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  1. Phil1111

    Email from an attorney .

    In addition, as per standard industry practices. If I should receive an e-mail, letter, phone call or deal with the matter in any fashion. One minimum billable hour shall be charged to the account. If I am reviewing details of the matter and feel the need to pass wind. As per industry practice, two billable hours shall be incurred. As such, more than 24 billable hours per day may result. But I know that you are familiar with such practice. Additional costs for office supplies, travel, entertainment, etc. shall be billed at cost plus 50% on a monthly basis.
  2. Design of the canopy is as important as WL. How old the used equipment is also a consideration, besides the number of jumps. If you get a reasonable deal on used equipment and make 200 jumps a year. You shouldn't loose more than $500. For that year and period of time. If you are on the lookout for deals, know equipment and values. Its possible for sell it for more than what you pay for it. Don't buy something too advanced just because its a deal. Just buy used!! But talk to riggers, instructors and other gear heads about what to look for and values.
  3. Yes they are more docile thats why student canopies are large. Although the design of the canopy is an equal consideration. Lots of discussion about when to buy, or rent, use the search. You just have to look for a larger used rig. Don't buy new, as a used rig could work for you for years and hundreds of jumps. The savings pay for 1/2 of them.
  4. Phil1111

    182 engine failures

    "The latest AOPA Air Safety Foundation Safety Highlights, now available, analyzes the safety record of the Cessna 182 Skylane in relation to a comparison group of six similar aircraft. The 20-page report finds the aircraft type both safe and popular... The accident record of Cessna's medium-size single in instrument weather conditions was better than the comparison aircraft group, with only 6.3 Skylane accidents per 100,000 hours flown in instrument meteorological conditions (IMC) while the comparison group suffered a rate of 7.7 accidents per 100,000 similar hours... The Skylane was selected for the safety analysis because of its popularity. Some 13,000 Skylanes are registered with the FAA, more than any other model of four-place single-engine aircraft except the Cessna 172 Skyhawk"
  5. Phil1111

    182 engine failures

    POSITIVITY! Thank you for posting something WORTHY! And to the others, Biting one's tongue is a tough choice. Choose to be better. While I agree with your comments, Divermike has it right. If someone is reading these posts on a small screen device or phone. Long paragraphs are a nightmare to comprehend. Back to the thread. Yes direct drive AC engines be it Continental or Lycoming. Are very reliable. Not as much as a turbine. But thats another discussion.
  6. Thanks for that because stories with real life injuries bring focus to thinking.
  7. [dark] Great, so you can have an open casket service! [/dark] Skydiving fullface helmets don't offer anywhere near the amount of protection you need in any serious crash. Just compare the amount of padding material in a motorcycle helmet vs a skydiving helmet. The motorcycle helmet manufacturers don't put the padding in because they like it, they put it in because they NEED it to meet the minimum safety standards for such helmets. And a motorcycle crash isn't that much faster than someone crashing while swooping something
  8. Phil1111

    Dealing with high shock loading

    How many fatalities are a direct result of hard openings? The YATES SCREAMER type device would have the desired effect. But if more than one was used on two load paths(risers). An out of trim condition would be a likely result. Perhaps an decelerometer circuit in the AAD that would activate a second pyro cartridge initiator connected to the three ring cables. Perhaps this is a solution in search of a problem that lies in a change of attitude re small rigs, high performance.
  9. $11 an hour pay and a owner,owners, that quite frankly don't share any of your altruistic values. Some business have a every penny counts profit motive. There is nothing wrong with that. I think you are batting your head against a wall here. For other employees. The low pay and management pressure on revenue maximization. Are likely key factors in their lack of support for your ideas and efforts. The motives and values of young instructors and owners at a place like Ifly. Don't necessarily mesh with more mature business. Where PR and a sense of community may be a larger component of the business plan.
  10. or or florida Zhills or Deland
  11. Phil1111

    U.S. Air Force low-profile parachute

    The green is the onboard oxygen AKA MD-1 Bailout Oxygen. I think the black is a GPS/ELT antenna connector.
  12. You're asking the wrong question because there is a limited correlation between a cutaway and injury. Read the threads in the Safety and Training section, the injuries in the Incidents section. More injuries and deaths are resultant from poor landings under a main canopy than under a reserve parachute. Welcome
  13. Phil1111

    Wind Tunnel Kid...awesome youtube video!

    These are good too.