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  1. NewGuy2005

    Dropzones in Dallas area

    People that are not from Tornado Alley tend to be overly concerned about our weather. Don't give it a thought. Go to a DZ you like. It was a long time ago, but I've made a few jumps at SD Dallas and was very impressed.
  2. NewGuy2005

    Phase 2 - Delayed Reaction...

    Wow. You have it ten times worse than I do. Good luck.
  3. NewGuy2005

    Phase 2 - Delayed Reaction...

    I've been diagnosed with the same thing. Question: Do you feel the pain more in your arm than you do your shoulder? I do and I've been told that it is what's called "referred pain."
  4. NewGuy2005

    Cheapest DZ in the dallas area

    I've made a couple of student jumps at what is now Skydive Spaceland Dallas (travelling) and it was excellent.
  5. Send a message to Superfletch. He's a good guy up in Missouri.
  6. Disclaimer: I've done very little skydiving and even less paragliding so what I will say are just the ideas of an inexperienced jumper. I couldn't tell you if they are safe or not, but I'm sure there are people that can. This topic has come up several times in the past with varying results. Most people focus on methods of deploying an actual paragliding canopy. I have not seen that idea developed to the point of being practical. When I was jumping, the idea I had was to focus on attaining a very low sink rate rather than a high glide rate. In order to do that, I was thinking that a person could jump a very large zero porosity skydiving canopy. I'm not sure how big you can get them, but some tandem canopies are pretty big. You may not be able to achieve a big glide rate, but, if you could get your sink rate low enough, you would be able to gain altitude in thermals. That would leave you with the problem of getting comfortable in a skydiving harness, but I bet that could be overcome.
  7. NewGuy2005

    DIS-qualified from freeflying?

    It depends. Do you jump with an I-Pod?
  8. NewGuy2005

    Steam Punk Rig?

    Wow! OK, what about Diesel Punk?
  9. NewGuy2005

    Easy Custom Paint JOB

  10. NewGuy2005

    I've upset some people but....

    What if the old guy understood the risk and wanted to go for it anyway? All the octegenarians I know are well aware that they have limitations.
  11. NewGuy2005

    Wind chill factor

    The thermometer would not be affected by wind chill From Wilipedia: Wind chill is the apparent temperature felt on exposed skin due to wind
  12. NewGuy2005

    Balloon Jump

    There's also some knowledge that the pilot of the balloon will need with regards to what point on the ascend/descend cycle that you jump.
  13. NewGuy2005

    New skydiver, asking if this is a good deal...

    Sounds pretty good to me.
  14. Easy question. Just browse the "Incidents" forum.
  15. NewGuy2005

    Who woulda thunk it?

    What caused it?