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  1. NewGuy2005

    Active full time skydive Instructors

    What do you mean by building your own playhouse?
  2. NewGuy2005

    Skydive Skyranch where are you?

    I don't know what happened to it, but I do know there is an alternative in Skydive Fayetteville. I don't jump anymore, but I did stop by there a few weeks ago and saw several of the Skyranch folks. The facility is really nice and I'm told that it is a great place to jump.
  3. NewGuy2005

    Stop Drinking the Kool Aid...

    I agree with your broader definition of social media. I was referring specifically to Facebook. I should have made that more clear.
  4. NewGuy2005

    Stop Drinking the Kool Aid...

    Or just stay off of it completely. It's not required, you know. Friends of mine told me how awesome Facebook was when it came out. I got right on it. After two weeks of avoiding "old friends" from high school I deleted my account. I don't feel like I have missed anything.
  5. NewGuy2005

    Recommend a Beach Close to Atlanta

    What's close to me may not be close to you. I live ten plus hours away from the nearest beach. With that in mind, four to five hours away is not bad. We aren't going there and back in one day. It will be a three day weekend. Probably too much trouble for most people, but if you've only been to the ocean four times in your life, why not?
  6. NewGuy2005

    Recommend a Beach Close to Atlanta

    Excellent advice, everyone. Thanks!
  7. NewGuy2005

    Recommend a Beach Close to Atlanta

    Sounds good. Thanks!
  8. NewGuy2005

    Recommend a Beach Close to Atlanta

    Hi Folks! My wife and I will be in Atlanta (actually Peachtree City) in late July. We are thinking of running down to the ocean for a day or two. Our time will be very limited, so that's why it needs to be close. We will drive to the beach Friday night and come back Sunday afternoon. Thanks!
  9. NewGuy2005

    Hobo Nickel Coin ... Blue Skies, Black Death!

    Very cool!
  10. NewGuy2005

    Is there anyone here who has not gone skydiving?

    I haven't jumped in over ten years.
  11. NewGuy2005

    Latest Flight

    Incredible! Thanks!
  12. NewGuy2005

    OK. Game on!

    With regard to your cars, I spent the night at a cousin's who lives out in the middle of the high desert in Arizona, and he showed me how they prevent rodents from nesting in the engine compartments of their cars. When they park their cars, they leave the hoods up. This makes the engine compartment seem less like shelter. I have also heard of some people that will also hang lights over their engines. Don't know if it really works, but it makes sense.
  13. NewGuy2005

    Red Desert in Wyoming

    Anyone familiar with the area? I'm headed that way next month. Anything I want to make sure I see? I'm familiar with Adobe Town, Honeycomb Buttes, and the sand dunes and plan to see them.
  14. NewGuy2005

    Dropzones in Dallas area

    People that are not from Tornado Alley tend to be overly concerned about our weather. Don't give it a thought. Go to a DZ you like. It was a long time ago, but I've made a few jumps at SD Dallas and was very impressed.
  15. NewGuy2005

    Cortisone injection

    I've had it done for the very same reason and it helped. However, it will come back without physical therapy. See a physical therapist. You will be surprised how much and how quickly it helps. You don't have to go for months of treatment. Just tell them you can't get away from work and you can only go a few times. They will teach you how to do it on your own.