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  • Rigging Innovations Talon '91 DOM By skypharr

    • $850.00
    13 days and 16 hours  
    RI built this rig for me in '91 and it has been fantastic.  Bought a new Curv so time to let this go 6'-2' 185# design size.  It fits both 5" short and 2" taller without an issue. Articulating harness with hard housing conversion on the cutaway cables. It is a PULL OUT main pilot chute. Love it or convert it. Small stitch repair on reserve container. See in the photo. Sorry don't know how many jumps, but some great ones! No AAD. Reserve is out of date.   P
  • Complete Rig For Sale By wmmckay

    • $4,200.00
    7 days and 10 hours  
    Wings Container, 170 Horizon with 9 jumps, PD 126 Reserve-never used, Vigil, Sky Hook
  • Tandem instructor -Hand cam By Hugh2348

    • $40.00
    15 days and 12 hours  
    Hiring NOW! Full-time Tandem instructor with hand cam experience $40 a jump. Full time packer $15 a pack Great family oriented DZ / staff jumps for free on empty spots DZ provides Place to stay a low cost  Call /email resume to:  [email protected]         
  • Complete Rig: UPT Vector3, PD Sabre3 210, Cypres2 By JMAC2021

    • $8,000.00
    13 days and 18 hours  
    -United Parachute Technologies V353 M-Series Micron Container -Main: PD Sabre3 210 (Green/Black/White) -Reserve: Performance Design 193 (White) -Skyhook RSL -Magnetic riser covers -Extended chest strap -3D spacer foam backpad/leg pads -3D Spacer foam padded stabilizers -Variable geometry harness (hip rings). -Two piece leg pad -Freefly mod -V-Stow bag -Leather hackey -Black hardware -Louie Loops -Ring/webbing: Mini ring w/ type 17 webbing -Toggles: TRULOK -Reserve
  • Complete System, no AAD By paul92d

    • $1,250.00
    12 days and 7 hours  
    PD Stiletto 135, all navy blue, Mfg 1999. Parachute Labs Racer Elite, S/N 45803, Mfg. Nov. 1998. PD 143 Reserve, S/N 019456, Mfg. April 1999. Repack reserve and jump it.
  • staff By tylerw

    4 days and 17 hours  
    NorCal Skydiving, located in Cloverdale California is seeking Sigma Tandem Instructors. If you are also  AFF rated, that's a plus! We are a fun, dynamic Dropzone with opportunities for plenty of tandem jumps as well as AFF, outside video, and fun jumping. Compensation is based on experience and ratings. Please submit your resume to [email protected]
  • staff By tylerw

    4 days and 17 hours  
    Skydive Golden Gate is seeking qualified staff for the season! We have positions available for Sigma Tandem Instructors (hand cam qualified a must), as well as Packers/Rigger and Ground Staff. Skydive Golden Gate is a busy tandem dropzone located north of San Francisco. Compensation is based on experience. Please submit your resume to [email protected]
  • Complete wings system By sparksPNT

    • $2,500.00
    21 days and 20 hours  
    Wings Container model W24, DOM 2006, 600 jumps Reserve: Raven Dash 218, DOM 2006, no rides Main: Flight Concepts, Rage 170, DOM 2009, 300 Jumps RSL No AAD $2500 Rig was built for me when I weighed 205lbs, I am 5’8”. I had a Fusion 210 in it when purchased. Great starter rig!
  • PD-Rs, Ravens, Tempos! ALL sizes from 113 to 210 sq ft, GREAT condition, LOW cost world air-shipping, BEST DEAL !!! By skydiverek

    • $399.00
    3 days and 16 hours  
    RESERVES: ALL AIRWORTHY and MODERN! U.S. Master and Senior Riggers' sales references available, reserves in very good condition, reputable seller, your choice of payment method! From $399 USD! SECRET of the LOW PRICE explained below (text and LINK below, where you can see this symbol below:    ). Reserve brands IN STOCK: PD-RESERVES, RAVENS, and TEMPOS. ALL SIZES from 113 to 210 square feet! Low-packs, too! All reserves are in very good condition. No lifetime limit, no repack limi
  • Para Gear seeks a Senior Rigger to Join Our Team! By Para-Gear

    3 months and 5 days  
    About Para Gear Equipment Co. Inc.   Founded in 1960 by Lowell Bachman while he was still in the Army Reserves, Para Gear is the original Skydiving Superstore. A family business now in its second generation of ownership, Para Gear has grown well beyond its humble beginnings, with customers in more than 125 countries - from Australia to Zimbabwe. Para Gear also publishes the largest skydiving catalog in the world, currently numbering at 200 pages, and maintains largest skydiving equipme

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