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  1. gowlerk

    weird skydving dream

    It's really common for skydivers to have dreams about doing things that would have killed them in really life, but walk away in the dream. In my case it was usually a hard reserve pull that I could not get out. I always jumped up, dusted myself off, wondered why I did not die, and then apologized profusely to the DZO for being so bad. They went on for a few years but stopped long ago.
  2. Well, the first question is simple. What do you mean by "about 1/4 toggle"? Since it is both a new harness and a newly installed canopy there are many possibilities.
  3. It's a different journey for every different person. Enjoy yours.
  4. gowlerk

    Wow....this place has changed!

    Sometimes I think we are all loons here.
  5. No, The current MarS and Vigils are both multimode. You can select speed mode yourself without sending them away. The new C-Mode CYPRES has the same feature.
  6. CYPRES units do not have a reputation in the industry for doing what you say. You are mistaken. I would suggest you not post things like this if you are not sure. You may give other people the wrong idea. There are three main AAD manufacturers today. All three make a very good product that people can depend on to perform as advertised.
  7. I'm now curious. I'm sure most people in skydiving know the people behind the Spaceland DZs, of which there now seem to be 5. But I have no idea who they are other than the website for the group says that it is a family owned business. They must be doing something right to have such a growth rate. Are they famous top notch passionate skydivers, great aviation professionals, savvy business people, or all three? There must be an interesting story here.
  8. Actually, MarS M2 lifetime is only 15 years or 15000 jumps, whichever comes first. Vigil is 20 years.
  9. Mostly because you don't pay yearly. You pay one time up front and the difference is far more than one jump. As far as owning "the best", I have seen nothing that makes me believe that any are better than the others.
  10. I agree. I won't even put my name to a repack on an Astra anymore. I don't mind orphaned canopies with no support, but Astras and even Argus? Find someone else.
  11. gowlerk

    Surviving a 1,000 feet free fall?

    Almost everyone who falls from this height will die from it. There have been a few survivors. Look here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Fall_survivors Good luck with the English.
  12. Spoken as the true Airtec lover and defender you have always been here. Two points. Airtec no longer requires, only recommends 5 year servicing on the new units. Which means that almost no one will bother, making one of your points moot. And the other thing is that the demand for used AADs far exceeds the supply. This makes buying a new one the cheapest option on a per year cost basis.
  13. gowlerk

    Help please

    I have no medical advice for you. However, it may help you to relocate your pilot chute to the left side of the container. This has been done many times for similar reasons.
  14. gowlerk

    Slider Swapping

    I hear you. The answer seems to be no they don't. Most of them are afraid to jump without an AAD and many without a MARD. And.....they don't really know exactly what a MARD is, they just want one.
  15. Yup, they are now playing "follow the leader"!