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Altimaster II by Alti-2 Inc

"Most old Alti IIs work great with zero problems. Alti 2 offers full service and support. I have jumped just about every altimeter made for skydiving including the popular Alti III"

This is an old (at least 40 years old) design and it has stood the test of time. It is VERY easy to read and generally works well. Older Alti IIs sometimes suffer from movement sticking. Alti IIs, when they get sticky, usually just stick in climb and under open canopy, the vibration of freefall keeps it from sticking when you need it. Another problem which shows up less often is binding zero adjust gears. The lenses inevitably become scratched, and the adjustment stem "O ring" gets old and crack, but both are very easy to replace. Most old Alti IIs work great with zero problems. Alti 2 offers full service and support.

I have jumped just about every altimeter made for skydiving including the popular Alti III, the horrible Alti V, the Northstar, Saphire, FT 50, Digitude, Irvin military, and SSE military. My favorite is the Alti II because it is light, thin, and VERY easy to read. Alti 2 has made a few internal design changes to improve mfg economics, but they are still great altimeters. One design change I would make is to recess the lens or make a protruding guard around the circumference so the lens doesn't scratch so easily. Customer support is excellent and that makes the Alti II a good choice. If you break it, Alti 2 can fix it fast. Repair charges range from free to reasonable. If you are considering the purchase of a used SSE altimeter BE SURE it is NOT an Alti V (five). They are dogs and should be scrapped. It was never designed for long life and it when failure occurs it is often a dangerous mode in which the dial spins freely. This can be way more dangerous than a stuck needle as you see needle movement, assume its OK, but it could be thousands of feet off. Don't blame Alti-2, they didnt make these, SSE did. They did serve a function, providing cheap student altimeters, but they were never made for the long haul.

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    After years of research and design, the Cookie G4 helmet is now available for sale. The full-face helmet is certified to Skydiving and Wind Tunnel Helmet Standard XP S 72-600. To achieve this standard, helmets must pass impact and snag resistance testing.
    New features
    - Ventilation control: The user can now adjust airflow into the helmet using the chin bar actuator (two switches inside the helmet).
    - Additional head coverage: The G4 offers more coverage at the back of the head compared to the G3. This is especially appealing to dynamic tunnel flyers.
    - Quiet: The new design seals the visor to the helmet for a much quieter flying experience.
    - Easy maintenance: The closing mechanism is similar in operation to the G3 but designed to offer little or no maintenance for the life of the helmet.
    - Cool: Two rear ventilation ports allow hot air to leave the helmet and the liner is a breathable material, providing a cooler experience.

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    The Vapor is a slightly tapered 7-cell zero-porosity main canopy that provides great overall performance from opening to landing.  It may well be one of the best performing 7-cell ZP canopies on the market today.
    The Vapor is a great choice for the jumper that desires a soft on-heading opening, solid flight performance, easy landings, and smaller pack volume with great all-around performance.

    By Administrator, in Main Canopies,

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C-License with about 250 jumps, On 06/12/2020 I made my first jump in 3 years, The check dive went well, upon pull time I lost my handle, fired my reserve a terminal, the opening was fast but painless. Flight was stable and I did a intentional butt slide on landing. IT SAVED MY LIFE!!!! 

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I’ve got a 2003 Spectre 170 with dacron lines and slightly domed slider, 23 x 31 standard L x W with a slight 2” inches of dome. I got this setup because I was looking for soft openings, and they are soft, but there’s no obnoxiously long snivel like I was expecting.


From the time I pitch it takes a standard 700-1,000’ish feet to have a canopy over my head, and so far every jump it has opened perfectly symmetrically and on heading, with the slider slowly coming down the lines but not hanging up. I’ve never had a canopy open so reliably before, without even a hint of line twists.


It flies great, and it flares perfectly fine. I was afraid it was going to come in steeply with a shoddy flare based on what some people say about the spectre, but maybe they’re on crack because I’m able to get perfect soft landings with the PD standard stock brake settings.


Overall, it’s obviously not going to zip around & make adrenaline course through your body, but it opens, flies, and lands perfectly gently with no problems, which is exactly what I was looking for.


I give it an A+ standard for a nice, steady ride.

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Always opens on heading, the other day i had one of my worst pack jobs ever, by the time it was in the bag everything was uneven and slider came out, just shoved in the dbag and it still opened soft and on heading

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Vampire Sukhoi 3

I recommend to all, it works perfect


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This post is a warning for the skydivers choosing an altimeter.

In 2019, I bought an AltiX altimeter. Later I discovered -it showed a height of 40-80 meters lower than other altimeters. I sent it to the manufacturer for repair through the dealer I bought it from. Repair took 2.5 months. My AltiX returned from repair with a new firmware and a new serial number and an old, already discharged battery. However, after receiving the altimeter from repair, the problem was not resolved.

I again sent the altimeter to the manufacturer with a request to refund for low-quality goods... The manufacturer agreed. However, after receiving the altimeter, he changed his mind by saying, "The unit has been visibly damaged from the client, the soldering are not the original ones as well the battery has been changed even if the unit has 4 jumps only." Naturally, I did not solder, only replaced the battery. After repair the altimeter has already come with the soldering that the manufacturer referred to as made by me (there are photos on the day of receipt).

That is, the manufacturer, under a false pretext, left me without money and an altimeter.


1. This is photo on the day of receipt from repair:


2. This is photo from manufacturer


3. This is a photo from the manufacturer "as it should be"


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