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    Weell I'll disagree. Yes the US has left many people stranded and abandoned. The Kurds and the Afghans the most recent. But a part of that is that politicians just keep wanting to use all that military firepower thats just sitting and sailing around. They define too many situations as having important national interests for the US. The US is the leader in the current confrontations against China and Russia. Both of whom have imperial ambitions. Without US leadership NATO would be in a far worse state. China and Russia are generating enemies at a rate at least ten times that of the US. Russia will likely need a couple decades to recover from Putin's stupidity and this war with Ukraine.Their economy was smaller than Canada's prior to the war and they just announced a cessation of refined oil exports.
  2. Which is somewhat contrary to a long range weapons system but its better than nothing. Perhaps the Ukrainians will swap out a penetrating warhead so they can send more Russian officers to the Winter Palace in the sky. Gen. Mark A. Milley was interviewed about the US sending ATACAMS to Ukraine. A true political officer he did a song and dance on how Ukraine didn't need them. That they were the wrong weapon system for their needs, etc. I could certainly see why he got promoted to where he was.
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    Lots of blame to go around for all So did Canada, the UK and other NATO counties. Shameful conduct.
  4. Putin's thugs won't have to engage in physical measures for a while. New reporting has 34 Russian officers killed and 105 personnel wounded. Per normal Russian reporting one person has been listed as MIA. As long as someone is not reported as 200 (KIA) then no benefits need be paid out to the families.
  5. Agree but rest easy Jerry. Ten million is hardly flush with cash in the context of total US lobbing groups. There is little news coverage but they are still slowly dying off from their stupidity.
  6. Even though the UK has had the Brexit experience/disaster. It is still more or less tied to the EU through other trade agreements. The EU is also calling the shots on climate change. EU lawmakers approve effective 2035 ban on new fossil fuel cars I'm not sure if a UK new 2036 gas powered car would be allowed on the continent. SC debaters having debate with US members have to keep in mind that for some, mostly conservative, debaters. The world ends outside the continental US borders. They have a limited understanding on how the rest of the world operates. Unless of course US military power is in the discussion. Sorry Brent.
  7. Or to avoid bloodshed just sell them the republican message that you're poor because you're just not working hard enough. Or the Jebus answer All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty
  8. "Soft thinking" Is that the best that you can do? Rising productivity generally leads to shorter work weeks and a greater standard of living. Addressing income inequality is the essence of your concerns. Because most jobs that are eliminated by technology result in the individual finding employment a a lessor salary in a less technical job. For that the US is falling behind as the rich are getting far richer. Manual labor is not going to end for a long long time. Fruit still needs to be picked. Service jobs are expanding although at very poor salaries. Economists Pin More Blame on Tech for Rising Inequality "Recent research underlines the central role that automation has played in widening disparities."
  9. Absolutely. Hungary, Poland, Turkey are all worse but then thats not the best company either.
  10. The self interests of deniers will always drive some percentage of the population into wanting the status quo. For example when they own coal and oil stocks. Or when they just don't give a f**k about anyone else. They will always be present in the population. There are those who think that the armed forces can keep hundreds of millions of people from the borders when climate change forces their migrations.
  11. From a NYT story: "American spy agencies provided information to Ottawa after the killing of a Sikh separatist leader in the Vancouver area, but Canada developed the most definitive intelligence that led it to accuse India of orchestrating the plot, according to Western allied officials. In the aftermath of the killing, U.S. intelligence agencies offered their Canadian counterparts context that helped Canada conclude that India had been involved. Yet what appears to be the “smoking gun,” intercepted communications of Indian diplomats in Canada indicating involvement in the plot, was gathered by Canadian officials, allied officials said." American spies, in Indian bathrooms, Russian naval bars, they are everywhere.
  12. trump was holding a fine supper meeting at the WH after his election defeat. Bill Barr and all his other top officials gathered to dine on Foie gras and the best delicacies that WH chefs could prepare. Cassidy Hutchinson trump's aid was there and Mr. Barr told trump that there was no evidence of election fraud. The American president flew into a rage and picked up his dinner plate. Engraved of course in the presidential seal but i digress. trump threw the plate full of food at Barr fortunately missing him. Ms. Hutchinson felt so embarrassed about the situation that she cleaned the ketchup off the wall of the WH dining room herself. The other republicans at the table thought nothing about it.
