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  1. That's a nice gesture, but if that's your standard, you are going to spend a lot of time alone at home.
  2. Better yet, make it into mead!
  3. It is inevitable that your parents will run out at some point. Anything you do to prolong the situation is not helpful and puts you at risk of jail time. I suggest that you let them begin withdrawing and take them to the emergency room. I expect that they deal with this situation every day. There are no good outcomes here. That train left the station years ago.
  4. Has anyone ever suggested that 100% wind and solar would be viable?
  5. This is a great thread. I'm going to have to figure out how to post pictures!
  6. A privately contracted appraisal should not affect your property taxes. Those are based on "appraisals" done by the county you live in.
  7. That's about as good as it gets. Looks like you've got it well sorted. I'm an optimist, but the last year has made me less so.
  8. Leave Arkansas out of this!!
  9. Disclaimer: I have no love whatsoever for China. That being said, the problem with Trump calling this the China Virus is that it was an attempt to: 1) Deflect responsibility away from himself. 2) Create anger that will obscure the real issues and allow him to otherwise create political capital for himself. I'm sure there's more, but to be clear, it's not an issue of being insensitive. The problem I have with anyone that raises an argument like yours is that Trump's calling this the China Virus is such a clear obfuscation that I can only assume that by defending him you think I'm an idiot.
  10. That same congresswoman also thinks the Sandy Hook Elementary and Parkland High School massacres were fake. She's now on the House Education Committee.
  11. Good luck with that! How many Q-Anon adherents are there in Congress now?
  12. NewGuy2005


    So we should keep track of any body count and kill to run up the score?
  13. What bullshit. There was no mention of throwing anything in the trash. Anyone surprised after four years of non-stop lying? The world, or a significant part of it, now sees lying as a virtue.
  14. I think he looks like Race Bannon from Jonny Quest.