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  1. So, Google search for "space studies" reveals several programs. Much to my surprise. Sounds a lot like the technical science version of an arts degree!
  2. I'm told space cadets should do the same. BTW, what in the Lord's name is a "space scientist"? Where did you get your "space degree"?
  3. I have never seen so much discussion from the mods justifying what they decide. I don't think it is a good idea to do that. A little mystery goes a long way.
  4. Yes of course. There is always the possibility that it was a lonesome planet wandering aimlessly through the galaxy looking for a home. Perhaps it was delivered and placed into orbit by an unknown cosmic Amazon delivery truck. I mean, you can't prove it wasn't.
  5. Not surprising. Membership comes with a fee and kicking someone out means giving up money.
  6. Ah....There's one. The original bad boy who broke every rule in the book. And eventually someone found a way to shut him down temporarily by going after the one thing that is covered by regs. The rigging. That only goes to show just how much you would need to thumb your nose at the man before any real consequences happen.
  7. I can find news articles saying that the FAA was looking at Lodi after a pair of incidents. The article states that they will look at the records for the equipment. The FAA official had nothing to say about the TI performance. Yes, a demo jump will attract FAA attention, mostly because it requires FAA clearance and PRO ratings. That gives them a regulation to enforce. And that is what they do, they enforce regulations. There are no regulations to enforce around landing procedures for tandems so there is nothing to look into. If your paperwork is squared away they will walk away from the incident because they have no jurisdiction. I can find no FAA reports about tandem harness incidents. Because although as people they may care they have no official function to regulate skydiving. I have never heard of a DZ ever being shut down or in trouble with the FAA (or TC in Canada) for any unsafe skydiving activities. Only for issues involving aircraft. When accidents happen you will often hear talk about government action. But none ever happens.
  8. They don't even care about that unless it involves an aircraft incident. I'm pretty sure they don't ever look at parachute landing injuries. Not even for tandems. They would regard the paying waiver signing customers just the same as all the other participants.
  9. History has not shown intelligence to be the deciding factor in sorting out what group holds the most control over a society. It is not that your fundamentalist group lacks intelligence that is keeping you from the dominance that you crave. It is the lack of moral consistency that the rest of us see so clearly that makes us reject your vision. It stiffens our spines and motivates us to do what we can to prevent your group from turning our world into the hell of forced compliance that theocracies always bring. That is why you are weak and we are strong.
  10. The Lord could do it. Classical physics could not,. But hey, smartypants is a believer.
  11. Not nearly as silly as good Ol' Sol picking up a stray inner planet and adopting it as his own while on a magical tour of the galaxy. Now that is taking creativity to a whole new level. Science is truly easy when answers can just be made up.
  12. As far as we can tell there is no particular reason to believe that rules (not laws) were broken. Poor judgement is not against the rules. Sometimes when people in positions of responsibility make mistakes we want to hold them to a high standard and bring them down. Like for example, a politician leaving his frozen state for a holiday in Mexico during a crisis. It is not against a rule, but it is not the standard we expect. Going after answers in this forum is unlikely to bring you any. If those involved are reading this they would be fools to start replying with words that would bring endless continuing questions. I'm Canadian and I don't know what USPA procedures are, but I also find it unlikely that this is something that requires any "investigation". It may require an incident report that would most likely be used for statistical reasons. Probably that has been submitted.
  13. What scientific achievements have you contributed to?
  14. This is not really that much of a fun place for Smartypants. Bullshit doesn't go far here. But I bet the troll who sent her to us is having a good laugh.