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  1. 3331

    Softest opening canopy

    Check out the “Firebolt” from Parachute Laboratories Inc. in DeLand Florida. I have a Firebolt 164. The Firebolt is the best all around canopy I’ve ever jumped since the Cruiselite by Para Flite. It’s designed for soft on heading openings and easy landings. You won’t have any problems with a Firebolt of any size. http://plabsinc.com/
  2. 3331

    Rig advice

    Get a Racer from "Parachute Labs Inc." in DeLand Florida, the waiting time is only 4 to 6 weeks. And the Racer reserve deployment is the fastest. I’ve had four reserve rides using my Racer, the malfunctions were caused by paid packers. Every reserve deployment was fast.
  3. Please read attached Email. International Skydiving Museum.doc
  4. 3331

    Best Canopy for Smaller Older Jumper

    Check out the Firebolt from Parachute Labs in DeLand. I have a Firebolt 164, best all around canopy I’ve ever jumped. It’s designed for soft openings on heading and easy landings. You won’t have any problems with a Firebolt of any size.
  5. This is not a USPA museum; still the trustees want USPA money to stay solvent.
  6. 3331

    Gary Peek

    He was dedicated to USPA Members and a sane voice on the BOD. He was one of the nine BOD members who voted no on wasting any USPA money for the Skydiving Museum building.
  7. 3331

    Gary Peek

    We'll miss you Gary. He was a rock of stability on the USPA BOD.
  8. He was 86. We’ll miss you Dave.
  9. 3331

    Ian Head

    Ian Head was a body double for Mick Jagger in the 1970 film ‘Performance’.
  10. 3331

    Ian Head

    Ian Head over Z-Hills 1980s
  11. 3331

    Ian Head

    Ian Head Málaga, Spain. December 2018
  12. 3331

    Ian Head

    RIP Ian Head. Died this morning, complications from diabetes.
  13. 3331

    Why Aren’t You Wearing Earplugs?

    Excellent article! I’ve always worn ear plugs since the early days. Those Beech D-18s and DC3s are loud. Also, a career in the Engineering Construction Industry with lots of loud equipment and banging noise. Sure glad I can listen to the TV and radio at low volume.
  14. 3331

    USPA Board Meeting

    Keep beating the drums about USPA Members dues money being donated to the “Skydiving Museum building” without consulting USPA Members. It’s a rip off and (our USPA treasure already said) we can’t afford it
  15. 3331

    Lew Jacobs

    Lew is the green suit wearing the black and yellow Racer attached to the all black jumper.