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  1. Some people still believe there are Cooper things still to be found at Tena Bar and Jimmy Colhoun is one of those. He has launched a search of the whole area and says: If Cooper cratered into the sand there or somewhere on the island (or just landed and died), there will be things to find even 50 years on. A backpack will have metal clips, a briefcase made of plastic or even leather will still be largely intact, etcetera. Likely won't find anything, but I will test my hypothesis and report back. Cheers "Since we now know the money did not hit the water until Spring/summer, I think it is possible that it sat ..." The money hit the water in the Spring ... of some year Clearly, this is a case of teleportation and or time travel.
  2. Well the Courts, FBI, and the Justice Dept screwed itself and historical truth when it allowed the Ingram find to be split up between competing interests. My guess is the Ingram find represents a sheared-off section of Cooper bundles. Modern technology could have reassembled the Ingram find so we would know exactly what state the find was in, and what it was, when discovered by the Ingrams. If the Ingram find is a sheared off section of Cooper money then only a small number of options apply ... its a shame this case is being destroyed by speculators and greedy media interests and book writers. This case literally overlaps the development of modern technologies which could have been used in this case, if people had only had the foresight to wait and retool. Answers would have followed!
  3. You are asking questions and bringing up issues, that go to the core of the Cooper case. I wish we could get a Seal Team Commander to give his opinion of Cooper, Cooper's plan, and how Cooper conducted his hijacking from a tactical point of view. I have no opinion about the Dan Cooper comic persona and how that compares with DB Cooper. Carr has said he sees Cooper as a 'rank novice'/ amateur ? I wish Carr would explain that. Cooper had specific demands and a timeline. But he was VERY concerned about a sky marshal (ore two?) being on this flight - which seems to undermine his status as a fully informed tactical person. He said he was hijacking because the opportunity was presenting itself. He seems to have been in a hurry to do it and get it over with . . . like a bank robbery. ................................................. btw we have nothing about how Cooper and his clothing smelled ? Nothing if there was something that stood out. Its basic clues that solve cases. So far as I know no one has asked 'how did Cooper smell' - did anyone bother to ask Tina how Cooper smelled? Did his cloths smell of campfire smoke? etc
  4. The original sketches drawn for Cooper are a puzzlement to me. The Gregory sketch was the first - interviewed in Washington but drawn by somebody in the Las Vegas Office? Why Las Vegas ? Next several days later the Mucklow-Schafner sketches, produced by which office where? Why's the Gregory sketch so completely different?
  5. Tina may have an opinion about that - but we will never know that! For various and sundry reasons ... known only to the Cooper Confessional.
  6. Great true story. Thanks!
  7. When will lidar be used in the Cooper case? R99 climas Cooper cratered near Tina Bar in a no pull. Would R99 and Hollywood be willing to finance a lidar search of the Tina Bar area for Cooper's crater? Its time to do something real for a change!
  8. R99 says: Bruce has definitely put Cossey on the right peg. Everything Cossey has said is bullshit. Ignore him. Except that Cossey is the person who packed all of the chutes delivered to the plane, his name is on the packing cards ? Or is that all bs too, or a Cossey lie ? How many more years will the chute psycho-drama continue? 1, 3, 6, 67, 6789 ? Everything Cossey has said is bullshit. ?
  9. JAG can get his questions answered here. Its a complicated situation out of anyone's control. There is no DB Cooper Supreme [email protected]! That is a media driven myth just as "40 DB Cooper Angels" is also a myth. Follow the bouncing ball . . .
  10. Factoid? I have been told that Tina's father was an electrician. Is that true? Did she work with her father? Tina gave a beautiful description of the bomb including colors of wires, black wire went here, red wire went there .. was connected to - , etc . . . she alerted the pilots when Cooper claimed his bomb 'was fused?' ... and might be affected by radio communications ....? Anyone in the Vortex want to draw any inferences from this? Why would Cooper go to the trouble of wiring his fake bomb or making it look like it was wired and explaining the bomb ,,, and if I touch these two wires together .... poof! ? Cooper gave a technical presentation. Was Cooper a Kindergarten teacher? An FBI agent. A professional gambler.
  11. Cooper wanted . . . . . but he bailed before Portland after signalling he was going to jump. He built a bomb and showed it including the bomb's wiring to the stew who was then able to describe the bomb right down to its wiring and the colors of wires ... he wanted to convince people to take him seriously and obey his commands. Cooper had the initiative. The crew had nothing to compete with this! It's elementary but it works! Cooper left a tie - he evidently had no further need for that. The same for the bomb. And now media people are hard at work trying to hijack the Cooper case! Because they are special - only media people can solve crimes! Moreover as stated by one media-politician, the Cooper case = $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. That guy has been very clear in his demands. He wants to even select who can talk about the Cooper case and he and his friends have put that into motion, from the start. Cooper wanted .... Elvis wanted to buy a submarine and a tank ? As TK always says: ITS THE COOPER VORTEX! Has the bidding war started yet? DB Cooper WANTED . . . .
  12. That may mean something but what? Do all of these particles form a cohesive or similar group one would find - where? Or are multiple diverse environments suggested. Years ago Tom mentioned using FBI particle analysis software to identify particles and look for relationships/sources? Has that software yielded anything interesting Tom has commented about? Where is Tom posting about this - on Ulis' Facebook site? Maybe Ulis is now in charge of the whole Cooper case ? Or did this tie come from Larry's Landfill and Parts Yard - Im suspicious. Maybe everything he wore was borrowed? Someone did opin his cloths were miss-matched - who said that? 'He looked disheveled ? Has this tie taken us to the Land of Oz? Maybe Cooper left this tie precisely to confuse and divert ? The tie does not trace back to Mary's Bakery Shop in Toledo! (smile) Let me add this about the real DB Cooper: When Tina pleaded with Cooper at the end, to take his bomb with him when he left, Cooper just stared at her without reply, leaving her to wonder . . . Cooper was a control person right to the end. The evidence of Cooper being a control ( addict?) happens from start to finish throughout this hijacking. The concerns he expressed feed that narrative... be careful: the tie may be a plant and part of his grudge designed to continue and affect other people after he left!
  13. This has been asked before without answer - who would answer?
  14. I was astounded at the sheer number of particles and classes of particles, found on this tie. If you compared this tie with 1000 other ties at random, where would the Cooper tie fall - into what class? I think Ulis is doing worthless junk science! Was Cooper and this tie sitting into front of an air conditioner or a fan that focused particle debris on to his person vs what the average person picks up in the same amount of time ? Has McCrone offered any opinions about these particles and the sheer number of them?
  15. I havent spent any time on the McCrone list. Its entirely Tom's project. There are people who specialize in particles (particle analysis/interpretation) but I dont know that any of these people have ever been consulted. I wonder if there isnt software that could find relationships in this large list ? I think this is a project for an experienced specialist...