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  1. Yeah, but we are sliding into a state where there isn’t much substance on the forum. One or two people persist in being total arseholes and all sensible debate and discussion gets lost in the noise. Take the one liners to PM’s or ignore and don’t engage. There are 2 pages of comments and it didn’t even make it through one page of substance.I don’t expect the mods to be able to keep up with the amount of childish shit that is happening.
  2. First of all, I’m not in the USA so the whole US national security issue is a non issue to me. Secondly at a personal level I do t trust the US government any more than I do the Chinese (the US has a long history of ignoring privacy concerns and trampling all over European data protection laws) I know full well that Google, Apple and Facebook collect and exploit data. I have some confidence though that while they exploit it for commercial reasons it is unlikely to be used by governments for tracking and other negative reasons. Tik-Tok to me poses a dual threat. Firstly there are known links to China, but I also don’t trust the US government. Being a non US company and platform I can easily see the US exploiting that and harvesting data in the interests of “national security”. The US has proven it has little respect for international law and privacy, I don’t need shit if I need to go to the US and they decide that sharing anti Trump videos etc makes me a risk...
  3. I agree. Think there is enough evidence to show it isn’t an app that I want
  4. At least you know not to invite him to your next orgy
  5. Of course Mitch hasn’t flipped at all. I’m surprised you aren’t embarrassed by your hypocrisy
  6. That ladies and gentlemen is how Trump manages to do so well with his base. Provided the headline or sound bite is good, he knows that they are too lazy to actually read. Provide a good headline, trigger an emotional response and get them to spout off and within 20 seconds the entire content is forgotten and irrelevant.
  7. I’m genuinely surprised at some of the attitudes here. Within my family age gap relationships have been quite common and both ways. My brothers wife was 21 years older than him and they were very happy until she passed away after 20+ years of marriage. i has an 18 year gap
  8. You’re making some big ass assumptions. I’ve spent a decent portion of my life working around F-16’s and JSF. I’m interested in military aircraft. So no I didn’t need people to tell me what the planes were. I don’t know rifles so wouldn’t know an AK-47 from an M-16 And there you have it, your blind bias. Your hero Trump fucked up badly, and your response is “well Biden would have to”. Pathetic really. I actually struggle to see how this was a genuine mistake. I think someone decided to take the piss out of Trump and his teams gross incompetence. Support “our” troops and it just happens to be Russian hardware by mistake? I’d be willing to bet that most stock pictures of cool military jets are of US warplanes
  9. What a joke. Honestly that is not a nothing mistake. Whoever did that needs to be fired unless Trump is using the Kremlin PR department for his artwork in which case give them a raise for pulling off a fantastic PR stunt!
  10. Holy shit. Talk about patriots. It’s a nothing burger when your PRESIDENT uses images from another countries military and not even an ally. I don’t see how you can have any shred of self respect defending that view. It is frankly such a slap in the face to the US armed forces, intentional or not.
  11. Count on you to defend Trump. I’ve got news for you. An executive who employs incompetent people is incompetent. This is not a school project where any old stock image is ok. It’s your president, a man you vehemently defend. You’ve got no issue with his incompetent staff using Russian pictures and yet you believe they are capable of making complex decisions? What a joke... Goes to show what blind partisanship does to people
  12. I thought this was a joke, but actually true! Moscow times have also run the story. Our resident Trumpies must be so proud of their Commander in Chief. But no they won’t vote for Biden because...
  13. Wait for the Trump apologists to jump in and defend him. Rather surprised Turtle hasn’t already jumped in with a rationalisation
  14. I know. Due to bias you will never vote Democrat as you’ll go out of your way to see the issues. Whether you vote for Trump or not you will defend and continue to defend him to the bitter end. I get the feeling your “I’m not voting Trump” is simply leaving a back door open if in the future his behaviour comes back to bite him, Trump who...?
  15. I can’t see much hope for the USA when people are so blinded by hatred and fear. I would say that as a generalisation most people I know see Americans as being very fearful people. More so than you’re average nation. Trump has tapped into that fear and is exploiting it. The one good thing I will say is he has drawn the bigotry out into the open. All those middle aged white men who feel marginalised because they see the world as transactional and that if a woman or minority gets the same rights as them, they have somehow “lost” some of their masculinity and rights. For the election, I think it’s going to be close. Look at the percentage of posters here that are now clearly in the Trump camp.