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  1. Our latest episode is out now! DB Cooper’s Jump From the 727 with skydiving expert, pilot, and YouTuber Dan Gryder. Enjoy!
  2. I'm almost done reading this. It's truly great.
  3. Jo Weber passed away February 11th 2021. Rest In Peace Jo.
  4. New episode out now! Couple of shoutouts to my pal Flyjack. Hopefully I did an okay job paraphrasing your parachute research bro. Come on the show Flyjack!
  5. It's a sign you need to come on the show. That'd be a great birthday present.
  6. I have the same birthday as DB Cooper?! How great is that.
  7. I cannot wait to read that book.
  8. Robert, The Cooper Vortex is already free and all episodes are available to anyone with a smartphone, tablet, or computer.
  9. Thanks for listening Flyjack. I hope to have you on the show one day.
  10. We're back!
  11. I know a show you could present your case on.
  12. Have you seen this Robert? What’s your take on it?
  13. Don't forget about me Robert. You offered me the job, I accepted, then you took it away from me because I was going to participate in CooperCon.
  14. Drew Beeson’s new book is out now on Kindle with the paperback coming soon. Check it out! ‪Paratrooper of Fortune: The Story of Ted B. Braden - Vietnam Com...‬
  15. New episode of The Cooper Vortex out now! DB Cooper and The Adventure Agents with Patrick South. Check it out! DB Cooper and The Adventure Agents with Patrick South