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    Resisting arrest, failing to comply, threatening to assault police officers... what does a white guy have to do to get suffocated around here?
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    Occasionally I see a BH quote and am reminded why I blocked him. Thanks for reminding me why it’s best to ignore his ridiculous bullshtuff Joe
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    That, hands down and against stiff competition, is one of your lamest statements yet. You realize we are all skydivers, yes? Some of us are also accomplished pilots, motocross racers, rock climbers, base jumpers, speed flyers, extreme scuba divers and a shit pot full of other cool risky things. But here are you in all of your brave glory being sad for us that we don't have the balls to go to Disneyland or your favorite Chucky Cheese owing to our fear of dying. Whatever.
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    A post in "Friends of Hartwood" on Farcebook. ------------------------------------------------ Here's a shout out to Clay Schoelpple. Clay went back east after his dad passed. He was cleaning out some old shelves & found an old velcro pouch with some old guy's original log books, USPA licenses, SCS cards, etc. I had left those there in 1987 and never found them again. You can imagine what it must have taken for Clay to track me down 34 years later! I was in the Navy and moved a dozen times since then. Thank you, Clay! I miss those days at Hartwood and was sorry to hear about Harry. Blue Skies to all of you in the group & remind Clay what a great guy he is. - Bob Larys, D-6822
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    I love seeing a poster mansplain why a thread was locked - to the person who locked it.
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    Some people aren't just in it for themselves. The protection isn't just for us, it's for others, too. Some people even volunteer time and/or money to benefit people who they don't even know, and who are unlikely ever to give them anything. Wendy P.
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    That's nothing. I just heard a new 100% confirmed Qanon meme. You know that ship that is stuck in the Suez Canal and is blocking 10% of the world's marine shipping right now? It's transporting underage sex slaves for Hillary Clinton. The proof: the ship is owned by Evergreen Marine, and its call sign is H3RC. Clinton’s Secret Service code name is Evergreen, and her initials are HRC. That's even more confirmation than two doctors you found on the Internet.
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    Part of what makes a helmet good is whether it fits your head. Not all heads are shaped the same, and the safest helmet is one that fits you well. Wendy P.
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    Brent, I'm about as right-wing as one can get and I'm probably the one most responsible for suggesting that thread be shut down. In 2007, I was not unlike you. I believed that AGW was bullshit and was deeply resolute in our party's platform. But, when people started using scientific data to erode my political beliefs; it began a period of exploration. One of the things that I reflected on was - we were the party of conservationism, environmentalism . . . From Ulysses S. Grant to the late 70's/early 80's; it was our party that vested the most in the environment. I can point to the time of change - 1973-1974. The first US oil crisis. Lack of oil/fuel, long lines at the gas stations, people fighting with each other at gas stations as to who was in line first. Price of gas for those who could get it was ridiculously high. And, the fight for cheap energy began. Then, in the early years of Reagan, there was this sudden stratospheric ozone hole which had been attributed to CFCs and HCFCs and the world shit its pants. It was the Reagan administration that pushed for an international agreement based on the work of atmospheric scientists and then began substantive regulations to address the world's greatest environmental issue of the time. But, the problem is/was you cannot fight for clean air, conservationism, environmentalism and cheap energy at the same time. So, the Republicans sided with the purses that were getting them re-elected and shifted from the party of conservationism to the party of Oil & Gas and abandoned what was for me - one our biggest core values - conservationism. So, with the help of several one here. some still here, some not; I asked for and received a path to understanding their side and to be honest; it wasn't with the intentions of learning their position as much as poking holes in it. Debate 101 shit. Learn what they know, so you can be prepared to defend against it. (this is where you're stuck). What happened was the opposite. I found out they were right and it unnerved me. So, I set out to learn more. Same result. The more learned the more I realized the "right" became so dug into being vested in cheap energy; we'd lost our way. But, there is an entire new faction of young republicans and it may interest you to know that young republicans between 18 and 38 actually score two percentage points higher than democrats in the same age range regarding their concern for the environment. For the first time in almost fifty years, both republicans and democrats are looking to discuss AGW and have real conversations about it. But, you are not. Your don't want to have an open dialogue. You want to dig your heels in deeper and go from stubborn to obstinate to defiance. And, it was a really bad game of cat and mouse. Populist BS versus scientists. Mercy rule? yeah, it was me calling for mercy on you.
