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  1. New episode out now! DB Cooper was a Mad Scientist with Nicky Broughton and Ryan Burns. Enjoy!
  2. The pilots figured he wouldn't know how fast they were going, so they tried to kill him with speed. McNally "jumped" at over 300mph.
  3. Duane and Jo lived in Fort Collins for a while.
  4. Reynolds also operated an aluminum smelting facility on the Columbia in Longview from the 1940's until the late 90s. About 25 miles north/downstream from Tena Bar. I remember it closing and moving to South America(?) somewhere.
  5. I’d like to defend myself here. The point of my show isn’t to solve the case or to prove anyone right or wrong. The point is to present every theory and suspect possible, and let the listener decide who is right, who is wrong, who is onto something, and who is crazy. With that in mind, of course it’s going to a much different interview with the Reca crew than it would be for Marty or Dave. Some people want to be challenged in the interview, and others do not. I try to navigate that as best as I can. You’re well aware I’d love to have you on the show Flyjack, and I hope that you will come on soon. Everyone would love it, and I promise to play hardball with you. PS - Thanks for the 1.5x speed tip on the recent Grimerica podcast. Totally necessary.
  6. New episode out now! DB Cooper Vanished with Chris Williamson
  7. I've been waiting for this episode.
  8. New episode out now! DB Cooper’s taped confession with Vern Jones. Enjoy!
  9. Happy Halloween! Enjoy a new episode of The Cooper Vortex! DB Cooper was a Criminal with James Calhoun.
  10. I payed $20 to watch that movie during a "virtual film festival". I don't like to disparage anyone's work, but in this instance I will. Absolute garbage. Two "bounty hunters" decide to make a film about a drunk that says he was DB Cooper. He doesn't know anything about the case, and would have been like 22 years old in 1971. The Treat Williams movie gets more about the case correct. The reenactments are done poorly and there is weird scene where they tresspass on Tena Bar, then announce to guy that catches them that they're armed. You know its trash if I won't promote it, or have anyone from that project on the show. lol
  11. I'm one of the people that reviewed the book. It's a good book. I've read a lot of really terrible books about DB Cooper, and Vern's book isn't one of them. Also, if I wrote a book I would ask a few of my friends to read it and leave a review. So I don't think that is "suspicious at all". Is Reca Cooper? That's a different story.
  12. New episode out right now! DB Cooper is Misunderstood with Ryan Burns, aka olemisscub for this crowd. Enjoy!
  13. New episode is up now. DB Cooper's Criminal Profile with Robert Fuller. Check it out!
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