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  1. SATURDAY, JUNE 11, 2022 AT 11 AM – 9 PM Tom Noonan Memorial Jump 165 Nashua Rd, Pepperell, MA 01463-1457
  2. 3331


    Just saying.
  3. Open Now ! In Ridgely Maryland, it’s where the DelMarVa gang moved to. It’s where the Pelican Skydivers use to be. https://www.facebook.com/skydivechesapeake The only activity on the airport is Skydiving.
  4. Silvia Winiger, of The HERD died March 21 2022.
  5. Found by Bill Baker. I was jumping with the Columbus Skydivers in 1969.
  6. https://www.egizifuneral.com/obituary/john-a-eddowes/?fbclid=IwAR221I47n057mLww2bOQPRVGsqszL-k-0sPPZnpaJUxD1vPzRpD8nojHWVg
  7. Skydiver, Pilot, DZ Owner, Husband, Father.
  8. Tom was an FBI Special agent and pilot for the FBI. He was responsible for THE HERD getting Caribou’s at the United Parachute Club, he flew them and jumped them. He was in a helicopter crash while working an FBI case in California. The FBI Retired him, I was at the retirement dinner and ceremony along with several members of THE HERD. Tom and I were teammates and friends.
  9. Skydiver, Friend and Teammate, Vietnam Helicopter Pilot, FBI Agent. Tom F. Hannigan III...in Loving Memory.... February 26, 1947- October 13, 2021, Boca Raton, Florida TOM HANNIGAN'S CELEBRATION OF LIFE EVENT Hello Everyone, Tom's Celebration Of Life party will be be held on Sunday, November 21st, from 12:00 noon-3:00 pm @ The Boca Raton Hotel, 501 E. Camino Real, Boca Raton, Florida, 33432 in their Mizner Center Facility (on the property, just west of the main hotel.) For those who cannot be in person, livestreaming of the festivities will be available by Zoom invitation, November 21st. While the formal presentations will start @ 1:00pm, the Zoom coverage will be available starting @ 12:15pm. To Join the Zoom Meeting: its's https://us02web.zoom.us/j/9535258507? pwd=TVcwWkFyRVpTRnJWVENaZGdzMVBXQT09) Meeting ID: 953 525 8507 Passcode: 666321 For those who will be attending in person...we are asking that the dress/attire, be in honor of Tom and be tropical/festive casual...Tommy Bahama shirts and sandals are appropriate, as you would expect from our dear Tom. Any questions you may reach, Mary (Tom's wife, Mary) @ [email protected] or (561) 251-2391. We hope you will be able to attend and celebrate our super hero, TOM HANNIGAN. In lieu of flowers... Memorial contributions can be made in Tom's name to the National MS Society @ [email protected] This was an important fundraising cause for Tom. He participated at the MS walk yearly/locally.... via wheelchair and walker for over 20 years, and through generous donations of support from family and friends, he was able to raise $250,000 for research into the causes and cures for MS. Love and Hugs, Mary Hannigan
  10. Carl’s life celebration at DeLand. Friday, November 12th 2021. 4:00pm Arrival time 5:00pm: Ash dive take off (last load) 5:30pm and beyond: Gathering at the peas and Perfect Spot.
  11. https://parachutist.com/p/Article/results-of-2022-2024-board-elections-are-in?utm_source=ElectionResults&fbclid=IwAR35bf8NHBYb-S4rltKaNqIjnbYo_5vEM_POWTUU3_Nbq9u-Cidi8n-GAFA