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    Every AFF student ever owes this man a beer, Fly free Rocky.
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    Lots of troll-feeding going on in this thread.
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    I remember when Col Oli North wrote in his book. "We did what any good intelligence agency did; we turned on CNN." Over the past 30 years, journalism has shifted towards more opinion-based content that is heavy on argumentation and less on objective news coverage. They all chose a lane. FOX, OANN, MSNBC, etc. etc. I'm not sure what your point is - they're all guilty of influence and all have a market that listens.
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    And your house burning down could be a once in a several decades event, yet if it does you actually want the fire service to do its job. You don't care how many training competitions they win, you want them to perform when it really matters. So not including the pandemic in a policy evaluation is actually exactly what a fool would do. Does it matter no large western democracy did it well? Many countries still did it well. You're just laying the foundations of making exactly the same mistakes when the next pandemic arrives.
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    Any and all politicians that break the law should be prosecuted. This is not solely an R, D or I problem. The problem is politicians that use their office to serve themselves rather than the public.
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    Engineer is walking down a road. He hears "Hey! You! Help!" He looks around, and he sees nothing but a big frog by a puddle. "Yeah, that's right, it's me, the frog! I'm actually a princess that's been cursed by a witch. You know that story, right? Well it really happened. Now I need someone to kiss me so I will turn back into a princess." The engineer is surprised, then thoughtful. He picks up the frog and puts it in his backpack. "Hey! Listen, you drive a hard bargain. But if you kiss me I'll give you a reward. I have some money." The engineer thinks about it then keeps walking. "OK OK. You do realize that I'm a beautiful princess, right? If you kiss me I'll stay with you and . . . uh . . . do anything you ask. Anything!" The engineer thinks about some more then keeps walking. "What do I have to do to get you to kiss me?" wails the frog. "Well, I wouldn't know what to do with a princess," says the engineer. "But a talking frog is pretty cool."
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    My profession is on the machine side of things, and I appreciate your acknowledgement of the technology that got us to the moon, but wow you're oversimplifying the job of the medical profession. I think I'm pretty good at my job but I would never belittle the work of so many of my friends and some of my family in the medical field like you just did. HIV viruses kept mutating even within the same person, how do you target that with a vaccine? That's like trying to nail down water. In contrast SARS-Cov-2 is relatively slow mutating. If you work in a lab I'm sure you already know the differences between different DNA and RNA polymerases and their error rates right? I'm not a doctor and even I could see, even last year, that covid-19 was much easier to make a vaccine for than HIV, because of the technical qualities of the problem rather than the amount of political will or funding. It doesn't excuse or change the injustice that it was stigmatized because of prejudice against the LGBT community, but to real scientists or engineers, political will or funding is only secondary importance to the fundamental technical issues. No amount of funding to my field will enable us to break fundamental laws of physics, for example. The only people who think it will are the ones who have no idea what they're talking about. PS. I do acknowledge you're talking about wider access to the latest breaking edge cures, and yes that is a political/funding problem. But things like an HIV vaccine or a cure for cancer are NOT just political/funding problems, they're really hard technical problems too.
