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  1. FAR 117 exempted cargo pilots from the new regulations putting restrictions on pilot duty cycles and mandatory rest cycles. Subsequently United Parcel Service (UPS) flight 1354 crashed and the CVR revealed that the pilots were very tired prior to TO. Fatigue was a major factor in the crash. Dead Tired:Pilot Fatigue--Aviation's Insidious Killer Paperback – July 9, 2012 Above book has free 2 day delivery with Amazon prime. Aircrew fatalities at no extra charge.
  2. Atlas Air Criticized by Pilots After 767 Crash Misc allegations of overwork, long hours, etc. and bad pay. Obviously bad pay is not linked as a causal factor in the accident. Obviously speculative but does provide an obscure background on Atlas-Amazon operations.
  3. I've seen a 1/2 dozen of them but that ones new to me and LOL.
  4. No cigar for you, sir. Boeing Subsidy Tracker Parent Company Summary Exclusive: WTO rules Boeing's state subsidies illegal
  5. Airbus scraps A380 superjumbo jet as sales slump "The A380's future had been in doubt for several years as orders dwindled. But in a statement on Thursday, Airbus said the "painful" decision to end production was made after Emirates reduced its latest order. The Dubai-based airline is cutting its overall A380 fleet size from 162 to 123. Emirates said it would take delivery of 14 further A380s over the next two years, but has also ordered 70 of Airbus' smaller A330 and A350 models." First Airbus A380 Jumbos Head For Scrap Heap "For example, no American carriers fly the giant A380. None ever have. And the A380 entered commercial service with lead customer Singapore Airlines just 11 years ago. Yet two of the first A380s in service are apparently are already destined for the scrap heap. Singapore Airlines got the planes in 2007, on a ten-year lease from Dr. Peters, a German aircraft leasing company. At the end of the lease, the aircraft were repainted and returned to Dr. Peters during the last quarter of 2017. They were stored at an airfield in the French Pyrenees while the company made a concerted effort to find a new operator. Unfortunately, despite reports that the aircraft were bound for Portuguese aircraft operator Hi Fly, a buyer has not been found." Story from June, 2018. Airbus ends the A380 program The final case for the end of the a/c Leahy remains steadfast in A380 future
  6. Save rubles by not clearing the runway. Save rubles by not turning on the runway lights.Save rubles by not upgrading to HUD, EVS, or modern avionics. Russia’s Upgraded Tu-22M3M Long-Range Bomber to Make Maiden Flight in August “Under this deep upgrade, the aircraft will be fitted with digital radio-navigation equipment, a new communications suite, and an updated weapon control system,” the source told Jane’s. ... the Tu-22 M3M, a supersonic variable-sweep wing bomber with earlier variants first introduced into service with the Soviet Air Force and Soviet Naval Aviation in the 1970s, ... There are currently a little over sixty Tu-22M3M in service with the Russian Air Force, although the serviceability rate of the aircraft is around fifty percent or lower. " Cockpit -ceiling 90 meters at time of accident,7.1 g impact on landing, three of four onboard killed, 33 year old aircraft.
  7. In addition, as per standard industry practices. If I should receive an e-mail, letter, phone call or deal with the matter in any fashion. One minimum billable hour shall be charged to the account. If I am reviewing details of the matter and feel the need to pass wind. As per industry practice, two billable hours shall be incurred. As such, more than 24 billable hours per day may result. But I know that you are familiar with such practice. Additional costs for office supplies, travel, entertainment, etc. shall be billed at cost plus 50% on a monthly basis.
  8. Design of the canopy is as important as WL. How old the used equipment is also a consideration, besides the number of jumps. If you get a reasonable deal on used equipment and make 200 jumps a year. You shouldn't loose more than $500. For that year and period of time. If you are on the lookout for deals, know equipment and values. Its possible for sell it for more than what you pay for it. Don't buy something too advanced just because its a deal. Just buy used!! But talk to riggers, instructors and other gear heads about what to look for and values.
  9. Yes they are more docile thats why student canopies are large. Although the design of the canopy is an equal consideration. Lots of discussion about when to buy, or rent, use the search. You just have to look for a larger used rig. Don't buy new, as a used rig could work for you for years and hundreds of jumps. The savings pay for 1/2 of them.
