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    A quick project for tracking basic data during flight. This is a garage project I made out of own curiosity. Not tested in flight yet, if you decide to do it you're doing it at your own risk. There are advanced solutions on the market like Dekunu One or Aon X2 and if you can afford them I encourage you to use professionally made equipment. You'd need: * Car GPS speedometer (I used this one because its shape and size are already almost snag-free: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000265066382.html * Powerbank (with least capacity and smallest size possible - in the prototype this one was used: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32945597181.html ) * 850 mAh battery (ideally 2000 mAh, but unlikely they'll fit inside the case) * Small switch Assembly is pretty straightforward: unsolder USB ports on both GPS and powerbank, solder switch and battery. Additionally I flipped the capacitor (it's under white tape on the first photo) - put it on the opposite site of the board to give some room for powerbank's charger. The device is mounted on a rig using velcro strap with a loop. So far I tested it on the ground on a bike and the speed is pretty accurate - +/- 1 km/h to what smartphone GPS shows Even with 850 mAh battery the device help up for around 8-10 hours (screen constantly on) which is quite impressed actually. Talking about the battery - attentive reader might notice that it got swollen - probably because powerbank's changer is for 2000 mAh, while battery is 850 mAh. That's a critical flaw because swollen battery has high risk of explosion as pressure changes during climb to the altitude. If I ever decide to use it for actual tests, the batteries will be replaced with non-chargeable lithium batteries just like in audibles (powerbank's module would still nicely convert that into a constant 5V supply). Meanwhile I'm doing some more research to find safe chargeable batteries. Now, what this thing can do: * Display current ground speed (both metric and those other, inferior units). Speed alarm can be set at as high as 200 km/h, so I'd assume device can measure at lease that much * Display one of 8 directions ( N/NE/E/SE and so on) - yeah, it's pretty basic, but better than nothing * Display distance covered, accuracy 100m * Display few other stats, but those are useless for WS flying * Oh, yeah, you can change colors Again, this is a garage project. I'm only sharing the fruits of my curiosity and taking no responsibility for what you might do with it.
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    And many gunshot victims die of blood loss, not the shot itself. Wendy P.
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    Having an experienced person measure you really, really, helps. Wendy P.
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    So if you're a random tooled up white guy patrolling the streets with an assault rifle and tactical gear the cops are happy to have you around and grateful for the help. If you're a female paramedic with a med kit you're clearly dangerous and untrustworthy and must be violently removed from the scene. In 30 years time this descent into officially sanctioned armed factionalism is what the history classes will be teaching about the Trump presidency.
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    What's it like to know everything Westerly? 'Cause I gotta tell ya, it looks exhausting to be you
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    How can we support protests while condemning riots? Is there a well-defined line besides the already-stated “looting and burning are unacceptable?” Or do the protests have to stop until the “leaders” can control every.last.protester? Because if so, then the right (that completely monolithic entity with no internal differences) owns every single racist, and they define it, just as so many on the right insist that the looters define the left. Each of us has a responsibility; not to wait for the other side to be our definition of perfect, but to help to define what we want for our country. Wendy P.
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    Protecting does not equal shooting people in the back. Yes, you do. If you shoot someone during the commission of a crime you can't claim self defense. Once you condemn every act of murder a criminal performs, and not give him a break because he's white and supports your candidate, we might take you seriously. Until then, support of murderers while condemning rioting is the height of hypocrisy.
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    As a load organizer I'm partially responsible for the safety of the group. I'll do a 2-way with anyone. When someone wants to jump with my group, yes, I need to know their capabilities. Sometimes we'll break into smaller groups to accommodate those with lower skills. When that person says, "but I wanted to do 8-way", but they can't do consistent 4-way, that shows that they don't understand all the factors involved with these decisions, and don't respect the other jumpers. When I ask folks what slot they feel comfortable in and they say, "I can do anything" that's a big red flag. They get placed in or close to the base until we learn what they can really do. I've taken lesser experienced jumpers on bigger ways. They were jumpers I've jumped with, and I knew what they could and couldn't do. They get slotted in a place where they can be successful and the group isn't negatively impacted or safety compromised. They enjoy the jump, do well, learn and are gracious. Sharing a handshake or hug, and a thanks goes a long way. That gets them on the next jump. Being an LO is fun, but it's work and can be a PIA. And if I'm paying for jump it's an extra PIA. Be nice. Three goals: have fun, help others learn in a controlled fashion, and have everyone go home whole.
