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  1. True, although I don't believe in Aus we have the higher frequency variants. Certainly not the last time I looked.
  2. Rant time! Why do people believe utter nonsense from people like Joe Rogan who claim that there are massive conspiracies to hide the truth on various issues? First of all if that was really true and the mystical powers that be are able to suppress scientific evidence they could suppress a silly little podcast? The area that really riles me is the rubbish about 5g and radio frequencies (the particular trigger that set me off today). I'm an RF engineer and spent over 5 years in committees writing EU radio standards and regulations as well as designing equipment. I've also done a minor in microbiology. It doesn't make me an expert, it's a complicated issue and we don't know everything yet. But throwing fancy technical terms together as some form of word salad on a podcast seems to carry more weight with some people I know. 5Ghz and 5th generation are 2 entirely different things, and it would not take more than 2 minutes on google to know that! But of course you heard it on Joe Rogan, so the nuances that 5g actually operates on lower not higher frequencies than 3g and often with lower transmit power from your phone as well is irrelevant.
  3. This is quite interesting from ChatGbt and makes an interesting checklist of how and why it is on the rise. The national identity aspect is quite an interesting one as the US has for as long as I can remember had a stronger emphasis on how great America is and deference to the flag and anthem than most countries have. It certainly stands out for the number of flags flying at homes for example. Beliefs that it is the beacon of democracy and freedom. I can see how easily that could be exploited. Globalisation as the answer to many of the world's problems has been on the decline for some time now - Brexit in the UK and MAGA both come to mind as prominent examples. Throw in the shock wave of Covid and the fear and uncertainty that brought along with the unregulated and pervasive influence of social media and you can see how it is taking root. *** The appeal of fascism in certain contexts can be attributed to a combination of historical, social, and psychological factors: 1. **Economic Hardship**: Fascism often gains popularity during times of economic crisis. It promises a swift and decisive solution to financial instability, which can be attractive to those suffering from unemployment, inflation, and economic uncertainty. 2. **Social Unrest and Inequality**: In periods of social unrest or significant inequality, fascist ideologies can seem appealing due to their promise of order and a return to a 'golden age,' real or imagined. This nostalgia for a more stable or 'purer' past can resonate with people feeling dislocated by rapid social changes. 3. **Fear and Insecurity**: Fascist movements often exploit fears and insecurities, whether related to economic conditions, social changes, or external threats. The promise of strong, decisive leadership can be compelling in such a climate. 4. **Nationalism and Identity Politics**: Fascism often emphasizes extreme nationalism. It appeals to people's pride in their country and can create a sense of belonging and purpose. This can be particularly potent in times of perceived national decline or humiliation. 5. **Simplistic Solutions to Complex Problems**: Fascism tends to offer simple solutions to complex issues, making it appealing to those overwhelmed or frustrated by the intricacies of modern politics and global relations. 6. **Charismatic Leadership**: Fascist movements often revolve around charismatic leaders who are skilled at public speaking and mass persuasion, making the ideology more appealing and accessible to a broad audience. 7. **Scapegoating**: Fascism frequently employs scapegoating, blaming specific groups for broader societal problems. This can unify people against a common enemy, albeit through hatred and bigotry. 8. **Control of Information**: Fascist regimes often exert control over the media and spread propaganda to create a narrative that supports their ideology, suppressing dissenting views. 9. **Disillusionment with Existing Political Systems**: In some cases, fascism gains ground when people become disillusioned with the existing political system, especially if it's seen as corrupt, ineffective, or undemocratic. 10. **Militarism and the Cult of Action**: The glorification of violence and action for its own sake, a common trait in fascist ideology, can appeal to a sense of heroism and the desire for a radical transformation of society. It's important to note that the popularity of fascism often relies on exploiting existing fears, prejudices, and frustrations in a society. Education, critical thinking, and healthy political discourse are crucial in combating the rise of such ideologies. Understanding history and the outcomes of fascist regimes is also vital in recognizing and resisting the allure of these dangerous ideologies.
  4. Maybe I am turning into a grumpy middle aged man, but critical thinking skills seem to be in the decline.
  5. Sky news in Australia is actually more radical than Fox. There reporting is always like this
  6. I agree with your logic to some extent. However, since 2020 we have seen quite a big rise in extremism globally. People are strange and if you can radicalise them on one hand and instil fear in the others you can tilt the scales.
  7. Yes it's a long time. But then again I am 12 days away from winning a bet that he wouldn't be jailed - mind you there is still a chance he spends a night in lockup due to a gag order violation. Wouldn't that be a great Christmas present having Trump in jail for Christmas or New Year?
  8. I got curious and looked up the betting odds on Trump winning the election in 2024 and they lean towards Trump winning. I think we should start a dropzone betting pool. I'm willing to commit and say that I believe Trump is going to win 2024. To be clear, I don't think he should, he's a terrible person. But I do think his cult like following will carry him across the line.
  9. I think other people summed up the outrage pretty well. I had posted here not in the Blue Skies thread, because of the Trump/Taylor connection reminding me of Andy. I expected a decent amount of political commentary, but wanted to remember a great person with a big heart and I miss the spirited discussions with him about politics and world views. He passed away just before Trump got into office. For his last Christmas he had mentioned to someone that all he wanted for Christmas was a young beautiful blond - He got given a Barbie doll!
  10. I don't feel it's appropriate to post this in the Blue Skies thread, but there are enough people here who knew him. Andy was quite keen to vote for Trump, but missed the shit show. But Andy was a massive Taylor Swift fan. The recent far right outrage against her always reminds me of him and I wonder what he would have thought. I used to wind him up about being a swifty teenage girl, and his response was to buy me tickets to a Taylor swift concert!
  11. I originally had a paragraph on that. i knew a jumper who was a Dominatrix in Gerogia. Most of her clients were high powered businessmen. They liked having her crush their balls and humiliate them.
  12. A few weeks ago Trump was saying he isn't into golden showers as he is a germaphobe. I don't know if specifics were in the original rumour, but why is the assumption that he was on the receiving end? Being a power hungry psycho who sees women as objects it seems far more plausible that he peed on the hookers not the other way around.
  13. That's a good point. There is lots of evidence on declining populations in the developed world, that I had not considered. My question to you is since global population is rising and based on developed countries declining, what is the solution or do you not think it is a problem?
  14. I was born in Zimbabwe and there are constant pleas for aid due to food shortages, so that is one example. Here in Western Australia it was mandated for the vast majority of jobs, including non essential workers. Sure you had a choice, lose your house and job or get vaccinated. I understand the flattening the curve argument and my counter argument is that a large swath of deaths although harsh would largely affect the poorer, weaker population. In the bigger picture over the next 50 years is that really such a bad thing? I have asthma so may well have been a statistic.