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  1. Aerodyne stole the Aeromard from my device, my patent attorney studied my patent and found Aerodyne infringed my patent. Since these people from Aerodyne have no brain, they copied everything in view. Their research and developpment office is a copycat machine. The main issue is since they do not understand how it works, in the end they do not make rigs which work properly, they have poor canopies that malfunction, we have a lot of issues with Aerodyne products but they have a good publicity because they give products to everyone in sight, and they sell off their equipment though anyone who wants to be a reseller
  2. in fact, I found out what when the cutter location was below the reserve Pilot Chute, once the AAD fired : the cutten loop was too long in between the cutter location and the end of reserve Pilot Chute and had the tendency to keep all the reserve flaps locked together or at least slow down the reserve opening, it is the reason why the rigs manufacturers with reserve PC inside the container like Icon re-located their cutter above the PC. But in this Icon situation, the issue comes from the reserve pin cover flap which goes too deep inside his location, since Aerodyne changed the reserve cover pin flap length, and because these Aerodyne people have no brain, they did not think about it, since it does not work properly by pulling the reserve ripcord, it certainly does not open with and unconscious skydiver not knocking the reserve container...
  3. I agree but we know it does exist....
  4. the fact is that the passenger is not always sporty and the passenger harnesses are ALL uncomfortable due to the proximity of the TI so that their position does not always allow them to land properly
  5. any tandem pilot can make an error of judgment which will cost the passenger to be injured, not to mention when the conditions becomes bumpy and sometimes the TI (probably not you but some) has the reflex to use the passenger to cushion the shock !
  6. works this way in attached file air bag solo
  7. try this : airbagIII__posé.MTS
  8. this is about a machine washed Javelin rig, but the concern is that the previous washing of the washing machine (before that of the parachute) washed kitchen towels including a tea towel which was used to mop up oil from the fryer, the machine was still well soaked oil and suddenly spread all over the rig, permeating the fabrics, seams and straps everywhere. Several washes were then carried out, lukewarm and for the moment everything remains greasy. My first question is whether it can alter the straps, the seams and the fabric ?, the cold fryer oil, in the long run and then do you know a miracle recipe to remove that greasy feeling ? thanks
  9. I know it is common in military forces to use them, but I have a hard time to imagine we would use break cord in tandem line stows !, I would say that it will be more logical for myself to work on a reserve bag capable of a better retaining the stows lines during the snatch force, I am also wondering if the MARD system does not request the more violent extraction of the reserve after cutaway, explaining we have more tension knots on Tandem reserves compare the past
  10. If you think about it . It is the only device which guarantee you the reserve will open only when both risers left ! Otherwise I agree it makes it more complicated to pack and special reserve loops....
  11. Does someone has something to add to PIA document concerning cleaning Tandem equipment from Covid 19 (specially tandem passenger harness) in order to start again the safest as possible ?
  12. hello someone from Skydive Deland (Florida), in attached file the document about Skydive City policy against Covid 19, someone can tell me if Skydive Deland practice the same policy against the virus, specially NOT wearing mask during freefall ? Skydive City Coronavirus Safety Protocols (1).docx
  13. hi Jerry, you want the document Cease and Desist to Sandy Reid, here you go in the attached file; Mister Zwicker should look at it again.... Cease and Desist to Sandy REID.docx
  14. I can prove Sandy uses the Mojo without my permission , it is easy, I cannot prove the same with Airborne so far , there is no public document showing the Mojo inside an Airborne rig, I am working on it...
  15. it cannot be licensed from Airborne since it is already patented by me