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  1. good news...................................... thanks.
  2. I have never posted much about my relationship with Wayne. Sluggo, as he called himself (it was a joke) was a private person in his personal life. He had a strong technical-academic background with a number of technical interests he spent his lifetime developing. He was an employee in the nuclear-security industry with years of training and experience behind him. He was a private pilot. He also had a deep interest in paleontology and had visited the SUI-ISU field museums to get to know their collections, where he met some of the museum staff members in Iowa. Sluggo was interested in Tom Kaye's appointment and work. The Cooper case was just one small aspect of Wayne's total life and interests. He was totally devoted to his wife and they were a successful team. Wayne's flight comms 'timeline' and his map collection remain unique contributions in the Cooper case. Wayne was especially proud of his interview of Ralph HImmelsbach! Wayne was able to arrange meetings with Jo Weber during which Jo allowed Wayne to review her boxes of 'Cooper notes', from the thousands of people Jo had talked to by telephone, during her Cooper involvement. Wayne had integrity. Wayne was unique - there is no doubt about that! I miss Wayne and his contributions. [email protected] was a reliable trustworthy person you could count on; based on my long experience with him which was tested a number of times. ! I miss Wayne.
  3. Play it again Sam - 14 years and running.
  4. REally! ?? Amazing ball of tripe. But makes good fictional reading. Ive wandered into the wrong bar! How are Tin Man & Dorothy ? WSHM personnel determined the missing or redacted portions of the ARINC teletype transcripts. I did not have anything to do with this. I guess that's true. WSHM said as much, but what does that mean? What were their socalled analysts qualifications/backgrounds - we never knew ? So many experts - so little tyme. For example, WSHM never clarified how or (whom) was responsible for the Flt Comms Transcript getting into the hands of the Seattle PI to be published? Is that when the socalled redactions occurred - for the public? We presume the document was passed to the PI by some FBI Agent ? What FBI Agent did the redactions? Who in Seattle was qualified to do that? There is a large missing history according to you. WSHM only says there are 'missing or redacted' passages. You say only 'redactions' ... We know Carr chose Sluggo as his outlet to the public. Carr didnt redact anything in the documents he conveyed to Wayne. R99 yours is a full blown conspiracy theory. REDACTIONS INTENTIONAL! Who did the redactions? Neither you or WSHM has ever addressed that openly! Edwards says your theory is a misunderstanding, tinged with paranoia! . xxx: why dint Sluggo endorse your west path theory ? Explain that or your claim of redactions ?
  5. I knew Sluggo. He told me he had no idea what you were claiming and the basis of your claims! I asked him about your redactions claim... "It's a mystery to me what he's basing that on. There could be lot of reasons." Later I asked him what he thought about WSHM's redactions claims vs yours. Wayne replied: "They are different claims, as I read them. WSHM says there could be something else going on ...." So play it again Sam. We know your tap-dance by heart. When you get some real evidence let the world know. For the umpteenth time with you, let me QUOTE WSHM on the topic if socalled redactions. WSHM actually says, quote: Finding no. 1 – In a comparison of entries from both ARINC roll A and roll B, and the public released ATC transcript [2013.5.15.5] between the timestamp entries from 4:45 pm (PST) to 8:24 PM (PST), inclusive, there were found to be eight (8) areas of missing, or redacted, teletype print copy, with each area made up of one or more individual “blocks” or entries of text, discovered in roll A: Flight data recorded in the ARINC teletype printouts may possibly be useful in reference to the outbound flight path of NW flight 305, with the focus on timestamp entries from 4:45 PM (PST) to 8:24 PM (PST) deliberately examined for this purpose. Amen. You claimed number of 'redactions' far exceeds WSHM's.
  6. WSHM could have done this years ago but demurred for some reason, just as they demurred from taking a position in the West path debate. Likewise they demurred from certifying your claim of redactions. WSHM has always followed a non-controversial middle road when it comes to their Cooper expertise. They apparently favor claiming experetise but do not wish to test anything, which at a blush is kind of 'cheesy' ! Their interests stop at the river's edge lest they get their feet wet... which is funny. Better to let someone else take the heat! And you certainly have done that for them even though you are not a spokesman for WSHM, you have spoken for them and made claims for them "many many many" times! Maybe you and WSHM need to counsel and decide who is what and which and speaking for ........ whom and for whatever ? It has become an open issue and very humerous between you and WSHM ! Are you on WSHM's Board of Directors? Yes or No ? Do you speak for WSHM? Someone make up their minds!
