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  1. Phil1111


    So I made the mistake of watching "Christian Today" TV show for a couple minutes today. Never knew i even got the channel but as I surfed by the channel they are doing a special on covid. They are interviewing a doctor "MD". The doctor goes on to explain that covid is a big conspiracy. "Its like all the statistics big media says about guns. Every year, "millions are killed each year by guns. But you never hear about the people saved by the use of guns to defend their homes. You also never hear about the NFL football players who get a covid shot and drop dead on the football field. Its all hushed up by the media. You need to stop watching mainstream media." Thats as far as I made it. I never got to watch the pitch for donations.Guns, covid conspiracies and Christianity. Coming soon to a channel closer than you think.
  2. Be it old white men against woke. The evangelicals against crt. Motivating their entire congregations against it. The white right in America feels under attack by little brown people. They will invent new terms, new outrages to defend their perceived superior personal identities.But the deck is tilting, water pours into the lower holds and their ship is going down. Till then they will steal the lifejackets from the weak. Just as they've done for a thousand years.
  3. It appears as if California's solar installs are under threat. NYT "Schwarzenegger: We Put Solar Panels on 1 Million Roofs in California. That Win Is Now Under Threat. IMO governments should immediately enact building codes to make every new building readily adaptable to solar power. Such that the roofs are orientated to allow solar installation at some future date. To include incentives like the ones outlined by Schwarzenegger for solar use.
  4. Trying to make too many points in too few words. BTW here is the current Big Mac Index from the Economist. Which shows how much the current US dollar is overvalued because its the de-facto reserve currency.
  5. Well just imagine if trump had gone ahead and invaded Iraq just to take their oil! All those Brown Arabs would have moved to the US just like Puerto Ricans. Seriously are runaway national debts not indentured servitude for a countries children?
  6. Why are McDonald’s restaurants leaving Walmart stores? My bad. I guess its been a while since i was at a Walmart. I made the reference to better represent the great unwashed average GOP voter.
  7. I'm pro immigration. Canada will not meet any greenhouse gas emissions even with the elimination of coal. IMO each immigrant is another equal user of power, gas, etc. At least the US policy of almost no immigration is limiting that factor. The US grew at .1% last year. The lowest since the founding of America. Thats likely a good reason why there are serious job vacancies in many segments of the labor market. Perhaps if a Big Mack hits $10 at the local Walmart the great unwashed right voter will let a few Brown people in.
  8. Unfortunately there are too many Brents in the US. It looks as if BBB is dead. Too many Americans are more interested in obstruction rather than shovel in the ground solutions. "So much for the myriad claims about going “beyond coal.” According to a new report from the Rhodium Group, U.S. coal consumption jumped by 17 percent last year compared to 2020 levels. That’s a huge increase, which Rhodium says was “largely driven by a run-up in natural gas prices.” Rather than burn gas, which averaged about $4.93 per million Btu last year — more than two times the price in 2020 — many electricity producers chose to burn coal instead. The surge in domestic coal use is significant for two reasons. First, it proves again that coal remains an essential fuel for electricity producers both here in the U.S. and around the world. Second, it shows that the Biden administration’s pledge to decarbonize the electric grid by 2035 is little more than wishful thinking." Canada is phasing out coal use and exports by 2030. My prediction is a continued rise in temperatures, drought and fires. Brent and his ilk still peddling the denial line as the west continues to burn. As the US SE continues to flood. Get ready for a new flood of immigration from central America. As drought devastates central America.
  9. Brent sees the world through a peephole. It seems large to him.
  10. This and the unwillingness of the political classes to stand against unending harassment. The republicans who voted for trump's impeachment have dropped like flies. Gerrymandering and primaries will send the most radical to the ballot box.The idealist from either party willing to stand up against the mob mentality of the tribe, has vanished. Liz Cheney the sole exception, you go girl. It looks less and less likely that BBB will come to a vote.More and more likely that democrats will lose their majority. The dreams of addressing climate change and a more equitable society seems to be drying up.
  11. As was remarked a big tractor is the best weapon. If so, aren't Canadian truckers potentially armed idiots as well? In any event it usually takes two for a road rage event. Its far easier to stay cool because everybody has a bad day once in a while.Life is too short to get upset by bad driving and quick tempers.
  12. Phil1111


    Perhaps it was his vision that was effected?