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  1. Thank you for this! These angles are not pics I'd seen before.
  2. I was Piglet II jumper, too, and I never ever heard of even a bit of hesitiaton. Crack your back, and your ankles, too, but no mals. I did break my r. calcaneus on my reserve jump with a piglet, but that was a bad confluence of 12mph winds, apartment complex, parking lot, playground, and power lines.
  3. Nothing? The pic I am looking for is of the nose of the Cessna out the other (right) side of the DC3.
  4. I've had one slow-speed belly-mount reserve deployment. Jump #11. No pilot chute on reserve. Lake Elsinore, 1978. Classic Mae West! I did exactly what the the EPs called for which was pull the ripcord, toss or stow it (I was told to toss as a student), reach into the reserve and toss in the direction of the spin. Perfect deployment of reserve, which of course took enough pressure off Mae's bra to clear the line, so I had two perfectly good canopies above me. Which left me at the mercy of the wind. One case where two may be worse than one. haha! I landed in the muddy water stretched out virtually on my back due to the two canopies. Further into the water and it could have been a mess (yes, I had a flotation device), or out on the hard pack would have hurt like a ....
  5. I don't think the "overhaul/site change" threw it off a cliff. The site change came after the drastic drop off. I think the fact that they threw the three highest clicked-on threads into the garbage did. (one , and then two in one night) One of them probably deserved it, but the other two were pure entertainment (and revenue generators if clicks=$). Never did understand throwing money away like that.
  6. Just curious, but, just how did Leo and your needles get out there to begin with? You shared? They stalked? Can't share and then complain when they actually remember something about your life, IMO.
  7. Social (mostly close family-types) disbelief/disapproval, money, and time. Some of which actually is merited, BTW.
  8. I can't seem to navigate the new set up here, but I would like to have any pics from this crash. I was about ten feet from the front of the DC-3 when the idiot student pilot ran into the door where we should have all been, but weren't. The subject came up today, but can't seem to find it. Thanks!
  9. Sad to hear this. He was a great guy, and I loved flying and jumping with him. Blue Skies, Flip.
  10. Yes, this was such a limited color, (only 1057 ever made) and mine was a limited numbered edition (#125 of 550). Premiere Edition Vert. Special VIN . The color changes in the light. In hazy or at night light it looks black. In full sunlight it is bright green.
  11. Gratuitous Corvette pics of mine in the order in which they were purchased. Still have the blue, green, and second red one.