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  1. Hi Joe, Well, unless you are Boeing. Jerry Baumchen
  2. Hi betzilla, No reason for the $25/$35 cost when you make your own for about $5. Jerry Baumchen
  3. Hi Wendy, Available here: Jerry Baumchen
  4. or what it would have in it Hi sky, I don't care what Prof. Harold Hill says, my game room ( with enough actual room ) would have a pool table. Jerry Baumchen
  5. Hi airgord, I had lunch with Ted yesterday. He said he is not doing any outside work; only the gear owned by the dz. PM sent to the OP. Jerry Baumchen
  6. Hi OWB, For the trivia folks: Nate got that D number when you could request any number that had not been already taken. In other words, that is the number that he wanted. Jerry Baumchen
  7. Hi ksg, Are you considering suicide? Yes or No, I will no longer offer my thoughts. Jerry Baumchen
  8. Hi ksg, I am not a medical person. However, I do believe that death would instantaneous. At the very instant that you strike the earth. Jerry Baumchen
  9. Hi Joe, You are about to enter a crosswalk but you see a car speeding at you. Well, you do have the right of way. The driver is breaking the law. But, if you are dead, does it really matter? Jerry Baumchen
  10. Hi Peter, I think it was about + 8 yrs ago that they ( the German ownership ) made a strong effort to crack into the North American market. They took out some full-page ads, sponsored some jumpers, etc. I know that they gave a rig to Bryan Gile as his dad is a good friend. They would have had a FAA TSO to sell here. Jerry Baumchen
  11. Hi Peter, From memory only ( so it is not perfect ), I seem to recall a version of their manual in which they had a copy of the letter from the FAA granting them the USA TSO. I do not have a copy of that 'memory' manual. Jerry Baumchen PS) Personal opinion re TSO-life: I think the best way is somewhat how National now does it. They say that they will no longer offer any service for any of their equipment that is more than 15 yrs old.
  12. Hi Peter, Like you, going from memory of their old manual. There is no service life unless specified at the time of certification. And no TSO that I know of has any wording on just how to do this. One could ask but I doubt that the FAA ACO's would know. I seem to remember that they had an actual FAA TSO certification. Jerry Baumchen
  13. Hi Quag, IMO you are not doing that. You're just commenting on how you feel & your current situation. Eventually, everyone makes their last jump. The reasons why vary across the board. I have really loved reading about your DIY canopy building; having done one myself. Wherever, the world takes you, the best of luck to you. Jerry Baumchen
  14. Hi Moms, Re: 'As of now, he's still on a heart and lung machine.' I hope that this does not portend bad news. 17 months ago I had triple bypass heart surgery and, after 7 hours on the table, I awoke to just some tubes still in me. I was up & walking, with help, the next day. Re: 'If you have anything to say to him that you want him to read when he gets out, go ahead and post to this thread.' Get better, from one old fart to another. Jerry Baumchen
  15. Hi shore, I absolutely agree. They are ruining it. Jerry Baumchen