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  1. I would say it shouldn't come from any hegemonic country or one with a hegemonic political system. China has been such a country since its inception. Sometimes quietly, sometimes seeking domination. Lots of countries have been -- including the US. Short-sighted me-first capitalism says buy the cheapest price today. As a country, one investment in ourselves is ensuring we can keep doing the things that make us. Wendy P.
  2. I was a mainframe systems programmer for 8 years. Trust me, when the mainframe went down (especially with email), it was an emergency, with "fix the most first" definitely being a consideration. Loved it. Wendy P.
  3. He spells out the science. However, having all the letters of the alphabet as evidence, he picks only the ones he "needs" to spell what he thinks they spell. There's a difference between that and letting the data do the driving. And the statement about straight lines? It's all relative; in our frame of reference, a water horizon is a straight line (yes, earth, yes, meniscus -- that's why the frame of reference matters). And, again, within our frame of reference, waves, while wave-shaped, generally go in a straight line until interrupted, and then bounce off in a straight line. Kind of like pool balls being shot at a bumper. But you have to be honest about the frame of reference. Yours is that God directs everything (most likely including all these overlapping cycles), and that anything a person tries to reason out is wrong (unless it agrees with your frame of reference). Cultural diversity in America means that some frames of reference don't work any more. Just as they didn't in Puritan Massachusetts when non-Puritans moved in, just as they didn't in New York when the Irish started immigrating, etc... Wendy P.
  4. Yes, it would. But still behind California and Great Britain, and Great Britain seems to be having some trouble with trade issues... I just read a good article in Texas Monthly Online about the blackout. Plenty of blame to go around, but frankly isn't it better to plan and fix than blame? Only if you are more interested in establishing your position as superior than in fixing a problem for others is blame superior. Says something, doesn't it? Wendy P.
  5. As a former Texan, I say give them their independence, and remind them that freedom isn't free. They'll start having to negotiate trade deals, too. Wendy P.
  6. wmw999


    Interestingly enough, I heard a talk on the placebo effect in general yesterday; in the COVID vaccine trials, about 30% of people had an adverse effect (besides sore arm) to the placebo. Fewer to the second shot, which given that the actual shot has a higher incidence of adverse effect, seems to indicate that the second shot does have a noticeable effect in some people. Got my Pfizer shot one on Saturday; already have my follow-up scheduled for shot 2. I'll be volunteering at our local senior center as an intake person after that. Seems only right, since it's a 10-minute stroll. Wendy P.
  7. I think there are two components to a lot of isms the officially-sanctioned (e.g. Jim Crow laws, long illegal in all the US) individual prejudice, which can affect people simply by being exercised on an individual basis by someone with power to do so. The US military, with its official desegregation in the 1940's, officially eliminated #1. However, the fact of #2 means that individual people who could get away with it still could exercise individual power and still be (whatever)-ist. The US Supreme Court desegregated schools in 1954. There were still segregated (as in officially, not de-facto) schools in 1970. There were still hiring managers at lots of companies who wouldn't hire black people (or hispanic in some cases, etc). Officially it was illegal, but it still happened. Happened to me; I was denied at least two jobs in the 1970's for being female -- quite illegal, but hey, they had the jobs and I didn't have a compelling enough case to take them to the EEOC. Wendy P.
  8. There are some nice Simulations of infection vs. immunity on an NPR page I looked at recently. Just for information, for people who are interested in learning more. Wendy P.
  9. When I came back to the sport in 2001 I had my 20-year-old rig, and it served me just fine until I found something new the next year. I wouldn't hesitate to jump nylon that old with few jumps. One thing to consider is wingloading -- if you were solidly loaded on that gear when you were current, it might not be a bad idea to get a little current on larger canopies. Wendy P.
  10. Why did he post a meme about physical strength attacking feminists? Well, we're on page 2. The OP appears to be validated by starting shit. Wendy P.
  11. Hush. Brent's talking about the solar installations being maintained by people who want them to fail, not by people who want them to succeed. Wendy P.
  12. And plenty of men who can't carry most women, who are just as male as the rest. And, yes, women who can carry most men. I'm assuming Brent means physically, because I've known plenty of men who have been carried professionally. Just as I've known women who have been carried professionally. Usually for different reasons in my experience, but it happens to both. To get back to the original, projecting physical weakness ("effeminate") is bad. Projecting physical strength ("she's buff") is good. Maybe good health is good, and not taking care of yourself is bad, and equating either one with gender is stupid. Wendy P.
  13. The fact that there are so many more videos with officers who seem to feel free to be dicks with minorities rather than majorities (even though a majority of interactions is, in fact, with whites in most jurisdictions) should be an indication. This doesn't tar the whole profession, any more than a single good cop means they're all good. They're people, and the tone their command structure sets has a lot to do with how individual departments respond. Wendy P.
  14. His choice of issues may not be yours, and his basic orientation isn't, but Bigun has a long history of substantive issues when he's discussing. Wendy P.