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  1. the name of the experienced person who experimented a delay on her Icon after cutaway is Christine Malnis French national RW team member, I would also hear from Aerodyne their point of view at least about the cutter location change
  2. I know at least, it did happen to a French experienced competitor who complained about having a delay after cutaway with an Icon I1
  3. not either Skyhook or Aeromard for both Icon I2 DOM 05/2020
  4. believe it or not, same loft but different rig , same result... Icon I2 DOM 05-2020 n°21323.mp4
  5. you are correct, there are two separate issues : 1) all Icon any sizes do not work properly with cutter location underneath the reserve pilot chute the French Bulletin fix that 2) some Icon small sizes (specially Icon I1, I2, I3) do not work properly by manual activation it will be a subject to be treated in the coming weeks (months) by Eric Fradet , the technician in charge of gear equipment , the French FAA and the manufacturer and to pchapman : Yes from 2008 up to 2020 it was mandatory in France on Icon rigs to have the cutter location underneath Reserve pilot chute, end of 2020 under request of Aerodyne , French Federation did accept to change that, it looks it was a mistake :
  6. it looks what there was so many Icon reserve malfunction found on the ground, what French Civilian Agency is going to ground the majority of Icon in France and will ask FAA to do the same...we do not just anymore speak about bashing like some stupid folks have claimed we do
  7. in fact, it is only in France what rigging issues are directed to someone else than manufacturers, in the states and rest of the world, if you have a rigging problem FAA send you to the manufacturer whatever it is, so it never comes up, previous case with total malfunction was with the Vector SE in january, but at the end there was a real issue with Vector SE, we can believe it will be the same with Icon rigs, specially the small ones
  8. Icon I2 smart LPV 120 reserve loop correct length, if there was a video it is because we suspected this type of rig does not open correctly
  9. no comment VID-20211117-WA0000 (2).mp4
  10. I personnally used the regular method of bagging, and the opening shock was so severe what it happened in one second and was transmitted to my body near the junction of the vertical and thoracic spin, a forward flexion of my head and neck occured and had considerable biomecanical signifiance, the head-neck injuries brought me to wear a neck brace at all times for 14 months, while the Icon parachute harness induces a compression of the lombar and thoracic spins which affected the cervical and thoracic spins so much , mild cranio-cerebral trauma : Glasgow score greater than 13 due to a force directly applied to the head transmitted to the brain. The "whiplash" the brain stumbles forward, then it was back against the cranium brought me : unconsiousness and post-trauatic amnesia during 24 hours, a transient focal neurological deficite and altered mental state ll the time of the accident with dizziness and disorientation, thanks Aerodyne
  11. it definetly does not work properly.... icon_saumur_plantin_(2).mp4