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    Myself and my good friend Brent Findlay set a new national New Zealand record this past Saturday for the most number of jumps completed in a single day by a single person. Dubbed 'The Hundred Jump Project' our goal was to get at least 101 jumps in a single day each simultaneously to beat the current NZ record of 100 which has stood unbeaten since 1999. We managed to achieve an average of one jump each every 5.5 minutes for just under 12 hours non-stop (aside from fuelling obviously), eventually ending the day on 120 jumps each so we now co-own the new record. We jumped from 2,500ft (the lowest legal altitude under our governing rules) from a Fletcher aircraft. We had just the one plane but had 3 pilots who worked on a 10-jump rotation. We had an incredible ground crew of around 50 people including packers, pilots, safety, rig-swappers, catchers, food and hydration runners etc who all also worked on a roster rotation, our first jump was at sunrise 6:35am and our last jump was around 6:15pm. We are not night rated so we were restricted to daylight hours only. We used a total of 20 rigs with quite a large range of canopies. It was really fun to land a Crossfire 3 109, then 5 minutes later land a Saffire 3 150, then 5 minutes later land a 7 cell Krakken wingsuit canopy etc, it was a real test and we had 240 great landings. I know some of you will be referencing people like Jay Stokes and thinking that 120 isnt really a big deal, but it was a big deal for NZ and certainly a big deal for us personally. We used the challenge to raise funds for our local Mental Health Foundation, so far we have raised around $10,000NZD but we expect that number to climb as the NZ media continues to show a lot of interest. We both had one cutaway each which is pretty unlucky really. Both spinning linetwists which put us on our backs, pretty obvious you arent going to fix that from that altitude. Mine was at jump 55 and Brents was at jump 93. Both cutaways were textbook, kept both handles, landed exactly on target, swapped rigs and kept going. One of the coolest stats is that I got to do my 800th and 900th jump on the same day, which not many people can say. Anyway I just thought some of you might be interested in some of those stats. It was a super fun day and Im really proud of what we achieved. Heres a quick story from one of the news channels here in NZ, one of many to report on the event. https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/124237213/friends-push-through-parachute-fails-and-fatigue-to-set-new-skydive-record
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    Looks like a lot of people don't understand the difference between "making good choices" and "having good choices".
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    36 hours after 2nd shot. I feel strong, going out to hunt bears in forest.
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    Agreeing with Gerry Baumchen, The first freebags had no through loops (e.g. Strong Dual Hawk Tandem) and short closing loops were tied to internal flaps. Second generation freebags had through loops, but they still rubbed against reserve fabric (e.g. Talon 1 and all Vectors). loop length varies widely depending up the rigger's experience. I have only sewn patches on two reserves, but one of them was in a NARO. The reserve center cell suffered a small tear because a rigger used more muscle than skill in pulling the closing loop through the free bag. Even if I only have to patch one reserve every 1500 repacks, that is too often. Third generation free bags are pinched in the middle they are easier to with only a single grommet through both layers of the freebag (Javelin, Talon 2). They are easier to pack because they need fewer tools and have a consistent loop length. While working at Para-Phernalia, I managed to convince them to switch Softie free bags from second generation to third generation freebags. EOS, Atom and Icon are between second and third generation in that they have grommets in both the top and bottom skins of the free bag, but they also have fabric channels preventing the closing loop from ever rubbing against on reserve fabric. Fourth generation free bags have more secure lines stows to properly stage higher speed openings (Icon, Racer Speed bag). These are mostly found on tandem and military rigs that deploy much heavier and faster than solo rigs. If you have read this far, you understand why I clearly prefer third generation free bags.
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    Brother, I have to side with the left on this one. And, in part, you are correct. One-time shot in the arms aren't that great, but it is something. IMO: It should have been $600 - $1,000/month this whole time. Any time there's a recession/depression, the Keynesian Model works. Get money into the hands of the consumers that make less than "X" and they spend. Moving money around is what gets the economy to rebound.
