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  2. I was extremely scared when I was on static line (before there was AFF), but not to the point of it’s taking over work. I gutted it out, and my first freefall was magic, and I was OK after that. But the whole airplane ride up each time I tried to talk myself into staying in the airplane. You’re spending a lot of money not to have fun right now; give it a time frame, and then decide. I also was happy after each jump. That was 46 years ago, so it is possible. But it’s not mandatory. Fear isn’t conquered, it’s worked through. Congratulations on working through it and being a skydiver. You may decide not to do it forever, but you’re a skydiver. Wendy P.
  3. During a MARD deployment, just as the bag is lifting off, the MARD device is pulling on both the bag and the more-or-less inverted reserve pilot chute. The bag/canopy has mass, the pilot chute has mass, and both legs of the inverted "V" of the bridle stretch and recoil repeatedly. The masses are different, and the legs are different lengths, so the magnitude and period of the recoil oscillations are different. If the pilot chute leg loads while the bag/canopy leg unloads, the MARD device disconnects. This is the case for all MARDs in common use, except the Infinity MARD.
  4. If there were no transmitters in the chutes/money bag then why does the FBI have a sub volume N = Transmitters? They claimed no transmitters in the chutes...
  5. "oscillations" also referred to as a "pressure bump" or "change in cabin pressure"..
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  7. Looks like I still have a stalker over at Shutter's forum.. long after I've left. The guy can't stop talking about me... He's always been mad because I caught him making up Cooper evidence just to win a debate. Your 15 minutes expired long ago Georger, you are irrelevant and toxic.
  8. I'm not a rigger, but I am a TI. I've had at least one cutaway on a Sigma tandem rig where I believe the skyhook disconnected. That thing is supposed to stay connected during a cutaway, but it needs to disconnect if the reserve is pulled independently. It would be better to have it disconnect when it's not supposed to, than have it fail to disconnect when it needs to. I'm guessing that the design takes that into account.
  9. A couple questions in my mind, and I've heard conflicting information... The Examiner in question, had his rating simply lapsed, or had it been suspended/revoked for cause? If the latter, what was the cause? And the Examiner who'se signature he used, did he know, and agree to it? That's how the industry has always operated, with instructors being 1099 independent contractors. There's always been talk over whether that is appropriate and whether it should change, but I think the reality is that the industry just isn't big enough to attract the attention of the authorities who would change it. I've heard that some dz's might be W-2-ing their instructors as employees, but I'm not sure if that's true (yet).
  10. It would not appear to be an issue in case against Pooley. And Dause is not charged with anything. My guess is that several DZOs are praying that it stays as a non issue. Independent contactor relationships are widespread in in industry.
  11. It's disgusting that pandering to the morons has become SOP for them. It's sad that it's worked as well as it has.
  12. nwt


    Are you sure that isn't how it is structured?
  13. I’m experiencing extreme anxiety around AFF. I’m feeling sick, exhausted, and terrified even outside the drop zone. is this normal? I was a crying wreck on my last jump but I still did it and I did well. After I left the plane I didn’t feel anything and I felt amazing once I landed. I want to be the kind of person who is brave enough to skydive. But I’m wondering if this will ever go away? Has anyone had a similar experience? My next jump is tomorrow
  14. Time Left: 13 days and 16 hours

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    RI built this rig for me in '91 and it has been fantastic. Bought a new Curv so time to let this go 6'-2' 185# design size. It fits both 5" short and 2" taller without an issue. Articulating harness with hard housing conversion on the cutaway cables. It is a PULL OUT main pilot chute. Love it or convert it. Small stitch repair on reserve container. See in the photo. Sorry don't know how many jumps, but some great ones! No AAD. Reserve is out of date. PD 160R reserve. DOM '91 Three subterminal cutaways, I believe. Maybe 1 more. Pilot 150 with ZP. DOM 2018 Grey and Black Lines are in trim. 800 plus estimated jumps This rig is not Freefly friendly. Thanks for looking, Mark


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  15. It will be interesting to see how this independent contractorship holds up.
  16. Carr expressed his opinion, he has been wrong on many things.. Don't use Carr's opinion as an authority on anything,, what evidence did he have,,, none. Suggesting the possibility that Cooper jumped later isn't a problem, everyone has considered it. There is just no evidence for it and the evidence indicates the FBI got it right. Your claim that the FBI incorrectly assumed the jump occurred at (about) 8:11 is not backed by evidence. It is PURE conjecture with NO evidence.
  17. If disputing the FBI LZ is rejecting evidence then the FBI is also guilty of that. Larry Carr also suggested the LZ was farther south. Also, the FBI’s LZ was based on their misinterpretation of the “oscillations” vs. the “pressure bump”. They incorrectly assumed that the jump occurred at 8:11 when the oscillations were reported. That was incorrect. Thus, the LZ was wrong. Carr and others realized this later on.
  18. Time Left: 29 days and 14 hours

