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  1. Hi folks, Some people think that they are a law unto themselves: Judge erupts at Jan. 6 defendant who refused mask: 'You don't make the rules' ( Guess who will win this test of wills. Jerry Baumchen
  2. Hi John, It is there. Photo probably taken in late summer; I do not water the lawn. * Man Fined Over $1,000 for Setting Lawn on Fire Instead of Mowing it Amid Burn Ban ( If I had my way, we would get rid of front lawns; sort of like they do in Europe. Jerry Baumchen * IMO a waste of a necessary resource.
  3. Hi Keith, Where can I sign up? Jerry Baumchen
  4. Hi Keith, Re: Maybe they were scared. Nah, they were just some rather nice kids. During our conversation they were very courteous; not what I would have expected. Re: How'd you like to run into Samuel Whittemore? Interesting, I had never heard of him. One tough old bird, though. Jerry Baumchen
  5. Hi Joe, Re: His pillows are shit. To each, his own. I consider them the best I've ever owned. However, when I went to buy two more about 4-5 months ago, they were on sale. I asked why & was told because they simply do not sell. C'est la vie, Jerry Baumchen PS) Re: The Better Business Bureau rated him at "F" several years ago due to complaints. That's him, not his products. Yup, he's a fraud IMO.
  6. Hi sky, Re: Wanna go stand in the yard and yell at the kids to stay the fuck off it? Whenever I hear that term, it reminds me of something that happened about 5 yrs ago. I was just finishing watching the late news & about to head for bed. I heard some voices outside that sounded quite close. So I went out & saw 4-5 16-17 yr olds walking across my lawn. I live on a corner so it was an easy short-cut for them. At that time, I was about 75 yrs old, so getting into an altercation was not a smart option. I stopped them, talked to them in a rational voice, asked if their dads would like if it I walked across his lawn, etc. They apologized and no one has done it since. I guess I'm getting tactful in my old age; or is it scared? Jerry Baumchen My house:
  7. Hi Keith, Re: I say we sell California to the highest bidder If that were a feasible option, I would try to be first in line to join any consortium wanting to do it. From what I have read, the economy of California is the best of all 50 states; Covid/lock-down/etc included. Jerry Baumchen
  8. Hi Bill, Re: I just don't get it. I bet that you do. It is just capitalism, self-promotion, etc. These things have been around for a long time. 'Nothing to see here, folks.' Jerry Baumchen PS) Regarding a non-orbital flight: Military pilots who flew their X-15 aircraft higher than 50 miles were awarded astronaut wings. The X-15 Astronauts | Spaceline Back in 60-61, when I was stationed at Edwards AFB, I was fortunate to actually see the X-15 fly; I was just on the ground looking up. Sort of like watching skydivers.
  9. Hi Bill, Just saw this news article that might interest you: 'World's most powerful' wave turbine starts generating electricity ( Jerry Baumchen
  10. Hi folks, And, Trump loses another one: We look forward to resuming discovery in this case about a fraud on hard-working Americans perpetrated by Donald Trump and three of his adult children Trump Family Loses Big Appeals Court Fight to Force Fraud and Deceptive Practices Lawsuit into Secret Arbitration ( I hope that the loses continue to pile up. Jerry Baumchen
  11. Hi Ken, Re: Another sign that the influence of the dotard is waning. And another one: Trump’s efforts to derail any infrastructure package have, so far, mostly been met with a shrug on Capitol Hill. Trump tries to sabotage the Biden infrastructure deal - POLITICO The power he once thought that he had is waning. So much for the has-been. Jerry Baumchen
  12. Hi Winsor, Re: Unfortunately, I call bullshit on the first sentence of the tenets of "Principles of the CRT Practice" to wit: "Recognition that race is not biologically real but is socially constructed..." IMO 'race' is a man-made thing, i.e. 'socially constructed.' Made to differentiate us. The reasoning, I argue, is very apparent. In nature, 'race' does not exist. All humans vary in color; from Ms. Gillibrand to Mr. James. I vary in color when compared to my brother. IMO this is the way it is in nature. 'Race' wants to categorize us, it wants to separate us; all for the so-called 'benefit' of some. Jerry Baumchen
  13. Hi folks, Re: demonstrations won't make the coronavirus go away. If they did, wouldn't that be wonderful. Sort of like The Fountain of Youth; nice idea, but that is about it. France Passes Law That Makes Coronavirus Health Pass Required For Dining, Travel : Coronavirus Updates : NPR Jerry Baumchen
  14. Hi Winsor, Re: When the Wall fell, East Germans concept of 'Capitalism' was what they had 'learned' from their teachers (academics?) I disagree. Even during the period of the Third Reich, Germany was a well educated country. They knew what capitalism is/was. It would seem that you think that the world consists of people 40 & under. Jerry Baumchen