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  1. Exactly. "I don't support Trump at all! But I can't vote for Biden or Clinton, so I voted for their opponents."
  2. That's because the Trump Death Clock assumes that Trump started pushing mitigation measures one week sooner. Had we started three weeks sooner we would have seen a much higher reduction. (That geometric growth thing.) On Jan 14 the WHO said there was a possibility of limited person to person transmission. On Jan 20 they said there was "very clear" evidence the virus was communicable between people. At that point the government should have gone full throttle into mitigation measures - getting PPE prepared, developing and ramping up test kits, ordering respirators. The US Pandemic Response Team should have been pushing all this starting that day. Instead Trump waited until Feb 24th to request any money from Congress to respond to the threat. What would it have looked like? Airport screenings with mandatory quarantines starting Jan 21. Instead, limited screening at only 8 airports was not implemented until Feb 2. And from firsthand reports, it was a joke - even at those 8 airports people were flying in from Asia and walking through customs without any screening at all. One airport distributed flyers (in English) that said "if you are sick stay inside until you are better" and let everyone go. We didn't even start recommending masks until April 3. With less political pressure on the CDC to pretend there was no problem, that would have started a lot sooner. And once we made that recommendation, a better president would have put all his weight behind that recommendation, rather than behaving like a bully being forced to tender an apology he didn't want to give. Imagine the difference it would have made, for example, if Trump had pushed mask usage. More than 50% of his tweets are attacking political enemies and people he perceived slighted him. Imagine if he had taken all of those angry tweets and directed them at people not wearing masks. People would be unified behind mask usage, instead of people proudly not wearing one to prove their allegiance to the president. Who would have bought it? All Trump supporters - if Trump himself pushed it as hard as he could. Instead we have 38% of the people in the US refusing to take precautions because the president doesn't really support them, and they want to prove they are proud supporters.
  3. Right. So if you didn't take action you might see tens of thousands dead, since it's deadly but hard to catch. In Western Africa, for example, there were 28,600 cases and 11,325 deaths - a death rate of about 40% but an Ro number close to 1. (Best estimate I saw was 1.5) The population of Western Africa is about 370M - very close to the population of the US. (about 330M.) So taking a Trumpian approach to Ebola we would have seen a death toll of about 10,000; less than the flu every year, but significant. Actual death toll in the US, given the US's very aggressive response? One. Had we taken that approach with SARS-CoV-2 we would now look a lot like New Zealand or Thailand - maybe 40,000 infected and 1200 dead, with the pandemic ending in four or five months. Instead we are at 5 million cases and 170,000 dead - and still climbing. And that is an excellent example of why you should take pandemics seriously.
  4. billvon


    Let's say they release a vaccine prematurely. Initially it prevents deaths. It also kills 1000 people. "No problem!" some people say. "It will still save more people than it kills." But then you discover that no one else is willing to take it - because the news is covering nothing except the 12 year old girl who died from Bill Gates' Deadly Vaccine. And Bill Gates has stated he wants to reduce the world's population! Did you know that? So then you get the next vaccine out - "but this one really IS perfectly safe!" And again no one is willing to take it because you said something similar about the last one. Doctors operate under a principle of "do no harm" - in other words, do not employ treatments that have a significant risk of injury or death. If this disease was 100% fatal (or even 25% fatal) then the level of risk we'd be willing to accept in a vaccine would be high indeed. But it's not. It's between .05% and .2% fatal depending on which group you are looking at. So the trials will have to continue until we can demonstrate a vaccine that is both effective and safe. Fortunately that process is going very quickly, and it's likely we'll have something within 6-9 months. If we can keep deaths down in the meantime by distancing, masks, hygiene and tracing, then we could see less than 50,000 additional deaths. Of course lots of people are going to refuse to do that so we will see another 150,000 or so.
  5. Yeah! I saw a GOP representative calling himself African-American - but I found out he was born in the US! What a liar.
  6. What did you not understand about that?
  7. Trump left some "deposits" on her dress.
  8. Right. That money goes to cops, to colleges, to veterans, to food for women and children, to education for young kids and to businesses. I bet you support a lot of those programs, even if it doesn't mean every single person in the US gets a $1300 check. Are you crazy? Look at average lifespans. Look at starvation. The US has had to reclassify "starvation" to "malnutrition" because poor people are now commonly fat. They are now getting so much of the wrong food that they get obese. That's better than dying of starvation. Not perfect by a long shot, but better.
  9. Followed by "The guy posted through the incident as he bled. “God’s caliber [.45] went through my scrotum, mattress, boxspring, and floor." " Yep. Gotta be a Trump supporter.
  10. billvon


