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  1. Keep in mind that these people are patting themselves on the back for their ingenuity, foresight and thrift. They "did their research" you see and they know that even gas in plastic garbage bags is a great investment.
  2. Oh, you still buy gas? Enjoy the higher prices!
  3. You know who else used their index finger? Hitler, that's who!
  4. I've heard that guns are somehow involved as well.
  5. Or PHEV's. They can use either gas _or_ electric. No gas? Charge from your house and drive around. No electricity? Run it as a generator and run your house that way.
  6. billvon


    That's it! Require ID to vote, and require proof of vaccination to vote in person. Proof of vaccination counts as ID. Problem solved. And republicans have been clamoring for voting ID for years, so they are sure to support this. Right? Right?
  7. Yes, there are all sorts of cases where a slight increase in income can have a huge effect. But for the most part that's due to other things kicking in, like triggering the AMT - not due to simple progressive taxation.
  8. Nope. It just changes your taxes from 18% to 26% (for example) on the amount you make over the threshold. Let's use a real world example. If you make $40,125 you are in the 12% tax bracket. If you make $40,126 the next year you move into the 22% tax bracket. But your taxes do not go up by 10% overall - they go up by 22% of $1, or $0.22.
  9. Well, right, everyone thinks things should be different at some level above what they are worth. But I assure you that everyone thinks like you do - the DZO's think what they do is just "not being stupid" but the rich Chemical Bank VP's should pay their fair share. The Chemical Bank VP's think that what they are doing is just not being a moron, but those hedge fund managers should pay their fair share. They make MILLIONS! The hedge fund managers think that what they are doing is just good business sense - no reason to pay an extra million in taxes, that's for sure! - but the Bill Gates of the world are just abusing the system. Etc etc. You have a level of wealth that 99.9% of the people on the planet will never, ever see. (Not an attack on you; I am similar.) But you think "hey, I am small potatoes; go after the rich people." Everyone thinks that. Well, everyone except Bezos and Gates perhaps; but even doubling their taxes would change the overall budget situation in the US government by approximately zero.
  10. Why not keep the current progressive scale and just simplify the tax code? The complexity of the tax code has nothing to do with how basic tax is calculated. (And a "sliding scale flat tax" is still progressive; it just uses a different formula.) (Needless to say there will ALWAYS be ways to get around paying taxes - but a simplified tax code would help reduce the number of people who avoid taxation.)
  11. Sort of the definition of republicanism over the past 10 years or so. Their go-to defense of Trump was "well, my 401k is up, so why the f*ck should I care about anything else?"
  12. So Colorado Representative Richard Holtorf was speaking to the State House to a mixed-race group of lawmakers. At one point someone hurried him along and he said “I’m getting there. Don’t worry, Buckwheat. I’m getting there. That’s an endearing term, by the way.” Shockingly, several members of the House (both black and white) did not find it endearing.
  13. Give him a day or two. He'll be claiming the opposite because he saw something on Youtube. Perhaps "if Biden is so great, why do we emit more CO2 than China per capita? He's a HYPOCRITE!"
  14. Dude, when your argument devolves to "this word means what I want it to mean; both common usage and the dictionary is wrong" - it's not that great an argument. Just saying. That is the definition of a prejudice. That particular prejudice happens to be racism. There are a lot of them out there.
  15. Pretty sure there is no law that says employers have to ask for proof of SS or ITIN. How they ensure they get the right info is up to them. One of those jobs was for a fairly big government contractor. If anyone is going to go by the book it's them, since they lose contracts if they don't dot all the I's. Yep. And there's half a dozen documents they will accept in lieu of a passport or DL.