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  1. It's a really good question and highlights the complexity of 'treating' criminals rather than relying on punishment. Playing devils advocate you could say that as a hired killer was paid and therefore financially motivated a suitable punishment is to fine them more than they are paid. Whereas a guy with anger issues may never truly get his anger under control. My question is what do we do about people who for whatever reason are not able to be rehabilitated or reformed? A specific example, in Western Australia we have an arsonist who has been active for over 50 years. He is high risk, as every time he is released from prison he re-offends.He is putting lives in danger, and I would argue that if he has not changed in 50 years he is unlikely to ever do so.
  2. I always thought flat earth was nothing more than an online tongue in cheek trolling topic. This weekend I met a guy who passionately believes it and was giving his 'evidence'. Western civilisation is doomed!
  3. I agree, murder is typically driven by emotion and I'm not sure that severity of punishment plays much of a part in deterring murders. I believe that capital punishment should be reserved for individuals where there is no hope of rehabilitation. Less focus on the crime and more on the person and what circumstances surrounded the crime. We had a local skydiver in the news about 2 years ago. he shot and killed a bike gang leader at a crowded sporting event, it was a hired hit with no emotion involved. That is a far cry from a man or woman who is in severe distress emotionally in a relationship breakdown and 'loses it'
  4. It's an interesting topic. The last couple of years I've been doing a psychology degree with a minor in criminal psychology and as a result some of my views have changed. I think that we should be trying to rehabilitate people and from what I can see there is very little evidence that prisons work. In cases where there is no chance of rehabilitation I think it should be an option. However the US legal system appears to be totally dysfunctional and I'm not sure that it could be trusted to not have significant bias. A system that has the power to take life should be fair and get the same results regardless of wealth or race. It amazes me that politicians and policy makers disregard the scientific evidence regarding the treatment of crime and the causes of crime in order to appease public opinion. I can only speak for Western Australia, but our premier routinely brings out policy that the science shows is counter productive.
  5. I have a bet going that Trump will win the election. There are lots of stupid people out there and Murdoch and co. have far less sway in a digital world. In fact the more the main stream media vilify him the more his followers will circle the wagon.
  6. actually they are far more effective than traditional anti depressants. But it doesn't mean recreational use is healthy.
  7. No just tattoo 666 on the forehead or implant a micro chip
  8. I don't disagree with their views. I just found the completely different viewpoint amusing and also how strongly they felt about it. Especially that almost everyone celebrating that day is using it as an excuse to party and have a few drinks. I will admit that prior to the people getting really upset about it, I hadn't ever read up the story behind it. I've never dressed up or partied for St Patricks day, guess next year I will go to something as a snake :)
  9. I know. I laughed this year on St Patrick’s day when Pagans I know went off their heads about how it celebrates the persecution of witches.
  10. I’m pagan and so fairly interested in Wicca and pagan symbols. While the USA claims to be Christian I find it interesting that it is full of pagan symbols. From the money with the 3rd eye, the flag is full of Pentagrams (Pentacle is generally a pentagram with a circle around it). The freedom statue on the capital building has a crown of Pentagrams. It is interesting the amount of pagan symbolism and lack of Christian symbols.
  11. I started jumping on F111 7 cells canopies. I’ve only had one reserve ride on a Tempo 160 and was fine. But I also had 3500 feet to do practise flares etc. I think someone with more experience is probably better placed to answer your question
  12. A big part of the problem is that people simply don't read their reserve manuals. The Optimum has clearly stated maximum levels from novice through to expert. I am not certain of the certification status in the grey zone between maximum wing loading above expert and below the listed absolute maximum weight. For a 143 Reserve the recommendations are 122lb for a novice, 143lb intermediate, advanced 165lb and expert 200lb with maximum rated capacity at 254lb. This means that the vast majority of jumpers on 143 and smaller reserves are in the expert category and often exceeding manufacturers recommendations. At 300 jumps I was on a PD160 reserve placing me in the expert category. With the evolution of main canopies, the flight characteristics are vastly different between mains and reserves. So I have no idea on a two out situation (which is one of the reasons cited for having similar sizes) what the outcome would be. You need to make an informed choice on your reserve. The type of jumps you do, the terrain you are jumping over, your experience level, physical fitness and how your reserve responds if you're slumped over in the harness due to being unconscious. We all take risks, and this is a risk based sport, but it is better to take risks with an informed decision. Just because you are jumping a 119 Crossfire, doesn't mean that a 126 reserve is a sensible choice as an example.
  13. Back in the UK a work colleague went to University with a guy from Nigeria. The Nigerian graduated towards the top of the class and yet simply could not get an interview and therefore job as a software engineer. This was dot com and y2k era so massive shortage. Being a really clever guy he changed his name by deed pole to Bill Gates and got an interview and job within a few days. Sure the novelty of employing Bill Gates played a part, but it shows a systemic problem that he felt compelled to change his name.
  14. I’m pretty sure that any large organisation that is subject to a detailed investigation will be found to have breached some rules. So unless there is something major I don’t think it matters that much. More interesting is how broke or rich Trump is and I hope that is cleared up
  15. Yeah people are stupid. It is not compulsory to have the vaccine here. However they are in the process of making updates to the national vaccination register compulsory, at the moment it is voluntary. They are also trying to figure out the legal position of businesses. So can you deny an airline passenger a flight if they aren’t vaccinated for example. I’m slightly concerned at the growing requirements that are moving towards some sort of compulsory identity card. Although growing up in Zimbabwe national ID card was mandatory so I’m fairly familiar with it and it wasn’t abused there. To re enter Western Australia you need a pass issued by the police. It’s a difficult situation because while I have concerns I believe that WA is 6th in the world for handling Covid. Our economy is thriving as a result.