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  1. Hi Tony, Now, that's how you show leadership. Funny, how some people cannot do so; 45 anyone? Jerry Baumchen
  2. Hi Bill, I have 'no sympathy' for anyone who loots, assaults and/or does any damage during any type of protest. I am all for being able to demonstrate for that which you do/do not believe in. Just keep it civil. Jerry Baumchen
  3. Hi Ken, And, until the FAA shut him down, he was a USPA Group Member. Only after the court order was executed, USPA pulled his license & his Group Member status. Jerry Baumchen
  4. Hi Ken, The local FSDO got a court order shutting down Ted Mayfield's dz. They also did an emergency revocation of his rigger's license. One of the local FAA guys began looking at the fatalities at Ted's dz and determined that he had more than all of the other dz's in the NW combined. They used that info for the court order. They also confiscated every rig on the dz when they showed up with the county sheriff. I have never seen the actual court order, so there may be more or less in it. Jerry Baumchen
  5. Hi Joe, The oldest, standing committee within the organization. Jerry Baumchen PCA/USPA member for 50 yrs
  6. Hi folks, And, the update: The Biden administration’s BLM Friday rescinded a grazing permit that was granted to Eastern Oregon ranchers who were previously convicted of arson on public lands. Hammonds’ grazing permit rescinded by Biden administration - OPB Jerry Baumchen
  7. Hi folks, Anyone actually believe this: issued a proposed decision to return grazing rights to Hammond Ranches for 10 years, citing among other reasons their “extensive historic use” of the allotments and what the federal agency characterized as their “past proper use of rangeland resources.” Environmental groups sue to overturn last-minute granting of grazing permit to Hammond Ranches - Let's see, burning the land and being convicted of it is “past proper use of rangeland resources.” Jerry Baumchen
  8. Hi folks, Sort of like trying to push water back upstream: Clean energy shift hits a snag in North Dakota : NPR Jerry Baumchen
  9. Hi Rob, Re: provided the user has plenty of experience on similarly-loaded mains. That should read: provided the user has plenty of experience on similarly-loaded mains and is not unconscious. Jerry Baumchen
  10. Hi Steve, I only met him once, at his dz, many years ago. He was a tough, old bird. The one thing I remember is that he sued J. Scott Hamilton for inadequate representation/malpractice in a lawsuit Harry lost. Harry got Hamilton for $350,000. Jerry Baumchen
  11. Hi Bill, Are they ever? Jerry Baumchen
  12. Hi 93, OK, you asked. ParaFlite was the first to have a 'channel' from the bottom grommet to the top grommet to seperate the closing loop. They also had a small piece of plastic pipe in the 'channel' to keep the 'channel' from being squished. Not long after, I added the 'channel' to my d-bags. I did not include the piece of plastic pipe as I considered it unnecessary. I just never liked the Vector method of using another piece of line with that slip knot in it. Too much extra work IMO. And, do not get me started on 'rigger friendly' about the Jav's 'pinched' grommets. I'm admittedly biased, but the 'channel' is the best design for the rigger. Jerry Baumchen
  13. Hi Joe, I've been in the Club Fed in Pennsylvania a number of times for work. It is still a prison and no one wants to be there. Jerry Baumchen
  14. Hi John, I seem to recall a saying: Justice may be slow, but it is steady. Jerry Baumchen
  15. Hi 13, Re: now we know how to look for extremists Uh, Jerry Baumchen