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  1. Everyone knows that churches,i.e. religion is big business. They lobby government, run PAC's, corrupt the election process for their benefit. Kill their enemies, protect corrupt governments. Some participate in killing their opponents and members of other religions. How Putin Uses Russian Orthodoxy to Grow His Empire Trump Wants to Make Churches the New Super PACs Fraud Thriving In U.S. Churches, "More than 10,600 religious organizations have taken at least $3bn in coronavirus financial aid from the US government, according to an analysis by the Guardian, raising concerns about the separation of church and state. The list of recipients of federal Paycheck Protection Program payments includes churches, synagogues, temples and private religious schools. Among them are the ministries of wealthy televangelists accused of fraud" "There is no restriction against churches – which do not pay taxes, don’t have to disclose their funding sources, and aren’t subject to all anti-discrimination laws – from receiving publicly funded forgivable PPP coronavirus relief loans. “The American government at the federal level has never before subsidized houses of worship to pay for the salaries of their clergy,” Laser said. “At Americans United we believe that the first amendment clearly forbids this. The Small Business Administration of the Trump administration may have allowed it, but the constitution forbids it.... Several religious groups whose leaders are reportedly Trump evangelical advisers took between $2m and $5m each.” Why shouldn't the US taxpayer pay for the fuel, pay the pilots, that a G-5 needs to fly evangelical televangelists around the US?
  2. Well his boss has previously stated that protestors are terrorists and journalists guilty of treason. Must have been an upward promotion.
  3. Currently neither political party seems worried about deficits or national debt. When the economy is growing the government shouldn't be running deficits. As it did during the last two years of Obama and all of the trump administration. Let alone trillion dollar deficits(trump years). Spending like drunken sailors comes to mind. Once again "trickle down economics" was proven not to work. As far as any suggestions that anyone could have avoided the economic results from covid. Or done a better job than trump. All you have to do is look at the EU, Australia, NZ, China, Canada, etc. They are already exiting the pandemic while the US is still mired in the first wave. Infections will prevent recovery and holding your breath for "Warp Speed vaccine" salvation is like betting it all on "No Show" in the eighth at Woodbine.
  4. Jacinda Ardern. bbbbbut she banned Ar-15s Why Are Women-Led Nations Doing Better With Covid-19? Margaret Thatcher Germany’s coronavirus response is a master class in science communication. Led by Merkel of course. If the US popular vote determined the US presidency I wonder how many more Americans would be alive today.
  5. FIFY, His false idol trump and the christian right have been pulling the strings for 31/2 years. Everything was fine to stack the SC with conservative Christians. To wield outsize advantages for evangelicals in law and policy. Now they fear a backlash from voters. Perhaps a new version of SHTF applies to Coreece. From time to time he seems to want a s*&t fest by throwing it in every direction because of some perceived slight on his religion of choice. Ron on the other hand wants a traditional SHTF, so the AR-15 can be.....Well a traditional SHTF. The entire Soviet, Stalin, Christian angle? Who knows. Communists have always pushed religion to the sidelines to accommodate the party. Just look at the Uyghurs and Islam, in China. Coreece likes to conveniently forget the christian acceptance of communist governments in central and south America. Of their excess. How a detente of acceptance between the two. Shoots down his whole prosecution of Christians by communism victimization. When in fact Islam has faced worse. Putin of course has now begun to promote and protect the church. To use it politically. Just as trump uses evangelicals and they use him. For Coreece thats all good as long as the church and his tribe gets the upper hand.
  6. Yes, they will hit the ground running with a complete plan ready to go. The only issue if the current WH tenants need an eviction notice.
  7. Sorry to disagree with you. While you're right about a recession and IMO 10% possibility of a depression. The differences now are several. 1. The US FED has many more tools to use to ensure the economy keeps moving ahead. In the 1930's there was food support programs and not much more. The US Recovery Act, the 1933 New Deal, are both fly poop on the window to what has occurred in the last year. 2. The US is still the world's reserve currency which gives it a natural stimulus advantage. Its slowly loosing its advantage but China under a communist government can't be a challenger. 2. While the increase in US debt is a very serious concern it still ranks well as compared to its G-7 competitors. 3. The US has taxation latitude because of the recent tax cuts enacted by trump. "The weighted average statutory rate has remained higher than the simple average over this period. Prior to U.S. tax reform in 2017, the United States was largely responsible for keeping the weighted average so high, given its relatively high tax rate, as well as its significant contribution to global GDP. Figure 2 shows the significant impact the change in the U.S. corporate rate had on the worldwide weighted average. The weighted average statutory corporate income tax rate has declined from 46.67 percent in 1980 to 26.30 percent in 2019, representing a 44 percent reduction over the 39 years surveyed." IMO the drag of debt will impact taxpayers for a decade or two while the debt should be repaid. In the event that dosn't occour the interest will be a drag.
  8. The great depression was far more severe on the US population because of the complete lack of social and monetary support programs. This pandemic will still leave a $3.5 trillion now. To possibly a $4.5 trillion by the time Biden wraps a recovery up increase in debt to the total. Which has largely shielded the US population. In fact consumer spending figures show some were not impacted at all. Others poured more cash into stocks which shows their confidence.
  9. Phil1111


