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  1. This Metroliner landed safely and the Cirrus that was involved landed with the cabin intact and both occupants unhurt after a mid -air near Denver this morning. https://www.planeandpilotmag.com/news/2021/05/12/midair-over-denver-between-small-plane-and-charter-plane/?fbclid=IwAR2G_DccmDXB5tBtREq_AMtiJG2tg2Mx0KsIkIzuEzNe56PbQAiEImnXc7Q
  2. These are likely the same clowns with the tiki torches.
  3. They probably also have enough TP in the garage to soak up the spillage.
  4. At our DZ we will honour USPA licenses issued to Canadians. They are FAI credentials and as such are supposed to good in any organization that is a FAI member. Some dzs here will require a CSPA membership, but that is related to 3rd party liability insurance.
  5. My understanding is that it will probably be the end of the week until the pipeline is restored. Then likely another few days to build stocks back up. The shortages are largely caused by panic buying. this should be a wakeup call to everyone about how vulnerable supply chains are. I'm not really sure why it is turning into another partisan issue here. It could pretty much have happened anywhere. It is a criminal act.
  6. Jerry, Google the term "marginal tax rate". But by now you probably know.
  7. Just a word here. Once you start calling him "bud", it is clear that he has gotten the best of you and you are losing your shit. Which is his main goal. I've got nothing to say about the rest of your exchange with him, I have not and will not read it.
  8. I believe the term you are looking for is "successful troll thread".
  9. I can't seem to find that article, but I have seen something about it recently. It's far more likely to end up in Dubai. FWIW, this is the webpage where the museum organization lays out its plans and attempts to answer the critics. https://skydivingmuseum.org/news/ismhof-your-questions-answered Apparently they think that people other than skydivers are interested in watching skydive videos. Long experience has taught all of us they the rest of the world finds them just plain boring. That's why it has never been able to become a sport that can make money from TV. MASSIVE VIDEO WALLThe “Pre-Flight Atrium” will have an immense video wall featuring skydiving videos that will be visible through the glass window wall of the atrium at great distance.
  10. Kind of like skydiving. It takes food from the mouths of hungry children> Think of all the larger 4x4 SUVs that money could go to instead!
  11. So that would be non-cascaded A-B lines with a method of shortening the Bs in flight? Edit, never mind, found it. The paragliding Wiki page has a lot of info.... B-line stall In a B-line stall, the second set of risers from the leading-edge/front (the B-lines) are pulled down independently of the other risers, with the specific lines used to initiate a stall. This puts a spanwise crease in the wing, thereby separating the airflow from the upper surface of the wing. It dramatically reduces the lift produced by the canopy and thus induces a higher rate of descent. This can be a strenuous manoeuvre, because these B-lines have to be held in this position, and the tension of the wing puts an upwards force on these lines. The release of these lines has to be handled carefully not to provoke a too fast forward shooting of the wing, which the pilot then could fall into. This is less popular now as it induces high loads on the internal structure of the wing.
  12. Did you also develop the housing lots bordering you to the east?
  13. They are the method of attaching the lines to the canopy using triangular pieces of fabric sewn into the bottom seam. They are used to distribute the load and in some designs also act as small keels and can replace stabilizers. As shown in this drawing of an FCI reserve canopy in side view.
  14. They would have brought guns it they thought they could. Instead they brought improvised weapons to club the police with.
  15. Quick Google search. It turns out that Skydive Oregon Airport has a Wikipedia page. Google maps show that not only do you run a highly polluting and carbon fuel based enterprise, but you are also doing so on some prime agricultural land. No wonder you need political allies for protection. Nice DZ BTW.