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  1. Played with this gizmo all last week at work. Altitude is very spot on, can be a little off/delayed on initial exit, tracking, and docking on student (basically any kind of burble scenario) but the delay and difference is not far from what my Neptune does for the same scenario. We even put this in an altimeter test chamber and recorded the footage while in the chamber which was dead on with both my Neptune and galaxy. Since it saves data as a .SRT file, it will only play on VLC or KM player on your laptop or direct to a TV and will not show up on Windows media player, GoPro App, or the LCD backpack. The only way to play on your phone would be to stick the micro SD card directly in so it (VLC) can find the .SRT file. The DZ offset feature is awesome, as well as the temp and g force readouts, would like to see a mph reading too though. In all, very neat product for $70 if you ask me. Gives a form of altitude awareness while watching the video footage without having to pause right when an altimeter shows up in frame to verify altitude.
  2. Had 80 military freefalls before I started jumping civilian, was trained at the Navy MFF course at Otay. Military jumping tought me a lot in regards to jumping at night, 02 jumps, and flying with equipment but in the end its all survival jumping there. Civilian jumping has put me on a new level of freefall/canopy skill and not too mention the chute is now less than half the size of my 370 sq. ft. MC-4!! How can it not be better!
  3. Did we not used to skydive round parachutes? I'm sure when we did skydive those people did hop n' pops too which are not far off from Static Line jumps conducted today, and I think they were damn near the same chutes.(T-10 reserve, etc) I like that the BPA ops manual answers this straight-forward that Military Static lines with round chutes does not count. It seems like for the USPA its up to interpretation and I am now as confused as I was when I first asked this question.
  4. I've been unable to find something in the SIM manual that spells out if static line and military freefall jumps count toward jump numbers or is it just military freefall ones that do. All it says in the SIM is military jumps count(vague), when asking various people at various DZ's I get the it depends on what the jumps are for (license to be achieved) and have the criteria for that license been met answer or some just say mil. static line doesn't count period. The British Parachute Association spells it out in their operations manual and says Military Static Line jumps do not count, but freefall ones do. Is this the case for the USPA or not? It doesn't make sense they wouldn't count since they used to skydive with rounds including hop and pops and I'm sure those counted.
  5. Doe's anyone know why there are more C licenses that have been given out than B's?? Is one of the licenses newer than the others??
  6. I understand Sony camcorders pretty much rule the skydiving videography scene due to their good track record and durability, but I can't help but wonder if the Canon Vixia HG21 would fair well also in filming skydiving. I recently acquired one for X-Mas and am wondering if I'm wasting my time and should be trading it in for a HD SonyCam. I asked one of my local camera flyer guys about it and he said it should be good to go for use, but I'd still like to see what others think about this system and if it's not up to snuff. Thoughts??
  7. I started going to UK Para because a buddy of mine got his AFF done there and said the DZ was very relaxed and friendly to foreign jumpers. The moment I got there Tomo and Grant took me in and put me on a lift right away. Quite nice being a foreign servicemember overseas who did mostly military jumps. Theres definitley something for everyone here, and people to do it with! People are more than open to let you jump in their group with them so if you go solo don't be worried about doing only a solo skydive. They have both USPA and BPA qualified instructors and were very helpful with helping me accomplish my B license USPA as well as for the BPA so I'll have that when I return to the states, HUGE for visiting US servicemember! Can't say enough good things about this DZ and staff. Absolutley no clique type environment and plan on coming there every weekend even after they move to Beccles at the end of this year. (Twice the drive now!)