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  1. Well I had my money on Trump getting re elected. I’m guessing I was wrong... But who knows, maybe each Trump supporter will be allowed to vote in all states to ensure victory
  2. Woman driver, we all know what they are like There was a case in my local hospital in the UK, where a person practicing as a nurse had moved from Zimbabwe where they had only worked as a cleaner in a hospital. It was years before she got caught.
  3. FUCK the Police. Forget the American police, the Australian police are cunts. Today I have had the worst experience of incompetence ever. I’m not sharing details, I have the biggest load of shit unfolding
  4. I wonder how it would go if China confirmed that?
  5. “GENEVA (Reuters) - The top U.N. human rights body agreed on Monday to hold an urgent debate on allegations of “systemic racism, police brutality and violence against peaceful protests” in the United States and elsewhere on Wednesday. The U.N. Human Rights Council’s decision followed a request last week by Burkina Faso on behalf of African countries in response to the killing of George Floyd, an African American, on May 25 under the knee of a white Minneapolis police officer. His death has ignited protests across the nation and worldwide.” Reuter’s Up next, Zimbabwe and Iraq send inspectors to ensure that the USA has free and fair elections...
  6. You know what is ironic is that these so called “Christians” are so racist. My sister got blocked on Facebook yesterday, I got tired of her ranting about Sadiik Khan (London Mayor) And you wonder why there are race problems in the USA when scared old white men are running around calling people savages.
  7. God is not all powerful, he’s a cowardly little wimp that is terrified of ANTIFA!
  8. Thanks all. I am formulating a response to him. I’ve learnt if you are going to set boundaries you need to abide by them. For now I’ve locked up the alcohol and my prescription meds (had him take some last night while I was out). There is an element of being stuck due to lack of international flights to send him home anyway. As far as siblings, he’s alienated himself from all but two of us and my younger half brother is quite a bit firmer than me. I’ve got great support from his younger brother (my uncle) who intervenes if I ask. So will work with him on a plan.
  9. I think it has moved from laughing to pity
  10. No wonder America has a police problem! In what civilised country do the police need $454 Million dollars worth of military equipment that includes bayonets and grenade launchers? Admittedly for both those examples the numbers have decreased, although Obama had banned their sale to the police, but Trump reauthorised in 2017
  11. Jesus Phil stop giving away all the ANTIFA secrets to the patriots
  12. nigel99

  13. To be honest it goes way beyond the alcohol, that was just the final straw for me last night. I could fill a page with the stuff. At the end of the day, he’s a self centred old man. He has not been in my life since I was two or three years old. The rest of the family (his brothers and sister, and my half brother), nobody would let him live with him because of how he behaves. I felt manipulated and pressured into having him because he threatened suicide three months ago. It’s only short term with me, when flights to UK open back up he may have to return there. If not I’ve made it clear he can pay to put up a granny flat out the back