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  1. It will take about 10 hours to read the rest. I read slowly. However...This is just DAY ONE!!!! How many so called journalists do you think will read them all?
  2. I've been reading that Katie Hobbs has called it quits. Can this be true? Is she the first domino to fall under this election fraud scrutiny? Is this Kari Lakes doing?
  3. The plane flew it's normal rout to Reno. It's illogical to think anything else. The highest pass for that rout is only 3007 feet. That gives the plane 6,993 feet of clearance. It's the flight path still used today. The FBI consultant said he felt that Cooper was going to blow up the plane. It's INSANE they would reroute the plane over the most populated area of Washington and Oregon. There is not a single eye witness to the plane in that area even though they sent out 6 planes, jets and helicopters to find it. No one on the ground saw it either. The argument is so weak that it is even disputed right now by many because of all the inconsistencies in the story. It was all handled by J. Edgar Hoover after he'd been exposed as corrupt and was soon found dead in his own bed. No autopsy. Heart attack .. A few years later the CIA was forced to expose their Heart Attack gun that leaves no trace.
  4. JEFF NEVER PICKED UP RECA.... Now you are just spouting Bla Bla Bla..... Proves you've never had the smarts to even read the last three books.
  5. So now you quote FOX...ROTFLMAO... Conservatives don't support FOX anymore... Haven't you heard ...????? Owned by a liberal.
  6. I think Kennedy is the answer for Democrats ... I'm voting for him.
  7. You have serious TDS and can't contain yourself even on a thread about Biden... You need to stop your lies... I've stated I'm voting for KENNEDY!!! You should too... Now back to the thread topic ... The 700 new pages of evidence are damning to Biden .. I'll be reading the rest of them this week.
  8. I'm not defending anyone ... I'm pointing out that YOU are making excuses for BIDENS LIES on national TV during the Presidential Debates. Your TDS is transparent... You can't live without it.
  9. But TRUMP But TRUMP But TRUMP ... What a weak argument for the lies of Biden.....
  10. Slim King


    If you are truly GREEN you would want CO2 levels at 840ppm... The planet earth would be greener than at any time in your lifetime. Plants would provide more food than ever in our lifetime. Starvation could easily be avoided.
  11. Slim King


    THIS is the problem and as obvious as it gets......Someone starts a thread about a liberal NPR and one of our overseers changes the subject..... Logic is 100% lost on this forum isn't it.......
  12. When comparing the Trump years to the Biden years virtually everyone, Dem friends included, prefer the Trump years of low gas prices, a secure border, and no hyperinflation. It's simple economics.... Dems need to run Kennedy.
  13. Joe said that Hunter never took any money from China during the Presidential Debates.... THAT was a LIE!!!!!!
  14. What was the product that Hunter was selling? Crack pipes? If he wasn't selling the "BRAND" as HE called it, what was he selling?
  15. The Dems Impeached Trump with one unnamed whistleblower. At least the Republicans have several who aren't hiding !!!!!!