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  1. Reserve closing loop was 7/8" longer than normal for a solo Icon. When in doubt, install 4.5" closing loops in reserves (Icon, Mirage, Sidewinder, Vector, etc.). javelins use closing loops about half that length.
  2. This thread is for former members of the Black Forest Parachute Club to share memories of jumping at Canadian Forces Bases Baden-Baden and Lahr, West Germany during the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. I arrived in September 1985 and promptly started instructing, rigging and flying our Cessna 182 jump-plane. I left in 1987. Master Corporal (retired) Rob Warner, CD, BA, a couple sets of military jump wings, etc.
  3. We seem to agree with the OP's basic outline, but disagree over the finer points. Dear SethInMi, I disagree. Solo freefall maneuvers used to be an international competition event (aka. Style). Junior skydivers still need to demonstrate precise solo maneuvers before they can earn various USPA licenses. I still think they need to demonstrate solo skills on belly, sitting and on their heads before progressing to group freefall maneuvers. Speaking of freeflying ... That category needs to be broken down into sitting skills, vertical skills and head down skills before they can be combined into "freeflying" in general.
  4. Wind tunnel is most valuable after they have done a few (2 to 6) stable exits with IAD or static-line. It is generally a good habit to toss them in the tunnel before they start practice pulls. Ten minutes of practice pulls - in the tunnel - will eliminate most fumbles during real practice pulls. If students will progress to assisted freefall, then you toss them in the tunnel for a few minutes to practice the maneuvers they will do during their first assisted freefall. Be sure to toss an AFF Instructor in the tunnel to ensure that they practice correctly. Video is also a great way to debrief tunnel time. Tunnel time gets them over the sensory over-load experienced during their first few seconds of real freefall.
  5. Eric Fradet identified that problem with Mirages a good 25 years ago. He found that if the reserve closing loop is more than 1/2" too long, it can get pinched between the rolled edges of grommets,, causing them to hesitate. The ideal closing loop is perfect or less than a 1/2" too long. Rigging Innovations struggle with a similar problem when we built a Telesis 1 container for retired President George Bush Senior. The main container was a variation of a design that we had built hundreds of for the US Air Force Academy, but it was even more complicated with an FXC 12000M, a chest-mounted ripcord (right MLW) and a second main ripcord on the lower left corner for the reserve side AFF instructor. After it hesitated - on the table - a few times, we eventually used the shortest possible, double-ended main closing loop. We activated it dozens of times on the ground before we got that spring-loaded main pilot-chute to deploy consistently. As the (President Bush Sr.) program neared completion, Sandy Reid told me "We will never build another rig like that."
  6. if everyone is sitting around waiting, a complete skydiving rig can be sewn in a day or so. This means a dozen ladies sewing sub-components (e.g. side flaps) that are only sewn together late in the production process. It is expensive to keep an entire factory sitting idle while waiting for a single rig to come through the production line. Mind you, that pre-supposes that accessories like pilot-chutes, d-bags, risers, etc. were pre-made. It also assumes that your rig is made in the same colours as the last batch of rigs because changing thread colour or binding tape colour takes a few minutes. That is why many factories only make black rigs on Monday and Tuesday, blue rigs on Wednesday, red rigs on Thursday, etc. They will group all the blue rigs in a single batch to limit colour changes. Similarly, if they have an order for a large number of student rigs, they will do them all in a single run, just so that the ladies at the sewing machines can sew a single pattern all week.
  7. The shortest IAD FJC was 3 hours and all 4 students performed well as they exited the airplane. Larger classes and "slower" students require more time for rehearsals on the ground. Accompanied Freefall FJC usually requires 6 hours because of all the additional tasks the student has to perform. The key is the instructor(s) constantly observing students to confirm that learning is taking place. A few students will never "get" ground school and need to be weeded out quietly.
  8. Moderators, Please move this thread to the INCIDENTS forum.
  9. If rigging students only want to pack pilot emergency parachutes, we need to add: Round canopies Back containers Long back containers Seat containers Chest containers
  10. Tears of joy after the Habs finally won a play-off game. Hah! Hah!
  11. It was impossible for the lawn mower driver to hear a plane approaching for landing. To prevent a repeat - of this accident - we should install better mufflers on gasoline powered lawn mowers. Did I ever tell you how much I hate the sound of loud lawn-mowers?
  12. CTV's Matt Grillo (sp?) needs to extract his cranium from his rectum because anyone can see that Nanjing CJ-6 is almost useless for skydiving .... ergo there is no need for Parachute Montreal to own a Nanjing. Chinese-made Nanjing trainers are popular with warbird owner/pilots because they can be bought for a fraction of the cost of Spitfires, etc. They are a Chinese design loosely based on the Yak 55 trainer that is also popular with warbird pilots.
  13. Dear Airhugger, Working with first-timers does not have to be boring. It all depends upon your attitude. The best thing about working with newbies is that you get a new audience every day ... for your corny old jokes. Hah! Hah!
  14. riggerrob


    Agreed dear Winsor, My impression is that antifa don't really care about politics. They just enjoy a good riot! I fear extremists on both sides of any debate.