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  1. "Why are you always talking about accidents? If you want perfect safety stay home on your couch! This is a skydiving forum, why aren't you talking about bitchin swoops and hot VRW?" Meanwhile back in Gaetz news - Turns out that his good friend Jason Pirozzolo, a drug entrepreneur and doctor, planned a trip to the Bahamas for Gaetz in 2018. Pirozzolo paid for Gaetz's travel, hotel room, entertainment, alcohol, drugs and hookers, and also gave him at least $2000 in campaign donations. In return, Gaetz made two speeches in support of Pirozzolo's organization - the Medical Marijuana Physicians Association - while in Congress. Investigators are also looking into this "pay to play" scheme, and to what degree Pirozzolo paid for Congressional influence.
  2. billvon


    Well, a lot of us pay a ton of money for only half an airplane ride. Seems kind of stupid. If you really like jumping out of airplanes, join the fucking Army. Then they will pay you to jump out of airplanes.
  3. You've never sat around a bonfire until the wee hours of the morning then! Politics gets talked about ten minutes after the first beer is opened and lasts until the last person leaves. See? You'd fit right in at such a bonfire. You could spew your political BS then listen to other people spew theirs.
  4. So on Jan 6th, after weeks of planning, MAGA rioter Jeffrey Sabol flew to DC, started rioting outside the Capitol, grabbed a cop's baton, then used it to attack another cop who was trying to protect the Capitol. Afterwards Sabol went back to Denver, apparently proud and puffed up about his patriotism - he referred to himself as a "patriot warrior." Then he realized that trying to kill a cop might not be seen as patriotic by . . . . well, anyone sane. So he fried all of his devices, flew to Boston, and tried to get on a plane to Switzerland. When he got there he saw a lot of cops waiting for him. So he left the airport, rented a car and tried to drive South. They caught him outside New York City. He is now angry he's been denied bail, based on the silly theory that if he tried to flee the country once, he might try it again. That cop he attacked? He was merely “patting him on the back.” He is also blaming Trump for forcing him to riot against his better judgment. He said he didn't riot until the "call to battle was announced" by Trump and his supporters, and felt that it was a presidential order and so was lawful. The judge in the case had something interesting to say about that: "To be sure, to what extent President Trump's words and actions led to the violent and shocking storming of the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021 is an important question, and one that could still have legal consequences for the former President and his prominent supporters. But President Trump's culpability is not before this Court." That's the first time I've heard a sitting judge comment on Trump's legal liability for the riot.
  5. ?? You think this forum is politics free? I refer you to the description of this forum that you probably had to click on to get here: "This is the place to discuss politics, guns, religion and any other topic you feel the need to address . . . ." So yes, we talk about politics here. There are plenty of other forums here to peruse if you will be offended by such discussions.
  6. I agree, in general. In a competent justice system I can see the justification for capital punishment. We do not have a competent justice system.
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    Difference is that one uses "adults" and the other uses "all americans."
  8. Right. But 20 guilty verdicts will. When the police start to fear the populace, and start thinking "I could not only lose my job but end up in prison if I hurt this guy I just arrested!" that will be progress. Agreed. And if she had said "We get more active, we've got to get more people voting. We've got to make sure that they know that we mean business" I would have agreed 100%. But "active and confrontational" is a call to arms for people who want to hear that, just as Trump's encouragement of the rioters was a call to arms for them. People in power have a responsibility to not misuse that power to foment violence IMO.
  9. billvon


    Yep. As of yesterday, 39% of Americans overall have at least one dose, and 33% of adults are fully vaccinated.
  10. Maxine Waters tries to make the world just a little more violent: "I hope we get a verdict that says guilty, guilty, guilty. And if we don't, we cannot go away. We've got to stay on the street. We get more active, we've got to get more confrontational. We've got to make sure that they know that we mean business." No, you don't have to get more confrontational-y. Want to make a significant change? Get more vote-y.
  11. Well, this is Florida; the bar is a bit lower to begin with.
  12. Nothing. What does skydiving have to do with a deep state pedophile sex ring? Again, nothing. Are you sure you are in the right forum? Perhaps you meant to post somewhere else.
  13. What is a guy going to feel like when he brings his bright orange gun to the range, when all the other guys have their dangerous looking black and camo pattern weapons? Emasculated, that's how he's going to feel! Effeminate even. Which is just what you liberals want.
  14. Yep. I chuckle when I see someone be against recyclable batteries - but also support coal. Here's an article where a single utility is trying to figure out what to do with 600 ACRES of toxic coal power plant waste in huge ponds. That's hundreds of millions of tons of radioactive, carcinogenic waste that no one knows what to do with. So far the management of this waste has resulted in a 3% increase in utility rates. It is likely that the end solution will be far more expensive.
  15. Well, no - these are off the shelf systems. But you're right, it's not about economics either - just about the plan for the BESS facility.
  16. And storage is catching up quickly. Apple is now building a 240 megawatt-hour storage facility to power its headquarters.
  17. Investigators have discovered one of the primary sites used to plan the Jan 6th riot - a website called Daniel J. Jones, formerly of the FBI, had this to say about the recently recovered site - "The website, TheDonald, played a far more central role in the January 6th Capitol insurrection than was previously known. There are thousands of posts — with tens of thousands of comments — detailing plans to travel to Washington and engage in violence against the U.S. Capitol. The ultimate end goal of this violence was, on behalf of Trump, disrupt the Congress and overturn the presidential election.” One of the more fun discussions they had was whether to build a gallows or a guillotine. The gallows won out. It would be hard to bring in that heavy blade, they figured.
  18. So in other words, the odds are very good but not 100%. Thanks for confirming that.
  19. Nor, apparently, do you even understand what the rest of us are talking about. Look, you failed this trolling attempt pretty miserably. Maybe start again with an attack on Biden's wife or something?
  20. Keep in mind that the paper was from 2006 - so they missed a lot of the more recent work on positive feedback and albedo changes, as well as being able to get direct longwave observations from satellites.
  21. Once again you don't understand what you are reading. 1) Temperature have been rising for decades. They were rising back in 2000 when you were one of the people bleating "global warming ended in 1998!" They were rising in 2010. They are rising today. This is due primarily to increasing CO2 concentrations. 2) Yes, everyone knows that the effect of CO2 decreases as it approaches saturation. That's why we have warmed ~2 degrees F instead of 20 degrees F when we increased the CO2 concentration by 50%. That's why we will warm ~5 degrees F if we double it instead of 50 degrees F. It seems that everyone here understands this except you.
  22. Interesting. I didn't know there had been testimony from a woman who said she had sex with Gaetz while she was underage.
  23. The Wijngaarden/Happer paper? Yeah, I thought that was a good overview of radiative forcing, and it confirmed earlier work that quantified forcings due to increases in the various GHG's.
  24. +1.37F average warming would make it warmer than most of the last two decades. Warmer than the 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 averages. See above.
  25. I love seeing a poster mansplain why a thread was locked - to the person who locked it.