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    Please see this guys post in the main forum, we shouldn't be encouraging him to show up anywhere. There is a golf bag in his future , but in the mean time it really wouldn't be fair to the drop zone that we guided him to.
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    Yep this guy is a f u c k w i t as we Brits say.
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    I've been doing 450's for a long time now. Last year, I wanted to try out only harness to explore the difference. I think I ended up doing 200 jumps with harness only. I'm jumping a HK-75(WL 2.6) and a HKT-69 (WL 2.9). Front riser turns: Gave me a much faster dive. Sometimes at Pink Open, it can get turbolent. And sometimes so much, that I couldn't hold my front risers down thoughout the dive, ruining the dive. Harness only: A much flatter a searching dive. I was doing the turn too slow though. And when I was speeding up the turn in general, I found it hard to get enough speed for the rollout-power to be efficient. It's quite comfortable though. You just chill and turn, giving your brain peace for concentration(no mucles needed, pretty much). At the moment, I wanna go back to 450 with fronts, or go to 630 only harness. At times, I would get the SAME horizontal speed on the 75(WL 2.6) with fronts, compared to the 69(WL 2.9) with harness only. As far as Setup: Fronts: Easy. You don't travel as much in the dive. You don't have to account for drift in the turn as much. Harness: Semi-Hard. You have to start the turn further out, and you travel a bit more forcing you to really read the winds and try to calculate the drift in the turn. So my conclussion was: Harness only = less speed and power through the gates. Hard setup. Easy to turn. Needs a bigger turn, or I simply need more training to adjust(faster turn). Fronts = More speed and power through the gates. Easy setup. Hard in turbolence.
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    I too use a Quattro but any of the L&B altimeters should be fine. It comes down to how many alarms and how much do you want to spend.
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    Just got one. Pairing with my iPhone was absolutely flawless. The app is so important when products features "connecting with phone" to the point that I check app reviews to gauge the product. And when you look at the Android app store, the app has a very high rating. The app is simple but it JUST WORKS! It connects so quickly! First impressions are really, really good. Build quality is excellent - feels like the Airpods case (but slimmer). No instructions included, unlike L&B's instruction sheet nightmare. But, I didn't need instructions! Super simple - plug in to charge, download app and get going. There's no buttons on the device. I would like to see some things: a) Simulated mode to test b) Small instruction sheet, highlighting where to get the app, wireless charging, etc. Or at very least help page in the app. c) Micro USB cable included, with charger. d) Online USA store to order from e) More fun stuff in the box - pull up cord?? Also the box needs a redesign. The audible is not secured in the box. It fell out because I opened the box wrong side up. I'm really excited to see more features, like logging other than just a jump counter and more extensive settings/options/features (loud warning tone or "Pull, Pull Pull!" if you're travelling above a certain speed below a certain altitude?) I will post an update after jumping tomorrow...
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    Let me update my answer. The DZO is closing in on 50 and I'm 64 with 3000 tandems. Heck I have over a 1000 tandems on my new knee. Age is a hell of lot more than a number! STEVEMACHINE!
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    Do not, under any circumstances, say "but they said on DZ dot com to..." Make sure you understand. If you don't keep asking until you do. Stay hydrated & fed. Have fun.
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    Quite often the product is manufactured in another country and there is a different import fee on top of the item price. You get burn a few times then you start looking into the total landed cost. As an example my last purchase was for a Pilot ZPX. On this particular purchase, I was able to avoid the import fees because I was cooperative with the agent and I didn't tell her that the canopy was made in South Africa. After 15 min of searching, she got tired of looking at websites that didn't provide the country of origin and decided that it was coming from the US. US =1750$ original price of purchase CAD = 2425$ include shipping and paypal fees because transferwise was not available with this seller US import fee 0% Taxes = 345$ Total landed = 2770$ South Africa import fee 10% Import fee = 243$ Taxes = 400$ Total landed = 3068$ And yes the tax amount changes because they tax the import fees. Look at duty calculator websites to see your landed cost prior to purchasing anything in a different country to see if it's worth it. https://customsdutyfree.com/duty-calculator/
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    I jumped and used the tunnel there, last year when I was training for the USPA National Speed Skydiving Championship, and plan to return to Krutitcy this year around July. Great facilities, great staff, the rental gear is in great shape, etc. They also have some bungalows, and the nearby town is big enough to not lack any of the basics. The drive from Moscow sucks a little, but the skydiving experience more than makes up for any other shortcomings. Cheers to Yuri, Nataliya, and Nastya (with the gear/apparell store) -- everyone made me feel super-welcome :* <3
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