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  1. Boy to Split $5,520 of D. B. Cooper’s Loot L.A. Times Archives May 22, 1986 12 AM PT Associated Press PORTLAND, Ore. — The boy who found $5,800 of hijacker D. B. Cooper’s loot six years ago would get to keep almost half of the cash under an agreement submitted to a judge Wednesday by the four parties claiming shares of the find. Tuesday was the deadline for submitting claims on the $5,800 in decaying $20 bills found by Brian Ingram, now 14, on a Columbia River beach in Vancouver, Wash. In Feb 1980, six years ago. The parties that filed claims on the money were Brian Ingram and his parents represented by Richard Tosaw atty, Northwest Orient Airlines, the FBI, and the airline’s insurance company, Globe Indemnity Co. represented by J Pringle atty (Portland). Under the proposed judgment, which must be approved by U.S. District Judge Helen Frye, the federal government would keep $280 for use as evidence should anyone be prosecuted in the unsolved 1971 hijacking in which $200,000 was paid as ransom. Ingram and Globe Indemnity would split the remaining $5,520 equally. (Tosaw joined the case not long after the find in 1980 when the Ingrams were publicly demanding a reward.)
  2. Then you need to get together with WSHM and get your stories in agreement. And now back to your regularly scheduled programming... redactions, conspiracies, and FBI coverups...
  3. Huh!? I havent said a word! You keep including me................................ you keep imagining me! You cite WSHM but you never cite what WSHM actually SAID ......................... you just ignore it hoping it goes away. Stop dealing from the bottom of the deck. Or maybe you really dont know the difference? Everyone is beyond your games R99. Nobody waits for you to catch up to reality. You and your credentials were extinct a decade ago. Play it again Sam. The examination of the George Harrison ARINC printouts was made on site at WSHM on Jan. ... with a corresponding timestamp on 2013.5.15.5 [page 93 of transcript; page 5 of PDF ... there were found to be eight (8) areas of missing, or redacted, teletype print copy, ... missing, or redacted, teletype print copy, ... missing, or redacted, teletype print copy, ... missing, or redacted, teletype print copy, ... missing, or redacted, teletype print copy, ... missing, or redacted, teletype print copy, ... missing, or redacted, teletype print copy, ... missing, or redacted, teletype print copy, ... . . . missing, or redacted, teletype print copy, ...
  4. agree ... well stated.
  5. Stick around! I enjoy your thoughts!!!
  6. totem poles bake furiously
  7. Cooper's suggestion that the crew take drugs (benzene) was stupid on its face - precisely the kind of statement that Carr uses to claim Cooper was a rank moron/amateur who didnt know what he was doing. One option is that Cooper himself or herself was on drugs at the time and didn't know the difference between day vs night! Its like some people I know who keep claiming the facility they built is located 20 miles away from where it actually is - and even get news stations to advertise that nonsense! Was Cooper a barking dog that neighbors could not get anyone to SHUT UP! ? Maybe animal control in some city knew who DB Cooper was because they had been dealing with him/it for years ?
  8. I think more work needs to be done to validate the initial test. I agree. Samples matter. I would compare the Clara letters to Forman letters. If a positive match is found to one of the Formans ... then there is a potential problem. Likewise who were Dayton's associates independent of the Formans? Maybe the whole circle of people around Dayton must be examined in addition to Dayton only. .. Keep in mind we are dealing with syntactical structures vs phonology. Phonology has far more data points that can be quantified vs syntactical strictures. If we could compare a Dayton voice recording with a Clara call, the analysis would be on much firmer ground. I am assuming recordings of those voices dont exist? If Kaczynsk's voice could have been compared to a sample of the Unabomber voice a phonological match could have been made very quickly, vs syntactical comparison. Its an issue of data and quantifiable data points in one method vs another. But, I think Andrade has done a marvelous piece of work with this.
