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  1. nigelh

    CP 2018 Event Master

    Pink Open 16-19 August Klatovy This list hasn't been done in a while so starting it again after seeing a Facebook post
  2. nigelh

    CP 2014 Event Master

    Dubai International SL #2 - Jan 26 FLCPA #1 Feb 8-9 Z-Hills Dubai International SL #3 - Feb 23 FLCPA #2 Mar 15-16 Z-Hills Dubai International SL #4 - Mar 30 FLCPA #3 APR 5-6 Raeford NC FLCPA #4 APR 26-27 The Farm Duabi International SL #5 - Apr 27 FLCPA #5 May 17-18 Z-Hills USPA Nationals May 21-23 Z-Hills (Practice days May 19-20)
  3. nigelh

    Lost video 50th jump Empuriabrava

    I have him on Facebook
  4. nigelh

    Olympus epl2

    I have just been looking at the Olympus Pen range, the E-PL2 has a remote shutter release option, and comes with a 14-42mm lens, surely that would be ideal for jumping?! I too am waiting for a NEX that has a shutter release terminal, but with a new line just announced, I guess we will be waiting a while longer...
  5. nigelh

    Rigs in tunnel

    At Bodyflight we have Tunnel Rigs that have been specially made for us, Several teams use them for 4-way training and they have been used for Freefly, it's hard work on your back for sure! Fastrax have rig covers that have been specially designed for their Javelins so the team train in exactly the same rigs that they would use in the sky which is pretty cool. There are soem pictures but i don't know where, Nigel
  6. nigelh

    Bodyflight World Challenge 2007

    UPDATE The competition will now have TWO Freefly Categories Professional and Amateur Professional is as before The Amateur category will not have any head-down whcih will open the competition up to more teams.
  7. nigelh

    Airkix - where to sleep ?

    This may help.... Nigel
  8. nigelh


    Shouldn't you be doing other things on your Honey Moon?? Tell you what, you go to Hinton, and i'll go away with your new missus to Gib There's no jumping there, i've been, it's windy alot of the time and theres a huge rock in the way, but i know the Falcons have jumped there as it's on some of their postcards. Make sure you walk to the top of the rock, it's worth it, especially going through the tunnels, and watch out for the monkeys at the top, they'll steal your sunglasses off your head, and anything else they can get hold of, Oh and there's about 360 bars in the town, which is good to know Nigel
  9. nigelh

    New Tunnels

    Wayne, Try do a search of the Forums, This question comes up alot, And before you ask, it costs more than a house Nigel
  10. nigelh

    Avalore goodluck @ world champs

    Whoops, keep forgetting we have two teams going now! Good luck guys! Nigel
  11. nigelh

    Controlling SitFly fall rate

    One of the best things to do is find a good coach and get some tuition. It's the best way to learn Nigel
  12. nigelh

    Bodyflight Bedford

    That's definately an old picture..... The car park is empty! (and those white things at the top end of the picture aren't here anymore) Nigel
  13. nigelh

    Top class coaching, anyone?

    Not bad is it! Nigel
  14. I've got him aswell, I replied and this is what i got back Hello Thanks you very much for your urgent response, i will like you to send the pics, and i have relay it to my client and is very interested in buying it, and i have already explained everything to him about the main canopy and .he requested for your name and address with your phone number so that he can make the check for you.because he is paying with a Money Order which is easy to cash.i will also arrange for the shipping agent who will come forthe picking up at your house.when the check clears. thanks for your co-operation
  15. nigelh

    UK Tunnel Camps

    Airkix can arrange Tunnel Camps 'on demand' BaByLoN are organising two at Bodyflight, Nigel