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  2. Have to put them on a roof.
  3. Hi folks, Sometimes a good guy with a gun is not necessary: parishioners hog-tied him with electrical cords. Parishioners stop gunman in deadly California church attack : NPR Jerry Baumchen
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  5. Thanks, Jerrry, You just gave me the context, which provides the thesis. I still don't think it's a commentary on abortion, but on their reasons for their style guide. Again, that's fine. You have explained that it is something this organizations does regularly. I personally like that, and have not seen it before. It's a great way to educate the readership on journalism practices (we definitely need more of that!). T
  6. Where is the "MASKirovka" emoji when we need it?
  7. Hi Tri, Re: It isn't a commentary about abortion, but about the terminology that news conglomerate chooses to include in its style guide (and subsequent reporting), and why. IMO it is only this. Ms. Bottomly often writes as to why they use certain terminology in their newspaper. Re: I find the piece on its own lacking thesis. It is only lacking if you expected more. Jerry Baumchen
  8. I don't know about that. Crazy people do crazy things.
  9. Right wing extremists, making America great again, one shooting at at time.
  10. Yes, line stowage pouches have always been on the bottom/back side of D-bags. By that we mean that the line stow pouch/pocket lays against the pack tray, towards the back-pad. Other line stow configurations are limited to pilot emergency parachutes (EP). When we were developing the P124A/Aviator pilot emergency parachute, the long (20 inches or 30 cm) deployment bags were awkward to stand on end to stow lines, and I got tired of remembering which direction I had rolled the D-bag, so I suggested installing the pouch on the top or outer face of the D-bag. That became the production standard on Aviators. More recently, Para-Phernalia announced that riggers have the option of packing with the line-stow pouch on top or bottom. Para-Tec's (Germany) "Wingman" series of PEPs are also designed around square canopies, but their D-bags have line stow pouches sewn to the backside or bottom side of the D-bag.
  11. Hi Joe, Nor do I. The US never used any nuke in the Korean War or the Vietnam War. I do not believe that if we were to give Ukraine any weapons that they would want, would WW III be the result. Jerry Baumchen
  12. The title of this thread is misleading. I t isn't a commentary about abortion, but about the terminology that news conglomerate chooses to include in its style guide (and subsequent reporting), and why. I wonder whether they are trying to preempt criticism from readers from all sides of the issue, or are answering criticism already received. As an outside reader, I find the piece on its own lacking thesis.
  13. Hi Billy, Just a question - Re: I had my house broken into three times Were you home at the time of the breakins? Jerry Baumchen
  14. Hi airdvr, I am convinced that any man who has a good woman in his life is very fortunate. Jerry Baumchen
  15. I still am. I never thought of WWIII as a land war.
  16. Hi Joe, I never get all a giggle and agog when it comes to war. What I do find ironic is how poor of a military the Russians have. Looks me that the all-powerful Russian bear has few teeth. And, everyone was so afraid of starting WW III. Jerry Baumchen
  17. Where is the "MASKirovka" emoji when you need it?
  18. Yes. I clicked on this thread hoping to see an update on the functionality and concern related to the Curve and instead it's no new information and folks discussing the history of rig development from 1981 onward. So no new information here?
  19. I think the best argument in the abortion discussion is asking the question, "Does anyone have bodily autonomy over another human being?" Or said another way, if I need a kidney to survive and you have a matching kidney, can I force the state to make you give me your kidney so I don't die? And to stop the inevitable strawman about taking the kidney from the person where a fetus doesn't "take" anything - I'll give you back your kidney if one is later found from a cadaver. If the answer is "No you can't take my kidney", then the discussion is over. You have conceded that it is not about the life of the fetus. You don't care about life. Then please explain your objection. And please, PLEASE, tell me it is because of your christian religion so I can quote you the verses where God approves and dictates the cases for abortion.
  20. There is nothing specifically wrong with Kentucky or any other individual state per se. The only issue is that we have set up a system that allows a single Testudinidae to acquire an unreasonable amount of power. The other issue is why we are led so much by partisan politics that votes (bills) are won and loss by a single vote or two.
  21. There's a lot of neo-Nazis in Europe. Virtually zero mass shootings with military style semi-auto weapons. This particular young man was inspired by both the New Zealand and the Norwegian events.
  22. There's a lot of neo-Nazis in Europe. Virtually zero mass shootings with military style semi-auto weapons. Its also kind of funny that it's not being called 'terrorism'. Maybe because real terrorists have brown skin? (we really need a 'sarcasm' font on here)
  24. "Guns at home were four times more likely to cause an accidental shooting, seven times more likely to be used in assault or homicide, and 11 times more likely to be used in a suicide than they were to be used for self-defense." It's like getting a wild orangutan and keeping it as a pet for home protection. I mean, no one is going to break into a house with a wild orangutan in it - right?
  25. There's a difference between tracking (and selling) your history and bias.
  26. I’m not sure why we’re focussing on the Buffalo shooting as a gun issue. It’s actually a racism issue
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