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  1. Bibi uses trump like populism, fear and division except he has brains that work all the time. Nobody has demonstrated such a Teflon political capacity in Israel before. He illustrates the best of trump and McConnell in one person. Naturally some Israeli voters will despise such a person. His legal issues will eventually catch up with him as well.
  2. Phil1111


    Priceless, even God may have a chuckle on this one before he sends you off to Lucifer for your trump deal.
  3. trump did claim that those children were bought into the US by "coyotes," or human smugglers. A lie specifically intended to deflect justified criticism of his policy. Originally led by Jeff Sessions it was trump who built the "cages" that in another lie shortly thereafter he blamed on Biden. By "asking" him "who built those cages?" Shortly thereafter in a bit of braggadocio he stated "They are so well taken care of, they're in facilities that are so clean." Which of course is at odds to the feelings of his evangelical base who: "The Bible says to welcome immigrants. So why don’t white evangelicals? 68 percent of white evangelicals say America has no responsibility to house refugees."
  4. For Chris%%%%'s sake this whole covid brain numbing thing again! What about: The 1994 Rwanda genocide where christian ministers assisted the murder of the Tutsi ethnic group. Through the entire massacre of 7.7 million people "God" and that was christ was on the side of the Army.
  5. Silly me! I forgot about the christian chaplains in the Wehrmacht in WW1 and WW2?
  6. What about Buddhism and the Rohingya. Is Buddhism a religion as well or do the Rohingya deserve to be raped, slaughtered and ethnically cleansed?
  7. "Trump campaign’s communications director asserted on Friday that the reason some migrant families separated by the administration at the U.S. border have not been reunited is because the parents do not want their children back. ....“You have to locate the parents and when they are located in these other countries in many cases, John, the parents do not want the children sent back to them in their home countries.” Imagine a new phrase inscribed on the Statue of Liberty. Instead of "Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore". trump wrote "If climate change, drug gangs feeding America's drug needs and poverty drives you from your homelands. You can thank me for DHS seizing your children, forcing them into internment camps. Because I was the least racist president America ever elected"
  8. Your google algorithm for your IP must be very special.
  9. Women with brains are a severe challenge to white men are not used to cognitive challenges to their world order. There seems to be an exception however. A place where populism, where Murdoch and his disinformation spinning media empire loses to facts. "Labour’s historic win delivered Ardern a second term while voters punished politicians who embraced populism ...“A huge reason that our politics is not so extremely polarised and so far out there is because we no longer have Murdoch-owned press in New Zealand, and it’s never taken a foothold,” said David Cormack, the co-founder of a public relations firm" But its nor fair to blame Murdoch for the _______ of trump's base. They choose to go back to websites that can't find advertisers because they peddle b.s. They choose to go back to their sources of information even though they get proven wrong and wrong again.
  10. Too much FOX and lazy thinking. Most major US news services have already published polls stating that the majority of Americans think there should be no confirmations of USSC justices this close to a election. He knows better but is indifferent to the facts.
  11. Some people have forgot the SOP of trumpists. Lie, deny, make counter accusations and paint defeats as victories. Some "centrists" have the same M.O.
  12. Plaintiff lawyers must love you and put you on their x-mas lists for the best scotch. By the time a action was done involving you their first born would get their first year at Harvard paid off.
  13. I perhaps should have prequalified that with elected republicans. The others have left, my apologies to Mitt Romney,...duh! Perhaps the only GOP member with a backbone and values.