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    Brother, I GAVE you the NASA information. I have to assume you didn't read it. I did read her code. She merely used NASA's data to derive her own resultset. If I take your Aunt Mary's recipe for BBQ sauce and change one ingredient; is it still Aunt Mary's BBQ sauce or my use of Aunt Mary's data to derive my own while pointing at Aunt Mary's recipe as the foundation for my result. Ron posts some Pete "Something" video that an engineer friend of his sent him. The Pete "Something" is a Market Analyst. That means he has something to sell. Pho Is a stay at home mom who thinks her degrees in economics and finance give her some insight as to interpreting or arguing against science. "Kallend fell into this trap." You know; Kallend, Bill and and I may have differing philosophies on social issues, but they probably have more experience in science than most people on the planet and rather than even attempting to learn from them; you and Ron throw hacks at them as uncontroversial evidence that they're wrong. Brother, that is just plain silly.
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    What isn't complicated is that a state that consistently rejects federal intervention in its affairs and whose senator opposed federal help for other states after a weather induced disaster comes cap in hand to the feds when it has a problem.
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    Brent, you have a wonderful capability to spin up a lot of shit with a mischaracterized post in the first place. I'm sure you see yourself like Rush seemed to, as dodging and spinning as the attacks come, countering each one. Not realizing you're just playing dodgeball, standing in place, while the world continues to move on. Wendy P.
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    You're all being incredibly tedious.
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    I know this thread is titled "White privilege" specifically, but I think that's muddying the waters more than it should be, and I also think you're making a genuine effort to understand better. The core principle of privilege (as I understand it) that addresses what seems to be your main concern, is the phrase "All other things being equal"... All other things being equal, being white (in a Western nation) will give you an advantage over those who aren't. All other things being equal, being male will give you an advantage. All other things being equal, being heterosexual will give you an advantage. All other things being equal, being born into a middle-class family will give you an advantage over those who were born into poor families. Etc, etc. I'm a straight white male, as were all my peer group growing up. But they were largely middle class and above, with both parents around, whereas I grew up fairly poor with a single mother (for most of my childhood). All other things being equal, their economic privilege gave them a measurable leg-up on me. I could have done better than I did with hard work, but I also didn't have the role-models to show me how and why. It doesn't mean you need to feel bad about your successes, or that you didn't earn them. It's just a matter of acknowledging that others didn't always get the same opportunities you may have, based on something they had no control over. Comparing Tiger Woods to an average white Joe in Appalachia is pointless, because of course he enjoys some privileges they don't. If you compared him to a white golfer of similar fame levels though, you might see some divergence. That's all privilege really is.
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    Ok, I'll say it. The forum migration to the new format did not help.
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    you need a third parachute attached to legally do that. not a good idea though, you can lose your freebag and pilot chute.
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    It was a bargain even at NASA’s price. But for some that’s not good enough. NASA regularly pulls off amazing stuff, and yet they seem be the government entity most commonly cited as a waste of money. They are the one government run organization that not only does what it sets out to do, they often knock the ball out of the park. Then they have to beg for more operational funding because their spacecraft last so much longer than they were designed to. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big spacex fan too, They have pulled off some impressive feats of engineering, and yes, at reduced cost. They are a for profit corporation and that’s what they should be doing. But even if they are not as efficient, NASA does scientific exploration of space better than anyone else.
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    Perry's got a point about keeping the Feds out...have you seen the type of dipshits they let run the Department of Energy?
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    That my is an old Strato cloud,1.5 oz fabric...the rings as slider stops,the line attach point s( type 4 coreless nylon,covered by a piece of 1.5 inch type 3),the windows on the bottom surface AND the dual bridle attachments ,not to mention the zig zag stitching using FF red thread,.ITS ALL PARAFLITE!. I KNOW CUZ I WORKED THERE. The serial number was stamped on one of the ribs,since these ribs are all black,you will find the serial number on one of the reinforcing tapes on the rib.it may no longer be visible because the ink PFI used at the time was NOT permanent
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    I am sitting within 5 metres of a banana tree which is growing outside my window. And I wouldn't consider my observation as an insult. Most banana republics have one corrupt politician calling the shots. The US have a bunch of self serving senators allowing their ex president off the hook for something he quite clearly instigated. And seeing the sheer numbers of people who still believe his bullshit makes the rest of the planet despair for American democracy. The ignorance on display is breath taking. Thus the US has lost the trust and respect it once enjoyed from most of the free world. Even if the US manages to expunge the corruption in full view of the rest of the world, it is doubtful that trust will ever be earned back. Making 45 pay for his crimes would just be the start, and seeing some of his bootlicking enablers like Graham, Cruz et al thrown out would also help. The US is definitely on the banana republic list.
