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How To Claim a Dropzone Listing

Information contained in a dropzone listing can only be updated by the "listing owner" or the person who added the dropzone to the database. 

If you didn't originally list the dropone, but are responsible for keeping the information accurate in the future you need to "claim a listing" first. When you do this we transfer ownership of that listing over to your username. To transfer a listing to you, click on the "Claim this Listing" button below the social share buttons above the "User Feedback" block. You will be presented with a short form that you need to complete to provide a reason why this listing should be associated with your username. We will give preference to dropzone owners and managers. You will receive an email when your request is approved and you can then log in and modify your dropzone listing.

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The owner of a listing is solely responsible for the accuracy and relevance of the information posted for each dropzone. Dropzone.com does not respond to email requests to change or update information nor do we include or change dropzone information independently.

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