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  1. Or, similar method with white flour which has the added benefit of not polluting the soil. It's what I did, oh so many years ago. quade - The World's Most Boring Skydiver
  2. Quade. Any chance of locking this thread. R It would be more helpful if people just let it die. quade - The World's Most Boring Skydiver
  3. No. The trail of "evidence" is far too tainted. This will never go anywhere except to help promote the cottage industry of speculative fiction surrounding the case. We might as well be talking about Bigfoot. quade - The World's Most Boring Skydiver
  4. This has been the cause of a number of swooping accidents. Paint yourself into a corner and regardless of what you attempt to do you're going to end up having a very bad day. quade - The World's Most Boring Skydiver
  5. And let's keep it closed here as much as feasible too. ;) quade - The World's Most Boring Skydiver
  6. While it's not regulated like being the pilot of an aircraft, it's probably not a horrible idea to use that as a basic guideline. There will always be exceptions, but as a general guideline reasonable eyesight, free of neurological and heart conditions. I'm not sure eyesight needs to rise quite to the standard of a class 3 medical for pilots (correctable to 20/20), but it should be reasonable to expect eyesight good enough to spot and avoid traffic. There have been blind skydivers, but RARE exceptions. Heart and neurological should be fairly obvious. A person probably also wants to be in at least good enough condition to run out a landing. Ultimately a person can get by with less mobility, but being able to run out a landing it's an unreasonable personal requirement. Having to slide in on your ass all the time has other risks involved. A person should have reasonable strength in their upper body. Enough to hang on rear risers for an extended period of time if required. Again, it's possible to get by with less, but the one time you really need to hang on rear risers, you'll be happy you can. quade - The World's Most Boring Skydiver
  7. This. It is NOT, repeat NOT, mandatory that other aircraft avoid the area. A drop zone with a parachute symbol attached to it is NOT a guarantee no other aircraft will be below you when you exit the jump ship. quade - The World's Most Boring Skydiver
  8. Honestly, I believe that's just about anyone. I think if anyone ever talked to a psychologist for any length of time at some point they'd be diagnosed falling somewhere on "the spectrum." As long as it's not severe and judging from the fact that nobody seemed to notice it in you until just now, I wouldn't give that diagnosis a second thought. quade - The World's Most Boring Skydiver
  9. Such a great guy. Such a professional attitude toward every aspect of what he did. I respect him a lot. quade - The World's Most Boring Skydiver
  10. Robots can write about earthquakes because a lot of the information is instantly available and already on the internet before humans have gotten over the "we're having an earthquake!" stage of excitement. Skydiving incidents would be much, much harder since generally speaking skydivers are the only ones who know about the incident and are generally cool enough to not tweet out all the gory details and especially not names until relatives can be notified. I don't think we'll be seeing a crater report written by a robot for awhile yet. It'll just seem like it. quade - The World's Most Boring Skydiver
  11. Bruce, sexual harassment is crossing the line by a pretty large margin. Enjoy your vacation. quade - The World's Most Boring Skydiver
  12. Keep it classy, Bruce. quade - The World's Most Boring Skydiver
  13. Georger, Just disengage with him. quade - The World's Most Boring Skydiver
  14. Jo, do you need another vacation from this thread? I can arrange that if you continue to talk about other users rather than the subject. quade - The World's Most Boring Skydiver
  15. I'm going to also ask that you STOP advertising posts for events in the forum. If you'd like to buy ads promoting your events, fine. Here's the link for that. http://www.dropzone.com/about/Advertise/ However, the incessant free advertising of events will no longer be tolerated. quade - The World's Most Boring Skydiver