  13. In other good news. Ukraine has done more for the promotion of senior officers in the Russian military since Stalin. The recent attack on the Russian Naval headquarters killed a Russian admiral and wounded another. Vladimir Putin's top man in Crimea - head of Russia's Black Sea Fleet Admiral Viktor Nikolayevich Sokolov was reported to have been leading a meeting of top Russian commanders. Once again Ukrainian/American intelligence is spot on. Don't feel sad for him and his family. He fearlessly launched Russian cruise missiles on Ukrainian hospitals and kindergartens.
  14. Completely agree and I would add the Russian Black sea fleet in its entirety. Screwing about in the decision making to give this or that weapon system is costing ooo's of lives.
  15. President Biden has approved the supply of ATACMS armed with cluster warheads. The cluster warhead is considered less useful to the US army. "As of the end of August, the Army had 1,486 ATACMS in its arsenal, 1,122 with unitary warheads and 364 armed with cluster munitions, " Which of course is bad news for Putin.
  16. Fire hazard is a big concern. Flammable lubes and fire.....
  17. FOX of course is still peddling the two tier justice system. Their viewers don't seem to notice that he's a democrat. Or that it was the FBI that got the investigation going.
  18. Rudy, Rudy, Rudy! He has been a buddy of trump for a long time. While trump is an admitted pu$$y grabber. Rudy just aspires to be one evidently. "Former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson in a new book" states that Rudy, 52 years older than her, thats more than a 1/2 a century, put his hand “under my blazer, then my skirt,” A little groping in the WH by Rudy who trump evidently warned everyone to be on the watch for. Because Rudy was frequently drunk when he came to the WH. Oh well. trump always did say he only hires the best.
  19. Oh yeah. This thread will go on for another 5-6 years at least. There is no sympathy from this corner for Rudy. There will be many more by the time this is all done. trump supporters will be left by the wayside like so many foolish investors in his casinos and properties over the last forty years.
  20. Mr. Giuliani one time mayor of NYC. Hero of 9/11 recovery efforts in NYC and prosecutor of the mob. Has fallen on hard times since he hitched his wagon to trump. He was just sued by his long time lawyer for $1.3 million in unpaid fees. He owes about $3 million in total in legal bills for his MAGA adventurism. No longer a hero of the right after he went under the wheels of the trump bus. He can't even fund-raise to pay his bills. He has other worries of course. Like the $2.7 billion dollar defamation lawsuit filed by Smartmatic.Where he is refusing to provide disclosure and documents.
  21. As a standard bearer for republicans isn't that a given?
  22. It appears as though Modi the president of India has ordered the assignation of a Canadian citizen in B.C. Modi who has refused to participate in sanctions against Putin for his war. Has targeted minorities, Muslims and Christians ever since his government took power. "Some members of the B.C. Sikh community say the Canadian government's allegation that the government of India may have been involved in the killing of a Sikh leader is momentous. Thousands of Sikh Canadians attended his funeral. Hardeep Singh Nijjar, the president of the Guru Nanak Sikh Gurdwara, was gunned down outside the Sikh temple on June 18, shortly after evening prayers had concluded. Many of Nijjar's supporters had alleged that the Indian government was behind the assassination, especially as he was a prominent supporter of the movement for an independent Sikh state called Khalistan." Trudeau has expelled an Indian diplomat.
  23. Pictures of what the Ukraine AF did to Russian Kilo class sub for using Ukrainian repair facilities without permission. Needless to say security is not a part of the Russian SMO.
  24. Five US hostages held by Iran have been released today. For which the US paid $1.2 billion US per hostage. No hostages from any other country was released. Probably because there aren't any. The president of Iran was interviewed on ABC and stated that the money can be used for whatever Iran wants. The money was owned by Iran.