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  1. Amusing how it attaches suspension lines to mini-flares. Note that these mini-flares are far broader than those used by Flight Concepts. They are conceptually more like the broad flares on Para-Foils and other early ram-air canopies.
  2. Returning to the original question ... If someone slanders or defames an institution (school, church, corporation, etc.) they can be sued for slander. For example, a few years ago a driver slandered Coast Mountain Bus company on social media. Since he was a new-hire - still on probation - they fired him.
  3. Speaking of pot and university towns ... I was driving on the interstate near Eugene, Oregon when I noticed my gas gauge getting low, so I pulled in to town and noticed how foggy it was in Eugene. While pumping gas, I noticed the smell of marijuana and I got the munchies. I knew that the guy working in Subway was a stoner when he licked the edge of the paper before rolling it around my sandwich. Then he said "Flash it up." A few minutes later a cop pulled me over and saw the sandwich with one burnt end. He asked if I had any marijuana in my car. I replied "search me." When He did not find any pot in my car, the cop sold me some.
  4. I vote FOR vaccine passports. Mind you, I got vaccinated on Monday ... Moderna ... via my employer ... I am over 63 years old.
  5. Dear oldwomanc6, Try those blunt-ended shears favored by emergency medical technicians. They can quickly de-pants the wounded with minimal risk of damaged flesh.
  6. Dear Stratoflyer, I would just patch it with a piece of slider tape. You can sew on a patch without picking any stitching out of the binding tape.
  7. That can be patched without opening the side seam. Start with a piece of slider tape bigger than the tear. Secure the outboard edge by sewing a piece of slider tape on the outside. Make those rows of stitching directly on top of the stitch rows on the binding tape. Then sew the patch to the pocket. .
  8. If it is new-manufacture, send it back to Sun Path for a "warranty repair." Your local Master Rigger might be able to build you new main lift webs, but they will not be as precise as factory MLWs.
  9. Dear a105r, I was joking about quickly cutting off a jump suit to prevent a fatality. I was being silly yesterday.
  10. Lesson learned: Always carry a hook knife or scissors in your jumpsuit.
  11. Sounds like your rig has too small a yoke. Javelins are made in 4 or 5 different yoke sizes: tiny, A, B, C, D, etc. If it needs a new yoke, it is easier to build an entirely new rig. Another problem might be that your lateral straps are too short. Sun Path will be able to see the problem as soon as they receive those photographs. Finally, when you send your rig back to Sun Path, write on the customs paperwork "warranty repairs."
  12. It has happened. About 15 years ago, we had a really busy week at Beiseker, Alberta (3,000 feet above sea level) then we tossed all the student rigs in a van and started driving towards Vancouver, B.C. at sea level. While driving down a steep mountain pass, all dozen Vigils fired! Kicking Horse Pass is 5,338 feet above sea level. I vaguely remembered them being vigil 1s.
  13. Start by dabbing oil off with several clean rags or paper towels. Ask your local rigger to test the strength the same way as we used to tensile test PD reserves. If the stain still bugs you, ask you local rigger to cut out the stained portion and sew on a new piece of fabric.
  14. Call the famous freefall photographer Norman Kent, who lives in Florida. Kent has long suffered from a weak left arm, but Norman handles it far more gracefully than Kaiser Whilhelm II. I have also talked with a few similarly challenged skydivers. After opening, they "pop" brakes and do the usual controllability check. Then they reach their strong arm backwards - between the risers - to grab both steering toggles with their strong arm. They make gentle turns by pushing both toggles left or right - in front of their chest and flare by pulling both toggles down their sternum. They will never be precision landing or canopy formation or pond swooping champions, but they softly consistently.
  15. Dear Mccordia, Perhaps we should insist on "X" number of jumps, plus demonstrate "the following list of skills" ... sort of like Bill Von Novak's list of tasks before down-sizing to a smaller canopy. Yes, we know that the better BASE Instructors insist on a minimum of 200 jumps, but even they are not interested wannabees who merely punched 200 holes in the sky. Hopefully the junior jumper learned a little on every one of those 200 jumps. This also reminds me of the "gear selection exercise" that is part of every CSPA Rigger Course. When I taught that course in Switzerland, everyone thought it was perfectly normal for a student to want to wingsuit off a Swiss cliff at the end of his second season. OTOH A British candidate wanted to punch out a student that ambitious. I tried to calm the Brit by telling him that I could keep the student busy doing 200 accuracy jumps ... on his way to a CSPA Exhibition Jump Rating (stand-up precision landing). In the end I did not care if the student jumped off cliffs, because at least he would be accurate on landing.