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    Brent bought a Hybrid? I'm not quite up on religious dogma. Is this one of the first signs of the rapture? Ron? Anyone?
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    The final post of someone who is badly losing an argument.
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    Well, at 35 seconds, where he zooms under the student, he was being dangerous. His inability to control his fall rate or position in the sky relative to the student is dangerous. The video is of a single jumpmaster, harness hold exit, student jump. That's an AFF Level 4 type jump. His skills were not even close to being up to the task of helping or saving the student. That is dangerous.
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    Jeez Bill, surely you can see that engaging Turtle is futile if the goal is getting him to understand the obvious. Like the rest of American discourse this forum is being dumbed down by the wrong idea that all points of view have value and must be courteously engaged ad nauseam. Turtle should not need to be told what you told him: he should already know it. The reality is that he's playing you just as he plays others.
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    Brent buddy, I'm thinking you could power a windmill all by yourself.
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    I find it interesting what you chose to bold, Phil. My take away was earlier in his response. “I don’t know much about that movement other than they like me” was the actually important part here. Qcumbers have been dying for a reporter to ask Trump “the question” as they call it; and now that they have, Trump - the supposed leader of the “white hats” - has said he didn’t know much about it. Trump’s support for it has been revealed - it’s not about a secret baby saving movement, it’s about a group that likes him a lot, so he likes them. Somebody play the “sad trombone” sound for Ron. It also reminds me of a joke I heard: A Qultist dies and goes to heaven... Upon meeting Jesus, he asks with glee who Q really was. Jesus takes a deep breath and says, "I've been expecting you to ask, but I'm only going to answer you once and then we move on... Q started as a random bunch of people pranking you online, which then was used by people in power for their own political purposes.... It's OK though, your life still had meaning..." The Qultist starts shaking his head and says, "I can't believe it... The Deep State really does go all the way to the top..."
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    Idiotic reasoning like this is why flat earthers are becoming more prevalent. Why anti-vaxxers are gaining traction. Just because somebody puts something somewhere doesn't mean it is worthy of discussion.
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    tunnel went very well. the coach said my heading and turns were very good and only recommendation was to be more aggressive in my moves since I tend to be slow and cautious. side slide needs a bit of work still. We played a game of tag at his suggestion. Turns out I was almost perfect doing that because I was relaxed and just flying and not overthinking everything. I was either having a bad day or the sensory and task overload got me. I am ready to go try again this weekend.
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    Some interesting, if not fishy information here. That gear is from an estate sale? Well, that gear looks familiar to me, and the person I think it may belong to, as far as I know, is not dead. That gear may be stolen. (The name on the log book is not familiar to me.) Also, a 'first jump' in '02 is not consistent with licenses issued in '59-'61. Might be time for a couple phone calls...
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    Found this really interesting mini project on YT where each canopy line tension is measured during flight while performing different type of maneuvers. Wonder if this has already be done for skydiving canopies by some manufacturers? If not, you think it could be beneficial?
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    Hi 4470, The Vector & the Infinity are the only two rigs that I know of that use 500d Cordura as standard. However, both will build you a rig in the 1,000d Cordura if requested. Jerry Baumchen PS) IMO the Infinity MARD, when compared to the SkyHook, is a far simpler system; and just, if not more, reliable.
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    The whole US healthcare insurance system is so patently ridiculous that the world shakes its head in amazement that the people tolerate it. The only explanation for it is your related tolerance for corporations owning your politicians.
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    There's an easy way to figure that out. Just take the George Floyd challenge. Remain stone cold sober and have someone kneel on your neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds. Be sure that you are breathing normally before conducting this test so you can avoid any uncertainty as to the results.
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    The reserve is a 40-year old round and the container is a Talon Classic that cannot be modified for an AAD so none of this is allowed to be jumped in France, however it did work last time I jumped it. :) The years roll by faster than you think. The DZO gave me the details of a museum in Strasbourg who would be interested by it, just I can't admit I'm old enough to be donating my stuff to museums.
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    A message from Q:
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    As someone who blocks his posts but sees everyone arguing with him, I would say you are largely incorrect about this John. He dominates this forum.
