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  1. I can't advise on the technicalities, but I strongly encourage you to do what it takes to do it. I've only made one, but it was awesome.
  2. There's some truth right there!
  3. Wow. I think you over-reacted.
  4. I think it's going to take more than that.
  5. I think the GOP focus on voter suppression is because of the idea that Democrats are easier to discourage from voting than Republicans. No idea if that's true.
  6. Fair enough. The reading method would be the same, but there would be a great deal more effort due to the increase in volume. It's not anything that can't be overcome, but the question is can it be overcome by November?
  7. Agreed that Oregon is the gold standard for mail in. I was thinking the bigger problem would be getting all of the ballots printed and read. I heard a podcast the other day in which they said that not only would they need a long lead time to print the ballots, they might even need to bring on extra equipment to print as well as read the ballots.
  8. I don't think there is a chance in Hell that we will be able to switch to all mail in by November. There are too many logistical barriers to overcome in such a short period of time. I'm for a mail in election, but if it's done in a haphazard manner, it will be a disaster.
  9. I've gotten it at the Walmart Pharmacy. It was cheap. I had a mild case of it about 15 years ago. Trust me. You don't want it.
  10. What's the best general job search websites these days? Thanks!!
  11. Please explain what you mean by this.
  12. My daughter is moving home from Japan in a couple of weeks. The State department is supposed to be asking her to voluntarily quarantine herself for two weeks. She will fully comply with this request by staying confined to our home and only leaving the house to go for walks, etc, and avoiding the public. My wife informed her employer and co-workers of this and two of her co-worker immediately declared they would not work with her and if she shows up for work they would not. This was a little disappointing, but it looks like my wife is going to get a couple of weeks off.
  13. Comment removed in order to stay with the lighthearted nature of this thread!!