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    {In fond, loving memory of a jumper & friend who added a lot of “spice” to our skydiving lore} Blue Skies Carbone! always in “The Zone” ............ It’s never too late for a Scotty Carbone story; I met Scotty in 72, we were both novice jumpers rising through the ranks at the Stormville Parachute center in NY. We were both “City boys” and I knew in an instant that Carbone was a clever, street smart hustler. I also learned he was a very skilled & talented individual and had that certain charm about him,(you loved him or not-so-much at all). We became jump buddies and friends. Scotty never seemed to have a “real” job, a car or any money but he always managed to get by. Since I lived in Brooklyn and he was on my way to the DZ, I would often give him a ride and believe me, surviving the 90 minute drive was an act of significant personal discipline. But as you may guess, there was always a surprise or two w/ him, some nights the, (OLD DIAL), phone would ring, like 2-3 in the morning, I would answer; “you BleepN recti, you woke my parents up, F—Off, I’ll pick you up at 8...” and too many times he wasn’t even home but somehow made it to the DZ anyway. During the next decade we jumped, competed, partied and we’re on a 10-man, speed star team together;(The Spaced Rangers). One of our guys,(Wayne S)got us a DZ sponsor for our jumps; Lakewood Parachute Center,NJ. They had a DC-3 and needed/wanted us to fill every load to help lower their cost of putting out static line students, so for $3 a jump we’d take our 12-13 slots and practice from about 7-7500’. Lakewood was a VERY conservative DZ and The Rangers w/ Carbone, (not-so-much). Their DZ manager always kept a watchful eye on us and our coolers, one day during a hold for low clouds, our cooler lids were active and later when the skies cleared, we hustled our gear on then headed to the 3, but In our way, is the manager, he’d seen enough and points to,(you know who), and says, “I want to smell your breath!”... well of course Scotty obliges in spontaneous Carbone fashion; he runs up to him, puts him in a bear hug, and smoothers this guys face with his wide open mouth. Scotty breathes hard into his face for about 10-15 seconds, (while we are pissing our pants laughing), then says “was that enough?” and lets him go, the poor guy did not know what happened. We boarded, jumped, broke off above 25, landed and packed... We never got checked again!! I can tell you dozens of Carbone Capers but if you’ve spent any amount of time w/ Scotty, you probably can too, that one was special...
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    What makes you think we aren't? Imagine if all medical researchers were as smart as Westerly--I guess we'd have it all figured out!
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    Respect for what? I have a lot of respect for the teachings of Jesus. Lots to admire and aspire to in there. However, Jesus the person almost certainly didn't exist. Historical & archeological evidence for his being 'real' is virtually non-existent. Evidence that much of the story is made up is abundant. So my 'respect' for Jesus the person is on par with Harry Potter. Lots of good life lessons in his story too. My level of respect for the people that claim Jesus as their "Lord and Savior" varies a lot. For those that do their best to actually follow the teachings, I have quite a bit. For those that pretend they can be 'saved' and still be hateful, selfish, bigoted pigs... No. None at all for those hypocrites. For those that use fear of death and the 'reward' of promised salvation and eternal life to fleece the gullible, scared fools... A genuine hatred. The fact that scuzzbuckets like Osteen, Graham, Falwell, Roberston and the like have not been struck down by lightning at some point is further proof that "God" doesn't really exist. Or that he doesn't care what is done 'in his name' down here.
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    Hi, Wendy, I have advocated in the past for a "maximum wage" for corporate officers. No owner, contractor, officer (or whatever) may receive in wages, incentives, bonuses or other compensation an annual amount to exceed (10x? 15x?) the annual gross income, incentives and bonuses of the (lowest-paid? median? average?) employee (direct hire or contractor) of the corporation. Okay, there are ways of wording that so that you don't count the medical and dental (for either group), and close loopholes. If a corporate officer is getting stock options, then the employees should be getting the same options (lower scale). That way, when the officer makes a windfall when the stock soars, he/she doesn't go above the limit because all the employees have the same gains. The intent is that the company/corporation pays its workers commensurate to what the income is. If the company is doing well, give the employees a bonus so the base calculation goes up (and the officers then get their bigger bonuses). Structure the base pay scale to accommodate for leaner years. Allow a minimum number of employees (to include maintenance and seasonal workers) to be above a certain number before this rule kicks in, to protect small businesses.
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    Yeah, the Deep State goes so deep that even when a Trump lackey was running the CDC they didn't sound the word about the miraculous benefits of Hydroxychloroquine. I'm sure that your rural GA mountain doctors are all over it though.
