About Us

Dropzone.com aims to provide users with a platform where skydivers can interact, learn, share and grow. We offer a variety of services to the skydiving world, and the quality in content has been one of the key factors in the success of the site over a period of more than 2 decades. We started in 1994 as a very basic platform whereby skydivers could communicate, through the years however we have added a plethora of new functionality and continue to apply our minds as to what will be of greatest value to the users.

We now host the largest skydive related forum on the internet with over 145 000 registered users, who have amassed a total of 260 000+ threads. The forums are an excellent source of information and with threads being moderated by some of the best skydivers out there, you can be sure that the content is going to be of high standard. Our forum is separated into several sections, allowing us to present to you, the easiest possible way to find the information you're looking for.

Our articles section is where you can find our large collection of skydiving articles, we currently have hundreds of articles in this section and they range from what to expect on your first tandem skydive to advanced canopy control. Whether you're new to the sport or whether you're already an experienced jumper, you're guaranteed to find quality content that is relevant to your skill level. We continue to focus on bringing the best content possible to this area of the site.

Our dropzone database is what really sets us apart from other skydiving sites, we have the largest online database of drop zones in the world. Our comprehensive list of DZs, all of which are able to be rated and commented on by users, allows you to search through all the dropzones in a certain area and through the ratings system, and decide which of these dropzones is best for what you require. What also makes this database special is that almost all of our drop zones are actively managed by the drop zone themselves, this allows for regular updates of pricing and product changes. Our database is also integrated into an easy to use map, where one is able search a location and see whether there are dropzones in the vicinity. One can also search for a drop zone by name and as long as it's listed on Google maps it will show up.

Dropzone.com's gear section consists of hundreds of gear items with thousands of reviews. This gear database is constantly updated with the latest releases from manufacturers, and the ability for users to review the gear items allows for educated decisions prior to purchase.

We're proud to say that we host the single most active skydiving classifieds online, our used gear sales through the classifieds is a favourite among skydivers. The listings are free and we take no commission of what you sell, meaning you end up seeing exactly what you asked for the ad, without us digging in your pockets. We do have featured ad options that allow sellers to get their ads more exposure on the site for a fee. Your gear is almost certain to sell when listed in our classifieds.

Our video and photo sections are an ideal place to share your media. We love seeing new photographs and videos submitted, and so do the other users - so don't be shy. We currently have over 20 000 skydiving photos in our database and just over 2300 videos. These can both be tied to a dropzone or an area in our dropzone database, meaning that every time someone visits a dropzone page, they will see your image that's assigned to that dropzone. We also proudly host some of the great names in skydiving photography, be sure to have a look at our featured photographers section.

These are just a few features we provide to users in an attempt to create the ultimate skydiving website. Feel free to explore the site and we hope that dropzone.com can be a useful and valuable resource to you.

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