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  1. US 12.3% annual inflation in Dec. 1974 under a GOP president.
  2. Two trillion would be $52,000 for every man woman and child in Afghanistan. So probably $350k per family. "On Jan. 17, 1961, President Dwight Eisenhower gave the nation a dire warning about what he described as a threat to democratic government. He called it the military-industrial complex, a formidable union of defense contractors and the armed forces." Whats even worse is the idea that this complex of the self serving throws the lives of young men and women. Into a meat grinder that suggests their lives are worth supporting this industry.
  3. Phil1111


    How China Beat the U.S. to Become World's Undisputed Solar Champion "Chinese firms now supply three quarters of the world’s solar panels....U.S. companies, which 20 years ago made 22% of them, now produce just 1%... Congress is still bickering over tax credits and whether to pay for charging stations. China, meanwhile, has installed some 800,000 public chargers -- about eight times the number in the U.S. -- and has parlayed a combination of tax incentives, land grants, low-interest loans and other subsidies into becoming the world’s biggest producers of the vehicles for six years running. China(205 GW) has three times the installed solar capacity that the US(76 GW) has. I don't understand why Brent hates America as much as he does. He keeps picking topics that makes America look bad. Makes China look good. He is a former military service member too
  4. Phil1111


    As usual you have chosen to distort facts and reality to keep your self serving beliefs intact. The Climate Change Performance Index(CCPI) ranks countries on the actual rankings on how they are tackling national objectives and treaty obligations(Paris Accords) relating to climate change. China ranks 33rd and the US is 61st, dead last. None of this is news. These facts are easily accessible for anyone with internet access. The US ranks dead last(last year 2020-21) because of trump and the failure to enact climate change goals. China ranks 33rd because they are changing policy to meet targets and enacting those changes. "The United States’ performance on this year’s CCPI ranks very low, putting it in the lowest rank. This is driven by its withdrawal from the Paris Agreement and lack of targets at the national level to either reduce national GHG emissions or increase renewable energy deployment." President Biden rejoined the Paris Accords January 20th.
  5. Phil1111


    My patience with anti-vaxxers is long past. I keep thinking of the persuasive powers of a Louisville Slugger. "hospitalization rates increased five-fold among children and teens and increased rapidly from late June to mid-August, coinciding with the spread of the more contagious Delta variant in the United States. The rate of hospitalization for unvaccinated teens was 10 times higher than for those that were vaccinated. Hospitalizations were highest among kids aged up to 4, and teens 12-17. One in four of the children who were hospitalized needed intensive care."
  6. There are lawyers and trump knows how to play them like a Stradivarius. After he plays them he considers them used toilet paper and flushes them away. he also knows his base. So consider this: Trump Raised $250 Million Since Election To Challenge Outcome(as at April 2021) $255 million raised-25% to GOP=$191 million net to trump. Less $8.6 million in actual legal bills. For a net of $182 million for his personal PAC/slush fund. plus another $50 million this year already. The election is a concert for trump. Out comes that violin again for another tune of fraud and the cash will flow again. Does anyone think his base will actually catch onto the scam? Surely he can get the robocalls, e-mails to pump another $20-$30 million into his little piggy bank.
  7. Phil1111


    FIFY He wonders if he could have done somethun?
  8. Evidently the GOP has started to enact laws for guns akin to the Texas anti-abortion law. The Second Amendment Preservation Act " At the heart of the law is an audacious declaration — that all state firearms laws “exceed” the federal government’s power to track, register and regulate guns and gun owners....the law features a provision, the first of its kind in the nation, that allows Missourians to sue local law departments that give “material aid and support” to federal agents — defined as data sharing, joint operations, even social media posts — in violation of citizens’ perceived Second Amendment rights." "State Senator Eric Burlison, put it, the bill was intended to tell Democrats considering new restrictions to “pound sand.” So the battle-lines have been drawn with the USSC and its stacked conservative bias in the sights of GOP states. Eight other GOP led states have recently passed similar bills. Missouri has upped the prize "The Missouri law has the sharpest teeth: the provision allowing citizens to sue any local police agency for $50,000 for every incident in which they can prove that their rights were violated, provided they were not flouting state law. That reliance on citizens’ lawsuits — bypassing police officers and prosecutors who may be reluctant to pursue highly politicized criminal cases — represents another political strategy gaining popularity on the right," Don't forget the USSC recently allowed such "citizen actions" to stand.
  9. Phil1111


    Well its already known that the GOP leadership is blind. Perhaps they've been taking it already.
  10. Just FOX telling its audience how to think. But their anti-vax end game could also be at work.
  11. The Taliban announced their religious conservative hard line government today. I heard news reports that they need money so will co-operate with other western governments. No, they have a base to appeal to. The Texas government has announced laws and voting restrictions to appeal to their base. Some think that they would be motivated by money to change their views. No they have a base to appeal to and power always trumps money.
  12. Of course Texas law and schools need to thump the bible into the young minds of children. How Texas Public Schools Teach the Bible "A Dalhart ISD PowerPoint presentation used a graphic image from the Holocaust on a slide describing the massacre of King Ahab’s family and supporters. As the biblical story reads, the slaughter is performed at God’s request.... The Bible as a Science Textbook Course materials presented events in the Bible as factual, despite a lack of scientific evidence.... Example: Students in Amarillo ISD were given a chart titled “Racial Origins traced from Noah,” that described how African races and Canaanites descended from Noah’s son, Ham, who had a curse placed upon him by his father. This belief was used as a rationale for nineteenth-century slavery “and is sometimes still present in modern racist ideology.” No wonder Lindsay Graham wants to go back to Afghanistan. The only rightful god needs another crusade.
  13. Graham used to have a flicker of intelligence. Then his brain died, i.e. John McCain and it was all over. Turns out that his parroting of Senator McCain was all he had.
  14. What about the army generals and the intelligence services using different play books? Today Southern Pakistan "A suicide attack killed at least four people and injured 20 others in Pakistan's southwestern province of Baluchistan early Sunday, officials in the country said...."Our fidaee [suicide bomber] had planted explosives on the motorbike and rammed into the military convoy in Quetta," TTP spokesman Mohammad Khurasani said from an undisclosed location Sunday. "The security forces were about to leave for patrolling when they were attacked."
  15. Thats just a silly statement. "Callousness and cruelty have become hallmarks of the GOP since trump. Well even before trump. Just read the transcripts of trump's speeches. Its how they managed to get the Proud Boys and the Christian right to applaud the same speech. Sometimes applauding the same lines of the speech together.