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    From February 24th 2018: 1. License the person (training, use, care, transfer, storage, transport).2. Background Check (Criminal & Mental – defined as one who has a condition that makes them dangerous) MENTAL ILLNESS: I don't know if a simple yes or no from a healthcare professional would violate HIPPA3. Waiting Period – 25 weekdays (if waiting period ends on a Friday – Monday pickup).4. Traininga. 8 days - training, use, care, transfer, storage, transport.b. 6 Days - CQB in a MOUT environment (automatic (2), revolver (1) shotgun (1), rifle @ the range (2). (*) = days.5. Gun Show Loopholea. All new weapons recorded/logged from cradle to grave (manufacturer to each new owner).b. Existing weapons requirei. Individual sales to have a bill of sale.ii. [strike}All weapons to be logged/recorded & kept with the owner – failure to produce equals minimum of three years.[/strike] TO BE WRITTEN AS: All guns in existence have one year to be entered into a national database. Any guns not in the database shall be confiscating by local authorities and smelted. 6. Schoolsa. Each school to have a minimum of one armed uniform police officer & one armed uniform security guard (onsite during school hours).i. Each to carry an assault rifle, automatic pistol, taser, handcuffs, radio/cell).ii. Both to train in CQB at their specific day w/ the local police department twice a year when class is not in session).b. Teachers may carry if they choose and adhere to items 1-4i. Teachers who carry receive $5,000-year special duty pay and must attend the twice a year training (6.a.ii)c. Random & sporadic locker inspections.i. Parents & students must sign an acknowledgement to allow.ii. All students must carry their learning materials in the open (no book bags).NOTES:1. Items 1- 5: Cost of gun ownership.2. Item 6: Both Left & Right have to cut their respective budgets equally at 50% of cost to protect schools. (i.e., Right – military budget. Left – social programs).Special Notes:1. Thanks to those that sent me information in a PM (both sides).2. Everyone has to be receptive to giving up something.
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    It's not true that Chicago has the strictest gun laws in the country. At one point, it did. It had banned handguns in the city limits, but a 2008 Supreme Court ruling declared that ban unconstitutional and a 2010 ruling reaffirmed that. Here's the kicker - When Chicago had its most strict gun laws, Homicides by Guns were higher. https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/breaking/ct-history-of-chicago-homicides-htmlstory.html Again, more gun laws are not the solution - good gun laws are the solution.
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    Well see, Joe. You're getting old and so you're not well-versed on the science of staircases. The staircase tread depth used to be a maximum of 10 inches. But, with people like you falling down the stairs, the code changed to 11 inches, so the staircases had to be retrofitted to extend the inch. So, they added a "lip" on the stair case and when you lift your feet up to the required 7 3/4" riser height to climb the stairs - anyone with a size 10 foot or greater will catch on that lip and so we see a greater number of people falling up the stairs; than down. Note: Of course this is all bullshit, but it sounds good. Well, it's all bullshit after the part about you getting old.
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    Semi Stowless Bag Review by Sandy Grillet I first started jumping the semi-stowless bag from UPT with the two locking stows and 4 tuck tabs, prior to them going into production because the designer wanted his design to be field tested using mostly an everyday jumper with what he thought would be typical skydives and pack jobs. I make 325-350 jumps each year. Roughly 1/3 of which are camera jumps - filming tandems. The rest are belly jumps as 4 and 8 way training, competing, coaching and FS organizing at boogies and events. I make use of packers for about 275-300 of my jumps (one of the reasons for the designer to give me a prototype of his bag). I now have more than 2500 jumps on the semi-stowless bags using Katana 120s, Velocity 103s and Valkyrie 96s. I have zero jumps (that means none) on wing suits. So my opinion is based on my personal experiences and my general knowledge of skydiving and deployment sequences. I have nothing but good things to say about the semi-stowless bag. It is essentially set up the same as a reserve bag except it uses a flap with tuck tabs for figure-eighting the lines instead of sliding them down into a pouch. This allows the packer to see what the lines look like as they are being figure-eighted - a good thing IMO. As recommended by the designer, I use large rubber bands for the two locking stows and double wrap them around no more than 1 1/2 inch of line bite. Some people will tell you double wrapping is not a good idea and may cause bag lock. This is a myth (assuming the use of large bands and the proper maintenance of your pilot chute and kill line length). I've been double wrapping large bands for 18 years on all my stows (locking stows included) even before the semi-stowless bag). I love the openings of the semi-stowless bag. I've had mostly very controlled on heading openings. Any off heading openings (90-120 degrees) usually happen on my pack jobs because I've been told I sometimes pack a bit hastily. Thank God for packers. The bag does allow you to get to line stretch quicker and cleaner than a conventional bag. I like this because I believe the majority of line twists start and are caused before the canopy comes out of the bag. Most jumpers replace the rubber bands only when they break or