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    Crossfire 2

    Fly hard. Land soft. Swoop it. Nail it. Love it. The Crossfire 2 is an elliptical 9-cell on ‘roids—a mid-range hassle-free canopy that’s equally equipped for hauling ass over a swoop pond.
    Equipped with a fully formed nose and complete surface shaping, this canopy’s openings are second to none and her powerful flare will impress. Offering a modern wing with less drag and stress-free controls, the Crossfire 2 is ideal for both the ultimate hard-charging experience and blissful days of soul flying.
    Unparalleled openings, responsive riser inputs and the incredible swoop distance of the Crossfire 2 combine in a wing that’s 100% devoted to the art of having fun.

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    Javelin Odyssey

    The "Odyssey" will touch you where no other rig can with its new "cut-in" backpad (the lateral straps exit the backpad closer to the center of the main container, instead of at the corners). This feature of the Javelin "Odyssey" allows for the lateral strap to contour around the lower back, keeping the container snug against the jumper. The jumper and Javelin "Odyssey" move as one. High-speed free flyer, competitive formation skydiver, or weekend warrior, the Javelin "Odyssey" stays snugly in place.

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I would give 0 stars if it was possible.

Terrible software, does not work at all. And N3 from ALTI-2 can be used only with this software to make adjustments.

Stay away if you can.

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We tried different kinds of main for our tandem operation. The A2 had the nicest openings hands down! It took however a few landings for some of our instructor to get the timing of the flare. Once that was done, everything worked perfectly! We were trying French, American and Spanish Main canopies at the same time. Going from one to another took a little bit of adjusting. We love the A2!

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MarS Parachute AAD

Does it come in two pin?

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MarS Parachute AAD

Does it come in two pin?

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Brilliant Pebbles

The first unit I received didn't make any sound. Another friend of mine took his non-functional unit apart to find a bad solder connection to the speaker. Their customer service is very responsive, and they sent me another unit right away that works. The battery life on a full charge is good.

The volume isn't as loud as I expected, max volume is required. The app (when using a mac) needed to program it doesn't work when testing the tones.

Their equivalent of the "siren"/screaming tone of an Optima/Quattro is not much different from a normal freefall tone. I think that is a mistake, it should be much more attention-getting like their main competitor.

The unit shuts off automatically, but that also means you have to access the button to turn it on every day.

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