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  1. That would be trump appointee, FBI director Christopher Wray who is approving and directing all this. Oh the horror of backstabbing, ungrateful, disloyal people. I love the schadenfreude of it all.
  2. Eric did it. and you can hear trump swearing and throwing china all the way from Bedminister to Mar-a-Lago.
  3. Speaking about conservative principals. trump has had allot to say about the fifth amendment in the past: “You see the mob takes the Fifth,” he said. “If you’re innocent, why are you taking the Fifth Amendment?” Another time, he said, “Fifth Amendment. Fifth Amendment. Fifth Amendment. Horrible.” 'Eric Trump invoked the Fifth Amendment more than 500 times during his 2020 deposition, according to a court filing." Today: Former President Donald Trump invokes Fifth Amendment rights and declines to answer questions from NY attorney general So just another American mob family using the law to protect themselves from it. I have it on good authority that trump and his team are preparing a new fundraising e-mail solicitation. He needs to defend himself against this personal attack.
  4. Agree. There is so much sh*t around trump. Defining what type of stench is involved is likely only known by the FBI, prosecutors, the judge and the idiot together with his lawyers.
  5. Nonsense professor. its all good. "His political team began sending fund-raising solicitations about the search late on Monday evening." Merica, gotta love it. The only country in the world where traitors and criminals. Get sent buckets of cash by the willing gullible.
  6. They timed the search warrant for Mar-a-Lago while he was in N.Y. So they obviously know his potty habits.
  7. Canada is currently having real issues with staffing medical services. Burnout from covid has resulted in huge losses of physicians and nurses. So some hospitals have shut down er rooms and delayed services. IMO part of the blame lies with stupid people who didn't take covid seriously. Politicians and careless people. Since the euro is at par its equally possible. With Canadian dollars about 75% possible.
  8. I think he's being facetious.
  9. I was thinking that the engine had some new kind of rings or something. similar. I certainly wouldn't change it more frequently. What weight?
  10. Finally the logic and intelligent debate of SC has produced results.
  11. A new book quotes trump as swearing and complaining that Hitler had more loyal military generals than what he had. "the chief of staff told Mr. Trump that Germany’s generals had “tried to kill Hitler three times and almost pulled it off.” "Mr. Trump was dismissive, according to the excerpt, apparently unaware of the World War II history that Mr. Kelly, a retired four-star general, knew all too well." If he's reelected he evidently intends upon funding a new TV show. A new contest for card carrying republicans entitled "America's most Loyal". The premise of which should be obvious to all SC regulars...Oh and no it's not to find a real life Colonel Claus Schenk von Stauffenberg, To serve in the trump administration.
  12. I thought you had a Tesla? What make of car? Thats remarkable.
  13. Or as right wing politicians would say. Medicine for me and a placebo for everyone else.
  14. Well he did make promises important to his base. Like eliminating the Department of Education.
  15. There are about thirty million Americans with diabetes in America. "In 2012, the average cost of insulin per diabetes patient was $2,864 per year. By 2016, it had risen to $5,705. Today, one vial of insulin can cost $250, and some people need six vials per month. In addition to that, there are other diabetes supplies, such as a glucose monitor, test strips, lancets, and a safe place to store used syringes or pens. It could easily cost someone without insurance $1,300 per month" It cost "A 2018 study estimated that one vial of human insulin costs $2.28-$3.42 to produce, and one vial of analog insulin costs $3.69-$6.16 to produce. The study revealed that a year’s supply of human insulin could cost $48-$71 per patient, and analog insulin could cost $78-$133 per patient per year." In Canada; "The average American insulin user spent $3490 on insulin in 2018 compared with $725 among Canadians. Over the study period, the average cost per unit of insulin in the United States increased by 10.3% compared with only 0.01% in Canada." So now we come to competition, Washington corruption and why republicans are swine: "Republican senators on Sunday voted down a cap on the price of insulin in the private market, removing it from Democrats' sweeping climate and economic package. Democrats had tried to preserve the provision to cap insulin costs at $35 for private insurers, but that vote failed 57-43, with seven Republicans voting with them to keep the insulin cost cap in the bill, three short of what was needed."