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  1. All information about the failure of building a Skydiving Museum is out there. Albert Berchtold is one of the nine who voted no to the ripoff. There are members of the BOD who were there in February 2002 when the Museum Trustees assured the BOD that USPA would not have to put in any money and said again --- "it would not be a USPA Museum".
  2. Put this on Facebook too. Lots more coverage there.
  3. In April, Michael Knight, D-22804, joined the USPA staff as director of government relations. Knight has been working closely with the retiring director, Randy Ottinger, who is leaving the organization in May. Knight, who has more than 23,000 skydives, is an AFF and tandem instructor and former owner and operator of Skydive Golden Gate in Novato, California. He was a member of the 2011 Freefly National Champion team NorCal Alliance and is a seasoned organizer and freefall cameraflyer. Knight holds a bachelor of science in finance from California State University and is a private pilot. 
  4. A post in "Friends of Hartwood" on Farcebook. ------------------------------------------------ Here's a shout out to Clay Schoelpple. Clay went back east after his dad passed. He was cleaning out some old shelves & found an old velcro pouch with some old guy's original log books, USPA licenses, SCS cards, etc. I had left those there in 1987 and never found them again. You can imagine what it must have taken for Clay to track me down 34 years later! I was in the Navy and moved a dozen times since then. Thank you, Clay! I miss those days at Hartwood and was sorry to hear about Harry. Blue Skies to all of you in the group & remind Clay what a great guy he is. - Bob Larys, D-6822
  5. Rocky Evans died of a heart attack Yesterday March 18th in DeLand Florida.
  6. Parachutist Magazine March 2021 page 15. Write up about Betsy by Albert Berchtold. She left $200,000.00 to the USPA Team Trust Fund. ❤️
  7. More from the Danny Peters Collection. Also on Farcebook in Old School Skydiving.