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    Price Listed is for the Brand New Javelin, brand new Smart 160 and used Vigil AAD. *Container: Brand New Javelin J3K for Smaller Frame Person and 170/190 Main Canopies Key Features: -Skyhook -Spacer Foam Back and Legpads -Freefly Friendly -Articulated Hip and Chest Rings -Soft Reserve Pillow -No wait time for a container that fits a smaller frame properly with room to downsize -DOM: 6/2021 -Container Pictured is for reference and the same stock color pattern being sold. Fits: Smaller Frame - A14 Harness, 5'3-5'6, 120-140 lbs. Main Canopies: 135-170 Standard ZP, 190 Low Bulk *Reserve Canopy: Aerodyne Smart 160, Brand New, DOM: 2021. *AAD: Vigil Cuatro, DOM: 2009, 10 year service complete. *No main included. We have 170/190 mains available for additional cost. The main price will range from $1000 -$2000 additional depending on specific details. Message us and we can give you more details and component options. US Financing available.


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  19. Giuliani Loses NY Law License That's a damned shame.
  20. Not a distortion really, it is a perfect reflection of a society where entertainment trumps education or substance at every step.
  21. My conclusion is that the FBI got the LZ right,,, You need to have evidence that proves they got it wrong. An example... The FBI made a public statement about Hahneman that would show he couldn't be Cooper.. I found three witnesses and info that proves the statement made by the FBI was 100% false. Was it a mistake or intentional misinformation from a higher level,, I don't know.. I suspect it was cover from the State Department.
  22. Of course you are rejecting evidence. You are rejecting the FBI LZ that they concluded 50 years ago from more evidence and immediate access to fresh witnesses than you have. ..not all conjecture is equal. Some is backed by evidence and some by little or nothing. Sometimes we have no evidence so conjecture is all we have. My point is YOUR argument is not backed by evidence and is PURE conjecture. The FBI analysis was based on evidence and witnesses. If you want to reject it you need alot more than pure conjecture. You are rejecting evidence and IMO misinterpreting some. The crew stated that they believed 8:10/11 certainly before 8:15. The lights of Portland. That is not over the Columbia.. that is N of Vancouver. The sled test matched exactly. FDR and other timing data. If Cooper landed next to the Columbia, higher probability a body or a chute would be found. Instrument oscillations were caused by pressure changes, Anderson said the "PRESSURE BUMP" was the largest by far... so that means there were many. There were many because they were gauge oscillations which increased in frequency and magnitude after weight left the stairs. Pressure changes cause oscillations, the "PRESSURE BUMP" was just the biggest one of a series of pressure changes that was felt... When the crew reported oscillations, they were reporting a marked increase, prior oscillations were minor. That increase matched the sled test. To completely reject the evidence and FBI's work without any evidence is a high bar... Everybody has at some entertained the idea that Cooper landed in the Columbia this isn't new, but there was no evidence for it.. Now, the diatoms indicate the money didn't go straight into the Columbia so the theory shifts to near the Columbia. The evidence supports the FBI's LZ... One plausible theory is that at least one bundle left the open stairs after Cooper jumped but there are many other theories. My conclusions.. FBI flightpath is correct with a 1 mile and 1 minute error. The map is a point plot, it can be smoothed out. Cooper landed in the FBI LZ at 8:10/11 to 8:15 latest. The money entered the Columbia as a single rubber banded bundle of packets in the Spring.
  23. Not familiar with this, would you mind sharing please?
  24. His statement is not in any of the official documentation such as the 302 or transcripts. It’s anecdotal. Moreover, if that statement WAS made, we don’t know WHEN it was made. There’s no time stamp attached to it, and that is the key.
  25. All of this is conjecture. If any of us had proof of our claims, we would be on a book tour and appearing on Good Morning America rather than posting online. My theory doesn’t require a rejection of evidence. Rather, the evidence suggests Cooper jumped later than 8:12. The money find on Tena Bar suggest the money ended up in the Columbia at some point. Kaye’s diatom research suggests it ended up there in spring time which is flood season. Taking all of those things into account, I theorize that Cooper and/or the money ended up near the north bank of the Columbia and several months later was transported via flood waters to Tena Bar - likely using river debris such as a brand or log as the vehicle. This theory accounts for all of the known evidence without rejecting any. Can I PROVE this? Of course not. Am I trying to? Of course. But that’s the story with everyone else in the Vortex too.
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