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  1. NovaTTT

    Pic of wonderful T-bow landing

    The "F" in PLF means "fall", not "FACE"!!!!
  2. NovaTTT

    newbie rigging question

    Spread it out as is and photograph it. Crop the rig out of the photo if it bothers you. The next time you're at the DZ talk with your rigger, or find a rigger to be yours. He or she will give you the "tutorial"; information you need to know to detach your main from the risers and PC. It's a relatively simple task but you will want hands on instruction. As well he or she might help you sell it. Cheers.
  3. Those were interesting times. The Bluegrass Conspiracy is a good read.
  4. NovaTTT

    VIGIL & NAA Centaurus

    My understanding is the Vigil is compatible with rigs that are configured for a CYPRES. From the Vigil II manual (emphasis added). Similar instructions are found in the Vigil manual: The Vigil® has been designed to be compatible with most sport rigs on the market today. If a suitable installation kit for an electronic AAD is not yet installed by the rig manufacturer, a Vigil® Installation Kit (pocket, loop, washer and cutter retainer) can be supplied and installed in your container by the rig manufacturer or by an authorized rigger. It can be easily sewn into any harness/container system designed for an electronic AAD. All reserve closing loops currently on the market that are similar to Vigil® Dyneema or the Spectra CSR style #9512-300 or the Cypres™ Loop (Spectra Cord) are acceptable for use by the installation of the Vigil®. The Vigil®’s cutter must be positioned as specified by the rig manufacturer’s instructions for electronic AAD’s.
  5. NovaTTT

    Passing of Mark Schlatter

    Thought of Mark today. I'll raise a in his memory tonight, and wish a heart-felt "FUCK HIM!" Hope there's demo jumping in heaven, or hell, or wherever he is.
  6. NovaTTT


    It is my understanding that in the U.S. foreign gear is legal for use by the visiting foreigner if the gear is approved, legal and maintained according to the governing body of the foreign country. As far as I know that includes that AAD. So if your gear is legal in your country (Ireland) and you bring it to America to jump it yourself, you should be fine. Hope this helps. Anyone with more or better info, please correct away. Edit to change Israel to Ireland. Sorry for the mix-up. That'll teach me to squint and strain. Next time, I'll find the seeing glasses first!
  7. NovaTTT

    T-11 fabric

    F-112? Kidding aside, I think Scott C. (loudiamond) will be able to provide that info.
  8. Sweet movie! Who's the hottie @5:36? Nova
  9. NovaTTT

    using Vigil with Cypress loop and washer

    Vigil is now distributing their own washers at a nominal cost. Contact:
  10. NovaTTT

    relined canaopy,,,first jump on new lines

    My .02 Point 1: Give the entire parachute a good inspection, including new canopy attachment points, line group lengths equal, riser attachment points. If you're not comfortable doing this, have your rigger inspect the parachute and lines and check the trim. Point 2: 1st jump, make a high HnP. Test-fly the parachute. Check the flare and stall points, is it flying straight, how does it feel in 1/4, 1/2 and full brakes. L & R turns good? Practice a few flares. Poing 3: Your parachute was returned ready-to-go. Enjoy!
  11. NovaTTT

    "Red Beans & Ripcords" My new book!

    Looking forward to reading it. Good luck with sales!
  12. NovaTTT

    AC105-2D and PIA's response

    Thanks for posting this, Terry. So the FAA quietly published the new AC with some substantial changes and omissions from the last draft. Any thoughts that wasn't intentional? Given the amount of prior input and collaboration, is it reasonable to think they will make the proposed (current and previous!) changes? Thoughts on what happened? N
  13. It's not the same as but it is British UKSkydiver
  14. NovaTTT

    javelin odyssey NJK d-bag measurements

    Contact Sunpath and ask for Aggie: (910) 875-9002 or email him directly: He hold the keys and is very approachable and helpful.