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  1. eric.fradet

    Can You Install a Skyhook Into any Rig? How?

    so true.....
  2. eric.fradet

    the Peregrine Glide container

    they are good in what they are doing, they know their job and they provide the best they can, you can trust them...
  3. eric.fradet

    Wings Boost

    M. Fradet is under the impression that the RI MARD is based on the bridle-unfolding principle that is the basis of his patent. __________________________________________________ I am not under an impression, Loic Jean Albert was my team mate and I let him used this technology which falls under my patent US 8,074,934 B2, you should read it before saying anything. In any cases it means, the skyhook does not have to live a long time
  4. eric.fradet

    Wings Boost

    Yes Rigging Innovations uses my device with my agreement, and actually I have to say it is a better principle than the Skyhook, UPT made this last one more and more complicated and it is still does not work properly (for instance if the knot on the sealing thread is not tight enough, the skyhook will disconnect instead to hold..)
  5. eric.fradet

    Wings Boost

    I cannot tell, we do not have much feedback from the field, at this time, specially it will be interesting to know if it is rigger's friendly ?
  6. eric.fradet

    Wings Boost

    Sunrise Rigging could add a Collins lanyard device since the patent is getting over, but it will make the system more complex, and actually this Boost MARD is the best one on the market..
  7. eric.fradet

    Peregrine Ace MARD

    I think you are wrong, when you are in the parachute industry , you are supposed to know who has been invented such device, you ask for the permission to use it, it is not only a matter of money, it is also a matter to be honest with the inventor who is proud of his product and deserve his recognition from others, if it is a good invention. For instance, I do not ask as much money for my invention as Bill Booth sells his, and I pretend my device works better than the Skyhook, which his not reliable, I know that there are many riggers out on the field that absolutely refuse to pack Skyhook because it is so complicated. In this sport, nobody wants to pay for something they can try to get for free, If there is no patent how do you know who was the first one to successfully create something new to move forward ? it will not be fair for someone involving time and money to not be paid off for his effort to make the sport safer. Now you are right on one point : the most beautiful invention are anonymous .. who knows who is the inventor of the single layer canopy with glide ratio is point 9 and flies great in European mountains since 4 years ?
  8. eric.fradet

    Peregrine Ace MARD

    Peregrine ACE MARD is infringing my US patent, I sold my device to Sunrise Rigging, there is no reason someone steals other people idea and get away with that. They will have to pay or go to court. eric Fradet
  9. eric.fradet

    Bruno Gouvy

    I met Bruno Gouvy late eighties in France; He learnt everything in skydiving from Patrick Degayardon, if I remember well, he was snowboarding in a Mont Blanc area in a difficult place and he has slipped to the result of a mausaise receipt.. Patrick has taugh Skysurf, Bruno had sponsoring at this time (Marlboro I guess) which was a big help...and bruno understood skydivingwas a cool way to sell his picture..
  10. eric.fradet

    Pegasus and X210

    since I remember, the lines were in kevlar and worn out quite fast, they became weak in about 500 jumps on it..
  11. eric.fradet

    Pegasus and X210

    I had a X210 with kevlar lines, as far I remember the glide ratio was a little bit deep, but the flair was not quite good. at the time I bought it (1982) it was the smallest pack volume on the market, was the reason why I took it. Fabrics was F111; I do not think you will learn much with a manual , good luck...
  12. eric.fradet

    Tandem 'Pants' for Passenger with Disabilities.

    the French Parachute Federation has been lately working to improve the Pants design you are refeering to. We made it better specially with a dedicated foam made to avoid slough, the French designer name is Edouard Luciano and can be reach at
  13. eric.fradet

    Can your student get their feet up for landing?

    the UPT device which works by holding passenger'chest with snaps, is just a piece of shit...I agree with you, Strong is even BAD, I can respect your opinion because you do not have the chance to compare with a real tandem passenger harness allowing a passenger taller than a pilot to land in a real sitting position without pulling the feet up. The reason why a manufacturer like UPT is not able to come up with a good product, is because they do not care about customers making only one skydive in their life and not buying any harness. The question for the TI is not to pick up the best passenger harness, but avoid the worst one, at this game UPT is questionnable....
  14. eric.fradet

    Mirage MARD is out

    Q: Can the Trap System release the bridle if necessary after it’s ‘Trapped’? A: Yes. The Trap Line cinches but does not tie a knot. If the reserve pilot chute is creating more drag than the malfunctioned main, then the Trap System will allow the bridle to be released so that the reserve pilot chute can deploy the reserve. ___________________________________________________________ humm on others MARD like Skyhook, Boost, Air anchor, we can clearly see the bridle linked to an external device which holds everything together and stay free to release during the main pulling effort because it is located outside or on the bridle, but the Trap locks the bridle inside, I do not see how the Trap stops itself to tie the bridle during main pulling effort. it would be interesting to see how much it is tied once on the ground after a cutaway action......
  15. eric.fradet

    Mirage MARD is out

    Is any container manufacturer using it? -------------------------------------------------------------- the Wings and Plexus tandem is using it, the fact Air anchor from TNT is the same principle and also uses it without my agreement is actually part of a lawyer battle....