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  1. Two new episodes of The Cooper Vortex are up now! DB Cooper was a Sport Parachutist with Mark Metzler (aka 377) and the other is my speech from CooperCon this year. Enjoy!
  2. I too was offered the job, then had it taken away from me.
  3. Robert, who exactly is “Cooper Royalty” In your opinion?
  4. Thanks! Wolfgang is a very interesting suspect. I would absolutely love to have Georger on the show, he knows a lot about the case and has definitely made a name for himself inside the vortex. I'm still waiting for you to do the show Flyjack.
  5. Latest episode is out now DB Cooper was a Priest with Gregg Gossett. Check it out! Enjoy!
  6. Our latest episode is out now! DB Cooper was a Railroader featuring the Army analyst that uncovered William J Smith. Check it out!
  7. She's a really cool gal. I agree, I'd love to have beers with her. Thanks for listening to the show.
  8. Hear all about Nat Loufoque's theory on the DB Cooper skyjacking and his very interesting suspect on the latest episode of The Cooper Vortex!
  9. Our latest episode DB CooperCon 2019 with Eric Ulis is up now! Check it out, then head over to and get your tickets. See you there!
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  12. Our latest episode is out now. James Cook, an expert on the Zodiac Killer, and I discuss why there are theories linking the two cases and if there is any evidence to support it. Enjoy!
  13. Have you guys heard my latest episode with Bill Rollins? Its a good one!