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  1. Tried hitting their website over the weekend - got "Error establishing a database connection" Tried sending messages here to their listed contacts - rejected that the individual can't receive messages. Anyone have more/better/additional means of contact (I don't have their phone# here)? Or did something happen to them that I missed?? JW Yes, I know there are many opinions on the Racer/John/PLinc/etc... Just a rigger trying to do his job.
  2. fcajump

    Cypres in pocket wires first

    Comment from SSK on the Airtec reply:The rig manufacturer has the TSO so they give the final word, Airtec can only offer suggestions, but it doesn't seem to be a problem for them or SSK.
  3. fcajump

    Cypres in pocket wires first

    Reply from AirTec: We can say what can damage the CYPRES and this should be avoided, and we can say how to handle and use the CYPRES in the correct way, but the installation is actually up to the container and harness manufacturer. And also, we will give suggestions to the H/C manufacturer how the CYPRES setup needs to be positioned in their containers in the best way to get the best possible result and the fastest reserve openings after the cutter activation. I also want to raise the awareness of the riggers to think about certain facts / things in order for them to draw the right conclusions and make the right decisions. We explained in our rigging tips booklet how to handle excess cable stowage. (page 22) https://www.cypres.aero/.../991205_CYPRES_Rigging_Tips.pdf However, this is a recommendation and if someone is happy to turn the whole processing unit 180 degrees then it is the riggers responsibility. We, from our side can only give suggestions and recommendations. They e.g. can use the rubber band, but they don't have to. Turning around the processing unit, shouldn't be a problem in itself, as long as there is no tension of the cables (especially on the exit and entry points) also after the repack is done and all container flaps are closed, but please also consider that in this position, the filter is located on the open mouth of the processing unit pocket and in this way it is not protected very well from dust, dirt, sand or any other debris entering into the reserve container during use or any zero porosity fabric (from who knows where will be able to block / clog up the filter hole. This is actually the only issue I can think of why I personally would position the filter side towards the inside of the pouch. The filter needs to stay clean in order to have the correct air pressure reading. If your rig usually keeps the dirt out of the reserve container then it should be not a problem. I hope this helps in order that everybody will make the correct decision. If there are any further questions please let me know.
  4. fcajump

    Cypres in pocket wires first

    My personal thoughts: While I don't do this on any other rigs, I do on one of my own. The cables are too short to make a full 360 around the unit (they "fit" until the freebag goes in and then they are under too much tension. Using no wrap leaves a lot to be stowed, or to provide a snag point. The 180 turn puts just the right amount of cable in the pouch _for_this_rig. As long as the unit is not pressed to the back of the pouch the cables don't have any sharp bends. Orientation of the unit/filter/air-intake is not going to affect the operation. Now, do NOT get me wrong, I am NOT suggesting to do this on a customer's rig. I believe in following the mfg instructions. But I ALSO believe in providing mfg feedback and questioning whether alternative methods are also equally viable. (I have sent this question up the line...)
  5. This is being reposted here from the FB group "Parachute Rigging for Dummies" because I think it would be of use/interest here as well. I'll start with the original posting below and include the replies from SSK and Airtec --------------------------- FB User: CrashTallman posted: Just removed the Cypres from a micro sigma container. The filter was facing the right side, with the wires going into the pouch first. It actually seems to route the excess wires better, but I’ve never seen it done this way in any of the manuals, nor in any rig I’ve ever unpacked. Is this an acceptable method of installing the Cypres AAD?
  6. fcajump

    Logging Software - revisited

    FWIW - I am moving forward with Paralog (at least for now). I'm also drafting notes on how to convert jumps from JumpTrack to Paralog. Not too bad, but it is frustrating that there is little instruction provided in the details that matter. Now if I could find my Protrack data cradle/cable... Got a couple hundred jumps on there during the time my Altitrack was laid up. (anyone got one they don't need??) JW PS - if you have one, drop me a line..
  7. fcajump

    The Importance of Ear Protection While Skydiving

    Echo all of the above, wear them everytime. Jumping since 1990, only been using earplugs for a few years. And the ringing is annoying. Fortunately, like many things, attitudes are changing and (for example) my DZ provides them for free to anyone. If you're doesn't, ask why not and meanwhile go get your own. JW
  8. Its been quite a while since I looked into logging software, and a quick search is not coming up with any recent discussions on it... Recollection is that, despite several sites still selling L&B's Jumptrack, L&B has dropped support for it. (yes?) I've been reading up on Paralog, but have not used it. (will pull the trial version soon) Anyone using anything else for computer/phone logging of jumps? JW
  9. fcajump

