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  1. When dealing with container issues, it's best to always start with the manufacturer, then your covered if something were to happen.
  2. I have a G3 xxl and tried on a G4 xl and i thought it was a better fit
  3. I'm looking for measurements to make a reflex loop,
  4. plf's are good big canopies are as well, but there's no substitution for currency, i understand life gets in the way, but being uncurrent doesn't only have a affect on you, it can sometimes affect the others in the air and around you. Blue Skies
  5. Some people want to make sure they're not missing anything and some situations may be harder to see than others
  6. I agree with you I guess the answer I was going for on this topic is, if you have to if it says to in the manual by the manufacturer.Like I stated before they wont go anywhere if there not tacked.I don't tack them on my main or reserve canopy
  7. I don't believe in tacking reserve softlinks unless the manufacturer specifically says too. The softlinks aren't going anywhere, and it discourages the next rigger to check and make sure they're routed correctly. I will untack, inspect and retack but I really feal its not necessary to tack softlinks on the reserve. any opinions on this?
  8. Forget about what you hear about vibes or someone 's post go check it out yourself, I've jumped at both DZ's in the 90's and i stay away from the gossip and focus on the quality of the people, every dz has some drama, what would the sport be like without drama, check it out out yourself and make your own decisions, both have a lot of history to offer and have evolved in so many ways, and i'd go visit 2 of my favorite dz's anytime i get the chance.Blue Skies.
  9. 350 is a price to pay for it, but you have to put that price aside and look at what will give a better piece of mind and comfort having a device that could most likely get you under a good canopy quicker. At one point we may all be behind the power curve none of us know exactly when that will be.
  10. check out the incident with very low cutaway with injuries at Eloy, I watched this from the beer truck area, except for the last 500 feet, my beer was empty, but I'll bet this guy was glad he had a skyhook or something similar.I'd say they're worth the couple of extra bucks.
  11. I watched the video and its well put together and has some good merits, on another side of this topic, I recently watched a rigger apply cypress silicon to the reserve cable, I don't do that, I do put a small amount on the pin before I put it in the loop. Does anybody else put it on the cable, i'm asking because I don't see too many benefits to it
  12. I've been jumping for quite a few years and have been jumping a 9 cell 120, i'm looking at finding a canopy first before I buy or even jump a wingsuit, I've found a spectre 135, ive been recommended to go one size bigger than what i'm currently jumping and a find a seven cell.My question is the spectre a good choice and also my choosing of size ok. any helpful advice would be great
  13. Well i'm not sure what average guy means, I've jumped the 130 150 and 110, taken to terminal, and did not stall once,the Rush had a powerfull flare and great landing.Instead of watching someone land it maybe try jumping one to assess your own opinion.I'm not trying to be rude by my statement, but as the saying goes, don't knock it unless you've tried it
  14. I'm looking to find some canopy inspection forms, mine are a little old. Where can I find some. Thanks
  15. Thanks for the drawing, I do have the manual and the supplement, the print on my drawing was so small and hard to read I had to borrow one