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  1. Good grief, I keep seeing his words quoted even though I have ignored him. I didn't know about the enforced holiday he has been complaining about. But it was quite a bit better in here while he was away. I guess I know who the sock puppet was now. You would think he was feeling that his sexuality was somehow threatened the way he goes on.
  2. But you don't need to join any clubs to succeed in the US military. Not even the old boy's club sometimes. Much to the chagrin of some trolls.
  3. That is a common expression that is completely incorrect. The Amazon region is an incredible place for its biodiversity. It is not "the lungs of the world". If anything can be given such a title it is the ocean. And there is only one ocean despite the fact that we give different parts of it names of their own. Save the plankton if you want to keep breathing. People who live in countries that have converted as much arable land as possible to agriculture are always the ones trying to hold Brazil back from doing the same using emotional and misguided arguments. Worry about your own back yard.
  4. True. And that car is allowed to drive down the street and do everything the other cars are allowed to do.
  5. Before or after the pledge of allegiance and anthem?
  6. gowlerk


    Nearly all the vaccine holdouts are now claiming natural immunity. Most of the are lying.
  7. That may well be a large part of the answer. It's not just oil, the tar sands can provide all we need even with the lack of pipelines. But the fracking production that has slowed so much was also the source of the excess of natural gas that was replacing coal in power generation. Renewables are the future but we need a bridge to get there.
  8. Apparently there are others predicting unrest. https://financialpost.com/commodities/energy/oil-gas/energy-squeeze-will-trigger-unrest-says-blackstones-schwarzman
  9. https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2021/10/lets-go-brandon-meaning-nascar-republicans-joe-biden.html
  10. The shortages will works themselves out and the prices will stabilize at a lower level. But it will take 18 to 24 months.
  11. At one time is was, but no longer. It also was once owned by GM, but that was in the '20s of last century!
  12. I suppose. Your use of hateful words may just rhetoric that you are using for dramatic effect. It is of course not possible for me to know your true thoughts or beliefs. I can only interpret the words you use and the ideas you express. You might call that projection.
  13. I think she is a lousy politician. To be a good pol you have to be able to get people to relate to you and like you despite policy differences. That's why Bill was able to unseat Bush. And why the younger Bush was able to beat Gore. But I do agree that she would have been "a reasonably capable leader". That is a near perfect description.
  14. Again, there is not such ideology as "Woke". There is no actual reason to capitalize the word. It is merely another of the hatreds that you have succumbed to. Like the irrational Hilary thing.