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  1. What worries me is what else are they capable of?
  2. I'm not surprised to hear that.
  3. What was the plan to prevent some curious person or dog from being cut up by the rotors? I have a friend that flew electric RC planes. He suffered a horrible prop strike injury to his hand.
  4. What is the significance of this date? I never heard the rationale behind the "reinstatement."
  5. If "ifs and thens" were pots and pans, tinkers would have no work.
  6. I suspect the OP is not a world champion canopy coach.
  7. This. Hang in there and keep trying. There are plenty of people on here that have had a much harder time of it and gone on to be accomplished skydivers.
  8. I thought the contract was the parents' idea. If it's not the parents' idea, don't suggest it. skyderrill66 is correct. Your folks are in the driver's seat and you are in no place to be setting the terms. Your parents are being generous. Money is hard to come by for most people.
  9. First: Take advantage of your parents' offer. School is incredibly expensive and starting your post school life with less or even no debt will give you a head start that, at your age, you probably don't understand the magnitude of. It will mean a lot of money to you, especially early in life. Second: If you parents want your agreement on paper, that's even better. Things like that should be put on paper. Third: Forgive my cynicism, but your parents don't want you to skydive ever again. It has nothing to do with the reasons they gave you. They are expecting you to lose interest during the time that you are not jumping. They really do have your interest at heart, but they just don't understand what it is you are doing. Take their generous offer. You will make many more jumps in your lifetime because you did. You will also show your parents that they they were mistaken. I predict that in the future you will win them over and they will be very supportive of your chosen sport.
  10. Our politicians will get this fixed right away. Don't worry.
  11. "Detrick, cops say, admitted targeting the home because Guyette and his spouse "are Democrats and support Joe Biden," while he is a “Trump man.” A patrolman noted that Detrick's statement "leads me to believe this incident is politically motivated."
  12. Maybe, but at least you are still in class!! Well done.
  13. Hi Chris. I encourage you to try again. There are several people on this forum that have had the same experience, tried again, and gone on to be successful skydivers. One thing that has always helped me when I have had to do something scary was to make the decision to do it or not do it ahead of time. The idea is that I fully understand that when the time comes to do it, I will be in an irrational state of mind, and possibly even a full freakout. Make the decision on the ground the day of or even the day before with the understanding that when the time comes your mind will be telling you not to do it. Factor that freakout into your expectations. It's worked for me in the past.
  14. If interstate highways are so great, why do they have to bribe us by letting us drive on them for free?
  15. If they can provide what they are promising at the price they are advertising, this could be "the one." I would love to have one.
  16. When you ain't got nothin' you got nothin' to lose.
  17. To come on a forum that someone else pays for and complain that it's not good enough is very rude.
  18. So everyone agrees that young Donald Trump would have been free to do what he does best and still not be suspended from his cheerleading squad?
  19. Right, but she's not promoting a cause, popular or unpopular. She's just expressing her anger in a way that causes harm to the cheerleading team. Does the school being an agent of the state enter into it? I have no idea if it does or not.
  20. I hadn't thought of that. Very true, and she does have the Trump audacity factor going for her.
  21. Here's an imagination exercise: A young Donald Trump is a member of his college cheerleading team. In all of his off campus social media posts and face to face interactions he foments dissent within the team by lying, pitting people against each other, and in general acting in a very insubordinate manner. All of this is done very publicly. It doesn't take a lot of imagination to see how destructive Trump's behavior could be to the effectiveness of his cheerleading team. Should he be suspended from the team for the rest of the semester? This young woman said something to the effect of "Fuck cheer. Fuck this school, Fuck this, Fuck that, etc, etc." Make no mistake about it, this young amateur did not accomplish the sort of disruption that we imagine in the above scenario, but she did openly try to foment dissent or at least try to do some sort of harm to the team. There is the issue of scale, but both actors are trying to harm the school. It's not the same as her speaking out in support of an unpopular cause such as protesting a war.
  22. That's only during deer season. The rest of the year we require 2/3 majority.