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  1. wmw999

    Gary Peek

    I knew he was a great guy who cared about the sport, and who used that care to improve the sport. But that was a wonderful obituary. Wendy P.
  2. wmw999

    Feel like a fraud

    I remember you from before. No fraud -- you've now done three jumps out of an airplane. That's real. Wendy P.
  3. Kind of like saying "Bless her heart" in the South... Wendy P.
  4. wmw999

    1967 Erie skydiving accident

    There are a number of references to that jump in the History and Trivia forum; do a forum search for "Lake Erie" and you'll get a lot of information, including the names. Bill Cole (who was on dz.com for a long time until his death a few years ago) was around at the time, and knew pretty much everyone. I tried copying a link to the thread, but it showed up as something else when I pasted it. Just do the search, and the thread title is "Lake Erie B25." There's a second thread, "Lake Erie Incident" with Bob Cole posting in it directly. Wendy P.
  5. wmw999

    Rigger for repack in NH

    Depending what part of the border you're at (I'm assuming MA stands for Mass, not Maine), there are regular riggers at both Pepperell and Orange (Jumptown). Call either the DZ at Jumptown, or The Parachute Shop at Pepperell, and they should be able to help you. Wendy P.
  6. No, you have to deal with the dangers both of your own causing, and those that others cause. Because I, at least, am not immune to errors, nor can I imagine everything that can go wrong on a jump due to someone else's error. The issue is to mitigate the things that can go wrong on a jump; assigning some to "someone else" is giving away some of your own responsibility. You can avoid jumping with people who are dangerous, talk to them, or get them grounded. You can also change DZ's, or quit jumping. Not all of these will make you popular around the DZ, but they're all available solutions. All of these can address the danger brought by others' mistakes. And, just as I'm not perfect, I'm sure I'm capable of committing an error that I hadn't anticipated, or committing one in the heat of an emergency. And I'm pretty anal about rehearsing situations in my head; it's what I do with my free time Wendy P.
  7. wmw999

    Things I’d still like to see

    I've used that capability a lot -- thanks! Wendy P.
  8. wmw999

    Longest time spent in tunnel without breaks.

    A number of years ago I booked a half hour (was on a business trip alone). My timing was flexible, and I called the DZ and asked if they had anyone I could alternate with so that I didn't spend 30 minutes straight. it was a win-win as far as I was concerned -- got most of my time solo, then decided to do some 2-way with the other person. Wendy P.
  9. wmw999

    Helluva time deciding

    Houston will also be hot and humid in July, but they do have air-conditioned packing (you'll be learning how to pack at the very least), and dust devils are rare. I've been to Perris a number of times, and used to jump at Spaceland. I know both have excellent student programs. I also do know that Spaceland has a very active coach program as you transition beyond AFF status. I don't know how Perris works. Wendy
  10. That’s because when old farts started jumping, newbies were more likely to die. That’s no longer true, so we still have to be careful. It’s how we got old. Wendy P. (old fart)
  11. wmw999

    Fear of Landing

    Awesome! thanks for the update Wendy P.
  12. wmw999

    Fear of Landing

    You quoted my post, so maybe you're asking what canopy I'm jumping; I just upsized to a Stiletto 150 from a 135 (I'm getting older...). I've been jumping awhile, so I'm pretty comfortable with my choices. Wendy P.
  13. wmw999

    Fear of Landing

    I don't have awesome depth perception, so I PLF a lot more than most people. I also get up every single time. I'm saying this because my approach to landings (I've taken several canopy courses) is to prepare to PLF, and then stand it up if it looks good. This is the opposite of the "plan for success" method, but I've walked away from every landing, and I'm confident landing in any situation. Looking out is good; flaring with confidence is good. Practicing the flare as she goes down an escalator is good (I'm told). doing a couple of canopy-control-dedicated jumps with a coach is good, too. Not just to get her the A, but to give her the confidence to own the skill. But first, practice PLF'ing with her. It's one of the most under-rated emergency procedures, but one of the best at helping in realtime landing problems. Wendy P.
  14. If you can do three to-the-floor pushups, you're ahead of me (can't do them to the floor any more). There are plenty of typical nerdy guy types, and skinny is better for being able to fly relative with other people (the long-term goal of most skydiving disciplines). Go for it. Wendy P.
  15. wmw999

    Going Home Again

    You're not that old a fart. Honestly, canopy flying is a little less wild west than it used to be, with better control of swooping on most of the DZ's I've been to. So that's good. I do RW, and it hasn't changed all that much, other than that the participants mostly seem to be getting older. But so am I... Enjoy! Wendy P.