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  1. wmw999

    Going Home Again

    You're not that old a fart. Honestly, canopy flying is a little less wild west than it used to be, with better control of swooping on most of the DZ's I've been to. So that's good. I do RW, and it hasn't changed all that much, other than that the participants mostly seem to be getting older. But so am I... Enjoy! Wendy P.
  2. A couple of things that made navigating more efficient. 1. Knowing what the top thread is even in mobile mode (it’s only on desktop that I see it, and especially with the proliferation of spam, it’s kind of nice not to waste an entry into the forum). This is especially useful when combined with knowing how many posts are new in each forum at forum view level. 2. The ability to mark all forums read at once, instead of each one at a time. These are mostly mobile-centric, because I’m more likely to have a slow connection there. Wendy P.
  3. Just about the whole first page of Announcements is taken up by spam. I'm assuming there are software filters that stop new threads that sound like spam; they might need refining. Wendy P.
  4. wmw999

    Dropzone Site Launch & Bugs Megathread

    The other piece, that’s there on the PC (I think, but I’ve been without PC for the last week) but not the mobile site, is the title of the last-updated thread at the forum level. Not a show-stopper, but, for instance, if a topical forum had one updated thread and it’s in a topic I’m not following, I’d just blow past it. And, of course, then mark all the forums read with the single item at the top level. Wendy P.
  5. I came back from a 13 year layoff in 2001. I’d been jumping for 13 years when I quit. So I have more years of skydiving since resuming the sport than I had in my “first skydiving career.” I have also made a lot more jumps since coming back than I made the first time through, and I had over a thousand when I quit. Theres plenty of time for life Wendy P.
  6. Hi DJ. Apparently a liking for lots of information on the screen is a sign of age; it was a standard for the 2000's, but is now more white space is seen as better. I think the standards aren't differentiating between the marketing of information and the delivery of information. If you're marketing, yes, you want to highlight. if you're delivering, well, I do want more information per square inch of visual real estate. Within reason. Marketing information is kind of like PowerPoint; it's not really designed to discuss, it's more for getting your point across. Wendy P.
  7. wmw999

    Feedback on new format

    In the "activity" tab in my profile, there are no posts between August of last year and yesterday. I'm WAYmore of a postwhore than that . When I click on anything in the post listed in the activity tab, it takes me to page 2 of the (interminable in that case) thread, rather than to the post in question. That's not what I'd expect. I've tried clicking on the date, the "replies" field, and the title. None take me to my post. Also, my picture and sigline were gone. I'm fixing that, but were they supposed to? Wendy P.
  8. wmw999

    Dropzone Site Launch & Bugs Megathread

    Is there a "mark all forums read" button, as there used to be? When I'm done looking at what I want to I use it, so that the next time I come in I know what's been updated. Thanks Wendy P.
  9. I had 1100 jumps and 13 years out. I took a refresher. It's a smart idea; I could definitely have jumped without it and lived, but the refresher made me think about so many things that could come up, in a formalized way that integrated response to emergencies right back into my thought process. Wendy P.
  10. big canopies are your friends. My first square was 230 sq. ft. (I weighed on the order of 120). Every landing was tippy-toe. You might be minorly limited in the winds, but you'll be landing softly. Consider a BASE canopy, used as a main, or anything that's designed to land you without a lot of forward speed. Wendy P.
  11. wmw999

    How old is too old?

    I’ll bet it’s just fine, as long as it’s sized appropriately. A 1998 Javelin is probably freefly safe; the reserve flap was already tucked into its spot. We have a 1997 as a backup rig, and it’s great. Wendy P.
  12. wmw999

    Gary Boyd

    Gary was fun, and was notable because in his AFFI class, while the I/E was able to throw him, Gary flew back almost immediately, shaking his finger. Wendy P.
  13. wmw999

    Buddy jumps

    I don't remember anyone doing them in Houston. I did have a friend who did a large number of 20 sec delays because of flat spins. He just had to figure it out -- he finally started delta-ing to stop spinning, then arch and pull Ah, those were the days... Wendy P.
  14. wmw999

    SkySystems Oxygn A3 Liner Repair

    I got an Oregon Aero kit and performed some surgery on it. Came out OK, but a half size smaller (a hat doesn’t fit in it any more). I’ll attach a picture when I get home. The kit was the Pro-Tec upgrade kit. It’s almost certainly better padding than what I had. Wendy P.
  15. That's. Really. Cool. Thanks for posting! Wendy P.