are extremely close to breaking. How many times have you wrapped a band around a line-bite thinking "come on don't break..... just hold for one more jump"? This means our bands are generating varying levels of force on our line bites. Some hold better and longer than others due to better (newer) strength. This imbalance of line bite strength often initiates rotation of the bag as the lines play out causing line twists. I believe the single wrapping of line bites sometimes allow the lines to deploy out of sequence allowing one or more lines to sneak out early and wrap around another line bite which can and has caused bag locks and hard openings. I also believe too much line bite helps cause line twists and out of sequence line deployment which can also cause line twists and bag lock. I've seen footage of quite a few opening sequences using high speed cameras, which means you can slow the footage down by roughly 2/3 of a normal video camera slow motion. The footage is quite enlightening. I think most people would be shocked to see how much bag dance and out of sequence line deployment is actually going on above our heads. Now, this doesn't mean that it happens all the time but it does happen pretty regularly. It also does not mean that it couldn't happen with the semi-stowless bag but the design is such, and testing along with hundreds of thousands of jumps has proven that bag dance and out of sequence line deployment is dramatically reduced to almost nothing. I like my lines to come out quickly and cleanly (like a reserve) so my canopy can hit the air with the greatest chance of an on heading deployment from the bag. After that, it's a matter of how well you packed and placed the canopy in the bag (especially the control of your slider), how well your canopy is in trim (lines), your body position during deployment and the design and wing loading of the canopy. As I mentioned earlier, you do get to line stretch quicker but it does not cause faster or harder openings. The openings are controlled by the slider and the packing (and canopy design). If a person gets a hard opening it's usually because the slider was not well controlled during the packing and bagging process. There can be other factors but it's almost always the slider. The semi-stowless bag does not affect the hardness or softness of the openings. It only affects the speed to line stretch which I like. It also allows the lines to play out in a more orderly fashion. We must remember, we only use rubber bands to keep the lines in place until they are needed and then to allow them to play out in a relatively orderly fashion in what is otherwise a fairly chaotic couple of seconds. But those bands can and do create other issues as I mentioned above. The semi-stowless bag does exactly the same thing but simply allows the lines to play out more consistently. All of this can and has been debated by those who are naysayers. And I believe healthy, sensible, civil debate is good and necessary for further development of ideas in our sport and gear. And I welcome the debate by those who have actually given some rational and original intellectual thought to this or any subject. Of course this is just my humble opinion – Sandy Grillet Full disclosure >> I am a UPT Vector dealer.
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    There are plenty of examples of politicians being scumbags, so I thought I'd start a thread for politicians who actually make good decisions - decisions that help the people who elected them, that look ahead farther than the next election, and that are based on the common good rather than profit for campaign donors or friends. Here's the first one, a governor that refused to sign an anti-trans bill that made its way to his desk in Arkansas: Washington (CNN) - Arkansas' Republican governor on Monday vetoed an anti-transgender health care bill that would've prohibited physicians in the state from providing gender-affirming "procedures" for trans people under age 18. Gov. Asa Hutchinson told reporters that he killed HB 1570 because the bill "would be and is a vast government overreach" and because it would've created "new standards of legislative interference with physicians and parents as they deal with some of the most complex and sensitive matters involving young people." https://www.cnn.com/2021/04/05/politics/asa-hutchinson-arkansas-transgender-health-care-veto/index.html
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    Funny how your response to being accused of sexism is to be more sexist. Does this mean Pence was picked by a white man because he was a white man? Lol, right. Explain to me the achievements of Owens that make her objectively more qualified and prepared for office than Harris. Bonus point if you can learn enough about her to spell her name correctly.
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    Unfortunately both our countries allow for loopholes, through child marriage. A practice I find despicable and one that should be changed immediately. In Canada, children between 16 and 18 can get married with parental consent. In many US states that limit either doesn't exist or is significantly lower, some as low as 13. Texas is trying to pass a bill that would label those parents helping their transgender children as child abusers, but does allow a 14 year young child to get married with parental consent. We really need to stop letting religious dogma dictate legislation.
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    I did dude. Called them 11pm on Friday night (9am NC time) but they are closed on Fridays. Called them 11pm yesterday which was the first time they were back in the office. In the meantime, I thought I'd ask for some advice from other people who may have some.
