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  1. Or, an oscillation of the stairs ... is seen as an fluctuation on the gauge. here we go again and around and around we go and where it ends nobody knows ... Or, 'I remember we were closing on Vancouver/Portland when the pulse event happened. ... When the pulse happened we all felt it and Bill looked back and said out loud: "I wonder if our friend has left us?" But we weren’t sure. Or, "oscillation of cabin rate of climb indicator." Or, "Oscillation of the cabin climb rate guage seems reasonable. It is conceivable that the oscillation could be just an indication that the airstair moving up and down was directly causing pressure cycles. It is more likely that the pressure cycles resulted from the plane bobbing up and down a bit ("porpoising") as a result of the airstair functioning as an elevator as it moved up and down in the airstream. It could have been that the hijacker was doing something like jumping up and down on the airstair to test its "feel" or to try to get the stair locked down." Or, "These were minor oscillations. We detected on the guages only. We just presumed pretty quickly that it was Cooper fiddling with the aft stairs but we weren’t one hundred percent sure because we were already flying dirty, with throttles up and fighting icing and weather. A lot going on and it wasn’t totally smooth even before the oscillations started. What we noticed was the pattern of the oscillations was continuing and there was a very minor disruption of the slipstream. Scott said at first he wasn’t feeling anything for sure, then a little later he thought there was more drag and the nose was deviating a little. When the final bump happened and the oscillations stopped that sealed it. But even then we weren’t sure and we waited before calling anybody. " Or, .. .
  2. Hey ... Happy Holidays. . . .
  3. That is interesting - and new. Who they communicate their info to ?
  4. Why is there no video of these speeches people can refer to - was CC21 a private affair or a public conference? Ive never known of a socalled "conference" for which there is no record! Pretty shabby affair...not to mention not helpful to the public.
  5. The wiring was 'real'. Cooper took pains to show the bomb and explain it. Ordinance experts who have read the relevant passages agree ... nobody should have challenged Cooper assuming the bomb was fake.
  6. (1) In response to her query as to why he had chosen a Northwest airplane to hijack, he said ‘he had “a grudge but not against Northwest Airlines” adding ‘that the Northwest plane just happened to be in the right place at the right time’. (2) She asked him why he picked Northwest Airlines to hijack and he laughed and said “It’s not because I have a grudge against your airlines, it’s just because I have a grudge”. He paused and said ‘that the flight suited his time, place, and plans.’ How you skip from that to a grudge against US Government Corruption in Vietnam and elsewhere.." is beyond me. Maybe his grudge was against camels or birch bark or Chevrolets ? Should we ask Dr Edwards to do a probability analysis ?
  7. Hahneman is a good suspect - he always has been, compared to all the others. The problem with all suspects continues to be hard evidence. There have always been real suspects vs all the others who are "social media suspects" only. Something for people to waste their time with and talk about endlessly vs actual suspects ... and the real DB Cooper is probably still out there untouched by the FBI or Social Media Practicioners (SMP's) ! Its just a game people play on the social media. Its like 'is the world round vs flat vs oblate spheroid! On and on and on and on ... with people burned at the stake in the process. Funny.
  8. Reply to Tim Collins re podcast: how did Jo learn about the Heisson store robbery, and other details/people, in the Cooper case. The answer is simple. It was Jo's contact who was an attorney in either Portland or Vancouver, I forget which. If Collins will go back and read my posts at DZ back when he was there supporting the Duane theory, I finally asked Jo directly about her contact in Portland?, the attorney she talked to weekly .... and all Hell broke lose. I had just revealed publicly one of Jo's major sources she used in her attempts to build a DB Cooper case for Duane. I forget the woman's name but will go back and see if I can find it. I can't believe Collins is still at this in support of Jo and Duane Weber. Jo had a number of sources she cultivated and used regularly, often daily for years, in her attempt to cultivate a case for Duane and herself. Remember the 'angel' that popped out of nowhere when Jo had been abandoned by a producer who gave up on Jo - that 'angel' who appeared magically out of nowhere to rescue Jo and give her a ride, was also one of Jo's regular contacts in Washington ... Jo just called the woman and the woman came to Jo's rescue. But in Jo's story it was divine intervention - just as Duane Weber was also DB Cooper. Who else! ? Its hilarious how gullible people can be... and how Jo relied on that to get what she wanted. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar and nothing more!
  9. Lets take a concrete example of a Bayesian analysis, socalled. Evaluations/predictions in a Bayesian analysis are based on a statistical chain of events in time. Deviation from the chain requires a decision or some prior event or data with a large statistical bias, such that at some point in time there is a high statistical probability of a change. The FBI flight path is just such a case. See photo attached. According to different people 305 was faced with a decision at the Toldeo intersection. Go left (east) or continue (south - the west path). How does Tim's Bayesian analysis make that decision, based on what? How does it predict where the plane will go, based on what? Moreover, if 305 had vanished off of radar just after passing Toledo, where would Tim's Bayesian analysis predict we would find the plane? This should be enlightening ? If Tim's analysis is a Bayesian analysis of the flight path then Tim must have predictive data which decides which direction 305 will go AT the Toledo intersection ? But I am in the dark about what precisely Tim is claiming to have done, that requires a Bayesian Analysis, if that is what Tim has actually done ?
  10. Where's Tim's (PLF) bayesian analysis ? Where and when did he do that? Can people see it? A bayesian analysis of what !? *Bayesian inference is a method of statistical inference in which Bayes' theorem is used to update the probability for a hypothesis as more evidence or information becomes available. Bayesian inference is an important technique in statistics, and especially in mathematical statistics. Wikipedia
  11. Sorry not the same guy - how do I remove this post here ? Cant find a REMOVE button ?
  12. The subject of the 302 inquiry is: how did a movie producer get a "printout" of this alleged recording, and from whom. The assumption being made is: the recording is real! Made by whom ? The FBI wants to know who supplied confidential information to this 'movie producer' - what is the source ? Names are used but of course they are redacted...
  13. Well if this is the case that would be news. A cockpit voice recorder? That IS news. Unclear if it picked up 'the Cooper'. When and how will we know if it picked up 'the Cooper' on the interphone? Does anyone have a spectrogram of Cooper's phonology .... of course not. Cockpit recorder is a mic in the cockpit not the FDR... and the wings and wheels are not cockpit recorders. I git it! Does 377 have a manual for this cockpit recorder ?
  14. Moreover - as TK believes, there is no way money can appear on a sandbar near Vancouver without some intervening story: Cooper survived and walked south, Cooper died but his money was discovered ... the plane did not fly over Tena Bar, the money did not fall at or near Tena Bar, . . . that gap may never be filled. Given the facts currently understood, Cooper did not jump over or land in the Columbia River. (nothing supports a Columbia landing. Tosaw tried but could not get that theory to work!)