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Stolen & Lost Gear Listing Guidelines

  • You can only list a single item in each database record.
  • This does not mean you are only allowed to list one item (you can list as many as you want for free!) It simply means you need to create a separate listing for each stolen item.
  • If you try to list multiple items in one entry the listing will be rejected.
  • If your rig has been stolen you may have to create up to 4 separate listings, one for your container, main canopy, reserve canopy and AAD each. Thieves often take gear apart and sell the individual components separately which is why we track them as such.
  • To enable people to relate the additional stolen items should they discover one of these individually I've created a Related Gear field in the database. Use this to keep your gear together.
  • Fill the submission form in as completely and accurately as possible. will not help help a "finder" get in touch with you if you didn't provide enough contact information.
  • All listings are validated before added to the database. After hitting submit it can take up to 24 hrs for your item to appear in the database.
  • Remember to set the "Status" of your item on the entry page. Was it "Stolen" or "Lost"?
  • If your gear is recovered, please come back and set the status on your listing to "Found".
  • Thanks for using this service and good luck on finding your gear!
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