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    Brother, there's a reason their Indian name is, "One who eats crayons." Quite frankly, I don't get it. When I was in the military; you didn't get in line to be "asked" if you wanted a shot and the only refusal was a documented case of adverse reaction. These guys walk down a gauntlet of medics with guns at the ready for inoculations before every deployment and don't utter a word, but COVID, 1) they have a choice? and 2) they don't squawk about the other myriad of shots we/they get. Short course: Who the fuck told the Marines they had a choice on getting the vaccine? Senior leadership needs to make the call and tell them to get it or get the fuck out.
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    How am I attempting to 'shame' you? The White Privilege I'm talking about isn't being applied to you. It's you giving it to Chauvin. You originally claimed Floyd died of an OD (later recanted). You've claimed that the autopsy done by the family is biased. You claimed in the OP that Chauvin won't get a fair trial. I've repeatedly asked what you mean by that. I have yet to see a specific response. Just vague assertions that the city isn't ready for the aftermath of the verdict, that there are 'forces' in play, that the outcome is already determined. You've said you don't want to believe that Chauvin deliberately killed Floyd. You said that Chauvin 'could have saved' Floyd. As was pointed out, that's sort of true. He could have 'saved' him by not murdering him. All of those claims point to the idea that you don't want to see Chauvin convicted. The idea that Chauvin should be presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law is a principle our justice system is founded on. The idea that white cops should be able to get away with murdering black people is not.
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    Surely you recognize the Chewbacca defense by now.
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    Well The Beatles tried promoting the 8-day week, but it didn't catch on.
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    LOL. I was reading about anti-Asian racism and found myself down this bunny hole that took me there. But, I also found a fabulous sea salt scrub for my skin.
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    Jesus, Mary and Joseph Keith, you get your news from Marie Claire? What happened buddy, did they cancel your Cosmo subscription?
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    I honestly didn't see that thread (or at least I don't remember reading it) but what tells me is that if we can come up with something so close, independently, there MUST be a reasonable consensus that is able to be reached.
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    BIGUN's posts on the matter seem reasonable to me. There are two things that people need to agree to for any movement to be made on this. First - the 2nd Amendment isn't going away. There is zero chance of a constitutional amendment being written to ban guns. A gunman could storm the capitol, wipe out the sitting government and the next one STILL wouldn't pass that legislation. Even talking about it does nothing more than generate resistance to any sort of future legislation in gun owners minds. It's self defeating. Second - what we're doing isn't working. Every law passed gets watered down so much as to be basically ineffectual, while at the same time making future laws more difficult to pass. This is the entire function of the NRA. (well, that and defrauding members). I've long thought there are a number of changes that would make a difference without limiting the rights granted by the constitution and having some chance of adoption in a meaningful way. 1 - The background checks and gun show / private seller loopholes. These need to change. Every gun purchase must go through a dealer who does the appropriate checks. You can order a gun at a show, or buy one from your buddy, but the actual firearm effectively goes through a licensed escrow before you can get it. 2 - The waiting period for all guns needs to be expanded. There should be no possible way that if you're pissed off on a Monday then you can go on a killing spree on the Tuesday. Give everyone a month to cool off at least. Those two are easy to write into legislation. Now for some tougher ones. 3 - While you have a right own guns, that right CAN be removed from you under specific and detailed circumstances. This would require a database of who owns what guns, which comes with complications of its own, but these are not insurmountable. Commit a class 'x' felony and get convicted? Part of your sentence is that you have to give up all of the guns registered in your name or face an extension of your sentence. You get them back 2 years after your sentence is complete under the condition that you haven't been arrested again (or something like this) - the precise wording would need to be worked out. Use your weapon in a dangerous way (misfire in your house, threaten a spouse etc) - you lose them for a period of time. *Some sort of provision for mental health has to go in here, and the discussion what constitutes a red flag I think could be a different thread in itself. Things like this. 4 - You have to have completed a training course suitable for the type of weapons you own, and you have to stay current on it. Now, both of these come with some serious logistical and admin issues, so they're harder to implement. Now for the realm of fantasy. 5- Guns MUST be secured to a particular standard. Your teenage son can't be able to get hold of it when he's had a bad day. 6 - New guns must come with a device that simply prevents them from firing outside of approved areas. Take a gun to a cinema? It isn't going to work. Someone breaks into your home, it will. The technology to do this isn't that complicated if we WANTED to. But I don't see it happening. I've talked in more detail about how this could work before. If this solution was implemented then you could remove ALL limitations on gun ownership - own any gun or ammunition you want.
