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  1. NewGuy2005

    Skydive Skyranch where are you?

    I don't know what happened to it, but I do know there is an alternative in Skydive Fayetteville. I don't jump anymore, but I did stop by there a few weeks ago and saw several of the Skyranch folks. The facility is really nice and I'm told that it is a great place to jump.
  2. NewGuy2005

    Dropzones in Dallas area

    People that are not from Tornado Alley tend to be overly concerned about our weather. Don't give it a thought. Go to a DZ you like. It was a long time ago, but I've made a few jumps at SD Dallas and was very impressed.
  3. NewGuy2005

    Phase 2 - Delayed Reaction...

    Wow. You have it ten times worse than I do. Good luck.
  4. NewGuy2005

    Phase 2 - Delayed Reaction...

    I've been diagnosed with the same thing. Question: Do you feel the pain more in your arm than you do your shoulder? I do and I've been told that it is what's called "referred pain."
  5. NewGuy2005

    Cheapest DZ in the dallas area

    I've made a couple of student jumps at what is now Skydive Spaceland Dallas (travelling) and it was excellent.
  6. NewGuy2005

    Not all tunnels are created equal....

    This one is powered by a diesel engine and the propeller is right below you.
  7. NewGuy2005

    Not all tunnels are created equal....

    Took a while, but yes. I was not a skydiver at the time.
  8. NewGuy2005

    Not all tunnels are created equal....

    I went there about 33 years ago and was very determined to "get the hang of it." I think I dropped $100 which got me around an hour of tunnel time. The next day I was so sore I could barely drive. If I were to do it again today, I'm sure I would be in a wheelchair.
  9. NewGuy2005

    DZ Culture

    Sounds like anywhere, not just the DZ. That's just the way people are.
  10. NewGuy2005

    8000 Ft Static Line Student Jump?

    If you use an 8,000' static line, what would your exit altitude be? 11,500'? You would need a jumpmaster with really big hands to manage it. Sorry!
  11. Yes. I am having trouble from a couple of ankle injuries from 32 years ago. A lot of injuries from the past can come back to visit.
  12. Send a message to Superfletch. He's a good guy up in Missouri.
  13. NewGuy2005

    DB Cooper Case Closed

    It isn't that hard to use the search function: Thanks. I thought the entire thread had been deleted.
  14. NewGuy2005

    DB Cooper Case Closed

    I recall it being multiple tens of thousands.
  15. NewGuy2005

    DB Cooper Case Closed

    Could someone refresh my memory? How many post were there in that old thread?