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  1. I understand, I believe your advice. I’m just gathering general information. Regards.
  2. Thank you for sharing valuable information !!
  3. MFF (Military Free Fall) Training around the world Hellos.. wanted to know how world forces get their MFF jumpers trained nowadays. Is it like USPA AFF method, or traditional ground training + tunnel exposure & then solos ? How is it at your place ? This video of US Forces, in this instructors are jumping as AFFIs or they are just stand by in case of emergency with trainees ? Please share knowledge.. Blue Skies!
  4. Yeah.. thank you!! Blue skies!!
  5. Hi. I got some new Aerodyne Triathlons. While attaching toggles, there is no loop at the end of the control lines. How that has to be done? Any guiding document? Is it to be done like this PD video ?
  6. If anyone has any literature/article or documentary information on this, request share.
  7. Haven’t seen AFF from C-130/C-17 in any case.
  8. You’re right. So fast moving aircraft is not used for AFF. Thanks!
  9. Kmph-Kilometers per hour, yes, It is 135Kts. Doable, okay. But is it in practice anywhere in the world?
  10. Ok, but it can be resorted to for specific requirement and it doesn’t impact functionality of CYPRES
  11. Hellos!! 1. Is AFF from high speed (>250kmph) fixed wing aircraft conducted anywhere in the world ? 2. Is there any limit on speed of the aircraft to conduct AFF course ? 3. Please share your knowledge on the subject. TIA, Blue skies!
  12. Hey folks thank you so much. I have adequate experience and my question 3 was genuine, the environment I am working right now requires pressurisation at times. We can definitely pressurise crossing arming altitude of respective CYPRES models. It doesn’t change ground elevation value obtained during intial self integtest. Thank you and blue skies!!!
  13. Hello everyone! Please throw some light on following questions: 1. What if the cabin is pressurised after climbing & crossing 3000 feet AGL(considering safe margin) for an expert CYPRES II or for any other CYPRES model? Cabin pressure maintained 3000 feet AGL or above until exit. Exit from 10,000 feet AGL. Does it impact functionality? 2. CYPRES calculates during initial self integrated test and obtains ground elevation value. If cabin is pressurised after climbing 3000 feet AGL & again maintained 3K or above, does it impact on ground elevation value which CYPRES obtained during self integrated test? 3. How often do you resort to cabin pressurisation for longer duration flights after crossing arming altitude ?