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  • PD-Rs, Ravens, Tempos. ALL sizes (113 to 250), GREAT shape, LOW cost world air-shipping, BEST DEAL !!! By skydiverek

    • $399.00
    6 days and 8 hours  
    RESERVES:  All AIRWORTHY and MODERN! U.S. Master and Senior Riggers' sales references available, reserves in very good condition, reputable seller, your choice of payment method! From $399 USD! SECRET of the LOW PRICE explained below (text and LINK below, where you see this symbol below:      ). Reserve brands IN STOCK: PD-RESERVES, TEMPOS and RAVENS. ALL SIZES from 113 to 250 square feet! (113, 120, 143, 150, 170, 176, 193, 210, 218, 250). Low-packs, too! Reserves are all in very good condition and approved, by the manufacturer and the FAA. No lifetime limit, no repack limit, and no jump number limit, set by the manufacturer or the FAA! Obviously, all have the U.S. FAA TSO certificates. All are modern square famous and respected brands. 7-cell airworthy square reserves in VERY good condition, with reserve connector links included! Estimated 2 jumps and 15 repacks on each parachute! Tracked air-shipping to most of the WORLD is less than you think! I airship world-wide for approx $55 USD. Shipping takes approx 15 calendar days world-wide. FULL REFUND, including ALL shipping costs BOTH ways, available if you or your rigger does not like the reserve for ANY reason! Please contact me with the form below (logon first). Only if you get a returned email error, please EMAIL me at: SKYDIVER.FLY123456@GMAIL.COM with the ad URL website address copied into the email message. See the *NARROWED-DOWN* LIST of *ONLY MY PARACHUTES* for SALE ! :
    Click the LINK BELOW, where it says the words:
    ' CLICK HERE ' --> CLICK HERE for a LIST of my RESERVES <--
  • Turbine 207 and 182 pilot By TVHigley

    6 days and 5 hours  
    Skydive Chelan is looking for a full time pilot for the 2019 season (through October) We are a resort town in the state of Washington. Outdoor paradise... BASE, Seedflying, Paragliding, mountaineering, water sports galore! Must be legal to work in the US and have Jump pilot experience. Contact with resume/CV
  • Permanent Sigma Tandem Instructors and Camera Men Wanted Skydive Swakopmund By Twax

    • $35.00
    6 days and 1 hour  
    We operate 7 day's a week, busy season starting end of May. We jump a Turbine 207 from 10,000 ft at sea level. Next to the ocean and the Namib dessert.        
  • Bonehead flat top pro By patairborne

    • $200.00
    5 days and 10 hours  
    1 used Bonehead flat top pro. Includes, blow switch, cam eye, concentric ring site and cutaway. Helmet has approximately 9000 jumps but other than being faded from the sun it is still in great condition. Buyer will pay shipping which will be determined at the time of sale. Asking price $200 OBO. US shipping only. Please text or email only.
  • Neptune Ruggerdized Military version By patairborne

    • $300.00
    5 days and 9 hours  
    I have a Neptune “ruggerdized” wrist mount altimeter for sale. The description below is right from the Mfgs. Website.  MA-12 is a new class of military altimeter that has been a long time coming. In response to many military end-user requests, we have rolled the best of our military and sport instrument design features into one new product to start a new chapter in Military Free Fall equipment.

    MA-12 is significantly smaller and lighter than other military altimeters, creating an extremely low-profile equipment footprint. Four screw holes in the bottom shell allow this newcomer to be mounted in the familiar left wrist location (using the wrist bracket and strap provided with each unit), or on a navigation board. The display can be flipped to allow easy access to buttons and USB port when mounted with other components.

    High visibility altitude reference information is provided to the jumper through a backlit digital display with large easy to read numbers. The on-board electronic pressure sensor delivers an extremely high level of accuracy up to 40,000 FT MSL at temperatures down to -40 degrees. The wrist mount bracket includes a slot for a commonly available chemical hand warmer to provide heat to the LCD screen.

