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  • Sabre 2 120 - 350 jumps - Original Lines By sraja

    • $1,400.00
    26 days and 15 hours  
    A Sabre 2 120 in excellent condition. Original lines and has approximately 350 odd jumps on the same. The lines and canopy were thoroughly inspected recently and are in excellent condition. The canopy has been jumped mostly in the Pacific Northwest (Seattle) and Skydive Chicago - all grass and packed indoors on packing mats. The lines are good for another 150 or so jumps and there are no patches on the canopy. Spectra lines S/N 017871 DOM: April-2015  
  • 2017 Ix I1 By FAvJ

    • $3,900.00
    25 days and 12 hours  
    This awesome rig is on its 3 rd year sitting in the closet . Rig has under 200 jumps. Paired with a 2015 JVX 84 with under 200 jumps. Smart 110 Reserve with zero rides. Cypress 2 dom: 2010 exp 03/ 23 still has a couple of years left. Skyhook and all the padding on back and legstraps ect, magnetic riser covers the whole shabam. Made for a 150 pound 5,7 person. My loss your gain I just can't stand seeing it not getting used and in the sky where it should be. I promise you there is no better deal o
  • Used Icarus 360 Tandem Canopies By scantech

    2 days and 7 hours  
    x10 Good condition Icarus 360 Tandem Canopies. All around 500 jumps. Well maintained and serviced. Most with new line sets. Currently 10 canopies for sale but selling quickly. email [email protected] for full list and details From £1400  
  • Used UPT Micro Sigma & 370s By scantech

    2 days and 7 hours  
    Very well maintained Micro Sigmas and 370 Sigmas for sale. All UPT Sigma canopies. Professionally serviced and accurate records. VTC reserves. Tandem Cypress AADs. All blue / white canopies. Currently 14 rigs for sale but selling quickly. email [email protected] for full list and details From £5400  
  • Infinity w. PD Stiletto 150 + PD 143 Reserve By albert6022

    • $3,500.00
    8 days and 12 hours  
    Container: Infinity - DOM 2014, 6 jumps. Like new condition. Pillow/Velcro cutaway and D Ring reserve handles. Hip rings with floating laterals. Freefly pud deployment handle. Built for a 6'1" jumper, 185lbs.  Main: PD Stiletto 150, ~400 jumps, 6 by current owner. Master rigger inspection found that the canopy is in great condition and does not require any repairs; only notes were normal wear on outside crossports and minimal wear on brake lines below the cascade.  Reserve: PD 143 Rese
  • Experienced TI needed in Colorado By smc656

    • $50.00
    16 hours and 17 minutes  
    Experienced TI needed for next weekend Friday-Monday, July 30-Aug 2, in Colorado. Must shoot handcam. Able to stay longer if interested. We are willing to pay travel, please contact us for more details. [email protected]
  • Parachute packer looking to grow with us! By DeltaBravo

    2 days and 17 hours  
    Texas Skydiving is in need of a live-in parachute packer to join our tight-knit team. We’re a small Cessna 182 dz with a family-like vibe, and we have lots of amenities! We are located on a beautiful 100+ acre farm with a private airstrip, open year-round so the party never stops! Rent/bills-FREE living right on the drop zone. Climate controlled main building/packing area with a workout area upstairs. Multiple riggers on-site and will offer training to get your FAA Rigger certificate and Instruc
  • Suunto Altimax Watch/Altimeter/Barometer By billw

    • $50.00
    2 days and 10 hours  
    Used Suunto Altimax Watch/Altimeter/Barometer for sale. See how fast the plane is climbing!
  • Historic Triathalon 160 for sale By billw

    • $400.00
    1 day and 9 hours  
    This is one of the 4 "Flying Colonels" KFC demo team canopies. It has a couple hundred jumps on it. It has un-cascaded A-B lines so it's fine for casual CRW. The applique on the bottom reads "Freshly Made Original Recipe Sandwich". Because of the applique, it packs like a 180-190 sqft canopy.
  • Wing W-11, Cobalt 150, Tempo 170 By billw

    • $2,000.00
    1 day and 8 hours  
    Complete rig Wings W-11 s/n 2442 Atair Cobalt 150, 400 jumps PISA Tempo 170 reserve, never used
  • Barigo 12K Altimeter By billw

    • $100.00
    10 hours and 23 minutes  
    The Barigo Flightmaster altimeter is an extremely accurate analog altimeter made in Germany.  This altimeter is orange with a black face and wrist mount. Great for night jumps since the numerals and pointer glow in the dark! $100 or best offer
  • Used Altimaster II with chestmount By billw

    • $80.00
    10 hours and 13 minutes  
    Used Altimaster II
  • TI's needed for Monterey Bay, CA w Housing Avail By jackiepants

    15 days and 14 hours  
    Busy and Beautiful Coastal California DZ seeking UPT Tandem Rated Instructors BEAUTIFUL OCEAN VIEW MONTEREY, CA #1 PREMIER LOCATION DROP ZONE (  AWESOME DESTINATION FOR WORK & HOME - Everyday/year-round skydiving *TEAM-WORK ENVIRONMENT  *SUBSIDIZED ROOMSHARE HOUSING AVAILABLE - walk or bike to dz. NOW HIRING TANDEM INSTRUCTORS - WITH RATING EXPERIENCE/Handcam and outside-video-flying options (PART-TIME or FULL-TIME) - Also need
  • 2013 Storm 120 By YurikCa

    • $1,600.00
    12 days and 12 hours  
    Selling my 2013 Storm 120 in mint condition. Canopy has under 250 jumps and looks and feels like new. Lines are still in good condition. Selling because I bought larger, wingsuit specific canopy from Squirrel. I'm selling with long bridle pilot chute(with matching colors ball handle) from Javelin and D-Bag.
  • Sabre2 120 By Seco

    • $1,000.00
    12 days and 9 hours  
    DOM 07/2010. Great condition. Around 600 jumps on it. No holes, no patches. Lines will need to be replaced soon. Located in Guatemala, buyer pays shipping. 

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