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  1. i read somewhere that biden has a stutter (not that one, but folks like a source since searching for things yourself has become such a chore) and that explains his gaffes. it seems we need to be nice to them both. i almost typed that whole sentence out without smiling, but then i laughed out loud. agent orange can rot in hell for his treasonous actions, dyslexic or not. i reserve the right to make fun of the idiot who couldn't seem to get help for his dyslexia, even with a fortune at his disposal. no, especially with a fortune to throw at it. if he were not so narcissistic, he could have gotten the help he needed between the time of announcing his candidacy and the election. no, i have no sympathy at all for those who refuse to see a problem and don't ask for help. it also explains a lot of his attitude toward certain groups of people, since his narcissism would seemingly call for him to make fun of others to draw attention away from himself rather than try to fix the problem. but that is putting a name to it, and i am not a doctor, so will refrain from all of that and continue to wish the bastard the worst possible outcome in his quest.
  2. yep. i hate seeing any of them, because they are all human and make mistakes. some mistakes are a little worse than others. i have no doubt that bill was on the plane, and he probably had sex with someone at the island, and they may have been underage. that leaves a little room for doubt, not much though. it is still all based on hearsay and impressions i got from watching him being interviewed. fortunately, i don't have to assess his guilt or innocence in a courtroom, so it means much less if i am wrong, and am sometimes. on the other hand, agent orange has continually lied, cheated, and been caught and convicted at least once. he has so many scandals, business failings, and criminals surrounding and working for him there is no way in hell he is innocent of anything. most of this may be circumstantial and may not hold up in court, but that does not mean he is innocent, merely that he won't do any time. anyone with any substantial amount of money won't have to sweat that anyway. all of that is a rather long way to say that neither of them are blameless, and if dirt shows up on clinton, let him rot in a cell with trump who is guilty as hell without a doubt. i don't think he'll make it much past next year though, his boy putin has no use for him after he leaves office and he knows it. i think that's what he is up against and the real reason he is trying to tear us apart and do as much damage as possible before leaving. has to be some sort of agreement in place. it's the only thing that makes any sense at all. and no, i don't agree with clinton apologists either.
  3. i would love to be on the firing squad, but would settle for a pay per view.
  4. i didn't expect this one. he has a wonderful idea on how traitors should be treated, and i would be more than happy to see it come to pass. i'd pay per view it actually.
  5. yes, and sometimes presidents send things to congress, as i heard this one did on this bill, but again, it's been years, so i may be wrong. either way, one good action in almost four years is pathetic.
  6. i'm stretching, but didn't he make it a felony for animal abuse? not sure how involved he was, but if it was him, it would be the one thing that comes to my mind he has done good. there may be others, but none of them excuse his treasonous actions. agent orange needs dealt with the way he himself would deal with a traitor.
  7. for who, you? i wouldn't put that out there myself, but if that's how you roll, so be it.
  8. can't stand the man. i support him over trump though. i'd like to see michelle take the job of vp. that would burn donny up.
  9. not by holding him up. nevermind. that says enough.
  10. my first response tot his was that is stupid as hell. i haven't hurt anyone by being angry, in fact, quite the opposite since holding anger such as i have toward agent orange inside is rather harmful. now, let me ask you a question if i may. do you still support trump?
  11. yeah, he wishes her well while he has yet to say one word about russians putting bounties on american troops, besides not believing it that is. and i haven't heard more than once or twice he even acknowledged that covid had taken almost 140000 people in this country or wishing them well. but this pedophile? sure, as soon as she gets arrested she is receiving presidential acknowledgement. i hope she and the criminals you mentioned all rot in hell, no wishing any of them well from me. not hard to see where his loyalties lie, as he is a traitor. and anyone who still supports him is also a traitor, no other excuses left.
  12. one thing you need to learn as a student skydiver is to not learn to skydive on the internet. ask your instructors. that is a phrase you will hear until you are no longer a student. it also applies here. i can answer the question though, i just want to make sure that you know about not listening to random strangers since it could be dangerous. if they are numbered they should count. if you were jumping by yourself and not strapped to someone they should count. i think i recall that a working tandem counts but don't quote me on that. the D183845 is the d license number of who signed that entry and the AFF I-17 and AFF I-20 sound like rating numbers but i don't have those ratings so i don't know for sure. that sounds like a high d number to me, d39238 was the last one in last month's parachutist. it is probably the member number, mine is not too much higher than that. make sure you ask next time you are getting your logbook signed.
  13. i usually start walking with groups of folks when they are marching like that. i have supported pride, blm, the wv teachers strike, and a whole host of other things, and at least one which i wasn't even sure why they were walking but they were a friendly group.
  14. that's why you hover over it and see where it will take you before you click it.
  15. tell ya what, ask them about the back woods in sc, or nc? i know that they certainly would if pulled over almost anywhere in wv, i have asked some friends to confirm. hell, most of the time i have a foreboding when being pulled over, but lately i have determined that i am invisible to the cops due to being on some sort of list or surveillance.