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  1. Mr.owc6 and I were going through our log books and found this. It makes me sad all over again.
  2. oldwomanc6

    no longer receiving post-reply emails

    I am now getting email notification. Thanks!
  3. oldwomanc6

    no longer receiving post-reply emails

    Here it is! Thank you! This confirms that I am still not receiving emails.
  4. oldwomanc6

    no longer receiving post-reply emails

    Can anyone send me a direct reply to see if its working yet? Thanks!
  5. oldwomanc6

    no longer receiving post-reply emails

    Can you reply to me and see if it's working yet?
  6. oldwomanc6

    no longer receiving post-reply emails

    Thanks! You guys are the best!
  7. oldwomanc6

    no longer receiving post-reply emails

    I am currently not getting email notifications of direct post replies. It is set to receive them in my settings. November 9 was the last notification I received. Thanks,
  8. oldwomanc6

    no longer receiving post-reply emails

    This is also something I have noticed for a few weeks. I wonder how many others have noticed and just haven't said anything? Thanks,
  9. oldwomanc6

    Am I being selfish

    Well said, and important!
  10. oldwomanc6

    Thread problems

    I Don't like being invisible. Can the mods see me?
  11. oldwomanc6

    Skydiving - A guy's dream

    Advice? Don't post in green, it gives the mods headaches. And confuses the rest of us. Oh, and good luck!
  12. oldwomanc6

    I have a question

    Ok, I'll jump in here, 'cause I'm an old fart. The phrase "borrowed gear, borrowed death" stems from someone using a rig they were unfamiliar with and getting on a load without a second thought as to what the EPs on that rig would be if the SHTF, rather than a sizing issue with the harness, or old(er) gear in general. The (possible) chain of events leading up to a problem are multiplied when someone is jumping a rig that they gratefully grabbed from a "friend" on the way to the plane. Obviously, buying appropriate gear is necessary, but foremostly, familiarity with the gear is the answer, not new, matchy-matchy.
  13. oldwomanc6

    McElfish swag

    When I read this thread title, given that it's Christmas time, I had a mental picture of an Elf on a Shelf dressed in a kilt swinging from the curtains.
  14. oldwomanc6

    Blue Skies Skydiverbry (Bryan Gaal)

    Blue Skies, Bryan. Although, I never met you, I will remember you fondly. Chris, and the rest of the family, tender thoughts to you, all.
  15. Sounds like an amazing project. I jumped with Carl quite a few times, but it wasn't until the late 70s, and as far as I know, very little footage was ever used. Anyway, if you haven't already posted this in the History and Trivia forum, you should. Heck, you might even draw out a few, who I know jumped a lot with him, but who no longer post much. Especially from the So. Cal. bunch.