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    I dare you to walk into a COVID Ward and see just how devastating this virus is on the human body - hell, go see someone who has facetime as they monitor their dying loved one in the hospital. Don't get me wrong; I do believe we need to re-open the economy, but after we get this virus under control. You know, our grandparents sacrificed so much more during WWII (everything was rationed) and we came together to face a foreign enemy. We need to come together for this enemy also. God forbid someone misses out on their Starbucks or sumpin. We as a nation have zero fucking patience to get through anything anymore.
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    As always, thank you Dr. for another of your insightful, well though out statements about COVID.
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    What??? A 4 minute video did not cover everything there is to understand about white privilege??? Inconceivable!
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    it's a huge waste of resources that are better spent elsewhere, like actually contributing to safety. maybe to include more plf training, having students do some before each day of jumping like they do in airborne school, and start an awareness program for canopy piloting. things that still killing us would be where i would direct my energies, but i didn't get the job as executive director, so not my call now.
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    There is no such thing as White privilege, it is a ridiculous idea that ignores reality and at best becomes a crutch, an excuse for failure. The idea is detrimental to all There is economical privilege period. In homogenous countries where they don't have the melting pot that we have in the US, guess what? people with money get treated better then poor people. That's the case now that's always been the case. I am not talking about bribes, Its stuff like being able to afford to live in a better neighborhood, there is generally less stress for everyone including the cops who patrol these neighborhoods compared to the ghetto. Add to that list all the things that wealth can offer and the the fact that having more money generally improves the probability of safety health and success for you and loved ones anywhere on this planet. There are plenty of poor white people with no privilege and plenty of rich minorities who get all the privilege its about $$$ Can we also admit that perception is something we all have and we all when presented with a new human make some prejudgments good and bad? Can we admit the way you talk, look and present yourself matters! or have most of us left reality!? Can you understand why at the airport me a middle eastern male gets randomly selected everytime by the TSA and the little old white grandma who is 78 doesn't....if you can't or have to pretend you cant understand that, know that i do understand and its not racism to me its called common sense. I understand that the biggest representation of brown,tan people like me in the past i don't know lets say 20 years or so is explosions Islam and death. Now i am glad that i live in a country where my rights are preserved and i am viewed equal under law, however it would be disingenuous of me to pretend to not understand why some people who don't know me personally might have some reservations or prejudgments......why do so many pretend not to understand this? However my biggest issue with the term white privilege is that it takes attention away from the actual problems. Like no fathers, no family unit, no values, no discipline! and gives an impression that you can only succeed if your white! which is untrue. Why is it so many immigrants who have come here with less of a foundation then even the poorest Americans, who also have to deal with the same system deal with racism and judgment dig themselves out of poverty? Why is it so many African Americans, Latinos , Asians and other minorities do outstanding in this country and are the picture of success? It's there families and the values they have been taught by them. It starts at home. The only way you can fix any problem is by being honest about the cause, not pandering in a cloak of sympathy thats detrimental to the very people you think you're helping Its been very frustrating watching the dialogue of this country in the past few years, I have read often white people who are coming from a good place make the dumbest statements, like We are such a Racist country!! I always ask them, have you been anywhere else? i don't mean on vacation have you ever lived anywhere else? do you know how people in europe pick any country on the continent feel about certain people? how about Asia? the Middle East? Africa!? you know where they cut your hands off in certain places if your from a different tribe? America is the least racist place on this planet. Work hard make better decisions sacrifice for the greater good of your family and you can have some privilege too.
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    Morning after 2nd shot. Still no reaction except very mild bruise at needle site. Wife is the same.
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    Or Congress... Wendy P.