    The USB rechargeable Lithium Ion battery provides long battery life and ease of use - no batteries to replace. The ruggedized machined aluminum case and protective lens will tolerate a 1 meter drop onto concrete, and MA-12 is waterproof for 6 FT for up to 1 hour.

    Altimeter is in great shape, I used it for tandems and mounted it on my right wrist. It can easily be turned around for wear on the left wrist.  Asking price is $300 or best offer, Brand new the list price for this item is over $650. I will pay for shipping to a US address only Text or email only.
  • Two complete Wings systems By RandyPacheco

    26 days and 18 hours  
    Two all black Wings containers Both rigs have Cypress AAD's- 1  has 6 years left, the other has 9 months left Both have PD 126R reserves, no rides Both have Safire2  119's, about 600 jumps each. Line sets about 50 jumps each Contact for DOM's, more pics and more details $2,200 and $2,800 each (dependent on the AAD life)
  • Javelin Odyssey complete Cypres2 Included By patairborne

    • $2,200.00
    3 days and 14 hours  
    I am selling a complete system (Cypres2 DOM 5/17 Included). Javelin TJNK, DOM 06/04, serial number 26323, along with a PD Stiletto 120, DOM 03/04, serial number 01387. PD 126 reserve, DOM 03/04, serial number 31120, reserve was last repacked, 04/05/2019 and is within date. Cypres2, model CMODE, DOM 5/17, serial number E2382. Also Included is a Alti II Galaxy altimeter. I am 5’ 10”, weight 175. The container is well used but is still in decent shape, and has a left hand deployment, a rigger can easily convert it back to a right hand throw. In October 2011 the complete harness system was rebuilt and is like new. The line set on the Stiletto has approximately 200 jumps on it and the canopy itself has approximately 900 jumps. I am selling this as a complete system and at this point have no desire to piece it out. Buyer will pay shipping and insurance which will be determined at time of sale. I will not play the PayPal game and will only ship when I have the funds or am satisfied that payment is secure. I also will NOT ship overseas, US shipping only. I have more pics. Text or email only, no phone calls until serious. price is $2200 OBO
  • Ultimate Canopy Training Video Package with Brian Germain! By Bluefox

    • $99.99
    3 days and 7 hours  
    Become a better canopy pilot and skydiver today! This is the ultimate skydiving video package with training videos adding up to over 24 hours of training. Its a massive value and a great investment in your skydiving career! All videos are download and or streaming. You get: Parachute Flight Safety Canopy Video Course (8 Hours), Solving Common Landing Problems, Navigation and Accuracy Secrets, Taking on Turbulence, No Sweat Parachute Packing Made Easy, Principles of Parachute Packing, Skydiving Gear Maintenance, Main Parachute Inspection and Re-trimming, The Art and Science of Bravery, Helping Students Deal with Fear, Vertical Journey Freefly Instructional Video, and First Skydive What to Know Before You Go, and more! Start Learning Today! Purchase video here:!/Ultimate-Video-Package/p/63409589/category=7094902
  • T! with double handcar needed for C-182 Boston DZ By SouthBoston

    • $40.00
    2 days and 12 hours  
    Go Skydive Boston os looking for a Ti with 1000 Tandems and handcar experiences needed from Now to end of September! only 35 minutes from Boston Free room with minimum service on site.  
  • Jump staff needed By KevinSpaceland

    • $35.00
    24 days and 10 hours  
    Spaceland Atlanta is looking for more jump staff for our summer season. If you have a Sigma Tandem rating, Videographer skills or an AFF rating we would love to have you on our team. Please email with a CV or Resume of your skills.
  • Para Gear – Love Sales & Skydiving? - Come work for the Industry Leader! By Para-Gear

