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  1. Hi Bill, And, how many of the charged have confessed & are talking their butts off? So far, I think everyone of them who've been given the choice. Jerry Baumchen
  2. Hi olof, Re: hydrogen is a nightmare to handle. I've also been of this opinion. However, it would seem as though Toyota, with their Mirai, seem have over come the 'nightmare.' Time & more experience should tell us a lot more. While I have never considered myself to be the greatest Mech Engr to have graduated; I really consider these 'nightmares' merely problems to solve. Jerry Baumchen
  3. Hi Bill, While I do not believe that EV cars will solve the Global Warming crisis; IMO this is a big step in the direction: Tesla becomes a $1 trillion company after Hertz orders 100,000 electric cars - * And, I found this car quite interesting: 2021 Toyota Mirai Fuel Cell Vehicle | Innovation is Power As of now, it is only available in California due to that being the only state with hydrogen refueling stations. Jerry Baumchen * It is my understanding that Hertz is owned by Ford Motor Co; those guys who say they will soon be producing only electric vehicles. The Ford Electric Vehicle Strategy: What You Need to Know | Ford Media Center
  4. Hi Sky, For damn sure the GI Bill after WW II did. I suppose Brett now thinks that was a mistake. Jerry Baumchen
  5. Hi Robert, From your link & a typical GOP 'Hey, look over here': “No one cares about Jan. 6 when gas prices are skyrocketing, grocery store shelves are empty, unemployment is skyrocketing, businesses are going bankrupt, our border is being invaded, children are forced to wear masks, vaccine mandates are getting workers fired, and 13 members of our military are murdered by the Taliban and Americans are left stranded in Afghanistan,” Dyer wrote. No one cares about Jan. 6, well I do. Jerry Baumchen
  6. Hi winsor, Re: I welcome any event that puts a stake through his political heart As do I. IMO he is a totally vile, evil person. Nothing would be too bad for him. Re: short of putting Hillary in charge. If it were four yrs ago, I would put her in charge. IMO she has moved on; her days in the limelight are behind. She just wrote a book with Louise Penny, State of Terror 'State of Terror' is a cautionary tale, say Hillary Clinton and Louise Penny : NPR Jerry Baumchen
  7. Hi Keith, 'Change' is factual. 'Improve' is subjective. Jerry Baumchen
  8. Hi Phil, Good post. However, re: 80 percent of Republicans That data point disregards the many, many former R's who have left the party. From what I have read it is mostly suburban women ( one group that heavily supported Trump in 2016 ) who are now registered as independents. IMO the GOP is in a serious decline with no way out of their hole; it has become too deep. Jerry Baumchen
  9. Hi folks, I don't about you, but I found this photo odd: A 6 Jan rioter with a mask on. Guess that he is maybe conflicted. Jerry Baumchen
  10. Hi heels, Re: Wasn't the Pfizer booster approved weeks ago (for over 65 Uh, count me in that group. For you young-un's: Get in line Jerry Baumchen
  11. Hi winsor, Re: I didn't. You responded to my post with this, among other things: Over the course of the pandemic you've had a lot of back and forth about: At this time, I really have no idea who you are referring to. But, keep it up; it is entertaining, to a certain extent. Jerry Baumchen
  12. Hi Seth, PM me for where to send the Finder's Fee. Jerry Baumchen
  13. Hi Seth, Here is one option: HALO Skydiving - SkyDance SkyDiving Jerry Baumchen
  14. Hi folks, Looks like some are trying to export our home-grown craziness. “What People's Rights does is spread really radical ideas about overturning civil rights in the United States . . . This is a broad-based, anti-Democratic and bigoted social movement.” Report: Far-right anti-government group based in Northwest grows significantly - OPB As to what 'significantly' means is debatable. They'll get their 15 minutes of fame & the world will move on. Jerry Baumchen
  15. Hi Winsor, Just for one: Where did I say that masks yes or no? I have said that I do not like wearing a mask. I have also said that I wear one because it is req'd & it is the right thing to do; or words to that effect. Jerry Baumchen