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  1. Dear brenthutch, It is not as simple as your conclusion. Every new system has its hiccups. It is just going to take the California grid a few more years to build sufficient battery capacity. Note that I said "California grid." That grid includes thousands of different components ... and the perfect system includes a balance of components.
  2. That extra flap was originally designed for a canopy formation team. I think they also built a few Reflexes with a similar flap protecting the bottom edge of the pilot-chute cap.
  3. A scary thing is that 2 of my colleagues (bus drivers) are loud anti-vaxxers. One said good things about Trump during last year's election. The other anti-vaxxer has been told (by a union rep.) that if he persists, he will get fired. Other anti-vax employees have been warned that if they are not vaccinated by the end of November, they will be laid off without pay. Meanwhile, 90 plus percent of my co-workers (Amharic, Arab, Australian, British, Chinese, Columbian, Croat, Dutch, El Salvadorian, French, German, Hindu, Iraqi, Italian, Jamaican, Japanese, Nigerian, Phillipino, Polish, Scottish, Serb, Sikh, Venezualan, Xhosa, etc.) have already been double-vaccinated. As for anti-vaxxers also being anti-immigrant ... I fear those extreme right-wing groups: les berets blanc, KKK, Proud Boys, Sons of Odin, etc. An amusing observation about les berets blanc is that they chased large numbers of anglophones out of Quebec, but the last time I visited my home town, I saw large numbers of Afghans, Serbs, Somalis, Syrians, Vietnamese, etc. Many of those dark-haired women wore head scarves. Yup! Les berets blancs did a great job of chasing out all those hated Protestant Christians. Hah! Hah!
  4. Sounds like Russia has West3ern Europe by the "short and curlies" by restricting the flow of natural gas. A couple of years back, some Canadian tree-huggers were trying to prevent a new natural gas pipeline from reaching the Pacific Ocean. part of their rational was low prices caused by a surplus of NG. Where is that projected surplus now??????
  5. A narcisist's accusations are really confessions
  6. Dear BIGUN, Thanks for the recommendation ... but it has been more than a decade since I sewed a replacement cosmetic cap for a Reflex. Actually, it is more than a cosmetic cap because it protects the Cypres loop. I started by laying a tape measure over the fiberglass cap, then adding a little (0.12 or 0.5 inches) for the binding tape. I forget how many layers of fabric are in a Reflex cap: Cordura, foam, ballistic and ? I would need to look at an original to confirm the number of layers. I sewed them together around the circumference, but allowed thread tension to shrink the perimeter. Then I sewed on the channel for the elastic cord. Then I bound the edge and finished binding with the same trick as Javelin pilot chute caps: diagonal end .... The last step was installing the bungee cord (cloth wrapped around rubber for North Americans). I used the same style of bungee cord as is used in free-bags. My first bungee cord was too long and it blew off in freefall, so I made the second cap with an even shorter bungee cord. The second cap lasted a few years.
  7. Jerry, I vaguely remember a German BASE rig being certified with an optional chest-mounted reserve.
  8. No. I have never seen any9one injured by an Aerodyne Pilot's opening-shock.
  9. Dear Bludhow, I stand by my original statement. I have only done two BASE jumps. They were both from the same 600 foot bridge and they were done during the mid-1980s, before specialized BASE gear was readily available. Since then I have done repairs (FAA Master rigger) for dozens of young BASE jumpers. I am so old that I started skydiving when military-surplus parachutes were still fashionable. I jumped (6,000 plus jumps) for total of 40 years, the last 30 years most (4,000 plus) of my jumps were tandems. I earned a couple of USPA instructor ratings and all the CSPA instructor ratings, jump-pilot, two sets of military jump wings and a long list of rigger ratings. I still maintain that the vast majority of young BASE jumpers do not understand the physics or risks involved.
  10. Yes Dear Wolfriverjoe. The pilot was a cadet at the US Air Force Academy and he was discharged from the Air Force. He may have been flying a civilian airplane (Cessna 208 Caravan) that day (on his civilian pilot license) but the last thing the Air Force wants is young pilots doing stupid things with multi-million dollar military airplanes.
  11. My employer: Coast Mountain Bus Company just announced that all employees must be vaccinated by the end of November. Better than 90 percent are already double-vaccinated. If employees are not double-vaccinated by the dead-line, they will be suspended without pay. Similar announcements have been made about gov't and medical employees. The British Columbia provincial gov't has told doctors not to issue vaccination-waivers except for rare cases of pre-existing medical problems.
  12. That is correctly spelled "The right to BARE arms ..." in preparation for vaccination.
  13. Apparently space travel cures COVID, because none of the astronauts or recovery crew wore masks. Hah! Hah!
  14. Everyone deserves at least one day of rest per week. Whether you sleep late in your bed or on a church pew is your decision.
  15. An old Scottish farmer was on his death bed, his liver ruined by the drink, his lungs blackened with smoke, his knees worn out form walking too many miles. As he lay in his bed gasping, he smelled the sweet odor of his favorite scones wafting up from the kitchen. He tosses the blankets aside and pauses to catch his breath then he swings his legs over the side of the bed and pauses to catch his breath, then he struggles to stand up and pauses to catch his breath, then he shuffles towards the stairs and pauses at the top to catch his breath. Leaning heavily on the bannister, he descends one step and pauses to catch his breath ..... he shuffles into the kitchen and grabs a hot scone. His wife wraps him on the knuckles and chastises him: "Those are for the wake."