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  1. Funny that's almost exactly the method I use when teaching AFF. Tell them what you are going to tell them Tell them Tell them what you just told them Test them
  2. billvon


    As a liberal author recently said, "I don’t know how to explain to someone why they should care about other people." That may be something that some conservatives are simply incapable of processing.
  3. And for many it will never reach them. A rich guy in Denver? He can pretend that nothing's changing for the rest of his life.
  4. That's exactly what I said. She is vice chair of a fundraising organization that is doing work for one of the three versions of Black Lives Matter. Not the original one and not the one that runs the website. Again, it's like someone saying that because the vice president of one of the construction companies you used to build your house was in the KKK 30 years ago, you are a KKK supporter.
  5. billvon


    Yep. Unfortunately, people who refuse to wear masks are deciding "Your Body - My Choice."
  6. billvon


    Given your disdain for things scientific, he was using general terms that you'd understand more easily. If he'd said "low correlation coefficient" you would have mocked him for using a scientific term.
  7. Neither one, really. I was responding to Joe's ask: "Ask yourself, why are they all dressed up in homemade war suits, toting military looking weapons, and looking ready for the call to a homemade war?" Those people - the people who want other people to think they are soldiers - are trying to glom on to some of the respect people feel for soldiers. But black pants, black shirts, COVID masks and baseball caps? Doesn't really qualify. The guy with the hard helmet and goggles? Maybe. Although they definitely like their military weapons.
  8. billvon


    Ah, so just a few counties showing errors would not have invalidated anything. I agree. Same thing here. People who think it DOES invalidate the science (or Fauci's guidance on it) are fools. Nope. Only the two Orlando centers admitted errors. The other two merely had high positivity numbers. FOX did not talk to them. It even reminds you of this at the end of the article - "FOX 35 News has yet to hear from the other labs." It behooves you to read the report before claiming someone else didn't. A FOX News reporter saying there were more labs than he could count is a very low bar. Can he count to ten? Twenty? There are hundreds of labs in Florida, thus that represents a small percentage of total sites.
  9. billvon


    There's a group of people on Facebook who, once a day, posts a picture of a black person vandalizing things. They then say "oh, so you still support BLM?" One that was particularly funny was a video of a black guy going down a line of cars, smashing every windshield. Caption was "BLM violence spreads across the US." Not only was there no indication that the guy was from BLM - the license plates indicated the video was taken somewhere in Europe.
  10. Thank you for admitting that your claim is nothing but cancel culture nonsense.
  11. billvon


    ?? WTF are you talking about? Two medical centers reported incorrect numbers - and now you believe that it's all a hoax and Fauci is all wrong? If two counties in Nevada were found to have counted votes incorrectly during the 2016 election would you demand Hillary Clinton be installed as president?
  12. billvon


    Exactly. Now we have a disaster where fifty times as many people are dead, and it's affecting people all across the US. And yet you claim that if someone is flustered about this much larger disaster (both in terms of number of dead and area it affects) it is because the media "likes to get folks all flustered with numbers." No. It's because people get flustered when their friends and family die - or are put at risk.
  13. Looks like I am living rent free in your head! Do you often think about what I will or won't say? I must say I am flattered.
  14. Sure. Why would armed black protesters, dressed a lot like your favorite protesters, marching peacefully, be a bad thing?
  15. billvon


    But only Muslims are the virus? Some mixed messaging going on there.