    Lab was probably in the same hospital. From July 13, “We attribute this demand primarily to the rapid, continuing spread of COVID-19 infections across the nation but particularly in the South, Southwest and West regions of the country,” Quest Diagnostics said in a statement. The test manufacturer added that it can now perform up to 125,000 tests per day, roughly double its capacity compared with two months ago. “Despite that dramatic increase, demand for testing is increasing even faster,” the company said. “As a result, our average turnaround time for reporting test results is slightly more than 1 day for our priority 1 patients. However, our average turnaround time for all other populations is 7 or more days.”
  10. No he has to reach back to the old Soviet union to picture himself as the modern cross bearer for christianity. Like his other false idol trump, it helps his self imagery of playing the victim for his beliefs. Prosecuted for no reason since eternity.
  11. Adjective upon adjective to paint any non-believer into your prejudiced wonderland of christian pseudo superiority.. Its no wonder you and evangelicals love trump and his racist bigotry. Tomorrow is your day of self congratulatory superiority. Where you can join those who would walk out the chapel doors and be ready to screw the world. Just like your other favorite idol of worship, trump.
  12. Phil1111


    Yes, its not to be trifled with.
  13. Phil1111


    IMO he knew that already but sometimes he wants a running dialogue with everyone. I get sucked in sometimes. Faux news and its supporting puppets also have a trump supporting dialogue whereby children are safe from covid. This is also a possibility.
  14. Phil1111


    Then they spread it to their parents and more vulnerable people.
  15. IMO Joe's comments are not so much anti-religious as anti those who endanger other peoples lives. As far as trump is concerned: Mr. Trump’s Oct. 4 proclamation ordered consular officers to bar immigrants who could not prove they had health insurance or the ability to pay for medical costs once they become permanent residents of the United States. The Trump administration has started denying pleas by non-citizens who are trying to extend their time in the U.S. in order to treat severe medical conditions. Letters issued by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, and obtained by ABC News, tell those applying for medical relief that agency offices, "no longer consider deferred action requests," except for members of the military. The nonpartisan Kaiser Family Foundation has estimated that 27 million Americans have lost coverage in the pandemic; Both you and trump cloak yourself in the bible. No offense to you but trump has zero credibility for any empathetic values or actions. I will lean in Joe's direction and say that those who endanger other peoples lives should know that actions have consequence. That includes ministers of the church that as leaders allow gatherings without social distancing, masks, and other safety protocols.
  16. Thats agreement twice in a day. My point would be trump is far,far beyond any person's propensity to lie. I have known prison guards who have dealt with inmates with FAS and other serious mental deficiencies. They relayed how some inmates naturally lie, regardless of circumstance, because they falsely perceive some sort of advantage in doing so.
  17. No. Because a moderator won't call out lies. Won't cut off the mike of a candidate lying. Won't berate a candidate for not answering or side stepping the question. Every debate deals with these issues but trump is incapable of giving a straight truthful answer to a straight question. Even under oath.
  18. FIFY. See 5000 points of debate and we have agreement on one!
  19. The only way to have a debate would be to have a large 10'x20' screen behind each candidate. When each lies it lights up with a large LIE and whatever time the candidate wasted with his B.S. lie. Is used to show his past record on the direct subject at hand. Biden has lied a few times in the past. But trump has a quasi-monopoly on it.
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    The typical US test result time is about 9 days, but who knows? In any event such a high percentage of young people with positive results is disastrous.
  21. Phil1111


    trump wants schools reopened. So the YMCA had a summer camp in Georgia with 597 kids attending. All tested negative before attending. Four days later of 1/2 of those who attended were tested.Results showed 44% of the kids and staff who attended were positive.All recommended safety protocols from the CDC sere followed. For trump kids under the bus works as long as re-election is in the cards. Its OK for Mitch McConnell as well.
  22. Nationalist Geographic. The latest from the Lincoln Project.
  23. A dissonance in his cognitive narrative needs address. Probably all mixed up with "Q", perhaps Ron can help.