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  1. He was 86. We’ll miss you Dave.
  2. 3331

    Ian Head

    Ian Head was a body double for Mick Jagger in the 1970 film ‘Performance’.
  3. 3331

    Ian Head

    Ian Head over Z-Hills 1980s
  4. 3331

    Ian Head

    Ian Head Málaga, Spain. December 2018
  5. 3331

    Ian Head

    RIP Ian Head. Died this morning, complications from diabetes.
  6. 3331

    Why Aren’t You Wearing Earplugs?

    Excellent article! I’ve always worn ear plugs since the early days. Those Beech D-18s and DC3s are loud. Also, a career in the Engineering Construction Industry with lots of loud equipment and banging noise. Sure glad I can listen to the TV and radio at low volume.
  7. 3331

    USPA Board Meeting

    Keep beating the drums about USPA Members dues money being donated to the “Skydiving Museum building” without consulting USPA Members. It’s a rip off and (our USPA treasure already said) we can’t afford it
  8. 3331

    Lew Jacobs

    Lew is the green suit wearing the black and yellow Racer attached to the all black jumper.
  9. 3331

    Lew Jacobs

  10. There is a misunderstanding that I'm opposed to the Hall of Fame and the work done by the Packrats in sorting out and identifying the gear that was in storage for the museum. My only issue is the money being donated to the Skydiving Museum by the USPA BOD without consent of USPA Members.
  11. Ron Hudson died January 15th of a heart attack in his condo at Squaw Valley Ca. Many memories are on his Facebook page and "Trading Parachutes for Wings".
  12. 3331

    Lew Jacobs

    Pictures of Lew Jacobs.
  13. 3331

    Dropzone Template Upgrade

    The previous layout was much better and easy to navigate. Newer does not mean better.
  14. 3331

    BOD Meeting July 2018

    Thank you Jan Meyer. Eloquently written and informative. Can we find out how much the Canadian Sport Parachuting Association and the British Parachute Association have given to this boondoggle museum.
  15. 3331

    BOD Meeting July 2018

    Once again the USPA BOD didn't tell the Members what their intentions were. From the beginning of the Museum project all agreed no financial burden would be on the USPA Members. The Museum would stand alone financially from donations and charging admission. Building cost started at $5,000,000 on FREE land next to USPA HQ. Now it $14,000,000 on land that’s not FREE. Giving our dues money to the now failing National Skydiving Museum should be voted by the Members, not by the BOD who are supposed to represent the Members.