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We've spent more than a decade creating and maintaining the most comprehensive list of skydiving locations both in print and digital media. We've got more than a thousand dropzones listed in our database, most of which are maintained by the dropzone owners and employees. We cover all continents and in turn offer the best option when looking for places to skydive near your location. We also make use of a pinned map to make it easier to locate dropzones in the areas you are, or places you're visiting. What truly separates our listings from those on other sites though, is our comprehensive collection of user reviews, making your decision making an educated choice and not just a shot in the dark. Be sure to read through our dropzone reviews to see what others jumpers thought of their experiences at the DZs.

Selecting Your First Dropzone

If you're not an active skydiver and you're looking to simply perform a tandem jump, you have less to look at when deciding where to jump than a licensed jumper who is looking for a spot to continue his skydiving career. You may ask yourself, "Is there skydiving near me?", well the truth is that you're more than likely to have several dropzones in your area, depending on where you are located. Most dropzones will cater towards tandem skydives and you shouldn't have a problem finding a dz near you that will get you up in the sky and on your first skydive. If you're perhaps looking to undergo some AFF training and begin your own skydiving journey without being strapped to a tandem instructor, you may want to browse through our dropzone listings and see which ones in your area offer the training you're looking for. Most dropzones have discontinued static-line training and only offer AFF (accelerated freefall) courses. These AFF courses are, however, arguably better than static-line and offer a more in-depth and valuable training procedure. We do provide information on which dropzones offer AFF courses, as well as the pricing thereof. For licensed jumpers who are looking for a new dz to call home, we've got you there too! There is no better way to find your next dropzone than by reading through the user reviews and seeing how other fun jumpers or career skydivings find the environment. It's no secret that some dropzones cater more towards tandems, and our reviews will assist you in avoiding the tandem factories and finding a skydiving location near you that fits what you're looking for.

Countries with the Most Skydiving Locations

Skydiving is a global sport which has been adopted across the world, sometimes in countries you wouldn't even think a dropzone would be listed at. With that said, the abundance of dropzones is sometimes more prominent in certain countries. Here's some of the top countries in terms of number of dropzones:
  • The United States alone has more than 350 dropzones, making it the largest concentration of skydiving locations in a single country.
  • A little surprising is Germany in second place with nearly 100 dropzones in the country.
  • Brazil and Australia both have around 60 skydiving locations.
  • Canada, Italy, Argentina and Russia all follow with around 50 dropzones in the country.

Booking Your Jump

Once you've found a skydiving location in your area, the next thing to do is get in touch with the dropzone. Our listings contain the telephone numbers and email addresses related to the dropzones, making it easy for you to get the information you're looking for. When reaching out to a dropzone to make a booking, make sure to enquire about such things as medical issues, age limitations, weight limitations etc. There will be limitations imposed, in order to protect both you and the tandem masters who will be taking you on your jump.

Review Your Dropzone

Once you've completed your first jump, make sure to come let the community know how you found your experience, whether it was a good or a bad one. By leaving a rating and a review on a dropzone you're not only sharing your own experience, but also helping other new jumpers make an educated decision on where they should jump. We always appreciate hearing feedback from jumpers on the experiences they had at particular dropzones. This is also a great way to get the dropzone to follow up on any negative situations you may have experienced during your visit to the dz.

Dropzone Owners and Managers

If you're a dropzone owner or employee, is a great way to increase your dropzone traffic and branding. We allow you to manage your own dropzone listings, free of charge. When you manage your dropzone, you're able to adjust information and pricing structures on your listings to ensure that visitors to your listing receives the most accurate information possible. Aside from our free listings, we also allow you to become a featured dropzone. Featured dropzone partners will receive additional benefits on the site and through our social media platforms.