  9. Thanks!

  10. I am so long away from that I hesitate to say anything! Back in the sixties Bill Gibson, Robt Howren, and I (at Wendel Johnson Speech & Hearing) tried to devise a sorting program looking for syntax indicative of the language acquisition period - in children. We examined a large amount of text taken from recordings of children etc. We had a number of people looking over our shoulders as we tried to develop this 'algorithm' - people in linguistics, neurology, education, ed-psych measurement etc. My wife was doing her student teaching at the Area Development Center in Davenport, Ia at the time so I went went with her and began recording the speech patterns of handicapped children. I was interested in comparing that population with samples from 'normal' non-institutionalized children. The fit was good. I decided to compare that data with a large sample of data from Downes clients, ages 2-25, and was surprised by the results. Our program suggested that the Downes clients were engaging in 'acquisition like' speech patterns skewed to ages 18-25! I consulted with the director of the center and she smiled and said: 'yes. its a syndrome we've seen for usually stops by age 25'. A colleague Bob Wachal noted that he thought he had seen similar linguistic 'experimentation' in patients trying to recover from brain injuries... obviously there must be a neurological basis for anything like this regardless of the age and condition of people entering such a phase ? The whole thing became an interesting academic exercise. Bill Gibson and I were using PL1 ... about 1968. Work of this kind has advanced light years beyond where we were in those early years using PL1 ... I think Bob Wachal went further with his work on Aphasia. Its a neurological issue of importance for anyone who has a brain injury affecting language skills ...
  11. I havent followed the evolution of linguistic computer programming but of course its been part of the whole computer revolution in data analysis since the 60s, in every area of science. My old colleague William P Gibson (a programmer) would be proud and very pleased. Bill was a mathematician by trade. One of Bill's concerns was 'when computers begin talking to each other the dialogue will move beyond human comprehension quickly! Then where do we go from there?' I miss Bill every day. He would have loved the dialogue that is happening here lately - - -
  12. Is stylometry admissible in Court? Is any Linguistic data or analytical process admissible in Court? Yes. Especially where it relates to some neurological condition or statement about background, identity, social class, intention, educational issues, etc. These modern assessment tools that people began developing in the 60's have become central in every sector of modern life across the globe. The roots of these assessment and measurement tools goes clear back into antiquity, eg. the Code of Hammurabi, etc.
  13. Did Dayton/Forman claim to have landed at Woodburn OR ?
  14. I disagree. On its face we have a person having an Identity crisis, which is real. People in that condition do a lot of testing out of different roles. She/he tells the Formans she is Cooper, whether or not she is. If the Formans are being truthful and complete in their statements, then Bob Dayton attached himself/herself to the Cooper hijacking for some reason. Its less likely Dayton will claim to have been Einstein or Moses or Eisenhower! Dayton picks an unprovable by way of claiming personality traits-identity Dayton wants to have poeople think she is associated with. The Formans have no way of proving anything! Dayton might as well stand up in some church and claim she is Jesus. But Dayton will not do that - her confession is only private made in a safe environment where they cant be any consequences that matter. Dayton's identity formation is incomplete. But Dayton is also going some distance making extraordinary claims with her friends and supporters! There is no instance of Dayton going to the FBI and confessing she/he is Cooper! That would have consequences and leave a record. But, Dayton is making extraordinary claims ... probably to a variety of people ... for some reason related to an identity crisis. Did Dayton ever recant her claim to the Formans? If so when? It would not be out of place for this person to contact some author who has no way of knowing who or where she is - then letting the whole matter go before any real consequences can materialise!
  15. Some followup on Kaczynski. In Ted's cabin at Lincoln MT was the typewriter he used to type a number of messages including his 'manifesto'. At the same time, a person or persons unknown was being sought for committing a series of Federal crimes in the Lincoln MT area, going back years. Vandalism to rail lines, vandalism to trains (moving and parked), vandalism to State and National Park equipment, poisoning of park ranger's dogs and animals, and on and on and on. Ted was already under suspicion from a number of angles; he had been arrested on several occasions with cases dismissed for lack of evidence. Ted was under observation. The minute Ted's cabin was entered for any reason and its contents inspected, a link to the Unabomber case was all but assured. All of this independent of the FBI's Unabomber case.