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    This would be because studies have shown repeatedly that black people have their health concerns diminished and dismissed at a much, much higher rate than white people when seeking medical care. Having black staff on hand is one way to try and address this and ensure people are getting adequate/appropriate care. To spin this as a demand for segregation is to seek the worst possible interpretation without investigating the rationale at all. Be better.
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    Given that I am answering a post that includes "stink'n think'n" "intellectual dishonesty "aggro arrogance" "mental masturbation" "your bitter" "regressive Dictatorship" "A fool and his money" - that's some funny stuff right there. If you look at it objectively, right wing terrorism is a far bigger problem in the US than left wing rioters. I suspect that even you would prefer your store to be vandalized than to be killed. "Both are bad!" - Absolutely. For the solution to that I refer to a guy who was a lot better at this than I could ever be: "It is as necessary for me to be as vigorous in condemning the conditions which cause persons to feel that they must engage in riotous activities as it is for me to condemn riots. I think America must see that riots do not develop out of thin air. Certain conditions continue to exist in our society which must be condemned as vigorously as we condemn riots. But in the final analysis, a riot is the language of the unheard. And what is it that America has failed to hear? It has failed to hear that the plight of the Negro poor has worsened over the last few years. It has failed to hear that the promises of freedom and justice have not been met. And it has failed to hear that large segments of white society are more concerned about tranquility and the status quo than about justice, equality, and humanity. And so in a real sense our nation's summers of riots are caused by our nation's winters of delay. And as long as America postpones justice, we stand in the position of having these recurrences of violence and riots over and over again. Social justice and progress are the absolute guarantors of riot prevention." So there's your answer - if you want one.
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    ok. Got approx 50 jumps on the Pelican now, and I also let others try it out to get their feedback. First of all it's very easy to fly, intuitive and stable - and not the least it's very comfortable. It can feel a bit nervous, but it is not. It just reacts quickly directly to input. It has some serious power and it is in the same league as the SQ Freaks / TS Hog. It has a natural flatter glide due to high up arm sweep design and so at first it feels slower, but if you know how to change angle of attack efficiently it can fly as fast as Freak's. However, naturally it wants to just hang up there which it certainly can do. It's just a glide thing out of the box. Transitions to backflying is very forgiving like a Havok and easy to learn. Flying it well/fast on the back is a bit more demanding than similar suits due to the high up arm sweep design again, but once you find out how to do this its is ok fine. It excels at XRW not more to say about that! It has a very beefy abrupt flare and pulling is totally easy. So in short; it does what it is supposed to do and excels at XRW. It has way more power than it is said to have on the website and to be quite clear it seems to have slightly more power than the TS Hog (flocking with friends its obvious) even though it is advertised to be less powerfull which I find is odd. I could need some heavy duty reinforcements on the booties to minimize wear and tear. I certainly recommend the suit to people that are not too lightweight; if you are skinny you will float up there for ever and flocking might be hard work coming down.
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    Bullshit. You applauded him for being there doing what he was doing, you said everyone should be there doing what he was doing, and you've said the shootings were only in self defence and were the fault of the people who were shot. In what way do you not support him shooting people? Says who? I have not seen any indication of that. Eyewitnesses have said the catalyst for the first shooting was Rittenhouse holding a black man at gunpoint who was trying to get into his own car because Rittenhouse assumed he was trying to steal it. The man who confronted him him about it - the first man he murdered - was unarmed. This chain of events is all Rittenhouse's fault, is a predictable consequence of untrained fantasist wannabe's inserting themselves into tense situations and will keep happening if more people head out thre to do what you want them to do. When trying to stop a heavily armed man who has just murdered someone? Sure, of course you believe that when trying to stop a murderer with an assault rifle you would not use the only makeshift weapon at your disposal. You're strong enough to take on 6 cops at once and save George Floyds life, I'm sure you could have just strolled up to Rittenhouse and taken his rifle away with one arm tied behind your back. WHO proved they were criminals and arsonists? Was anyone that Rittnhouse shot involved in that crime and arson or are you just smearing their memories in order to protect your political stance? Your reasoning is that a dumpster fire was set in Kenosha, therefore everyone out in Kenosha that night was an arsonist, therefore it was cool for Rittenhouse to shoot whoever. It's abhorrent. Consider this - while Rittenhouse was running around lying about being an EMT, Grosskreutz was an actual EMT who had been treating numerous people throughout the night and who never shot anyone. Yet you slander him as a violent looting arsonist who Rittenhouse was totally ok to shoot. Just think, he's a real person. It's despicable the lengths you are going to to dehumanise him and the other victims - with zero evidence - as nothing more than a pack of arsonists and looters just so you can defend your precious right wing militia. The police had already publicly and visibly abdicated their responsibility to deal with the armed right wing mobs roaming Kenosha. Many protesters had seen the police not just allowing the mobs to stay in curfewed areas while they were moved on, but thanking them and actively aiding them. Add to that the mob the Rittenhouse was in bragging that police were funnelling protestors towards them to 'deal with' and you can understand why they may not have felt the police would deal with him. And oh yeah I forgot... they were right. The police didn't deal with him. A running man with a rifle after multiple gunshots had been heard, followed by people shouting that he had shot someone and they just let him straight through. Free and clear to do whatever else he wanted that night. That's how the police dealt with the most serious crime which occurred that night.