  7. In the above, a discussion about Cooper $20 dollar bills being found (in the Washougal!) is being discussed openly over CB radio - with a potential wide CB audience ! A full year before Cooper money is found at Tina Bar in February 1980. Somebody in the Portland office was made aware and informed the Seattle office who investigated ? Either the alleged conversations over CB radio took place as reported, or they didn't ! Why would anybody be talking about this in April 1979? Why would the subject even come up by whom? It's one helluva a coincidence if nothing else. Is Himmelsbach the author of this 'coincidence' ? Were the Ingrams cb'ers? People at Wilhelm trucking in Portland were. Cb radio in those days was a network with some broadcasting on 11 meters at 1500 watts with stacked yagi arrays. It was common for people broadcast internationally on 11 meters, despite FCC restrictions. Cooper himself said his bomb was electronic and might be set off by radio transmissions... 'just so you are aware'! CB radio was everywhere with a very wide daily audience. Anyone using CB radio knew that. An audience was all but guaranteed. The venerable Tempo-One.
  8. I had a former Portland Agent check the Washougal pages out - here are his comments: OK, here’s what I get from the attached documents: They are all teletypes – because they require immediate investigation on a priority matter. Notice that they are informational, but are not detailed information or direct quotes from the source, so they are not 302’s. A 302 will have the form number on it, with a space at the bottom that will have the initials of the person who typed it, and the Agent who dictated it. Depending on the Agent, many of us would identify ourselves in the first paragraph so that the reader, (US Atty, court etc.) would know who was writing it. A 302 will only pertain to information observed by the Agent, or the results of an interview. That restriction makes them suitable to be introduced into court as evidence. They will not contain directions or leads for another office/location. A cover letter, similar to the teletypes would be sent with the 302. The first teletype (attachment) is from Portland to Seattle and to Cleveland. It’s basic purpose is to find out who these CB guys are. So Seattle is directed to go to the sawmill at Auburn and find out who is bringing in 20 loads from the Washougal area. Cleveland is directed to contact the owner of the radio call letters who lives in Ohio. Cleveland responds back by teletype and basically says the CB guy doesn’t know what the hell they are talking about because he hasn’t even been to Montana since the distant past. One must conclude that the original source overheard the call letters incorrectly, or that the person being overheard fraudulently used the letters of someone else to avoid paying the license fee. Your attachments didn’t contain the results or reply from Seattle. If Seattle obtained additional information, they would write another message to the Agents serving Washougal ( The Vancouver WA resident agency), and direct them to interview the log truck driver. Portland would probably not even be given a copy of that communication unless there was more required in Portland. The way the communication system was set up, they tried to avoid excess paper and communications to file. If it didn’t concern an outside office or require additional work there, they weren’t included. This is typical of the frustrating dead ends, and ultimately useless effort that goes in to major investigations. You open a can of worms, and what crawls out isn’t even worms. So you have to clear the air of the static and focus only on your original intent or you get lost and overwhelmed with irrelevant information. I’m confident that issue was resolved, but the result would most likely be confined to the Seattle Office, possibly with copies to FBIHQ in Wash D.C. By the way, the initials at the bottom of the page of the T Types would be the supervisor who signed out the teletype. At that time, all priority matters, because they were suppose to require the receiving agents to drop everything and cover the lead immediately, had to be approved by a squad supervisor. I hope this clears up some of the questions. Regards,
  9. The person pictured is Wayne Walker. aka Sluggo.
  10. Thanks. Talked to two Portland agents today - They want to see these pages ... but, a former friend of H says he remembers the 'situation' involving the CB guys. He thinks it got referred to Seattle? .... 'H always felt Cooper had landed close to the Washougal and went that direction to follow the roads south. When money was found a year later on the Columbia the Washougal came up again! Ralph grinned... '
  11. what Part or Parts do these come from ?
  12. Much depends on what the FBI wants to do! They could suck up to Ulis and use him, then let the clock run, then drop him or trade him for a can of chicken soup when the time comes. In any event: sooner or later its Ulis who ? Ulis needs to find another career! After the last one and the one before that . . . How about a cooking show? Chef Ulinaise ? Or cats ? Or grapes and watermelons ? Or Alligators? Or Skin Walker Ranch? Searching for Cleopatra and the Lost Arc of the Covenant ? He can sue Egypt and Israel for hiding evidence ..
  13. Hilarious! The ever-vigilent news media is right on Ulis' tail feathers, following his every stunt in the Cooper Thunderdome.
  14. During his conversations with Tina Cooper references 'a place you would like', MN is nice land', ... places he's been and seen. Part of this is the affect of stress. His mind is wandering and he is referencing 'better times and places' and serenity from his background. Your references to other hijackers above are very interesting! People's personal backgrounds and hopes and dreams leak through when under stress... investigators may have missed this when questioning Tina.