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Featured Dropzone Programme

We offer the ability to stand out from the competition and promote your dropzone across the site in a way that will increase your client base and increase your brand presence. Our featured dropzone programme will get you access to prominant call-to-action buttons on your listing pages, a homepage feature, access to more than 45 000 social media followers, large promotional listing item on country or state pages on our dropzone database.

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Stand Out From The Competition

With over a thousand dropzones across the world, it's important to stand out. While established jumpers may be aware of your dropzone's reputation, for first time tandem jumpers their decision is often guided by what they see first. For this reason, giving your dropzone a boost in appearance can help ensure you snag those first time jumpers.

When you become a featured dropzone partner, we will do our best to ensure that your dropzone receives priority in its visiblity on the site. We'll push your business on our homepage, as well as providing you with increased exposure on our dropzones section. Not only this, but we will push your events or promotions on our social media channels to over 45 000 followers and increase your call to action buttons on your dropzone listings to make it easier for customers to get to your website and make their booking.

Don't Miss Out - Space Is Limited

We have a limit of 2 featured dropzones per country (or state in the United States, Canada and Australia). This means that the first two dropzones per area to sign up to the programme will receive the advertising opportunity. It is also possible for a dropzone to 'buy out' an area and purchase both featured spots. This will further increase your branding on the site and give you priority of that location's listings.

Why Choose Us?

Dropzone.com has spent nearly two decades establishing itself as the go-to skydiving community online. There is no larger dedicated skydiving community on the internet. Our high traffic volumes make us the best option when marketing to the skydiving demographic. The fact that our website is completely dedicated to skydiving means you aren't wasting your advertising budget on those without an interest in skydiving.

Not sold? Let us convince you...

  • We have more than 140 000 registered users, making us the largest skydiving community website.
  • We offer targeted advertising which ensures your ads are being seen by users in your area.
  • More than 75,000 monthly active users.
  • Active forums with more than 4 million posts.
  • We work with you in increasing your brand presence on the site and help to increase CTRs.
  • Custom ad solutions for your budget.

Join The Programme

Benefits of Featured Dropzones

  • Company logos largely displayed on homepage.

  • Logos displayed in premium position within your state/country listings page.

  • Promotion through a popup which will recommend your dropzone to geo-targetted visitors in the dropzone listings section.

  • Your ads will dominate the dropzone listings pages for all geo-targetted visitors.

  • "Make Booking" button added to your listing page.

  • "Visit Website" button added to your listing page.

  • We will work with you to help promote your boogies and events.

  • * Only 2 featured dropzones available per state/country.

Featured Dropzone Ad Placements and Benefits

Below you will examples of the benefits and ad placements given to featured dropzones.