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    Yep, he will only condemn the people with guns who travelled to Kenosha specifically so they could confront protestors if they attack a protestor completely out of the blue with no provocation. He’ll condemn any of the protesters - all of whom he lumps in with arsonists and vandals - for anything they do even in self defence.
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    Hiya Seth. HMU for help. I work at a Tony dealer. AND, I learned to jump at Skydive Allegan's predecessor -- Great Lakes Skydivers, formerly in Gobles. Yep - I peeked at your profile, lol. You'll get the same prices through my company that you would if you ordered direct, but you also get our many collective decades of experience selling and jumping Tony Suits (I have personally owned four of them, and loved every one).
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    Judge can move forward with Flynn hearing, appeals court says https://www.politico.com/news/2020/08/31/judge-can-move-forward-with-flynn-hearing-appeals-court-says-406066 A federal appeals court has dealt a setback to former Trump White House adviser Michael Flynn by ruling that a district court judge can proceed with a planned hearing on the Justice Department's attempt to abandon a criminal case against Flynn. The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, sitting en banc, voted 8-2 to reject Flynn's effort to dismiss the case immediately.
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    Raise the hackles -- stirring the pot, and getting people all riled up? Post substance. That doesn't pass any smell test of any kind, and desperately looking for some sort of justification for it just looks, well, desperate Wendy P.
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    Turtle, again, if the kid in question had been African-American, dressed in a hoodie, at the Charlottesville rally, maybe in the moments after the guy ran his car into the crowd and killing Heather Heyer, what would your reaction have been? Honestly? The police are just as much there to protect the citizens of Minneapolis, including the violent ones, as they are there to protect the businesses of people with money. They are also there to protect visitors to the city. Allowing the kid to run away, not "automatically reacting to a perceived threat," because the kid was white, is exactly what the protests are about. A knife on the floor of the car (i.e. not in his hands) was stated as a threat worthy of shooting Jacob Blake because he didn't immediately turn around and comply. Shots, a person running with a gun, and people pointing at him and saying "he's killed someone" is not a threat even worthy of stopping the guy. That's fucking bullshit. Wendy P.
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    Never thought my first forum post on DZ would be about jumping with dolphins... Anyway recently I did a clear & pull on the back of an inflatable dolphin and riding it down on the back. I exited at 6000 feet and we allready lost some weight earlier.. So there was just one other jumper left behind me and I had all the space.. I was able to get out facing the prop hugging the dolphin with it's tail clamped between my legs and choking the neck of the dolphin with my left arm (no worries it's not a living animal). The pilot was flying with almost zero prop and still it was one hell of a fight in the door. Somehow I was able to make a sort of stable exit and pull my pilot.. On opening I got a bit on the side because the dolphin got air.. While flying down the density is increasing which makes the dolphin deflates and this makes it harder to clamp the dolphin. So looking at your plan... I would say that making a dive exit the way you describe it...impossible unless it's a tiny dolphin. The dolphin will get air and unless you have strong arms and are some tunnel ninja you will be unable to fall stable. Please stay safe!