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    Not picking on you, but what are the recommendations for an unconscious jumper of any weight? I've been conscious and aware for all my reserve rides (many........., training CReW jumpers has it's hazards), but always size my reserves close to 1:1 in the event I'm just a sack of meat and am not flying it.
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    Phil, here's what I do know and before everyone does the BIGUN dogpile. In the past three years, my daughter's school has been placed on lockdown several times. And, it seems like this, like most things, has an attention span in here of dissipating until the next event. Then everyone starts getting all - "America's Freedom Sucks" again. Here's where "I'm" at . . . ~Two years ago, I spent a considerable amount of time writing up a manifesto for the left - the only one to take action on here was TK and he put it square in his platform while running for office. Some from Canada didn't even realize the baseplate was their own Canadian gun laws. Some from Britain poo poo'd it as not enough. In those same past ~two years, how many on here have written to their representatives about gun legislation. Here's where "we're" at . . . There will never be a change to the US Constitution rescinding the second amendment and anyone on here who thinks it ever would is fooling themselves. So, what "we're" left with is "Well-regulated." How much more - there's somewhere around 2,000 federal and state gun control laws - How's that working for you? /drphil voice. There's currently legislation that has two major components, 1) It would make the waiting period a firm 10 days; no instachecks, here's your gun, thank you, and 2) It closes the "Gun Show" loophole - all sales of weapons including private would have to go through a licensed gun dealer with the exception of spousal gifts. Now, here's the silly part - I'll sell you this gun and we'll back date the bill of sale to before the legislation took effect. And, the Democrats will realize their mistake and make a new law changing the first law and the Republicans will cry - SEE!! They're incrementing their way to take our guns!! And, the SCOTUS will step in and, and . . . And, the Democrats will rise up at the next event and holler louder and say, WE NEED TO DO MORE!!! Those evil nasty AR's are at fault - they need to be BANNED!!! And, the Republicans will say - SEE!!! They want more legislation. They want our guns. They want to take away my choice of guns, my FREEDOM!!! You don't hear about these things: https://ballotpedia.org/Federal_policy_on_laws_governing_guns_and_firearms,_2017-2020 https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/house-bill/5717/text The bottom line, Phil is: Until both sides are willing to sit down and negotiate for all of America on this point - nothing is going to change. Nothing. Everybody is saying words and pointing fingers, but nobody is actually DOING anything. And, it will happen again.
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    My instructor learned from Perry, I think, because he came from California, and he, too, drilled endlessly, with yelling and all, on PLF's, cutaways and emergency procedures. And I've been jumping a pretty long time, also with no injuries. That training and practice stuff works. Wendy P.
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    i recall a similar sentiment around the y2k bug. all the hype and nothing. hell, i went to bed at 11 that year because i knew nothing would happen because too many people put in way too many hours making sure of it. same thing with i t security, when it works well, you don't know it's there until you get the bill. then you dispute the bill because nothing happened. then i leave, you get breached, and i charge 10 times the amount to clean up the mess that i could have prevented cheaply. damn, that went a bit long, sorry.
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    Sign at Denton restaurant threatens to charge $50 ‘if I have to explain why masks are mandatory’
  49. 2 points
    People will be wondering how the system was stored all those years and if damages are present It would be best to get all the components inspected by a rigger then get his feeling on the value of the system and post the rigger inspection with your ad to prevent unnecessary questions.
  50. 2 points
    I've seen at my DZ 2 of the Vmag mounts lost due to being knocked loose. I use the chinmount.com version. Great quality, lowest profile, low price, if you bump into something, it dislodges instead of departs. The Grellfab chinmount is similar in this respect, but the Grellfab is much bulkier than the chinmount.com mount. I ordered it with a bunch of extra "up" angle because I fly with my head lower than the young kids. Top of head stalk-type mounts are lousy not only because they can snag not only a main or main PC. More important is they are in a great position during most cutaways to snag part of the deploying reserve as it passes by the back of your head.
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