  10. Indeed, Let's see who gets the last laugh. CNBC: Tesla shares soar on surprise third-quarter profit that beats Wall Street expectations Whenever you run into a whiny critic. Online or in life, always remember this. We need more people that live by these words in the world right now. Elon Musk is one of those few. I'm planning on going down to SoCal sometime in the next few months to watch a SpaceX launch and see a rocket guide itself back to the launch pad stick a perfect landing after falling back to Earth. His critics -lacking any real accomplishments of their own- can go jump off a bridge without a BASE rig. Agree with all of the posts above. Starting a new auto company that survives. With MB, GM, Toyota, Honda and every other of the biggest companies chasing his business. Starting a private space company that conducts private launches to the ISS and land the rockets for reuse. Yes on the ego, eccentric, etc. But I think he has earned allot of slack.
  11. I'm in the same boat. Maybe Lee & you are correct. It just seemed to me that to keep flying was the poor choice. I wasn't there, I have only seen the video a number of times. Jerry Baumchen This has happened quite a few times before. B.C. hang-glider pilot pleads guilty in woman’s death A British Columbia hang-glider pilot whose failure to hook in his passenger caused a dramatic mid-air struggle, which ended with the woman falling 300 metres to her death, pleaded guilty Friday to criminal negligence. William Jon Orders pleaded guilty to criminal negligence causing the death of 28-year-old Lenami Godinez-Avila, who fell from Orders' hang-glider shortly after takeoff above B.C.'s Fraser Valley on April 28, 2012. Prior to launch a safety check is done called a "hang check". Whereby you hang from your harness to ensure you are hooked in. You look up to your locking carabiner to ensure that your suspension harness in untangled, lines are straight and that you're hooked in. Its similar to ensuring flight controls of a AC are free. He should have immediately done a 180 turn and landed on the up slope of the hill he took off from. Most cases like this end up with the pilot falling to their deaths. Usually within a half minute or so of launch. The way the passenger was hanging from the lower control bar and the harness of the pilot. Wouldn't affect the control forces for the pilot much at all. As seen by the fact he was only flying with one arm for most of the flight down. The BC outcome would be the norm for this type of very serious mistake.
  12. Thanks for the explanation. I thought gimbaled thrust corrected a off centerline launch condition.
  13. Confessions of a Mortal Diver: Learning the Hard Way
  14. Phil1111

    Gas prices

    The "squeeze in global supplies is due in part to....trump! As he has enacted an attempt to cut off Iranian oil exports. US ready to drive Iranian oil exports to zero, says US national security adviser Plus to a lessor extent Venezuela and Libyan production issues. The previously quoted chart of taxes/prices for major countries. Is interesting when looking at Norway. A major oil exporter, it has used high taxes to preserve environment, encourage conservation and Norwegians get richer as sovereign wealth fund adds billions
  15. Will Elon Musk be forced to leave Tesla? "Elon Musk is in big trouble. Quite how big will depend on the outcome of a lawsuit filed by the US Securities and Exchange Commission on Thursday. It accuses Mr Musk of securities fraud after tweeting that he had “funding secured” to take Tesla private, sending the stock price soaring. Mr Musk was lying about having that funding, the SEC said - although Mr Musk has called the lawsuit “unjustified”. Tesla's Musk pulled the plug on a settlement with the SEC at the last minute "Tesla and the Securities and Exchange Commission were very close to a no-guilt settlement Thursday, reported CNBC's Andrew Ross Sorkin on Friday, citing sources. But, these people say Musk pulled out of the agreement at the last minute. Under the terms of the deal, Musk and Tesla would have had to pay a nominal fine, and he would not have had to admit any guilt. However, the settlement would have barred Musk as chairman for two years and would require Tesla to appoint two new independent directors, reported CNBC's David Faber, citing sources." IMO all of the SEC settlement terms are reasonable. In addition Musk needs help with Tesla. He needs a CEO that knows auto manufacturing. Elon, needs some help to keep his unbridled entrepreneurship on track.