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    You've gotten some good answers, but here are a couple more: I'll jump with anyone, regardless of experience. I've said it a zillion times - my only requirement is that you not try to kill me. But I need to know what that experience is. I need to decide if you can safely join the group I'm with or how to build a group and dive plan that has a reasonable chance of succeeding and that will be safe(ish). The only real metrics for that experience is jump numbers, and to a certain degree, tunnel time (see post #6 for why tunnel time is not a full replacement). As was also noted in post #6, being a part of the community is also part of it. Show up on a regular basis. Jump with folks. When they get to know you and your skill level, the chances of getting invited on fun stuff goes up. I've seen 40-50 jump new folk invited on bigish (12 or so) hybrids because the guys putting the plan together knew that the new guy could make a stable exit and lay the base for a hybrid. Not a super challenging or exciting slot, but it gave the new guy a chance to be on a fun jump, show he could do what was needed and gain some experience. Hang out after jumping (you don't have to drink). Make friends so you aren't just 'the new guy'. And, the hardest part, be patient. It takes time to build kills & experience. But if you show those around you that you aren't going to do stuff beyond what you should, show them that you have a good handle on what you can & can't do, that you have some good judgement, you will have a better chance of becoming a part of the 'cool kids'. Don't be 'that guy'. Don't be Mr Madd Skillz. I know a couple guys who have earned a reputation for being stupid and dangerous. For some strange reason, they have a hard time finding people to jump with. There will always be a few that look down on you because you're new. But my experience is that they are far, far more the exception than the rule.
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    Oh come on. Unless you are hoping for dick picks why don't you just share it with all of us? (And you can share those dick pics by pm if you want) Fwiw to the OP, the transition from dive to level before the flare works best if it's done smooth and slow. Put the earphones in that flysight set to ping you the speed, and work on levelling and staying level without losing speed. More often than not a too quick levelling just causes a lot of drag due to changing the angle of attack too much, when at that stage you want to change pitch while maintaining the AoA as much as possible.
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    That's practically on top of each other as seen from Mars.
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    What second wave? We’ve never got out of the first/
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    I'm strongly in favor of mandatory public service. At 18 or when you finish high school, whichever comes last. Only exceptions are actively and aggressively mentally ill, doing legitimately ground-breaking work in some help-humanity science endeavor (which is fairly public service anyway), and maybe really essential to family support (parents both disabled kind of thing). But educably mentally challenged, potential athlete, rich kid -- yep, gotta go. Wendy P.
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    Do you have an experience in writing? If you're interested in writing for us, please send me a DM and we can discuss it further (This will be a paid collaboration). We're looking for individuals to assist in writing some authority articles and help address some outdated content which needs to be re-written to account for changes in disciplines, technology etc. Looking forward to hearing from you.
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    I doubt it's ALWAYS riser covers causing hard openings, rather that they can be the explanation for more or less frequent hard openings (you can obviously easily cause a hard opening on any riser covers by leaving the slider down on packing). Here's the Bill Booth briefly talking a bit about this (35m17s to 37m17s):
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    Social distance in the loo.
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    Hi Jim, While it has been 15 yrs since I had a nice sit-down talk with one of the major players at PD, he said the very same thing. He said that the small canopies registered the highest opening shock loads of all the canopies that they had measured. It is fairly simple physics. Jerry Baumche
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    Larger canopies have a larger volume than smaller canopies so fill time on a smaller canopy is less. Having worked in R&D at Para-Flite and done many test jumps and drops from small canopies to large the larger canopies opened softer. I think the hard opening problem is related to an out of sequence deployment. If that is the case the solution would be to use something like the free pack strap we used in the 1970s but still put it in a deployment bag. That would insure you are at line stretch before inflation starts and the slider is still in position.
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    Announcing your intention to not engage is a form of engagement.
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    Hi Ken, Yes. Think Nelson Rockefeller. Jerry Baumchen
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    Hi Sky, Actually, anyone who read the link would know that. Hmmmm???????? Jerry Baumchen
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    Well, they were obviously sent by Hillary to infiltrate the rally.
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    He had a reserve handle, right? Why didn't he pull that? The AAD fire had nothing to do with the instructor, unless that instructor trained him and neglected to talk about that. By level 3, a student should be able pull their own reserve if they can't find the main handle, and they should know what to do if an instructor isn't there at pull time. Shit happens, I signed the waiver, it's on me to save my own life.
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    When Betty spoke the Men listened.
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