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  1. Well, except for a couple key people it's unlikely many employees will be moving from AZ to NC. The Curv and the Javelin are as different from each other as modern H/Cs get these days. I can see Sunpath continuing to produce the Curv and updating it. They did not need to buy out RI. Sandy would have retired and shut it down eventually anyway.
  2. Lucky for you, 4 way can be done from a 182.....
  3. If that is your true weight you are within the limits of most programs. We are a small Cessna 182 DZ and we would take you without a second thought. Larger DZs with bigger staff and aircraft should have no problem.
  4. I also posted this in the FB group, so forgive me my trespass. I've never had to touch, install, or service an Astra AAD. But there is a chance that a rig equipped with one is going to come to me for a repack in the spring. My first instinct is to just say no, but what do others do?
  5. If you do not know and understand completely the answers to those questions you should not be changing your own slinks. You should not be learning how to do it by reading it here. You should get someone who knows what they’re doing to show you. It’s actually fairly simple.
  6. Are you independently wealthy? I'm pretty sure that is a prerequisite.
  7. That might be slightly longer than average, but in the ball park. There are several reasons people tend to open higher than they used to. This is one of them.
  8. After watching the video I would call this a non-issue. First of all you have to stand in front of the yoke and pull in an unnatural direction to make it happen. Secondly the rig does not actually come off the ground, the back of it just lifts a little, and you have to pull carefully and slow to make it happen. Your P?C generates about 70 lbs of pull force at terminal. That said, it should be easy to tell if it is having a real effect at deployment time. If it is catching, the 30 jumps or so you have done will be enough to show some friction wear either on the bridle or the tape on the flap. If there is damage happening at these points I would contact RI about it.
  9. All lines should be in the centre as much as possible. The outside lines are more difficult to place completely in the centre because they are sewn to the stabilizers. So yes, they will often wander off a little bit. On a 7 cell canopy shaped like a Spectre there will be 8 each of A,B,C,and D lines. Four go to one side and four to the other. It is acceptable to let the outside lines be a little outside.
  10. Looking for opinions? In my opinion it is not worth the trouble. That should have no bearing on YOUR decision though. Also in my opinion it will increase the resale value. And possibly make it easier to sell.
  11. That might happen. It's skydiving, everyone I know who skydives has been injured. Try not to get hurt. Realize that you might anyway.
  12. As a frequent radio controller I encourage students to call their own flare ASAP. Most can not judge the height because they are looking down and that causes the Earth to appear to be rushing up at you. You have only a few jumps, you will get better quickly. How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Same way as you learn to flare. Practice, practice, practice. Student parachutes are large and lightly loaded to make them forgiving. You will make errors and within reason the Earth and the canopy will forgive them.
  13. Probably. Read the manual, here is a link. https://rigginginnovations.com/sites/default/files/CurvManual-v2.0.pdf See pages 22 through 25.
  14. You just can't help yourself can you? You just have to insult the BoD and imply that they are cheaters and self servers.
  15. Yes and yes. Well known and beyond debate. However, in a rare case it is possible for something like a bag lock to cause a delay in opening followed by a hard opening. Certain canopies are known for long snivels and can easily take 800 feet to open. I have not heard that about Pilots in particular.