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  1. That’s a little beyond me. I wouldn’t know where to start
  2. Since buying my own rig I have used a Yepzon one 2.0 gps tracker stowed in the d back. So that if I had a cutaway or my rig went missing while travelling, I would be able to locate it. The Yepzon has worked faultlessly , up until now. The device stopped connecting with the app in February, so it became a brick. I have tried getting support from Yepzon, without any responce. Finally I have hat a responce from a legal firm informing me that Yepzon went into bankruptcy at the end of February this year so their devices and network have been shut down. is anyone using a different gps tracker that they would recomend the ad t e we I’ll give a good degree of accuracy ?
  3. I have a Yepzon one 2.0. Which was great. Kid just the job. But it stopped working in February. After contacting Yepzon several times. I have finally had a response from the legal firm dealing with yepzon’s bankruptcy since mid February. So seems that a Yepzon is just a brick now. anyone recommend a different device that does the same thing ?