    Because no vaccine is 100% safe. Heck, you could inject a million people with pure saline and a very small percentage would get serious infections from the injection, or a careless healthcare worker would administer the wrong injection. So they have to show that the benefit exceeds the (small) risk. However, once a vaccine does demonstrate (some) effectiveness, I agree.
  11. Like - the Veteran's Adminstration? Medicaid? Medicare? Social security? Unemployment? SNAP? Which is a complete failure?
  12. billvon


    Trump is not responsible for anything. He's told us that quite clearly. (Except for anything good - then it's all him.)
  13. Because people like you say that anyone who has such feelings is a criminal. Yep. Reduced pollution. Cleaned up our waters; rivers don't catch on fire any more. Ended the damage to the ozone layer. Allowed disabled people access to public spaces. Ended the Vietnam war. Provided healthcare and education for veterans. Made healthcare more available for everyone. Developed solar, wind, small hydro and utility scale storage. Civil rights. Voting rights. Minimum wage laws. O the horror.
  14. Yep. It was an incredibly stupid thing for Trump to do, and he did it at the wrong time. It's like he's working for Biden. Had he just said "don't know what she's talking about" then there would today be no case.
  15. Nope. It's a case where a crime was committed, the perp got away with it, the statute of limitations expired, and then the perp started attacking the victim, claiming she's a filthy liar. Funny thing is, if he had just kept his mouth shut she wouldn't have a leg to stand on.
  16. billvon


    If that is an example of how you read and interpret information - it's no wonder you think the MSM is full of lies. "Today Trump announced that he would step up apprehension of children at the border. In a directive sent to the border patrol . . . ." Actual meaning - Trump will direct the border patrol to step up apprehension of children. Qanon interpretation - Liberals support pedophilia.
  17. Ah, the next Trump apologist gets in line to defend Trump! "Sure, what he said sounded bad. But what he REALLY meant was . . . " I always love these attempts to polish up his little turds. You can disagree all you like. But since apparently you haven't even watched the video - might it make sense to figure out what you are disagreeing WITH, first?
  18. "Most of us feel discomfort when we think about pedophiles." That's true - and does not support your claim that you are being told "you have to understand it." Second sentence: "But just like pedophiles, we are not responsible for our feelings." Also true - and also does not support your claim that you are being told "you have to understand it." At this point I am thinking that you read a Breitbart piece on this video and just started posting without ever watching it. Par for the course.
  19. Easy peasy. She can gas a crowd, clear them out of in front of a church, and hold up a bible. BOOM! She's as pious as Trump.
  20. billvon


    Probably with Ivanka branding. Unless it comes from China, she's not really interested.
  21. You can believe that if you want. And as long as you don't advocate denying transgender people any rights, I am fine with you believing whatever you want. No one is saying you have to understand it or make any claims about their feelings. Why do you think that?
  22. No. Choosing a bathroom is not the same as pedophilia. It's not even along the same lines. It is a different topic. For example, one is a crime, one is not.
  23. They're not responsible for their feelings. They ARE responsible for what they DO. Those are two very different things. Some guys have rape fantasies. That's not a problem. No reason to throw them in jail for thoughtcrime. The problem only occurs when they actually try to rape people.
  24. It's great that you pray for medical help, and that that comforts you. It's also great that socialism provides you with most of the medical care you need. Win/win. Perhaps the next time you are considering launching another anti-socialism tirade, it would be worth keeping that in mind.