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  1. Thanks. There used to be two in my general area, but they've been decommissioned, I think for age. But we have a a lot of anti-nuclear-anything around here. Wendy P.
  2. People consistently view the loss of ten dollars they already have as worse than gaining ten new dollars. Wendy P.
  3. Question -- are you OK with a nuclear power plant in your community? An actual one, designed, built, and run by fallible humans who are constrained by externally applied budgets, politics, and schedules? Because that's the standard you should consider. If not, what would need to change, or who do you think should be willing? I'm not against nuclear power. But its actual use still has an outsized problem potential, with outsized costs to manage them. Those should be our priorities for now maybe. Wendy P.
  4. Yep. We did 5 more posts yesterday, and the auger went home this morning. She has a tractor, but this auger doesn’t look like it’s meant to be used while attached to one. Oh well. Wendy P.
  5. Then why does the governance of the United States matter? And why should it be dominated by Christians? Wendy P.
  6. There are. But there are far more examples of other homeowners losing their guns through theft, or having them used irresponsibly. When is the tradeoff not worth it? It’s kind of like seat belts. There is the occasional person who is better off without them, but more are better with. Wendy P.
  7. It’s not misinformation, it’s alternate facts! Wendy P.
  8. wmw999


    I can’t believe I just did that Wendy P.
  9. wmw999


    The hundredth monkey is a largely discredited theory; it’s more complicated than that. But more than anything, if true, the hundredth monkey is only the last one to take some outlandish idea on before it supposedly becomes general. He’s not the harbinger of truth. And an identification with a hundredth monkey kind of implies an outsized sense of one’s influence. This is my perception, not the result of detailed analysis but then most people who come here with lots of claims to true knowledge tend to have an outsized sense of their importance. Among other things, this is the not-quite-moribund political subforum of a skydiving website; it’s where the people who just couldn’t play nicely with the others were consigned to. Wendy P.
  10. Ron, this is a temporal country and time; its structure must be changed if it is to become a godly or Christian one. That temporal nature is in its founding document, and it’s also innate in that it is of this world. Do you honestly believe that the US needs to end? And be replaced with what? A theistic autocracy? What happens when that autocrat takes it upon himself (or herself) to be the sole interpreter of God’s world, and then begins to carefully select the passages quoted to support a direction that makes many uncomfortable. Maybe a return to slavery (after all, it’s in the Bible). Or mandatory modest dress for women. It wouldn’t start with something unacceptable to the zealous followers; just something unacceptable to people they don’t really care about. If you do, in fact, wish to live in a theocracy, it’s up to you to build that in your local community (which it sounds like you have done), and make clear its distinction from the tradition that all men are equal under the eyes of God. That, in fact, some are more equal, and are the only ones that should be paid attention to. Wendy P.
  11. I’m visiting a friend right now, and I usually help her with one of her many projects while I do (I actually enjoy that kind of thing up to a point — you have a day or two of hard work, lots of gratitude, and you’ll never have to deal with it again). Well, this time it’s diving post holes with an auger for her pole bean garden. The field is really uneven, making rolling the auger even more challenging. The sucker weighs in the hundreds of pounds, and even with both of us rolling it we had to do some bumps a wheel at a time. The plan was to make 20 holes and fill them with posts and concrete them in. So far we’ve finished 5. BUT: we are two 67-year-old ladies. For us, it’s emphatically a 2-person job. And job well done so far — I’m happy. I know how to use a new tool, and next time I come I can admire her garden. But I’ll probably suggest a less aggressive project the next time . Wendy P.
  12. To find the aggressively social person — it’ll come quite naturally to them. One of the things that conference members like is feeling recognized, so being the person who makes sure that milestones are recognized, who starts a bonfire culture again (and makes it stick), who has a traveling canopy class, coach course, newbie organizing day — that’s who will both enjoy it and very possibly win. Because people will recognize the name. Wendy P.
  13. wmw999


    Your username is “hundredth monkey” and you talk about the culty echo chamber? Pretty rich, dude. Wendy P.
  14. I’m assuming you mean the handbook. For the US, it’s probably on the USPA website. USPA.org Wendy P.
  15. Oh, I completely agree with everything you said; both on the national director side and on the FAA side. It’s unacceptable, period. I’m not really for across the board term limits (experience does have some advantages), but most of our institutions, including USPA, go too far in the other direction, with, effectively, lifetime appointments Wendy P.