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  1. I have through on this and I think Cooper was deliberate in his intentions and willing to go out in a bang if needed. I think the scale tilts in favor of the bomb being real but that there is a further assurance in my mind that may yet be confirmed. If the bomb were real he was most vulnerable when the passengers deplaned and Tina went to and fro getting the chutes/meals. To me the tell of authenticity would come form the stews recalling if after coming back form the Lavatory Cooper continued to place his his hand back in the attache case for comfort. Basically while the passengers deplaned and Tina went to and fro was he watching the door then with his hand in the case. Possibly Flo, Alice, Tina may recall seeing him place his hand in there after the request were delivered. In flight he kept the pressure/control on until his demands were met. However once on the ground did he seek security form the bomb by continuing to place his hand in the case? To me if the stews/records could confirm he continued to seek control over his destiny by interacting with the Bomb then in my mind that action of seeking control/security in the bomb tips the scale from a ruse to very much real.
  2. That's a fairly high bar, but I like your thinking. This was likley obtainable only in a 1985 world when getting Coops would have been a much bigger deal. Anyone care to speculate on what is or could be obtainable these days if someone were find Coops? (How about a ticket to Ireland and a few pints at your local establishment?)
  3. Hahah, My Grammy use to say if you can't say something nice don't say anything at all. She was the silent type.
  4. You added so many n's there it was as if you were filling in a grave. I feel as though, I failed to delight your senses, I'll try harder next time. I'm curious though why the need to EDIT such a post? We could always go back to a FLYJACK style message board of A fights B and either A or B triumph. I'd prefer to continue on with my own Mind-Hunting. Random inputs and provocations may be what we are left with after we have exhausted the gathered evidence.
  5. Provocation Fridays….. This is the group to ask… If you care to share.. Have you ever had an interesting dream about Cooper or gone on a Cooper inspired adventure? In your dreams have you ever met Cooper? Have you met someone that knew him, a stew, a pilot, an acquaintance of his, or hey - even a spirit …? Have you ever dreamed you solved the case and found Cooper or that missing clue? In your dreams have you ever talked about Cooper with a spouse, an acquaintance, a fellow Vortex member? Has anyone dreamed on one or multiple specific case details in an unusual manner? Have you ever had sequential Cooper dreams day after day? If you could direct your dream to focus on one aspect of the case what would it be? How do you interpret any of these dreams? I'm sure more of your than just myself have been haunted in their dreams by this case...This is all for fun.. if you care to share. .
  6. I don't think they could have made a run for it, honestly it took till 6:24 to confirm the passengers were loaded on a bus. During that time the crew was freaking out over the passengers just milling about the airplane, the fuel truck and active runways. Further, Coops initial instructions were for the crew to remain seated. According to Tina’s 2nd interview Coops reiterated this to her when she went to get the parachutes. When Tina returned to the jetliner she noted placing the parachute in the seat next to Cooper this suggest to me that he was seated and possibly he was watching the door with his hand still inside the case while she went to a fro. I have spent the time with the records but don’t care to lay out and post every movement of the stews beyond what has been put down by Sluggo. For me I don't think there is any further warmth that could be brought to the case "today" in covering and recreating at an intuition, assertion, and reference level where the girls were or weren't and what the opportunities of escape could have been.
  7. The other girls were captives while Tina went to and fro getting the chutes and food. The plane landed at 5:39 and Flo and Alice did not depart till about 6:44ish. The plane took off an hour after that at 7:36. I'm sure Cooper was assured numerous times that there would be no action taken and that Nypro himself had approved the payment of the ransom and there be no intervention. Cini put down his sawed off shot gun...he was brought the axe to cut the tightly cinched twine on a package that was holding his parachute. Cini was holding the axe with one hand and shot gun with the other but he could not manage cutting the twine with both hands full so he then standing in the isle, placed the gun in the middle seat. Captain Ehman seeing this realized his moment, lunged past Cini, grabbed the shot gun and hurled it over the isles as far as he could. Then Cini's fantasy came crashing down as Ehman went to town.
