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  1. wmw999


    Nearly a month ago is a little too long for it to be directly from the convention (I hope). However, based on his behavior there, subsequent statements about refusing to issue a mask order, and his likely minions, I’d be willing to bet it’s second generation from the rally. Wendy P.
  2. Tamir Rice also had an inoperable gun; it even had the red band that made that clear. And he was 12 years old, but he still paid the ultimate price because someone bigger and older was scared of him. Wendy P.
  3. wmw999


    As long as “the other side” (of whatever - it just matters that you disagree and lump them all together) is wrong in any single point, one doesn’t have to change anything whatsoever. Kind of like being required to prove that someone will die of lung cancer to get them to quit smoking. Wendy P.
  4. Did you see me (not liberals in general, but me) whining about the Charlottesville rally? That was one with a serious focus on keeping it orderly and lawful, as well. Each of us liberals is an individual, too. Just as each conservative is. I was at a protest a little over a week ago; there was a counter-protest, of course. But one of the open-carry unmasked guys from the counter-protest accompanied my (ICE) protest down the street; alongside us, keeping his distance. We chatted for a minute - he disagreed with the substance, but supported the right, too. Ergo no yelling at us, no aggressiveness, no attempts to be a looming menace. Was he welcomed? Of course not. But neither was he excoriated; mostly just ignored. Wendy P.
  5. Not only am I OK with it, I’m thrilled. People who traditionally have to ask for permission (even to occupy their own space) are taking the same space and rights as people like the Charlottesville gun rights protesters. What don’t you think is OK? Wendy P.
  6. Water is your best friend, followed by water. If you drink alcohol the night before, even more water. If you drink Gatorade etc, just dilute it a whole lot — you don’t need either that many electrolytes or that much sugar. And yup, bananas or other sources of potassium are also good. And then some more water. You should be going to the bathroom fairly regularly, and it should NOT be brown or dark yellow And air conditioned packing. I started jumping in Texas before the advent of air-conditioned packing. Man that was a great invention Wendy P.
  7. wmw999


    I’ve had to travel recently (fortunately I can bring my house with me), and am exclusively taking my business to places that require masks. Now that’s not a major blow to anyone’s budget, but it’s at least a little protection of me. Wendy P.
  8. As long as the power of the president is so outsize, I’m not as sure about purely popular election. The Senate is supposed to have equal balance for each state, and the House is partly popular, but the smaller states have more representatives per person. Make the President more of a servant to the people, but with that veto authorit maintained, and it gets more balanced again. Right now the system has been só gamed that it’s ridiculous, and a matter of “what can I grab for the right people“ instead of “I serve the people” All voters matter Wendy P.
  9. wmw999

    Biden's VP

    I’ve heard Susan Rice suggested as a VP candidate as well. Quieter, but a huge resume. I don’t think Warren would be selected, and I’d hope she wouldn’t accept. But any of Abrams, Rice, or Duckworth would bring a lot of youth, vigor, and fresh blood to the ticket. Wendy P.
  10. Something to think about is that in many of those states (Texas for one), the demographics are changing. The present colors might not remain, even with gerrymandering (trust me, in Texas there’s been gerrymandering), and with voter ID laws. Voter ID laws are against poor people — not specifically minorities, but the correlation is pretty good. So in the long run, the republicans will have to work on actual convincing, not suppression and power maintenance. And actual governance of actual numbers is good Wendy P.
  11. wmw999


    Someone has the tag line that shit happens mostly to people who don’t understand physics. I think we have to add biology to that... Wendy P
  12. wmw999


    Truth is truth, whether or not it serves right, wrong, or the narrative. Best to learn to deal with it. Wendy P.
  13. If you look at this chart you’ll see that few hurricanes in june and july is pretty much par for the course. Wendy P.
  14. I wasn’t trying to hold you guys up as examples of liberalism. I was just being honest about providing an example to try for. I do stand by my comment that agreeing with science increases the chance of being right in the first place. Wendy P.