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  1. Drew Beeson’s new book is out now on Kindle with the paperback coming soon. Check it out! ‪Paratrooper of Fortune: The Story of Ted B. Braden - Vietnam Com...‬
  2. New episode of The Cooper Vortex out now! DB Cooper and The Adventure Agents with Patrick South. Check it out! DB Cooper and The Adventure Agents with Patrick South
  3. New episode out tonight! DB Cooper and The Thrill of the Chase with Mindy Fausey and Stephanie Thirtyacre. They believe Forrest Fenn could be DB Cooper. If you've never heard of Forrest Fenn I'd highly recommend it, if you have heard of him then I know you'll listen.
  4. Latest episode out now! I hope that one day I'll be able to post an episode with Flyjack. (Flyjack, hint hint.)
  5. I was really excited about working on the movie with you Robert, but you took the job away from me becuase I was attending CooperCon.
  6. New episode out now! DB Cooper Science Panel with Eric Ulis, Tom Kaye, and Anonymous. Check it out!
  7. Latest episode was just posted. DB Cooper's Shocking Details with Joe Swaney. Check it out!
  8. When does that come out Robert?
  9. Our latest episode is out now. DB Cooper Didn't Murder His Family with Joe Sharkey. Covering the connections between John List and DB Cooper. Enjoy!
  10. Do you have any contact info for that dog? I'd love to have him on the show.
  11. I know of a show that you could go on to promote your updated book.
  12. Out latest episode is out now! DB Cooper is Still Missing with Ross Richardson. Check it out!
  13. Two new episodes of The Cooper Vortex are up now! DB Cooper was a Sport Parachutist with Mark Metzler (aka 377) and the other is my speech from CooperCon this year. Enjoy!
  14. I too was offered the job, then had it taken away from me.
  15. Robert, who exactly is “Cooper Royalty” In your opinion?