  8. Yes he had the mistake of leaving the stairs truck in place, he should have pulled the truck once Tina completed her last run. Then hooked it back up for the departure of Flo and Alice. This was something Cooper could have been able to pickup from Cini but missed. Cini collected his ransom by lowering a rope from the aircraft and hauling it the 20 feet. Cini was more cautious in this regard not using a stairs truck initially. Thats Cooper's on the ground mistake IMO.
  9. Your such the comedian, care to share any Cooper jokes? Here I'll give you a lead in. What did the skyjacker say to the stewardess
  10. Provocation Fridays “It’s not because I have a grudge against your airlines, it’s just because I have a grudge.” Has anyone here ever had a real grudge or a true brooding of wrath? Have you ever been compelled into action because of a grudge? Are grudges healthy? Can grudges be productive? When Dan Cooper said he had a grudge do you think he was being facetious, flippant, or revealing something deeper of himself? Here is a thought –Newtonian physics – one of the greatest achievements in human history is alleged to have been spurred by a grudge, a brooding of wrath! Yes, possibly there is more truth in this than Newton’s metaphor of an apple falling from the tree of knowledge and giving Newton his inspiration for gravity! (Think of Newton’s symbology of gravity – the apple tree the apple. Was this symbology a heretical attack on Adam and Eve eating form the tree of knowledge, the church and Christianity or a clever combining of Science and Gravity with elements of Christianity - as if gravity were Manna from Heaven falling from the tree of knowledge on Newton…? Who knows the truth but Newton?) Anyway, the story loosely goes that Newton as a boy was kicked in the stomach by a school bully and that in this action Newton’s defense against this much larger individual was not to physically challenge him but to apply himself to mentally dominate this bully. Allegedly, the bully was the head pupil at Newton’s school, so Newton set about whipping this individual’s mind by applying himself to his studies and besting the bully, unseating him from his position as valedictorian. It may have been something as simple as being kicked unjustly in the stomach that ultimately put Newton on an academic and intellectual path to create Newtonian Physics! Has this one kick to the stomach affected man? Is it possible the reason we put a man on the moon in 1969, the reason we were able to put a man on the moon in 1969 was that a bully 340 years prior kicked Issac Newton in the stomach and the effect was a grudge and brooding which may have ultimately lead to the develop Newtonian Physics... Anyone aware of other historical grudges like Newtons? (All comments welcome - This is all for fun)
  11. Provocation Fridays (on a Saturday) You pull a card from life’s Chance pile and the card reads: Congratulations ! the identity of Dan Cooper is... (if only it were that easy!) Anyway lets imagine you did pull such a card, elaborate a little or explain in detail what 3-5 potential things come to mind that you see yourself doing within say the next day, weeks, months or years with this random revelation. This is all for fun..
  12. Author Cola of the Title: Just for fun Fictitious thoughts for Cooper 8:17 I landed in a field west of Brush Prairie. I planted the landing, but the cordage of the ransom twisted around my right foot and with my momentum and the dead weight of the bag I went down. I didn’t go face down but stumbled and came on one knee. My right hand stretched out before me to steady the fall but it slipped completely out from the wet grass. I came to rest laying on my right side. I managed to catch the silks gracefully float over me obscuring my vision for a moment as they cradled to earth in front of me. The first thing I could make out beyond the silks were some heifers now at a distance trotting away. There was a slight breeze on the field but nothing of immediate concern. A little mud on my palms, soiled trench coat. My legs and shoes were muddied. In the distance some 240 yards I could see a light on a barn and beyond that mostly obscured I made out the silhouette of a farmhouse. Laying quietly, I listened for any dogs. Nothing stirred and the night was silent except for a slight flapping of the chute and ringing in my ear. I got to my feet and took measure of myself. Standing there I noted my legs worked and nothing of body had broken. Mistakenly I was standing upright, I then hunched down bringing my head below the grassy barbwire edge of the field. I further knelt on one knee. Taking a glance around, my nerves were on, my senses sharpening as I looked over to the field, bordered by a road to my left, another field to my rear, the farmhouse in front and some pines opposite the road on my right. Evergreens in that country there. I felt I was facing south. I looked to the horizon of the barbed wire outline of the field and toward the barn for any threats. My breathing went flat as I sucked air over my tongue and gazed intensely in every direction. Moving slowly I took in the full detail of my surroundings. Coming down I had seen a single vehicle