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  1. Thank you for sharing Deimian, appreciate it
  2. Hello fellows, does someone knows if a Gangster 120 can fit into a V306? according to the Vector sizing chart it seems it won't, but perhaps someone has done it? thanks.
  3. Alex_fly


    After being reading good things about infinity rigs I had finally decided to purchase one, over UPT, Curv and Peregrine which were the other contending... I might be unlucky but since I've got the rig I regretting my choice every single day, I wish I have never bought it!! Uncomfortable, it doesn't fit me they clearly mistaken something during manufacturing it, or assembling it, the MLW is very short and the hip ring is on my waist, when I tighten the legstraps I have my torso compressed, even having difficulties to breath, the chest strap is over the nipple level, can't even check my RSL while wearing it since it is way back, when sit-fly the shoulder straps lift up over my shoulder about 10cm, the container stays far away from my back about at least 30cm, leg straps seems to be too big, they send me a belly band as trying to fix the issues but it definitely doesn't works. I was dreaming about my first perfect fitting custom rig, but as soon as arrived it become my worse nightmare. Customer service is awful, especially once they get the order done they reply like they're annoyed about your requests, and since the local dealer took in charge my case he told me he got the same feeling. I have an SN model (short and narrow) and since the 23" std risers are too long (i wasn't warned about the possibility of that by them) I ordered new pair shorter, well they mistaken the colors. I would never recommend to anyone and I'll try to sell it asap to someone who could wear it and I'll buy another brand, most probably UPT. they probably were better back in the days since the reviews are a bit old...
  4. Unfortunately I lost my beloved Ozone3 on my last jump, forgot to buckle it and it flew away with OptimaII in it as well...sob sob... does anyone knows where I can purchase the OZONE3 ? Cookie doesn't has in the webstore and I struggling to find it. thanks
  5. This guys are amazing, facility are super and plane flawless. airconditioned fun jumpers room, air conditioned packing room if required, packers might need some more experience but they're good. even though is a new DZ they got some badass instructor and spend the weekends jumping in there is great. A bit far from main cities such as Bangkok or Pattaya but believe me... it worth the long way. Panorama up there is amazing, it seems to jump right over the ocean. great funjumpers community, lots of cool guys and hot chicks ;P absolutely recommended DZ 5*!
  6. I highly recommend this DZ, I've been jumping for a couple year and I can't really complain about anything! They're top notch in everything they do, very prepared and professional from the cleaner to the Instructors. Environment very friendly and they try their best to makes you feel comfortable, staff are amazing, you couldn't ask for more. The aircraft is the TPAC its awesome, plenty of space for jumpers for a nice big way tracking, freefly or whatever you love. I will visit them this upcoming weekend in the new location in Khao yai, which is an amazing place surrounded by nature, can't wait to appreciate the view from up there and having some great time, very excited about that! 5* without any doubt!
  7. Thanks Lee, do you may have any contact of whom is taking care HiPerUSA for this matter?
  8. Hello guys, wondering if someone of you knows where can buy HMA line for my 150sqtf NITRO HiPerUSA, I saw chutingstar selling the whole set but actually I need to replace just 2 of them so i wonder if there's someone out there whos selling by meters Thanks