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  1. StreetScooby

    Counting Points on exit?

    Yes, as long as the formation you launched is the first point of the dive.
  2. I just read both this week. Good reads. And, yes, very different perspectives. Made me wonder how well 'Twardo knew those guys ;-)
  3. StreetScooby

    Michigan suit

    Never heard of padded "booties". Padded knees, get those for sure. Also, make sure the grips are RW-ready. Once you start turning blocks, non-RW grips get ripped off.
  4. StreetScooby

    4Way Training in September

    12 jumps a day? Are you reviewing video after each jump? Otherwise, you're just flinging yourself from a plane...
  5. StreetScooby

    Passed AFF

  6. StreetScooby

    aff in nyc questions

    You have the Ranch, CrossKeys, and Skydive Long Island. The Ranch does a very good job at taking care of their students, plus there will be plenty of similarly experienced jumpers to play with once your off student status. Can't beat having one/two Twin Otters running all day.
  7. StreetScooby

    Dangers of a newbie tunnel rat

    Can you track? Can you stay relative on your belly?
  8. StreetScooby

    Who is interested in Building a 4 Way FS team?

    Good luck! Keep us posted.
  9. StreetScooby

    RW need analyses and advises from experienced

    Rod, What were you trying to accomplish in that skydive?
  10. StreetScooby

    NPSL Meet 3

    Good looking Meeker!
  11. StreetScooby

    Looking for experienced 4-way video person in NorthEast...

    Am I to believe there are no experienced 4-way video people in the NorthEast?
  12. Wow, what an exciting opportunity for the right person. I'm jealous Good luck!
  13. StreetScooby

    Wearing lead

    I've been wearing lead for years, sometimes 20+ lbs. Without a doubt, the belt is the better way to go. Using a vest caused my neck to be quite sore by the end of the day. Never had any issues like that with the belt. Wearing that much weight with a belt is going to put the weight right on top of your hip "pointer". That can get uncomfortable during the course of the day. Try and find a weight belt that will let you skip those pouches right on top of the hip. If you need more weight, and need to use a vest in addition, max out the weight on the belt. Re: amount of weight, you're looking at minimum 20 lbs, IMO. Also, pack your main to open slower rather than faster The 200+ lb guy could look into using a fabric jump suit, instead of the "slick" ones. They'll grab a little more air, since they're porous, and slow him down. Whatever you do, don't arch too much. To do good 4-way, you really need a solid box position. Otherwise, you'll end up changing body positions when taking compressed grips, etc. That's going to cause issues with having a steady fall rate (i.e., you'll put "burbles" into the formation).
  14. StreetScooby

    My Continuous Struggle To Arch Properly

    Your instructors should be able to get you feedback that resolves this. If not, find some other instructors.
  15. StreetScooby

    I'm as dumb as fuck....

    I'm really bad about that. I have very sweaty eyeballs, so on jump run I always leave my goggles up. Can't count the number of times I've exited without putting them down. I don't wear glasses, but me fumbling around with my goggles on the hill never makes my teammates happy