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  1. Back in the UK a work colleague went to University with a guy from Nigeria. The Nigerian graduated towards the top of the class and yet simply could not get an interview and therefore job as a software engineer. This was dot com and y2k era so massive shortage. Being a really clever guy he changed his name by deed pole to Bill Gates and got an interview and job within a few days. Sure the novelty of employing Bill Gates played a part, but it shows a systemic problem that he felt compelled to change his name.
  2. I’m pretty sure that any large organisation that is subject to a detailed investigation will be found to have breached some rules. So unless there is something major I don’t think it matters that much. More interesting is how broke or rich Trump is and I hope that is cleared up
  3. Yeah people are stupid. It is not compulsory to have the vaccine here. However they are in the process of making updates to the national vaccination register compulsory, at the moment it is voluntary. They are also trying to figure out the legal position of businesses. So can you deny an airline passenger a flight if they aren’t vaccinated for example. I’m slightly concerned at the growing requirements that are moving towards some sort of compulsory identity card. Although growing up in Zimbabwe national ID card was mandatory so I’m fairly familiar with it and it wasn’t abused there. To re enter Western Australia you need a pass issued by the police. It’s a difficult situation because while I have concerns I believe that WA is 6th in the world for handling Covid. Our economy is thriving as a result.
  4. Reviving this thread because frankly the US has demonstrated that is far from the model of democracy that it pretends to be, and is well in the way to being a typical banana republic., The fact that the system allows for blatant disregard of the law by politicians is shameful. In fact I would imagine the US would be towards the bottom of the Western countries leaderboard. It goes well beyond Trump, he is just the symptom. The refusal of politicians to vote based on morality or adherence to law, but rather vote on their back pocket is a horrible reflection of American society and values.
  5. This whole thread reminds me of this video.
  6. nigel99


    Living in one of the best managed places in the world for Covid we have just had our first case in 10 months. We are immediately back into full lockdown for 5 days. For all the complaints, we have been affected very little. The economy is booming it is next to impossible to get a rental property as the less than 1% vacancy rate and house prices set to rise by up to 15% this year. Our local government and community is a model of how this should be managed. I just hope that because we had gone back to “normal” life that we don’t have an outbreak.
  7. nigel99


    You are missing out on the fact that it is not older white males. Right wing extremism has been named as one of the biggest threats that Australia is facing. I also find it amusing that Ron and Co are now lumped in alongside Islamic extremists. I guess they share the same values of wanting a theocracy and not democracy
  8. nigel99


    Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.
  9. Really? Is that the saga involving Philly
  10. Your side and group are essentially domestic terrorists. You aren’t interested in democracy and have given up all pretence of it. Allah Akba can be your rallying cry, and maybe the taliban can help co ordinate your terror movement
  11. It’s really lucky the protesters were white!
  12. I disagree. I think that is in a death spiral. There are at least 73 Million more Rons out there who are utterly opposed to democracy. The root cause has not been dealt with, Trump is simply the face of that side of America. You’re media and outlook is so polarised and toxic and until that is addressed it will only get worse. Just look at the number of politicians who are prepared to contest the results
  13. Don’t worry there are patriots in the Georgia hills who are armed and ready to make sure SHTF. Maybe they will be heading down to the polling stations in Atlanta to ensure all non whites have suitable ID, bible and MAGA hat :)
  14. If you’re looking for a good laugh reflecting on 2020 I highly recommend this Netflix movie. Happy New Yesr to all