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  1. Yobnoc, it was a nice touch with the little girl and all. But it did go over my head because of the way the quote system works. I just went back and gave you a little something for your effort!
  2. I don't know what dark corners of the alt right internet you hang out in to see videos like that. Here in the real world I have never heard of such a thing. My belief is that you are the one being recruited by a cult.
  3. I know that guns and gun rights are important to you. I don't really understand why though, even though I do appreciate them as fine machines and even as tools when needed. In my life most of the people I know find that the easiest way to keep guns away from their children is to just not have any in the house. But a few people do have them and yes, they are secured in a gun safe separately from the ammo.
  4. It is simply Murphy's law. What can go wrong will go wrong.
  5. Wave? Tsunami? Whatever, it's not just America either. Even here on the cold Canadian prairie the hospitals are starting to feel the squeeze in the last week or so. And the outlook is for worse to come.
  6. Hummm.....you seem to think that somehow along the the way i have disagreed with you. I have not. But again, punishment is not the point, and deterrence is not the point. That fact that guns are so pervasive in America that toddlers shooting themselves and each other is a regular thing is the point. Get it?
  7. I can think of better ways to reduce the death toll from firearms among American toddlers. Which is the point of the thread.
  8. Doesn't a cult need to have a leader?
  9. Thanks, I'll be watching for a good buying opportunity!
  10. gowlerk


    Canada and the US currently have an agreement restricting cross border traffic to essential services only. I am allowed to go back and forth in my commercial truck to pick up and deliver freight. You would not be allowed to come and visit me at this time, and I am not allowed to go south for a skydiving vacation.
  11. gowlerk


    I'm sure he would be a fine neighbour here in the Crestview neighbourhood of Winnipeg. But I fear he may be a little on the old side to adapt to the winter. And many of his weapons could not travel with him, so he may feel fearful. And.....there are raccoons in the area and I know for sure he sees them as a metaphor for evil.
  12. gowlerk


    Except that it was and is true. Just because you say it is fake means nothing. MSM is the voice of the people.
  13. This entire question rests on a very shaky anecdotal experience of what you recall reading. A better is question would be to ask if incidents reports reflect your assertion.
  14. True, America needs more prisoners to keep the corporate prison profits up anyway.