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Dropzone.com has created unique advertising opportunities that generate tangible results in a cost-effective manner. Reaching the elite and super active outdoor enthusiast gives your brand powerful mind share with athletes who often seek out word of mouth recommendations before making purchases.

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Advertising On Digital Media

Gone are the days when print media dominated advertising. Instead, as the world has moved over to a digital platform, so has the majority of modern marketing. Don't get left behind in print advertising when you could be advertising to a digital community, putting them just one click away from your product. In traditional print media, the process between viewing an ad and converting it to a product purchase is lengthy. In digital advertising your target audience is always just a few seconds away from being able to purchase your products.

Digital advertising also allows the tracking of effectiveness in ads and ad campaigns. In print ads, there's no real way to see how effective your ad truly was. Dropzone.com tracks your ad campaigns and their effectiveness, helping you to see what is working and what can be improved on.

Why Choose Us?

Dropzone.com has spent nearly two decades establishing itself as the go-to skydiving community online. There is no larger dedicated skydiving community on the internet. Our high traffic volumes make us the best option when marketing to the skydiving demographic. The fact that our website is completely dedicated to skydiving means you aren't wasting your advertising budget on those without an interest in skydiving.

Not sold? Let us convince you...

  • We have more than 140 000 registered users, making us the largest skydiving community website.
  • We offer targeted advertising which ensures your ads are being seen by users in your area.
  • More than 75,000 monthly active users.
  • Active forums with more than 4 million posts.
  • We work with you in increasing your brand presence on the site and help to increase CTRs.
  • Custom ad solutions for your budget.

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* Data acquired from March 2019 Google Analytics

Banner Advertising

  • Banner advertising across the site.
  • Targeted advertising, to fit your demographic.
  • Displayed to more than 75,000 users a month.
  • Custom ad campaigns to fit your budget.

Featured Dropzones

  • Specialized dropzone ad locations.
  • Targeted advertising, to fit your demographic.
  • Social media event promotions included.
  • Promoted listings in dropzone database.
  • Enhanced call to action buttons on listings.

Gear Store Advertising

  • We will list you as a trusted store.
  • Specialized ads on every gear item.
  • Large advert display on gear articles.
  • Call to action buttons on listing ads.

Events Promotions

  • Targeted advertising, to fit your demographic.
  • Sitewide banner advertising options.
  • Large featured event slider on events page.
  • Social media promo to more than 40,000 followers.
  • Article publication on your event.