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  1. There is forward motion and there is backward motion. What there is not is standing still. That is the nature of progress. Without progress there is only regression.
  2. USPS is being run by a man who wants to destroy it. I use it along with Canada Post whenever I have a choice of carriers.
  3. US intelligence has been pretty good at predicting things like this. They don't make public pronouncements lightly. But knowing the exact day seems unlikely.
  4. Don't forget all the "money" tied up in Bitcoin and the like.
  5. Those are the last words before going full Ivermectin.
  6. Nobody just sits on their money. All of it is working doing something in the economy. Unless you count Scrooge McDuck rolling around in his vault for of gold and cash.
  7. I don't know a single person who matches that description. And I bet you can not actually name one. The fact is "anti-gun nut" is simply the name calling you choose to use. But go ahead, name one. these people are not nuts. There is nothing nutty about wanting gun control.
  8. More bad news for the US economy. Job growth is too strong, unemployment is too low. More immigration is needed badly. The struggle is real. https://www.cnn.com/business/live-news/march-jobs-report-04-05-24/index.html
  9. Okay then. A new look for you. Is your makeover now completed or are you going to go deeper into the abyss?
  10. Like the idea that Joe Biden is a rapist? Is that what you mean by open?
  11. Yeah. Don't say liar. It sounds mean. Just say "purveyor of alternative facts". So, a purveyor of alternative facts who doesn't really stand for anything. Yeah, that's what I said. See how easy it is to clean up?
  12. Suddenly you seem to be trying out a new schtick. Whaddup wit dat?
  13. There is something just a little strange about ranges being compared for progressiveness. What makes a range progressive?
  14. I only know what comes across on various feeds and youtube videos. I have no real knowledge of gun range practices. A simple search for gun range targets turns up a mix of paper targets with about 40% being silhouettes.
  15. Sometimes when your team looks really bad the only thing to be done is a reach out to false equivalency.