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Altimaster II by Alti-2 Inc

"Most old Alti IIs work great with zero problems. Alti 2 offers full service and support. I have jumped just about every altimeter made for skydiving including the popular Alti III"

This is an old (at least 40 years old) design and it has stood the test of time. It is VERY easy to read and generally works well. Older Alti IIs sometimes suffer from movement sticking. Alti IIs, when they get sticky, usually just stick in climb and under open canopy, the vibration of freefall keeps it from sticking when you need it. Another problem which shows up less often is binding zero adjust gears. The lenses inevitably become scratched, and the adjustment stem "O ring" gets old and crack, but both are very easy to replace. Most old Alti IIs work great with zero problems. Alti 2 offers full service and support.

I have jumped just about every altimeter made for skydiving including the popular Alti III, the horrible Alti V, the Northstar, Saphire, FT 50, Digitude, Irvin military, and SSE military. My favorite is the Alti II because it is light, thin, and VERY easy to read. Alti 2 has made a few internal design changes to improve mfg economics, but they are still great altimeters. One design change I would make is to recess the lens or make a protruding guard around the circumference so the lens doesn't scratch so easily. Customer support is excellent and that makes the Alti II a good choice. If you break it, Alti 2 can fix it fast. Repair charges range from free to reasonable. If you are considering the purchase of a used SSE altimeter BE SURE it is NOT an Alti V (five). They are dogs and should be scrapped. It was never designed for long life and it when failure occurs it is often a dangerous mode in which the dial spins freely. This can be way more dangerous than a stuck needle as you see needle movement, assume its OK, but it could be thousands of feet off. Don't blame Alti-2, they didnt make these, SSE did. They did serve a function, providing cheap student altimeters, but they were never made for the long haul.

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    After years of research and design, the Cookie G4 helmet is now available for sale. The full-face helmet is certified to Skydiving and Wind Tunnel Helmet Standard XP S 72-600. To achieve this standard, helmets must pass impact and snag resistance testing.
    New features
    - Ventilation control: The user can now adjust airflow into the helmet using the chin bar actuator (two switches inside the helmet).
    - Additional head coverage: The G4 offers more coverage at the back of the head compared to the G3. This is especially appealing to dynamic tunnel flyers.
    - Quiet: The new design seals the visor to the helmet for a much quieter flying experience.
    - Easy maintenance: The closing mechanism is similar in operation to the G3 but designed to offer little or no maintenance for the life of the helmet.
    - Cool: Two rear ventilation ports allow hot air to leave the helmet and the liner is a breathable material, providing a cooler experience.

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    The Vapor is a slightly tapered 7-cell zero-porosity main canopy that provides great overall performance from opening to landing.  It may well be one of the best performing 7-cell ZP canopies on the market today.
    The Vapor is a great choice for the jumper that desires a soft on-heading opening, solid flight performance, easy landings, and smaller pack volume with great all-around performance.

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Altimaster Galaxy

I got this altimeter for a lot cheaper than I care to admit (ok, I traded a jump ticket). This thing is rugged! All the students and experienced jumpers at my home DZ Skydive Hollister use the galaxy as rental gear and it never fails us. Our landing area is 350ft higher than takeoff area so it's helpful to have a dial that adjusts as easily as the galaxy.

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Openings are incredible, on-heading (even though my packing can be a little messy), quick and "positive" but they don't break your spine (might surprise you the first time if you're used to long snivels but you get used to it very quickly). Fronts are medium in pressure (I'm loading it at 1.5), rears are super soft and super powerful, harness input is also really awesome. Flare is amazing, way too much power in toggles, pull a tiny bit too much (51% of the total range) and it shoots you up. The canopy feels very powerful but not twitchy, I see literally zero downsides, probably gonna stick with this one for quite some time.

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I think the Sabre 2 is a great canopy made by Performance Designs. I have owned a 190, 170, 150 and 135 throughout my skydiving progression. Here is a breakdown of my experience with those wings, exit weight around 200lb.

Openings: Usually what the Sabre2 takes the most flak for, inconsistent headings on opening. Overall my experience is really good, most jumps are smooth and on heading, some have a small 90 turn and the random one a bit more. I would say the most consistent thing about this canopy opening is the closed-end cells. Anytime I had a 'bad' opening I would blame it on my body position or not coming out of the track enough, still totally acceptable openings though. Never had a line twist with this wing at any size.

Control Inputs: Risers are a great tool for controlling the canopy, I found all the pressures to be acceptable and I can maneuver the canopy easily without having to use toggles. Fronts are great to get that dive started before a landing and rears feel powerful, though I don't have much to compare too (Mainly a Crossfire 1). Flare is sensational, practice stalls up top and it seems like you can pull the toggles down forever before it stalls. When coming in to land I never have any problem using my toggles to convert all my forward speed to lift.

Harness: I have never really been impressed by the harness inputs on this wing. The crossfire I jumped for a while, was at less wingloading, but had way more control using the harness. I can definitely finish my 90 swoops with harness after some front riser input but I really have to lean to get some output.

Overall, it's a great wing to learn on. I have about 600 jumps across different square footages and wingloadings and have loved every second under this canopy.  I would call this wing the jack of all trades and master of none, there is a probably a canopy that does a specific thing better than this one but this is one where you could flare out your big WS, chuck your PC, then ride down and do a 270 and drag pond

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Awful experience with my Altitron, avoid.

My altimeter has never been very reliable and it went crazy after only 8 months and started to reset to 0ft randomly, even while I was on the plane. Ironically when you try to reset the altitude on the ground it never works and you have to waste many minutes pushing buttons and hoping for the best.

Awful customer service from Parasport took almost 3 months to replace my faulty unit and the new one shows the same issues of the first one.

I wish I never bought it.

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  • 09/30/2019

This is the ultimate bicellular elliptic canopy. I tried Semi/fully elliptic canopies before (Crossfire 2, Stiletto, Sabre 2) and this X-Fire is quite the bomb compared to the previous ones.

It has na absolutely incredible harness response. I really feel connected to the canopy and the fact it has no stabilizers provides a nice over steer. It's the very first canopy I feel I have full control on.

It's a Schuemann Planform designed canopy meaning the leading edge is super elliptic while trailing edge is quite flat. I see it as a bicellular Leia.

Rears are super powerful. Fronts are quite hard but nothing unmanageable. Toggle turns (yes I tried those) are super slow but those breaks have like an infinite resource while landing.

Openings are very nice but not too slow. Almost always on heading and predictable. You can feel Icarus put some effort on this part! I jumped a stiletto for 400 jumps before the X-Fire so I might be biased :D

I think I might stick with an X-fire (I own a 102 for now) if I want more in a few hundred jumps instead of going to the cross braced realm.


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