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  1. oh word that actually makes sense, i hadn’t really though about wanting to make sure they all hit the air at once before
  2. What’s the point of this step during the packjob, is it really necessary? I don’t really understand what the purpose of it is, i’m a pretty new jumper so excuse my ignorance
  3. So i’ve got a new infinity rig, with the double riser covers, and i’ve noticed that when unpacking the rig to practice my packing and pulling forward on the lines it seems fairly hard to release the risers from the covers I saw a video of Bill Booth the other day saying how it should take less force to open the riser covers than it takes to unstow the locking stows, to ensure that the risers are free before the bag is at line stretch to avoid slack in the lines by the time the canopy is released I was wondering if any of you have had trouble with the riser covers getting stuck closed on deployment with infinity rigs?
  4. So, maybe it’s just because i’m not made of money, but spending $500 on a jumpsuit seems absolutely insane to me. I have an RW suit I paid $160 for from the FB marketplace, but as far as a FF suit goes I don’t have one. I was thinking of possibly buying a scuba skinsuit/wetsuit for like $30-80, as inspired by this news article. I’m a skinny guy so I need a tight-fitting suit to jump with and help stay level with others anyway. Are there any real downsides to getting a skinsuit or wetsuit, aside from fashion? I’m talking outdoor jumping btw, maybe a wetsuit will fall apart easily? Anybody got any other sub-$150 FF suit alternatives?
  5. Not only is it the cheapest AAD, but the batteries never need changing and it never needs servicing. Almost seems too good to be true. What’s the point of buying a vigil or cypress in this case? What are your opinions on the M2?
  6. That’s interesting especially considering that the sabre 2 is supposed to come with the 26 one stock, it seems like they had just sent you the wrong original slider Have you tried pulling on the rear or front risers during opening? That should get the canopy open much quicker, if you haven’t tried it then go for it next time. Just “flare” the rears 2 or 3 times while it’s sniveling above One question I have though, is with the domed slider does the slider often get hung up?
  7. I bought a used spectre 170 with 400 jumps and I noticed the crossports on the ribs between the cells have some fraying on them all, nothing too substantial maybe like an eigth or quarter of an inch deep in some parts on them, and they’re all fairly consistantly frayed is it worth having something done to them or is it best to leave them be?
  8. That’s so strange that he would be vertically descending so quickly, I can understand going over 29mph forward with the wind on your back, but downward, on a nav 280?
  9. You think even the 45mph “intermediate” settting on an AAD would be reasonable then? Can’t see why i’d be descending at a vertical rate of 45mph below 1,000 feet on my canopy, I don’t swoop
  10. If canopy flying conservatively at 1,000 feet and below at a 1 to 1 wingloading ratio, would it be wise for wingsuit flyers to change their AAD setting to student? On the offhand chance of tumbling down passed out in a suit but going less than the 78mph minimum for regular setting The student setting goes off if your rate of descent is over 29mph, I don’t think a canopy 1 to 1 would be going close to that vertical speed under normal conditions, right? If one has a changeable cypress then i assume it’s not worth shelling out for a new wingsuit cypress right?
  11. Any audibles out there with a volume that can be adjusted quiet enough to like not cause hearing damage long term?
  12. It seems to be one of the more common malfunctions, but how could it be prevented? Surely with the amount of times that it happened, that it’s not always caused by someone who just neglected to check their 3-rings, right?