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  1. nigel99

    Will you send you Cypres in for a 4/8 year check

    It's funny because the same press release says how units that are sent in for maintenance are brought upto the 'latest' standards and yet it doesn't say that older units have the same relaxed requirement after a service. Most will skip it.
  2. couple of friends just came 7th in worlds with Javs. I suspect more to do with fashion, seems you need a tiny micron to freefly ;)
  3. Have you tried using a light pipe? I considered trying it, but stopped jumping a gopro. Another really simple option that a friend has is a tiny dental mirror glued to his alti. Nice thing about your circuit is you can up the brightness...
  4. nigel99

    Skydiving in OZ

    York (outside Perth) is often looking for people. You can probably get work in the kitchen. To pack anywhere in Oz you will need to get your packer B details on the APF website. Skydive Jurien Bay is really good but don't know about employment. At 48 jumps you are going to be very restricted on jumps until you get your B license. Almost certainly you will need to do b rels with a coach - if you come to Perth I am happy to do b rels at York for free (just cover your slot) and can help with your packer B.
  5. nigel99

    340 - 402...why jump what?

    Not a TI, but from lengthy discussions size didn't matter so much as toggle configurations. At our dz we have a mix of single and dual toggle systems, and as explained to me there are numerous different configurations of which brake lines are connected - all with different trade-offs.
  6. nigel99

    Going from Tandem to 4 way

    1. Catching the exit requires a different technique to tandem. Sorry I can't expound as I'm on a 4 way and just been hosed/seen people hosed by cameramen doing their tandem video exit strategies. 2. It is crucial you are above the formation, most tandem video guys film to flat and it causes camera busts as the grips can't be seen. 3. Know the dive flow of each jump. Lesser experienced teams tend to drift around more, on blocks it can help if you know what's coming and can pop up a bit to keep everyone in frame.
  7. nigel99

    What main canopy to buy

    I've not jumped a Pulse, but as a general rule, the flatter the glide the less power available for the flare. But flare power is only half the picture, the flatter glide can make it easier to judge the landing and also is probably a bit more forgiving. I used to love my Sabre 2's, but recently discovered that I much prefer the flatter glide that other canopies offer. As a result I will be moving away from Sabre 2 in the next few months.
  8. Spend your money on jumps
  9. nigel99

    Vigil AAD swooping

    I don't know if it is accurate enough to be safe, but the Viso 2 altimeters can play back your vertical speeds after your jump.
  10. Personally I don't think we would see any statistically significant difference.
  11. nigel99

    Tight fitting reserve Pros & Cons

    Maybe PM John Sherman? I know there is a theory (it makes sense) that a tight reserve will take more force to extract and therefore could take longer to deploy. I have no direct experience with it though, and tight is relative. Surely the rig manufacturers 'approve' the container and reserve combinations?
  12. Viso 2 does. Just remember it will only show speed and not altitude, so you will need an altimeter for the jump.
  13. nigel99

    How current is your rigger?

    Hi Rob, My packerA (allowed to pack reserves in Oz), renewed his A 8 week's ago. The system here requires a retest/check every 2 year's. He's been packing reserves for about 15 years but has slowed down a lot, only packing about 10 reserves a year at the moment. He's never been to a PIA event,but is closely connected to one of the PISA staff (mutual friend of ours). Being that my reserve is a Tempo, between them I can't get much better advice on the reserve. I'm painfully aware that my reserve is only 1 part of my system.
  14. nigel99

    USPA for non-US jumper

    I suggest you contact the USPA membership department. My experience has always been positive. Certainly the US accepted my USPA membership without a problem (think squeak had the same experience). Spain would have accepted my USPA membership (cancelled my trip to Empubravia) but spoke to them first. Just be aware of temporary membership restrictions. For example here in Australia, you are only allowed a short term membership once or twice a year.
  15. nigel99

    Plastic Altimeter Pocket in Jumpsuit

    I think that UV stabilized clear PVC sheeting/film might be the right thing. It stays flexible down to -20C approximately and is long lasting. I'm thinking of the kind of stuff used for tent windows or on some boats.
  16. I've seen both B and C required, depending on the organiser. I've not come across low jump number A license holders being allowed (I know someone with 800 jumps and an A license, and am pretty sure he's jumped helicopters)
  17. nigel99

    Viso II ?

    I let it turn off by itself. I can't be bothered to have to use the manual every time I turn it off. The only way I have successfully turned it off is sitting with the manual open and following the steps.
  18. nigel99

    Headcorn AFF

    I know someone who did AFF there and was very happy. Also have a friend who recently got back into the sport who jumps there and likes it. No direct experience though. I suspect with most dz's people will defend sand promote their home dz. I doubt you would get an unsafe dz in the UK. Headcorn is supposed to be friendly from the 2 people I know.
  19. nigel99

    Roll the nose or not

    I think pd has an article on this. On early generation zp canopies it was advised, but not newer canopies. I jump a Sabre 1 and roll the nose, if I don't it hurts. When jumping Sabre 2's I don't roll the nose. It may be the canopy but I don't get on heading openings on the Sabre 1.
  20. Do you mind clarifying this? I believe that currently under the FAA regs anybody can teach anyone to pack and therefore it is fine providedthe student jumps their own pack job. I can obviously see that the students teaching students is not the best way to learn. BTW I have no argument that a rigger or properly supervised packer should pack 'commercial' rigs.
  21. nigel99

    Post accident depression and doubt...

    Is learning to pack or helping with manifest an option? It might make you feel more involved and also possibly build your bank balance with jumping funds? Sorry to hear that you are feeling down.
  22. Hi Bart, I am not certain that I can explain this clearly but I will try. I was taught to use reference points rather than altitudes for my landing pattern. The point being that if the winds are quite brisk a student may go deep downwind to reach their 600 foot turn altitude and then not make it back. At my dz this can put you in the trees. I realise this is regardless of digital or analog altimeters. Another point to consider is that while digital readouts are good for accuracy (of the reading) they are not conducive to reading as quickly. In instrumentation and control generally analog dials are used where the user needs to quickly ascertain critical information. I will try and find some studies to back this up but I believe you will comprehend a needle in the red quicker than you would interpret 2000 foot. edited to add. Not a definitive study but it backs up what I was taught
  23. nigel99

    Modern canopies

    After such a long break you will want to go back through a full first jump course. I would recommend AFF and as you have previous experience you may be allowed to merge or skip levels. On a FJC you would start on a student canopy which will really impress you! The flare is very powerful and landings should be very soft. Packing methods and the equipment have changed quite a lot. Even from the 1990's when I first jumped. So now AAD's are commonplace, pilot chute location is typically bottom of container. I think the equipment is much more reliable than it used to be, however as usual people have found ways to keep the risk up. Have fun and good luck on your decision.
  24. nigel99

    Final Argus test results from Polish incidents

    Thanks very interesting and a very good report. It would appear that lack of currency and perhaps she lost altitude awareness was the root cause. Interesting that the Argus issue is QA control on the metal hardness and that the commission were able to replicate the failures quite easily (by this I mean, it doesn't sound like they had to try hundreds of times for a single failure).
  25. nigel99