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  1. My heart goes out to those people.
  2. Ok, granted these are all reproducible observations. What do we do about it?
  3. Let's hope! I have a garden full of different tomatoes, and they are coming in like block busters.
  4. I have a place in my garage where I go to smoke cigarettes. Typically, I go there to clear my mind, then move forward. Akin to "Get Your Ass Up and Do Something". Yesterday afternoon, I went out to smoke. There was a small mouse lying next to my ash pile, clearly on their last legs. Its eyes were closed. Every now and then, it would try to run away from something. Its breath was shallow, but still moving my ash pile a little bit every time. It was alone, on a cold surface. It felt dramatic. Here I am watching death in action. I asked THAT WHICH IS to guide this mouse into its next life. And, I asked it be born in a pure land (...a Buddhist phrase). I've been reflecting on that experience for most of today. In this life, we are all going to be there one day. When that day comes, Strive to keep your loved ones around your death bed. It counts. Bottom line, try not to die alone.
  5. What?!? No more DC-3 or Pilatus Porter?
  6. Our Dads must have been related! He said the exact same thing, plus other variants along the line. But, having said that, he was the fairest man I knew. Loved him dearly, and miss him dearly.
  7. Geez, I can't believe people are still talking about this after all these years. At the dropzone I started jumping at (which will remain unnamed to protect the innocent), word had it the owner was the infamous DB Cooper. He was the county sheriff, had flown bush in Alaska for years, and was ex-military. I met him a couple of times. Very cool, calm and collected. He is absolutely the last person you would have ever f'ed with. Having said all that, he was a pretty nice fellow.
  8. I'm just sharing what my law enforcement friends have shared with me. At a minimum, you'll be sued for everything you have. And, more than likely, you'll go to jail. If not, your lawyer fees will bankrupt you if their relatives don't. I didn't make it up...
  9. It was a question. My expectation is that New York prices will be high.
  10. New York State does not have one. If someone breaks into your house, and you kill them, you're going to jail. And, their family can sue you.
  11. [reply] The US constitution does not allow for common sense laws around guns [/reply] What are you thoughts on Castle Doctrines?
  12. How much would you expect to pay if "refilled" at your house? That's ignoring the cost of installing that equipment.
  13. What do you consider to be a sensible interpretation?
  14. That's all and great, and I fully support it. But, where do you fill them up?