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  1. I almost feel bad for republicans on this one. First they tried "they are bailing out the too-big-to-fail banks - AGAIN!" That flopped. Then they tried "they are only bailing out big Dem donors! Hypocrites! Frauds!" That flopped too. I wonder what's next? I know! Hunter's laptop!
  2. . . . is being repeated, with Putin being the new savior.
  3. Are you asking for a good expert in CRT? I'd say Gary Peller of Georgetown. Or are you just stoned, and everything seems like Morse code to you? In that case, toke up!
  4. Don't start with the facts. You will confuse and depress him.
  5. For many conservatives it is quite simple:
  6. 1) They are. It's called "history." It's what the right wing wants to cancel, lest white kids feel ashamed of slavery (or German kids feel ashamed of the Holocaust etc.) 2) No it's not. It's being alert to injustice in society, both past and present. 3) Correct, it is no more Marxist than, say, our socialist military. But if you want a quick laugh, ask a conservative what "woke" means. Here's a conservative expert explaining it to a reporter: "So . . . I mean . . . woke is . . .sort of . . . the idea that . . .uh . . .I . . .this is going to be one of those moments that goes viral . . .I mean, woke is something that is very hard to define, I spent an entire chapter defining it . . . it is sort of the understanding that we need to retotal . . totally reimagine and rean . . re . . . reduce society in order to create hierarchies of oppression . . . um . . . sorry . . .it's hard to explain in a 15 second soundbite."
  7. Again, congratulations on being woke. Does that mean you are oblivious to the effects of your policies?
  8. It certainly does define the parameters of HIS experience with the system. And thus, we now know that sometimes people who are the subject of a Grand Jury are subpoena'ed.
  9. Dunno about that. The current large FS world record is 400 people. I know because I was on it. Anecdote AND data.
  10. And attacking Big Pharma for suppressing this simple 100% natural remedy, and telling all the people trying it "don't worry, if you get a rash it's just the toxins leaving your body. Eat more!"
  11. An article on this actually discussed that. That is different (according to the Ivermectin-cures-cancer crowd) because they are pulling a fast one on Big Pharma, tricking them into giving them Ivermectin at a lower price - and without nosy doctors or pharmacists involved. A true libertarian victory over the corporate bureaucratic villains who want to withhold this lifesaving drug, all possible because of their cleverness and resourcefulness.
  12. Not supporting the USA as much as you could.
  13. In the instant-karma category: Danny Lemoi, a self-described "Ivermectin influencer" took a daily dose of horse ivermectin for over a decade, and regulary touted its benefits online in curing everything from COVID to Lyme disease to cardiac myopathy. He told his followers that taking Ivermectin "regenerated" his heart muscle - despite Ivermectin posing a significant and well-known risk to cardiac muscle. He told his thousands of followers to take it, and even told them to feed it to their children. Especially "children on the spectrum, cerebral palsy, pans/panda, downs etc." He even recommended a dosage to them. His health deteriorated and he continued taking the horse dewormer. Several people on his page warned him about the risks of doing this, including lung and heart damage, and told him he was taking a dangerously high dose. He didn't reveal what his new dosage was, but a follower of his who followed his "protocol" said she was going through a tube every 3 days. (A tube is a single dose for a 1300 pound horse.) As he (and his followers) got sicker, they would attribute their symptoms to all their parasites dying and being forced out. They took each new symptom as a good sign. One follower said he was "very new to this... I’ve been on Bimectin paste for 20 days. I have severe chest pain. Costochondritis symptoms. Air hunger, internal tremors, brain fog, headaches on the back of my head, anxiety, depression, doom and gloominess.” He got a lot of support, with other posters telling him he would get through it. Another follower was convinced that her GI distress and her hot flashes after taking Ivermectin was the result of an "8 foot tapeworm" convulsing and dying, and she resolved to keep taking Ivermectin to continue cleansing her. On March 3rd Lemoi posted: "We’ll call this one “The Morning Commute” HAPPY FRIDAY ALL YOU POISONOUS HORSE PASTE EATING SURVIVORS !!!" He died a few hours later of heart failure. Followers predictably defended him. “No one can convince me that he died because of ivermectin. He ultimately died because of our failed western medicine which only cares about profits and not the cure.” (It should be noted that he tended to avoid doctors.)
  14. We are. The CHIPS act incentivizes US foundries, and we are no longer exporting small-geometry lithography tech to China.