    1 month and 19 days  
    Para Gear would like to expand its sales team with an experienced skydiver. Candidates at all levels of sales experience are encouraged to apply.  Para Gear is happy to build a sales job that fits your skills and that that you’ll love doing. The ideal candidate will be detail oriented with a good work ethic and familiarity with all types of skydiving equipment. Candidates must be able to interact well with customers via phone, email/chat and in person, providing accurate and informative answers to their questions.   Additional pluses are experience in graphic design or web design, SEO, web and catalog marketing. Additional skills in rigging or accounting or the desire to learn are also sought. This is an excellent opportunity with full health benefits, a generous 401K plan and paid vacation working for a Skydiving Industry Leader. Located just north of Chicago, the Para Gear team works regular weekday hours, year-round, with weekends and holidays off.
    For more information, or to submit your resume, email:
    Para Gear Equipment Co. Inc.
    3839 Oakton St.
    Skokie, IL 60076
  • Icarus Safire 3 119, 129, 139, 149, 169, 189 By JeffBarlow

    • $2,350.00
    15 days and 4 hours  
    Brand new NZ Aerosports Icarus Safire 3 in most popular sizes are available. Distributors stock ready for immediate delivery. Sizes available: 119, 129, 139, 149, 169, 189. Each size specified is available in multiple colours as per colour scheme attached. New orders lead time currently runs at 15 weeks so why wait. Orders ship within 3 business days of receiving the payment. So, place your order now and get one right away while the season lasts. *Special arrangements are available for DZ's employees & associates.
  • Icarus Crossfire 3 99, 109, 119, 129, 139, 149, 169 By JeffBarlow

    • $2,540.00
    15 days and 4 hours  
    Brand new NZ Aerosports Icarus Crossfire 3 in most popular sizes are available. Distributors stock ready for immediate delivery. Sizes available: 99, 109, 119, 129, 139, 149, 169. Each size specified is available in multiple colours as per colour scheme attached. New orders lead time currently runs at 18 weeks so why wait? Orders ship within 3 business days of receiving the payment. So, place your order now and get one right away while the season lasts. *Special arrangements are available for DZ's employees & associates.
  • Voodoo Curv 2.0 with 113 Jumps By opiee911

    • $6,400.00
    14 days and 6 hours  
    I am reducing the price of my rig by 500 dollars  for 24 hours after that it will go back to full price until the listing expires. I’m not in a huge rush to sell the rig and if it sells it sells if not, i guess I’ll be able to make a lot more loads this year. Take advantage of this price you won’t regret it. Original asking price was $6,400 discounted price is $5900. New cost was $7800. Sale has officially started 5/19 at 7:00 am Central time.  Like new Curv 2.0 by Rigging Innovations. (113 Jumps) Actual order form is included with pictures for exact colors, sizes, and options. Container: RI Curv 2.0 VC5 DOM 4/17/2017  Main: NZ Safire 3 189 DOM 8/2017 Reserve: PD OP 193 DOM 8/2016, No Rides, All Repacks done at Rock Sky Market professional rigging loft, Next repack due 9/3/19 AAD: Cypress 2, Changeable mode, DOM 2/2017 New Version 15.5 year life, no battery change required, Next recommended service Feb 2022 (reccomended not required) Ok some brief info, My first rig, all options except black hardware and MARD (which can be installed by RI $295). I ordered everything brand new. The Safire 3 189 has a semi-stowless d bag and a collapsable slider. Zero jumps since last repack and main inspection. Rig was only used in the midwest. The container was scotch guarded when new. 100% Freefly friendly. Check out the exact sizes on the order form in the pictures. I am 5' 9.5" 170-175lbs. Call,Text or Email with any questions. 
  • Volt 150 Less than 50 jumps By Chuckwagon

    • $1,200.00
    11 days and 14 hours  
    Bought this canopy new, down sized from 170. Great openings, but I went back to 170. Less than 50 jumps, sitting in a box in my closet until I was sure the 170 was the direction I wanted to go.
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