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  1. I’m selling my rig. What happens after I get an acceptable offer? If they want it sent to a rigger how can I trust that? Can anyone just give me a quick walk-through? I’d rather try here first before eBay.
  2. this is funny to me. i assume you're referring to how long it takes to open?
  3. Well. I've kind of gotten my answers here.
  4. thanks. someone sent that yesterday
  5. he's an excellent rigger. i'm sorry i mentioned the word
  6. No way. He's the best. Just very busy and what i've read here kind of firms up why he couldn't give a detailed answer.
  7. i guess it's like most people say. i just have to demo a few and see if there's a difference.
  8. That chart is disappointing. I was hoping to NOT have to buy a new container.
  9. ok. it seems i check the canopy pack volume before i buy
  10. wow! i had no idea there were so many variables. the thing that threw me the most was when i called Wings and they said they couldn't give me a solid answer but they didn't say why! So whatever mu next canopy is, i have to make sure it'll pack in my container before i pay for it? it may sound like a stupid question but they don't cover this in AFF and the rigger is usually too busy to explain things in depth.
  11. ii plan on demoing soon. i had the opportunity before but didn't think i had enough experience on my own rig
  12. thanks for the link. i didn't see something like that at Wings. It's good info.
  13. well. maybe this is asking too much but would it kill the container mfgr. to tell the customer which canopy might fit better than the next and why?