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  1. Well......we could just use the Sun for energy instead. I understand it produces a fair amount of under utilized power.
  2. Don't they bring pestilence and disease to the land?
  3. It's a serious first world problem I'm dealing with here Bill. I do that once week or so, then I read the first new post that deals with something that belongs in the forum. When I get to the bottom I click the link to the next new post. Which leads me to the first of the 5 or so new pages of crap that have blossomed forward in the last few days. So, I then have to do a second click to go back to the topic listing and find something real. Rinse and repeat many times because the software does not consider the unmentionable thread read unless I look at each and every page. Seriously, this outrageous inconvenience can cost me as much as almost 2 minutes of additional wasted online forum time a week! When will the pain end!!!!!!
  4. What I mean is the top level shows a notification that there is a new post in the forum there is a button to take me to the new post. If I click the button hoping to see something about skydiving history I nearly always end up seeing some of this useless blather. Instead of something relevant to skydiving history.
  5. It should have it's own forum. I do my best not to look at it, but how can I tell if anything meaningful is in the Skydiving History and Trivia forum? It does not fit there.
  6. gowlerk


    It's just about the same as feeling persecuted for being a Christian in the USA.
  7. Children playing with killing machines. I don't blame them, if I had some to play with at that age I would have for sure. Only a flesh wound, thankfully for the 10 yo victim. https://www.10tv.com/article/news/local/police-investigating-child-shot-mcguffey-road/530-0c2fa666-8059-4017-a0dc-654b2cc8728b
  8. Fabulous. And only a matter of time till it causes a crisis.
  9. Yes, this is true. The US does not provide for a national election. Only a series of Coordinated state elections. There can never be a “popular vote winner” except as an estimate. As long as individual states make their own rules for eligibility and counting systems you will never have a POTUS elected by all the people. The states choose the President. edit, fwiw, I see this system as no better or worse than the Canadian system where almost none of us get a vote for the Prime Minister. Who is merely the leader of the party who has control of enough seats in the House of Commons.
  10. Trump should like her. She wasn’t captured.
  11. gowlerk


    Trump gives a new meaning to "living on Tulsa time". https://us.cnn.com/2020/07/08/us/tulsa-covid-trump-rally-contact-tracers-trnd/index.html
  12. It’s good when a person understands that.
  13. Science is only a method to find knowledge and understanding. What we do with our knowledge is where feelings and politics are used to decide on our behaviors. I know of no one who rejects science altogether. I know of many who choose to disbelieve, or just ignore the evidence that science provides when it does not suit their agenda or fit in with what they would rather believe.
  14. George Floyd has become a symbol, just a statues of traitors are symbols. Some people prefer traitors I guess.