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    I completely agree. Prisoners are probably the most unpopular and disregarded group in society. Behind even politicians and lawyers. But they are still our brothers and sisters.
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    Check yourself, my brain is working just fine and I studied the ethics and pragmatics of this in medical school. We don’t assign vaccine priority based on a moral judgment of how “good” you are and the vaccine is not an “attaboy” for valiant service. It is quite simply not a factor. If the doctors and federal judges tell you you’re doing healthcare wrong, you should really stop and evaluate how “logical” your argument really is. You use the word twice but fail to apply the concept.
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    But then you might get many with the same name, Schooley Mc School Face.
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    Is the emoticon supposed to be you? I'd have chosen differently. Look, a country is many things but more than anything it is a society of people who choose to adopt a common identity and who work toward common goals for the common good. Those things generally come together very slowly for the whole. It's just reasonable that when most people have decided things like racism and racist behavior are no longer a part of their identity then they also no longer see it as a part of their national identity and, by extension, no longer identify with certain symbols of their racist past. It's not about starting over or denying our past it's about standing up for who we are now as a people. That's a good thing.
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    Same idea in racecar driving and extreme driving training. You have to learn how to put the car into skid and manage it so as, beside safety protocols, it provides an entire new range of driving methods and performance capabilities. When you're keeping the car hair breadth from the skid, that's when you're taking track bends the fastest; for the speed turns/ maneuvers you have to initiate an actual skid and control the car while in it; you activate ABS by precipitous braking and learn to maneuver under it etc. etc. - a broad array of inputs, techniques, and respective results. There's various special equipment and drills to imitate both intentional and unintentional situations, activated either by the student or the instructor or both, depending on the exercise. And you drill it so much that your knees, elbows, and shoulders are continuously bruised because of the kicks and the G's (right hand side ones if you're doing track), hands scuffed and blistered even with the gloves, letting alone your crippled neck, head and eardrums at the end of the day. Same principle, same method: you do the "error" and learn to control it. Another important notion is: these "errors" can be, and often are, easily and imperceptibly entered into by doing nothing conscious, simply through unawareness or/ and lack of attention. That's exactly why one needs to know by rote where the "mistakes" begin so as you can keep your focus on preventing them when such is your current intent.
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    Apparently nursing home deaths have dropped quite a bit. The NYT "Morning Update" e-mail says they've gone down 60% from late December to early February. And it's primarily because the residents were among the first to get the vaccine. I said a while back that I was rather 'vaccine shy', and was perfectly happy to be towards the back of the line for it. That I would likely change my mind by the time my turn came. Still not my turn, but I'm now very willing to take the shot. No deaths from vaccine side effects that I've heard of. Serious side effects are rare and usually accompanied by underlying allergies. More importantly, while there are people who've been vaccinated getting sick, it's very few and virtually NONE of them have been hospitalized or died.
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    As a former Texan, I say give them their independence, and remind them that freedom isn't free. They'll start having to negotiate trade deals, too. Wendy P.
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    Interestingly enough, I heard a talk on the placebo effect in general yesterday; in the COVID vaccine trials, about 30% of people had an adverse effect (besides sore arm) to the placebo. Fewer to the second shot, which given that the actual shot has a higher incidence of adverse effect, seems to indicate that the second shot does have a noticeable effect in some people. Got my Pfizer shot one on Saturday; already have my follow-up scheduled for shot 2. I'll be volunteering at our local senior center as an intake person after that. Seems only right, since it's a 10-minute stroll. Wendy P.
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    Thanks. I knew perfectly well that whatever mfg I picked, it would be the other one.
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    Moron state senator Amanda Chase (Trumpist) in Virginia refuses to wear a mask in senate sessions, so they put her in a plexiglass box.
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    Is that a problem with wind or a problem with Texas? Seems like wind turbines are able to operate in cold climates in other parts of the world? Same as natural gas works pretty well in cold climates, if properly prepared. Texas decided not to learn any lessons from 2011 and prior incidences of cold weather impacting the power grid, resulting in history repeating itself. Looks like the issue isn't how the power is generated, but to what standard the network is maintained. You want all the cheapness, but then whine when it turns out cheapness has a price.