    Built in turns

    FWIW - A customer/friend of mine had a canopy with a built in turn (not bad, just annoying). Canopy had a few years and maybe a few hundred jumps on it, and the lines weren't _exactly_ to spec, so we sent it in for reline/adjustment at the factory. Long/patient story later, they informed me that they had adjusted it multiple times and couldn't get it to fly straight, though there was no obvious issues with the canopy itself. (they put it down to the various variations in the seam/material/measurement tolerances that cause every canopy to be a little different... put enough inexact but within tolerance variations and you get a canopy that just doesn't fly right) They offered a trade-in deal on a new canopy for very little cash. Customer took them up on it and has been happy ever since. Don't forget to include the mfg in the diagnosis if you (owner/field-rigger) can't seem to get it to work right... some of them just don't. Just my $.02, JW
  10. fcajump

    Shelf life on containers?

    I know you were asking about condition and much ink has been spilt on that both here and elsewhere... But another aspect of this to consider... Over 20 years there are many changes to what people do with their rigs and the average knowledge of the jumper/DZ staff and riggers... Freefly friendly, AAD support, factory support (they have staff-turnover too), techniques needed that aren't in the older manuals (both packing and use). I know a rigger that still jumps his prestine Sweethogs (look it up ya pup). But he isn't sit-flying either (and had the original mfg retrofit it for Cypres). Would I still jump my Vector II, yea... but I know its limitations. Would I recommend that EBay closet-queen special Strong Hawk, FXC, 26' Lopo with a Nova in it to a newbie who wants to freefly at a "young DZ"... that's a different story. Just sayin' JW
  11. Kinda, but not quite... it is not TSO'ed, and they don't exert any other control over it other than stating that if present, you have to follow the mfg requirements. (since we're all getting picky) FWIW - I take a middle road on the question - I agree that the rig is airworthy until the moment it leaves my loft. Then it is 100% up to the owner/operator. BUT, in the interest of protecting the health (physical, mental and legal) of both myself and my customer, I work with them to ensure we don't need to put the Cypres in if it will go out of date+6mo, within the next FAA mandated I&R cycle. (it helps I'm mostly working with repeat/regular customers who believe that this is a life-saving device they might need on a bad day, not a DZ mandated money pit) JW
  12. fcajump

    Bought a new container and reserve

    Not when some manufacturers are no longer servicing their own gear past 20 years. For myself, it became as much a question of where I drew the line on liability as much as function. I jump with a reserve that's over 20, but I've also had a long talk with that mfg and its on my back (no one else's). And FWIW, while I have helped folks purchase gear, and technically Strong has me on their books as a dealer, I am not in the business of selling gear. Just my $.02 JW
  13. fcajump

    Color the line attachment points on the canopy

    Not strange at all. As others have said, after a few (dozen/hundred) you'll not need such aids, but when starting it is a great help. A couple thoughts: - don't do anything to a canopy that isn't yours, and strongly discouraged on any reserve. - accept that if you do anything, it can have unintended consequences. - while I like the notion of marking the attach tabs (I bought a used canopy marked this was with sharpie and have had no issues), I note that the line itself is more easily changed than the attach tabs, lines are often changed during the life of the canopy and takes the same strain as the attach tabs... so maybe marking the top end of the lines would be better?? (different color sharpie stripe on each line set?) That way if there is a problem it can be corrected at less expense. (I have NOT seen this, just speculating) - DO talk with your rigger before doing anything. Finally, on a related notion: IF you are buying a NEW canopy as I did for my first, your choice of color pattern can be a great packing aid... for mine I designed it to have: no two adjoining cells the same color, symetrical colors left and right, and a unique color for the center cell. Made knowing where I was at from cell to cell VERY easy. It might also be possible when ordering a new canopy to request that the attach tabs be different colors for the A/B/C/D/br lines... (at least asking questions is cheep) _I_ wouldn't have any problem using a sharpie on _my_ canopy this way... but I won't tell you what to do with yours. Just my $.02 JW
  14. Vectors (at least pre-MARD) didn't tack the handle end. JW Always remember that some clouds are harder than others...
  15. fcajump

    Wings / Javelin / Vortex

    True that. But I think a useful discussion... Hey MODs, how about slicing off the NOVA and related canopies part of this discussion off into a "Flight Concepts/Glide Path" thread... JW Always remember that some clouds are harder than others...