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  1. New episode is out now! Kyle Kesterson interviews Darren in this episode. Enjoy!
  2. New episode out now! Enjoy!
  3. I’m not joking. I’ve been saying it for years. Hopefully you’ll come on the show to promote the book.
  4. I cannot wait to read this book. I've been looking forward to it for years now.
  5. What a hilarious joke. Lisa is kind, wonderful, and honest person. She's never sent me dozens of crazy and hateful emails in the middle of the night. She doesn't refer to herself in the third person. She doesn't pretend she's running a company. She doesn't write crazy stories about people and post them on her blog. She never threatened to sue me. She never emailed me asking to come on the show, but she would write all the questions and answers in advance. She doesn't pretend she knows everything about book publishing. She doesn't annoy people with details of her personal life or camping gear purchases on a Skydiving forum thread labeled DB Cooper. She hasn't been banned from any websites. She never interfered with some one else's events. She doesn't pretend to have an audience. She's not a convicted felon. I'm not interested in calling anyone out. People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Have a nice weekend Bob.
  6. New episode out now! DB Cooper was Better Off Dead Than Poor with Lisa Story. Enjoy!
  7. There you go Robert, I fixed it for you. If you did any sort of "investigation" then why didn't you know Rod Addicks was released in 89? Why didn't you know he died in May 2020? He worked as an unlicensed CPA in Washington and had a handful of DUI's. If you're doing an "investigation" shouldn't you at least read the book about the guy instead of guess what happened?
  8. You have no idea what you’re talking about.
  9. I spoke to a gal named Judy, I think that was her name, and she told told me who auhored HaHaHa!. It was a real estate developer in the PNW, and acquaintance of hers who was interested in the case. He's since passed and she wanted my help selling the remaining books she had. Things got a little wacky after that including her stating the $200,000 was still hidden for people to find, and she wanted me to buy all the books from her then I would re-organize the search hidden in the book. It seemed really sketchy so I didn't want to be involved and it ended there. This was early 2020 I believe. You'll have to take my word for it right now, because I had her contact info and the authors name in my Cooper Vortex notebook I was dragging around. Some junkie stole all my stuff in Portland after CooperCon so I'm not sure if I have that info anymore. Shocking that happened in Portland, right?
  10. Why didn’t you come georger? It would have been great to finally meet you. I would have loved to talk Cooper over beers with you.
  11. It will go live late night this Sunday! A great episode.
  12. Our latest episode is out now! DB Cooper’s Jump From the 727 with skydiving expert, pilot, and YouTuber Dan Gryder. Enjoy!
  13. I'm almost done reading this. It's truly great.
  14. Jo Weber passed away February 11th 2021. Rest In Peace Jo.
  15. New episode out now! Couple of shoutouts to my pal Flyjack. Hopefully I did an okay job paraphrasing your parachute research bro. Come on the show Flyjack!