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    I do. But I will give you an opportunity to prove me wrong. Post Al Gore saying that "the world was going to be under water in 15 years." Should be easy, right? You are all about facts, right? Just point me towards the speech where he said that. In fact I will even bet you $200 that you can't do that, that you will end up saying something like "well, he said sea levels will rise, and a low lying city might be underwater soon, and isn't that sorta the same thing?" Want to put your money where your mouth is? Should be easy money for you.
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    Generally I'd just use old sneakers with mostly-flat (worn) bottoms. The true test was the early morning zero wind wet grass landing. They worked pretty well for that - could even pull it off on dirt most of the time. That was mostly on Nitros and Crossfires loaded about 2:1.
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    The "number of rejumps" question is not really relevant for SL. You'll get there when you get there (freefall). You might need six jumps, you might need sixty jumps. Either is fine.
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    In my country it is about 6$ / gallon. Hell, I even remember several years ago when we voted to increase the cost by 40 cts/gal in taxes in order to have a rather correct polluter/payer ratio and invest these taxes in transportation infrastructure.
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    Hi folks, I call this progress in the right direction: Virginia lawmakers vote to abolish state's death penalty - BBC News Jerry Baumchen
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    Wow!!! I would like to thank all the white people who helped me achieve this great honour. And also my parents for being white PS: Can I put "winner of SC - 11 February 2021" on my CV??!!!
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    "Washington — The Senate voted to move forward with former President Donald Trump's impeachment trial on Tuesday, with a majority of senators determining they have jurisdiction to place former presidents on trial in cases of impeachment. By a vote of 56 to 44, the Senate rejected arguments by Mr. Trump's attorneys, who asserted that holding an impeachment trial of a former president is unconstitutional." If Republicans held the majority in the Senate it is likely they would have voted that impeachment trial of a former president is unconstitutional. I think that is a decision that should be decided by the Supreme Court.
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    I'm still on my first cup of coffee, so bear with me - If California has 16 more deaths than Oklahoma per 100,000 and California's population density per square mile is four times greater than Oklahoma, how is Oklahoma doing better? We've been divorced for quite some time now.
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    Since the Trump card is anything that is declared as such after being presented in this "game", it'll be interesting to see how significant it is. Ron, the Kraken never came, Trump wasn't inaugurated, and 1871 wasn't the last legal inauguration. For that matter, everyone else who's tried to subvert the will of the voters isn't a patriot. Because America is defined by its rules, not by what people happen to be affected by those rules. The rule of law is above the rule of people when effected by the country. Individual people have the right to hold whatever rule they think is more important (e.g. the Rule of God), and the government can't prosecute them for their efforts or lack thereof. I am a real American. So is my genderqueer BLM-protesting friend. So is my 96-year-old Trump-supporting great aunt, and my Texas friends who span a entire range of political belief. But we all get a voice, and the rules are what they are for listening to those voices. Trump's voice is only more important in the minds of a minority of Americans. That makes it a minority voice. Wendy P.
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    I am going to have to call bullshit on that. Might be your perception, but there are plenty of stories of blatant sexism and racism that simply isn't get dealt with in the armed forces. The idea that it is something that doesn't exist is insane. How many white, male generals. How many BIPOC and/or female generals?
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    Lots of white folks might raise their hand when asked if they have a black friend. In reality, they just know a black person.
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    You have obviously never visited Lake Wobegon.
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    Hmm. Yet you have stated that you give far more than a rat's ass about someone who is Muslim. You regularly denigrate that religion. Is it only religion that you make such pre-judgments on?
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    Next you'll tell us that Mexico paid for the wall.
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    In the same way that Santa Claus is responsible for children's behavior
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    as nwt so eloquently stated, some of us out there are isolating and wearing masks everywhere, mostly because we care about others. i don't really care about anyone who thinks like you, but my tolerance allows me to coexist peacefully, and even keep my mouth shut, until your poisonous views start affecting me. racism is poison, and needs to be eradicated. had they not been too weak to stand up after the civil war, it would have been gone by now.
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