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  1. justme12001


    Out of curiosity, are you sure you are deploying the EGs in the proper manner? There is in fact a correct and an incorrect way to pull the pin! If pulled incorrectly it WILL NOT work. The pin should be pulled the side, and not straight up. I have used the EGs quit a bit and have never had an issue with them
  2. justme12001

    Collapsed Slider Still Noisy?

    get a removable one......
  3. justme12001

    Canopy Size and Descent Rate

    I would look into the "Speed" reserve as well. From what I understand it is the smallest packing and has a pretty low price tag. I know a rigger that has two, I think when I need to buy another new reserve, that is the route I'm going to go. I just haven't had the need to get a new one since I found out about them.
  4. justme12001

    Packing Nightmare

    If you are S folding, then you are doing a "psycho" pack. If you are truly psycho packing, you do a "pro pack" up to the point where you would roll the tall. Then instead of rolling it, you flip it over and lay it on the ground tail side up. Fold the tail/canopy into a triangle, then fold it again into the width of your bag. Once you have the upside down cigar shape, you ROLL the canopy from the bridle attachment point down towards the slider...... then bag it.
  5. I have just under four thousand and no sport cutaways (due to malfunction) one intentional with a third canopy and 4 tandem cutaways. Had my first tandem cutaway on jump 1,783 The intentional was on jump 500, so I could start the strong tandem course. There is a guy at my home dz that has over 12,000 that has one cutaway on a tandem and that was probably atleast 8-9000 jumps ago
  6. justme12001

    Jumping Paintball smoke

    Yes, they work pretty well. The EG18X will be your best bet for free fall, the EG18 work well under canopy. They produce the same amount of smoke, but the X does it in 45 sec versus 90 sec. Not sure about dyes and the such for the jumpsuits. Some guys I know just used them this past weekend, pretty sure they used the EG18X. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rSbDbsbAHa8&feature=youtu.be
  7. justme12001

    Improper Bridle Routing?

    Nothing wrong with this method. The only thing I would do different, is to leave the "window" exposed. Simply pull a little of the bridle out until you see the window. There was a small rash of pierced bridles a little while back, and you started seeing more of this method as a way to prevent it. For some piece of mind, pull the pilot chute and bridle out and watch how it comes out. http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?post=4158486;search_string=pierced%20bridle;#4158486
  8. justme12001

    Tax Shelter

    I am definitely not a lawyer, so this is just my .02 As a coach I would so no, the reason being, is you usually don't get paid as a coach, you just get free jumps. Now if/when you start doing video/tandem/aff and actually start getting paid and receiving 1099 then yes. I don't write off all my fun jumps, but I do write off some, along with gear, licenses, physicals, and mileage. The flip side is you do have to claim income that you made. Again, just my opinion!!
  9. justme12001

    good deal ?

    my vote is not a good deal for you! 150 reserve is 40 sqft smaller than the smallest thing you have jumped
  10. justme12001

    rds question

    It's not really a matter of removing the lanyard, it's more of just not connecting it. (At least with the ones I've had) For the rings, yes you want them below slinks on the risers. I don't think it really matters if they are placed there before or after you remove the slider. I personally usually pull them down before removal. I think it is pretty common to use a removable slider for terminal jumps. As far as I know there shouldn't be any problems. At least I haven't had any.
  11. justme12001

    collapsible slider

    I recently got a MC-4 that I am going to convert to a BOC. I have a 40" PC laying around. Am thinking about making it collapsible and attaching it to the 370 in the MC-4.
  12. justme12001

    Private tandem owners????

    I've asked a few local DZO's about doing this and none seem to want to do it anymore. I have heard of places doing it, bu it doesn't seem to be a popular system anymore. I'm in the southeast.
  13. justme12001

    tert rig

  14. justme12001

    look out below

  15. justme12001

    Vigil misfires this weekend?

    Nothing on either of these, but there was another one as well. Think it was Sunday morning. Had one fire(not me) at normal opening altitude when the jumper deployed his main. So it was a two out, and he chopped the main.