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  1. Of course. For every issue in the country - crime, foreign policy, energy - there are only two real options. Anything other than extremes are boring, depressing and confusing.
  2. billvon


    Keep in mind that for some people, not wearing a mask is the only form of protest they have. "The system" stole the election from Trump and is telling them to wear coward masks (in their minds) so not wearing a mask is the one thing they can still do to "own the libs." It's not rational.
  3. They have been. Unfortunately that means people often have huge beefs with all the inconsistency and the constant change, and they complain about how guidance is always shifting and one can never know when one is going to be jacked up, fined or whatever. Because scientists are sharing results with citizens immediately, risks and best practices can change quickly, and that means that many people perceive new or changing restrictions as arbitrary. The change from no masks to masks is one example. I bet you even know someone like that. Agreed there.
  4. Looks like a forum communist is minimizing this by calling it a drug raid, and saying it's just "bad optics."
  5. "Royal decrees" are just rules you don't like. Nope. More fake news. That's because we are learning all the time. Note the term for this virus includes the word "novel." It's new. At first we didn't even think that masking would work. Now we know it does. So the rules changed.
  6. What, exactly, is your problem with the first? If someone pointed out that our number system is based on Arabic numerals, would you have a conniption, because you don't like Muslims? Would you want that information suppressed? If you pointed out that black students systematically do worse at math, would that make you a racist? Or do you want that information suppressed by the government, too? The second one is a silly opinion piece. I put as much stock in that as I put in Trump's opinions on race in the US.
  7. By all means keep laughing. How's that rape/slander trial going?
  8. That is absolutely true. Is it right to save the whales? If your country's biggest problem is obesity - absolutely. If your country's biggest problem is that you are in an ice-bound landscape and a thousand people are going to starve that winter - perhaps not. 2+2=4. People who think blacks are an underclass are racist. Two separate concepts.
  9. I definitely agree with the last paragraph: "It’s true that Trump was simply trying to downplay the virus. If he wanted schools open, he should have fought the pandemic more seriously and invested federal money to help make school buildings safer against the virus’s spread." Imagine what we could have accomplished if Trump had taken the virus seriously, rather than lying about it. Schools would be open, the economy wouldn't have tanked and people wouldn't have lost their jobs. Excellent point.
  10. billvon


    And I've been telling you to wait for the expedited process to complete. Looks like you'll be waiting for the process to complete. Suck it!
  11. Did you just describe certain races as a "massive, intractable underclass?" There are plenty of organizations throughout history who have claimed to have effective methods to deal with that underclass and restore merit to the populace. We generally consider those organizations to be evil.
  12. Exactly. Same reason Kushner got hundreds of millions from a Qatari-backed fund. He didn't get the loan, Trump supported sanctions against Qatar, they folded and gave him the loan, Trump stopped supporting sanctions. (Except in this case the Ukranians didn't get anything for their money - which made them mad.)
  13. Exactly. Same reason Kushner got hundreds of millions from a Qatari-backed fund. He didn't get the loan, Trump supported sanctions against Qatar, they folded and gave him the loan, Trump stopped supporting sanctions. (Except in this case the Ukranians didn't get anything for their money - which made them mad.)
  14. There's a possibility we will see both. Biden can pardon him for federal crimes - but cannot do anything about the New York State charges.
  15. This could have been lifted from a 1960s era US curriculum that worked towards integrating blacks into traditionally white schools. Different language of course but exactly the same intent - get teachers to understand that progress meant getting black kids into schools and accepted by the white classrooms, and to understand that they came from largely different backgrounds than white students. And of course, back then white nationalists wrote angry letters with strongly worded objections to the plan, because it required teachers to go with a government-required "pro black agenda" - thus requiring them to become radical political activists within their schools. Why expose children to those extreme radical and anti-white-society ideas? Will they be forbidden to teach white history, white values and white morality, and instead replace it with the "anything-goes" black morality? It will destroy our country. It will lead to blacks marrying whites. Same argument, different day.
  16. Crap like getting busted and having the courts dissolve the Trump foundation for fraud. Crap like claiming that Allen Weisselberg was the CFO so that it didn't look like he was using the foundation to siphon money into his own pocket. Weisselberg then testifed that he didn't even know about the foundation for "at least for the last 10 or 15 years." Crap like the fact that "none of the Foundation's expenditures or activities were approved by its Board of Directors. The investigation found that the Board existed in name only: it did not meet after 1999; it did not set policy or criteria for choosing grant recipients, and it did not approve of any grants. Mr. Trump alone made all decisions related to the Foundation." Crap like claiming he contributed $6 million to a veteran's charity, with the real number being $2.8 million and the rest disappearing into his pockets. Crap like using his charitable foundation to finance his campaign. Crap like using his charitable foundation to bribe a DA investigating his Trump University fraud case. Had ANY of the above happened with the Clinton foundation, people would be in jail now. But since Trump actively manipulates the court system to remain above the law, he has avoided paying for his crimes. And that will continue - at least until he's out of office.
  17. Agreed. And it's interesting to compare his claims at press conferences to his claims under oath, where he can actually be held accountable for his lies. And the black goo oozing from his head was a pretty good metaphor for what's going on at those levels of Trump's administration these days.
  18. Ideally he would be charged, convicted - and pardoned. Make sure that his guilt is proven in case he tries to pull some "I really didn't lose the election" nonsense in two years, then pardon him so his supporters don't decide that he's their martyr.
  19. So yesterday the bipartisan commission in Michigan certified the election results in their area after arguing about it for a few hours. No one could find any significant problems with the count, though, so they went ahead and certified the vote, thus certifying Michigan for Biden. Today the republicans on the commission decided to try to "take it back." Because democrats were mean to them. What I suspect really happened: Two commissioners refuse to certify the vote. They get calls from constituents in their areas saying "WTF?" and reminders from their bosses of what their jobs were - to certify the votes if the result is clear, not play politics. They couldn't find any irregularities so they certified it. Then one of Trump's enforcers called them and told them they'd never work in this country again, ever, unless they came out for Trump. So they sent in affidavits wanting to "take back their vote." This has no effect; the election has already been certified. But they can now weasel their way out of any ensuing discussion by claiming they did both - they certified the election AND they didn't. And if Trump ends up taking it to the Supreme Court he can claim that Michigan really shouldn't have been certified.
  20. My prediction: "No, I'm not convinced that that's accurate. It might be the real logo. You know how the Internet changes things; it's impossible to know what's true about anything. In any case, the sentiment is correct."
  21. Do you object to teaching malfunctions in first jump courses, too? Instead of the political structure of USPA?
  22. If you read one, or two, or three of his posts, and he does this, and it surprises you - OK. But you've been reading him for years. Are you honestly not expecting it? Or do you see it and think "yay! I can make fun of him again!" If so I have exactly zero sympathy for your plight.
  23. Which is his goal - and the goal of many on the far right.
  24. How about this: Trump fires a competent cybersecurity director and replaces him with Jared Kushner. Then in a week he says "our cybersecurity director is COMPLETELY INCOMPETENT! He doesn't even know how to make his own computer secure. If this is who is in charge, any recount is a FRAUD!"
  25. I'd suggest that millions of US families and veterans not suffering from/dying from malnutrition, exposure and homelessness is not "zip."