower your stress when the door opens at altitude, you'll have practiced basic skills for stable free fall and your awareness will be expanded. Continue your wind tunnel time and air skills will advance quickly.
  9. It's not really going to affect me. I'm finding a lot of humor, not anger, in this. My prediction is that the flip-flopping will become MUCH stronger, and the excuses for said Flip-Flopping will be ironic. It will happen on both sides. The Left will find statements and backups on why the seat should stay empty and throw it in the faces of the R's and the right will do the same. Notice that I didn't say she was wrong, or right. I really don't think she is right. I think the seat needs to be filled by someone that is fully vetted. BUT - the Democrats opened that door wide open, when they let Harry Reid change the threshold from a 60 vote to a simple majority in response to the Republicans' stonewalling Merrick Garland's appointment. THEN the democrats were pretty upset that backfired on the democrats with the Kavanaugh deal. Should be interesting. Like a train wreck that goes on and on - you just can't stop watching.
  10. This whole mess might be partly RBG's own doing. I heard a report that Obama asked her to retire while he was in office so that he could name her replacement, but she declined.
  11. . . . and when you have to see the picture from a mirror . . . . And please - don't bring race into this - there are enough threads for that already.
  12. Generally - a quote from the article is a time saver. This is why I don't answer you anymore, and rarely read your posts. I won't block you, I'm not a coward. I just don't usually have the interest in, or the time to respond to someone like you.
  13. You are right. From your point of view as a participant in the march. It does explain a lot. Down is up. Black is white. No surprise there.
  14. Very true, though, isn't it?
  15. Again, who knows what Cooper knew, thought, or actually did. If this scenario makes sense to you and 377, maybe it made sense to Cooper. But here are some problems with it... The idea that Cooper pulls while still on the stairs to 'see if it works', with the idea that he can go back up for the other rig if it doesn't, that only works in the event of a total pack closure malfunction where the container does not open. Especially on reserves, which that bailout rig was, malfunctions are rare, and total pack closure malfunctions extremely rare. If the container opens and anything comes out, it's going to pull him off the stairs. Again, malfunctions are rare, but on that basic round reserve, if it does malfunction, it's more likely a malfunction of the deploying parachute. This might be a full streamer, where it does not inflate at all, which would be fatal. More likely is that it's more in the nature of a line-over or partial inversion, where it mostly inflates but is distorted. This would likely not be fatal but how injurious it might be depends on how much it affects the rate of descent. Deploying the parachute into the high-speed, turbulent air right behind the jet would actually increase the possibility of this type of malfunction. Perhaps not by much, as evidenced by static-line jumps, but even with those the jumper is falling a bit farther away/below the aircraft into 'cleaner' air. The parachute could snag on part of the tail or stairs. If it stays, he's trailing behind the jet. If it lets loose, the parachute might be torn/damaged. That basic round reserve is made and packed to open fairly quickly. In normal use, who knows how low the pilot/crewman might be when they bail and find the ripcord. At the 180-200 airspeed of the jet, that opening shock is going to snap the snot out of him. It's rare, but people have been seriously injured and even killed as a result of extremely hard openings. Would be better to freefall a bit and slow down to normal terminal of 110-120. But once again, who knows if Cooper knew or considered any of this.
  16. turtlespeed


    That is a patently false statement. I'm sure you like to view it that way, but there is some real, true, and damaging racism against blacks, from whites in this country. There is also some real, true, and damaging racism in the exact opposite order. I also think its more than the left wants to think about.
  17. There's no hard date. People are just pointing out that the timeframes are: Wildly disproportionate. If I slept with my wife the day Scalia died, we could have a fully formed bouncing baby by election day. If we did it yesterday, we couldn't even know we were pregnant by election day. It's a dumb analogy but I stand by it. Wildly hypocritical. Republicans made hard arguments in one direction for Scalia's position, and won. Now that we have an even tighter timeframe than last time they have flipped completely and abandoned any precept of observing the will of the people. It is probably the most brazen power grab to date and that's saying something. Honestly you should be just as mad as the rest of us. I guarantee you that the next few Democratic admins are just going to completely abandon any attempt at bipartisanship. Mitch et al have stonewalled at every opportunity for over a decade, what's the fucking point anymore?
  18. We know for a fact that wealthy donors buy their kids' ways into top colleges. Proven in courts, even. Colleges don't even deny "legacy admissions".
  19. Predicting that arson has a percentage of blame does not cancel out that Climate Change has responsibility too.
  20. Scientific credentials.
  21. Since when are imaginary scenarios provable by fact and NOT conjecture?
  22. yawn, it's just all one wave. Remember flatten the curve? yea, that never really happened. D- for effort and results on that one. and yea, the numbers are going to keep going up and down because people are too dumb to realize that saying hey the infections are 'only' 30,000 per day, time to go live life normally results in the infections going right back to where they were before. it will be a wave over and over until about a year after a vaccine is released. but at this point its all normalized. seeing people disappear from work every week into the hospital is expected. its like start the week off with 'alright, who's not able to come into work this week because of covid"? that's kind of the standard monday at most companies these days.
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