traveling the road some 600 yards past where I landed. I was confident he’d not seen me or the chute in the rear view. The acid of my stomach had started to sour in those 30 minutes I waited to walk down the stairs. In my waiting, I had found up front a turkey sandwich I’d ordered for the crew and I forced it down then to settle the acid. However, as I now knelt quietly looking around, I noticed a burning sensation in my sinuses and back of my throat. My stomach must have splashed into my esophagus during the jump or when I pulled the rip cord. I don’t know for how long I stared out at my surroundings, time slows in moments like that. I sat there listening on every bug walking every blade of grass or fluttering in that field. I was still undecided thinking over if I had the resolve to do what might be required had I been seen. I guess in the sheer intensity of working through my pan-acy and on those nasty thoughts I felt my stomach empty out into my lower bowels. It’s odd to think yourself fortunate in life to have shit yourself a time or two. However, in having the benefit of these prior experiences, when the feeling now came over me I quickly unfastened the parachute harness, stepped back, dropped my drawers and relieved myself. With this relief my mind relaxed and an incredible rush came over me. Squatting there I couldn’t believe what I’d pulled off. It started to sink in. It began with a slight snicker at my thoughts and my spirits lifting. As I crapped, I passed a little gas and then giggled on that, and more gas chased after my giggle. I set into a pattern of giggling then gas, giggle louder, then louder fart still and this sequence twice over, took me into a chuckle. I tried to cup my mouth, with one hand, but the absurdity of shitting in that cow pasture and having to quiet myself, further served to intensify my snickering. As I pressed my hand against my mouth to hold in any laughter my own hand worked against me. The hand being moist from touching the ground when pressed to my lips, let out its own little series of farts, that were because of the cupping directed straight into my left ear drum. All of this was too much for me in that moment and I then came into a roaring laugh which discharged my bowels completely. I stood partially out of panic, pulled my pants up, belly laughing into the open field and then cackling like a lunatic of sorts as I applied some restraint in clamping down on my mouth while I buckled my britches. I thought for sure that dam Farm dog had heard me now. I buried my mouth in the crook of my elbow but the wet overcoat did not lessen the effect. After so many hours playing the stoic, the pressure valve had suddenly blown open, I’d never had such a high, I was now uncontrollable as the laughter from the stress of it all took me over. Cackling. Cackling. Cackling grinding my teeth pinching my mouth shut. The first thing that came to mind was a pillow, so I took off my raincoat and then my jacket. I balled up the jacket and buried my face in it. This dampened my laughter and taking a seat I let it roar on for a few until I came to that point of being strained by the laughter, dry from it. Taking those last few heavy and deep breaths. Exhaling. Inhaling. Exhale -Inhale to gain my composure. a ohhhhhh, a-hewwwww followed by a snickering, he he he he he. Then an a ohhhhhh in, an a-hewwwwwww out, an another snickering he he he he he. As I went on like this I became a little emotional. Being at the edge of tears from the laughing I was a little glum at having to force myself to dampen my own high spirits. After I had suffocated this untimely bliss my body felt wrung out as if I had just had one of those cries a man is known to have. The kind of cries we men have, the alone ones, behind closed doors, once every 8 or 12 years or so. That’s how I felt in that field, broken up. I snickered some here and there the rest of that evening as I walked the rails. For a long time after, that dam snicker was friendly to me warming my spirits and tickling my senses the rest of my days. It would come on at the most inappropriate of times. This new aspect of me unfortunately served to often intensify future assaults upon me from every angle. From that point on I seemed to cackle in the face of conflict and this blessing of light spirit brought with it women problems, authority problems. The snicker was not of my own doing but a reaction. The perception of which by others often interpreted as a sign, a proof, of my pleasure in their displeasure with me. How do you explain this to someone that you do not take joy in their displeasure, that you’re not part, of that part, of the lowest part, of human existence.
  13. It had passed my attention that Tosaw was the Ingram's lawyer. Do you or anyone know when Tosaw began this crusade and for how long this legal dispute went on for until the division of the bills? I had though there was a 6 year legal stall by the agency, but when you mentioned Tosaw was the lawyer I now think that a case may have only been out there for a year or two? Any insights on that.
  14. If you took this on I'd ask that postings come across on Thursday evening. I'm planning on putting out a new provocation Friday.