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  2. Hi Bill, Only those federally appointed. Any judge who has been elected/appointed at the city, county, state gov't. level, he cannot touch. Jerry Baumchen
  3. Hi X-1, I would hope the same thing. However, if Trump wins IMO it will be because people/Dems do not come out & vote. If the people who do not want Trump in office vote, it will be another landslide for Biden. Jerry Baumchen
  4. Yet you keep reminding us. In a postscript "Reagan was utterly dismissive about the fact that the United Nations General Assembly voted 108 to 9 in condemning the U.S. invasion of Grenada...An orgy of self-congratulation followed the triumph. A total of 8,612 medals were awarded to participants — most of them to desk officers who never came within a thousand miles of the island. “Our days of weakness are over!” Reagan exulted"
  5. Why do you keep listing his accomplishments? Let FOX and Brent list them for the applause of his base.
  6. In the dreamworld, maybe. First there is the pesky problem of finding some someone. A quick look at the current organizational chart reveals that we only have one someone with the demonstrated ability to beat Trump. Then, of course, you'd need a consensus to take a break from self aggrandizement between Ralph Nader, Robert Kennedy, Jill Stein, Marianne Williamson and, for all we yet know, Rooster Cogburn, too. If averting really was that easy everyone would be doing it.
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  8. Well....if you can't tell the difference between good and evil maybe they are the same.
  9. You're thinking too small. Perhaps he can't pardon himself for state crimes, but he can certainly start firing judges (and/or threatening them, their families and their friends) until a judge manages to find a way to void his conviction.
  10. I just realized something the other day. I don't think we have "Cary" if Farrell hadn't gotten some dates mixed up. In August 72 when they finally got fed up with all of the young suspects coming in due to Bing's youthful appearance, Farrell wanted to have a new color sketch made that reflected the hijacker's age and his skin tone. While in the process of developing this lead, he came across Flo's statement dated Dec 2, 71 where she dismisses the sketch and says KK5-1 closely resembled the hijacker. Due to the date, he assumed that she was talking about one of the Bing sketches (from 11-27 and 11-30). However, that Dec 2nd document is actually referring to her statements she made on 11-25 about the initial sketch. In reality, Flo apparently had no problem with Bing, saying that she "likes the drawing very much." So Farrell, assuming that Flo was talking about hating Bing, seemingly wanted a complete overhaul done using KK5-1 as a foundation. My guess is that had Farrell realized she was talking about the initial sketch, we probably don't have the Cary sketch. I think they'd have just gone the easier route and just put Bing in color and aged him up another 10-15 years from how he originally looked. The sketches are really a fascinating study into witness psychology. Bing and Cary are essentially two different human beings yet all of the witnesses liked both. None of them hated Bing and none of them hated Cary. Interesting.
  11. That was an unbelievably stupid point when Brent made it, and it hasn't become any smarter since. So because you think Biden isn't a lock for re-election he poses the same problem as Trump, who has declared an intention to dismantle democracy and the rule of law if elected? Yes, I really do wonder why you would say they are both the same.
  12. I was watching a Youtbe pundit this morning talking about this. His summary was: "Well, I'd normally start looking into these allegations, but...they came from George Santos. So I'll just wait for others to look into them, and wait for their findings."
  13. He can only pardon Federal convictions. Parking tickets not so much.
  14. Deplorable George Santos was recently kicked out of Congress by a house that has apparently grown a tiny bit of a spine despite being dominated by grifter-loving republicans. But Santos will not take this lying down! No sir! If they are going to kick him out for the totally-normal level of fraud and embezzlement he displayed, he's going to take other republicans with him. Specifically his fellow New York area republicans Nicole Malliotakis, Mike Lawler, Nick LaLota and Rob Menendez. (Rob is from New Jersey but that's practically a suburb of New York.) He has already started demanding investigations into them from his (non-Congressional) Twitter account. His charges range from campaign embezzlement to insider trading to misuse of tax money. And he should know! Thoughts and prayers.
  15. It's noteworthy that, in China, greed and shortsighted planning have overcome concern for the welfare of the poor around the world? Have you never heard anything about China before this morning? Did they skip any and all foreign studies in MBA school or something?
  16. The 2 current sides are in no way similar IMO. Biden has continually proven he can and IS doing a damn good job at POTUS. Yeah, he's old. He still exercises, runs, is damn sharp mentally, and actually has a soul and shows feelings. Trump is a traitor who wants to end our democracy. Oh, and he's a rapist. And facing HOW MANY FELONY CHARGES???
  17. The problem isn't solely on the Republicans. This also will lay directly on the Democrats hands if that happens. This outcome could easily be adverted if the Dems put someone up that could easily beat Trump. But they won't, so we have the same problem on both sides of the isle. And then people wonder why we say that we do not have a 2-party system, but instead they are all the same.
  18. FINE. I'm not tithing though. Maybe a beer when I see them again. Except Skymama, she prefers wine.
  19. It’s noteworthy how the world’s largest emitter of CO2 and second largest economy has decided to opt out
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  21. Perhaps the pilots had never actually lowered the aft stairs, but they would surely have been informed how to do so in the ground school for their 727 checkout.
  22. Should we thank the OTHER king?! (moderators, not imaginary kings)
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