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  1. i started with my brother in law on a static line jump and haven't stopped for long. he never went back. as to the 2d question, i have to ask, why would you want to? i like getting away from everyone and hanging with my sky family.
  2. just curious, why don't you wear a mask to the dz if you wear one everywhere else? the only place i go is to the dz, since my s.o. does the shopping and pays the bills, and i wear a mask every single time i go someplace, except the dz. i try to stay away from folks, not the 6' recommended, except in the 182. i justify it by thinking that the mask is for others and not yourself, so if they aren't wearing one to protect me, why should i wear one for them? just wondering what your reasoning was, not judging, that's someone else's job, not mine.
  3. that is not a requirement of the d license, here is the link to the sim, look on section 3-1 E 4 of the online version to verify. you can also download the sim at that link. it is a requirement for keeping an instructor rating if i recall from my coach course.
  4. as did i. me thinks a book is in order. that was entertaining as hell.
  5. it looks sketchy and dangerous as hell. i love it. can't wait to hear about the results.
  6. and just couldn't help myself from chiming in...
  7. he just did and got the desired result...
  8. i watched the video, linked in a comment above, then i bought one. a little big, but damn, that thing cut through the bridle like butter.
  9. hell, my rig is within a month of one of the ones op has and i jump it regularly, in fact, i enjoy the hell out of it. it's a great first rig and i have about $900 total in it.
  10. it may not be practical, but how on earth will we find out unless we try it? if it weren't safe, we wouldn't use it for tandem pairs. as for taking a few seconds longer on opening, i have a question. did you start out knowing how to open your parachute or did they teach you how at the first jump course? if you knew how to skydive before the fjc, then i guess you aren't a good candidate for my system. if, however, you are like everyone else i know and learned all you need to know before doing it, then you can learn this new part, practice it, and use it properly. if it is something that needs a certain amount of jumps and/or other experience or training before using it, so be it. i would prefer that if it ever goes into production that new users would get some in person training to ensure you know how to use it before sending you out the plane with it. if you think that all hard openings can be prevented, i sincerely hope you never find out that you are wrong in the air. i prefer to have a backup in case you're wrong. you see, the thing about situations such as this boils down to one question you have to ask yourself: what if i'm wrong? if the answer to that contains a part where someone can die or get seriously injured, you want to look at the possibilities and plan accordingly to mitigate those risks. so, what if you're wrong, and hard openings can sometimes just happen? with a set of break away risers, you have a cutaway if you're 65. if you don't, you could die. i prefer to have a safety factor thrown in. if you go back and read my response to your last comment, you will see that i am pretty confident that the break away risers are the way to go to prevent hard openings from killing folks. i just don't like all my eggs in one basket. this link is to the thread where the better idea was discussed.
  11. interesting thoughts, but i have to disagree with the last statement. there are the occasional mystery slammers that nobody can explain and they are often written off as body position or packing error. this thread and others have them mentioned, along with the idea that turbulence or air pressure may play a part, or some sort of dust devil. i have been in the sport for 22 years, despite my relatively low experience flying. i have seen lots of things come and go, and have other projects i am working on to improve the safety of the sport. i am leaning toward break away risers as a safety over this, as it seems to be more simple and is already being used in another sport. i also have been studying equipment for a few years in order to become a rigger, one of my original aspirations in '97, along with base. i got too old for base though. i don't really care too much yet, as i am still just under the age where i consider my heart to be at risk, and that is why i jump the raven, that and it only cost $500 brand new (well, 12 years old but 0 rides). not a bad price for downsizing, but my next canopy will most likely be for the rest of my life and will include all of the things you mentioned. so, i appreciate your concerns, and the advice especially about the pack monkey, sounds worth investigating. the part about not jumping with others is a bit of a misunderstanding. the drogue will not be out all the time, only when deploying, and it should only add about 500 - 800 feet to your deployment altitude. it should even be ok for free flying, but i wouldn't trust it in case of a premature deployment. but if it is sufficiently tested, a premature with this may just help slow you down and flip you back over, albeit with dangers to anyone over you at the time. yeah, probably not a good idea to free fly with it. wait til you see my helmet i am working on. had to stop for a bit to take care of some life issues, but it should be done by spring. the 2d gen will have all the bells and whistles: altimeter, hud, gps, logbook, camera, and audible. i wish i could get the wrist altimeter small enough to use jumping. it works though, just not practical yet. anyway, as you can see, i am just trying to innovate, same thing that's been done and being done around the world. that's what hackers do. cheers, mate.
  12. i'd jump it, depending on the canopies condition. the aad's are probably expired. a few months ago, i paid $400 for a container made in aug '94 with a reserve but no main, was a j4 with a c-18. you can sell the canopies for a few hundred each, maybe a little more depending on what they are, how old they are, and what condition they are in. the suit is probably worth at least $150, but i am not an expert on pricing. the helmets are in decent shape as are the cameras but it is all old, so probably not worth a lot. most folks jump go-pros now. you can unpack the main and reserve to look at what size they are and the condition they are in. your best bet is to find a dz close to you and take it all in to have it looked at by a pro. if you want to get rid of the red one, let me know.
  13. i spent almost an hour looking at that site and shopping for fabric i don't need. i like that you can get a swatch of it to make sure it's what you want. they had some that looked like it may work for $40 for a 50 yd roll. definitely worth getting a swatch for a buck to make sure it works. then that rocky woods link came up and i'll probably spend another hour shopping.
  14. now you got me interested. i found this site, doesn't say marquisette, but you can buy a swatch for a dollar and it is cheaper than $6 a yard. talk about a rabbit hole. thanx for the distraction guys.