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  1. Apparently you did not. Your very first post in this thread was ecstatic over the idea that your traitors would . . . win. "History in the making!" "Tune in to CSPAN!" You were hoping that they would in fact stop the certification of the vote and illegally appoint Trump as leader, instead of the democratically elected winner.
  2. Congratulations for, once again, engaging in critical race theory by looking at some examples of how we got where we are in terms of race relations. Now do you want to tell us again about how anyone who engages in critical race theory is an idiot?
  3. Well, I've spent a fair amount of time in Fayetteville. I don't know if that counts as "rural." But in any case, people everywhere buy cars. They buy new cars or used cars. As more and more people buy PHEV or EV cars, they will find themselves, whether they know it or not, with a largish battery. This works with the grid in two ways: 1) Since they can choose their time to charge their vehicles, they will tend to choose times that are cheap. Thus, as long as the utility gives them the right price signals, they will charge their cars when all that excess "unreliable" solar and wind power is available - thus using power that would otherwise be wasted. 2) Cars with a DC fast charging connection can do this bidirectionally - they can send power back to the grid as easily as they take power from the grid. And companies like Nuuve are making chargers for EV's that do both things automatically via a normal level 2 charging connection. These people will discover they can actually make money by sending power back to the grid during times that additional generation is needed. And people like to make money. (As an example, we had a pretty tight "flex alert" in San Diego last week - and I made $40 for two hours of backfeeding.) Of course not everyone will participate. Those rural West Virginians who live in 100 year old homes and drive 20 year old vehicles won't - but then again, they're also not using much power. People in population centers will do this more often. It is worthwhile to note that some of those rural West Virginians may get irate when they see power outages due to demand, line damage, shutdowns for fire prevention, extreme weather (which is on the increase) and other reasons. And even those backwoods, never-buy-anything-new West Virginians may decide that they want their next car to be able to provide power when that happens. Even if it's a 10 year old broken down Leaf.
  4. Don't support traitors and criminals?
  5. I would hope we could work together towards a day when it doesn't matter, and a black community would be as noteworthy (and as important) as a "blood type O" community.
  6. billvon


    That's right. Flu - decreased because everyone was wearing masks. Most diseases - decreased because surgeries were decreased. (Many heart attacks happen during or after surgery, for example.) That's like saying "Look, everyone knows the election was stolen and Trump really won by a landslide. But I do NOT want to talk about politics." COVID denial is, almost 100%, a political issue. So is anti-vaxxing. ~90% of democrats are planning on getting the vaccine; ~40% of republicans are. SARS-CoV-2 is an RNA virus, not a DNA virus. The PCR test looks for the spike protein antigen which is common to all SARS-CoV-2 strains. No idea what an injection failure is. Is it a failure to produce antibodies? If so, yes, that can happen. A relative got the vaccine and did not generate any antibodies since she was going through chemo at the time. ?? The vaccine is only ~60% effective at preventing infection with the Delta variant. It is ~90% effective at preventing serious illness and/or death. Did you not know that?
  7. Within 20 years, most houses will have their own storage system. It will be built into their EV or PHEV. Today there are people driving Prius Primes who have no idea that they have an 8kwhr storage system built into their cars.
  8. I just don't get it. So there were two suborbital flights last week. Two tourist missions launched with fairly proven vehicles - one a single stage booster not much more advanced than the Redstone rocket that launched the first manned US flight, the other with a slightly more interesting two stage aerial launch system, with a hybrid rocket for the second stage. Again, one that has been proven out over several years. So what? I honestly don't get the hoopla in both directions. I mean, in terms of pollution/frivolous wastes of money/"not helping people here on Earth" the tourist launches were no worse than a trip on a billionaire's obscenely large yacht or a NASCAR race. Why get more irate about this? And the people replying showing a picture of the Wright Flyer, sarcastically saying "I bet you would have hated this too!" - those tourist flights were nothing like the first powered flight. They're not doing any pioneering work. They're not going to advance the cause of spaceflight, human or otherwise. They're just going to make some money off tourists, which is what a good 10% of the people on the Earth work at. I mean, there's plenty of interesting stuff going on in space. The Nakua module just docked. The Boeing Starliner is going to try again tomorrow to see if it can catch up to the Dragon. The Super Heavy fired its engines for the first time. Those are significant - especially the Super Heavy, which if successful will not only take us back to the Moon but opens up Mars and other planetary missions to exploration. But these two guys with their "groundbreaking missions?" Eh.
  9. billvon


    I talked to an actual working primary care doctor and she said that's a load of bull. They classify them by what their primary cause of death was, as always. Died in a car accident while you have COVID? Cause of death: trauma. Died on a vent while struggling with a SARS-CoV-2 infection? Cause of death: COVID. The manufacturing of fear, uncertainty and doubt creates mistrust; mistrust helps republican politicians score big donations and subsequently win elections. "Fire Fauci!" "We're dyin with Biden." Follow the money. Nope. If they think that they do not understand. Also, the anti-vaxxers are typically also the anti-maskers or the "COVID isn't real!" contingent - and so they are not going to be "doing other things to stay safe." (Other than posting on Facebook about the 'plandemic.') If you get COVID your odds of death are about 2%, as you mention above. The chances of a negative outcome (i.e. serious disease, hospitalization, long COVID) are about 10%. If you are not vaccinated and haven't been infected before, you WILL get COVID. Not "maybe." Not "well if we reach herd immunity . . ." You WILL get it - and it will hopefully be the Delta strain, not an even worse strain like the Gamma strain (or whatever follows that.) Dr Scott Gottlieb, former FDA head: "Most people will either get vaccinated, or have been previously infected, or they will get this Delta variant. And for most people who get this Delta variant, it's going to be the most serious virus that they get in their lifetime in terms of the risk of putting them in the hospital." So their risk of a negative outcome from COVID is closer to 10%. And 2 out of every 100 of those people will end up dead.
  10. Storage - pumped, BESS, gravity, CAES. Baseload generation from nuclear.
  11. When I read that I have the same sort of reaction I would have to the statement "if you believe what lying Big Pharma says about . . ." or "sure, that's what brainwashed scientists . . . " Such unquestioned assumptions in the very first few words of the sentence - assumptions that will never be reconsidered because they support a beloved political ideology - means that intelligent conversation is no longer possible. Good luck with that.
  12. Yet you seem to want to "cancel" the tools we use to determine whether or not those equal rights actually exist.
  13. billvon


    Just ask them who won the election. If they say Trump, they're in.
  14. Yep. And should be (and are being) studied. You can't solve a problem you don't understand. Let's look at a few. CRT studies have demonstrated that mostly black and Latino school districts are underfunded compared to majority-white school districts. One recommendation to come out of CRT is to fund them equally. Do you disagree? One study showed that in several school districts, there were barriers to non-white students being accepted into gifted programs. (You pointed one out yourself.) One recommendation was that those barriers be removed. Do you disagree?