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  1. idiot burns down his car while smoking with a horde of gas in containers...florida man strikes again.
  2. i missed it then, thanx for that. i also read the study more closely and it looks to be misleading. something about two cases of it were there before they contracted covid.
  3. new study says covid can cause erectile dysfunction and is present in the penile tissue long after the infection goes away...maybe we will now see some of the "smarter" gop members (if there are any) advocating using masks and getting vaccines. i doubt it though.
  4. i would use a raspberry pi for this with a big hard drive attached to it, like maybe 3 or 4 tb. if you get two of the pi's, you can use one as a pihole, aka ad blocker that works for everything on the whole network. that is the ideal setup. you can get the whole thing for about $2-300, depending on the cost of the external hard drive. damn, just noticed how old this post is. what did you go with?
  5. said that they were entrenched firmly into the dc's and that by the time they knew about them, they had already established persistence and the backups would be tainted and bring them back in. normal when the attackers have been inside the network for a while undetected. these guys have been at it for a while. found this article on it. and just read an article that said the pipeline is starting back up now, so all the panic buyers can stay away from the gas station for a few days.
  6. i did find out that having good backups may not have mattered in this case. got that from an expert on dfir work. she is one of the best hackers on the planet.
  7. nice summary until this point. the ransomware never hit the pipeline controls, it hit the it system. they said they shut he pipeline down as preventative from getting it infected, but the reason was the it system was how customers paid for the gas. no computers, no way to tell who paid and who didn't. blame the cause of this one on not having a thorough backup system in place. all they would've had to do is restore from a backup and they would've been up in a day.
  8. my advice would be that it is much easier to read when you use paragraphs. also, it's wives not wife's, since that denotes possession i think it's called, like belonging to the wife. you may think this is just being smartassed, but that is how much your fuckups matter. it took me 22 years to get my a due to life getting in the way, and me not learning what my feet were doing, because no instructors used video that long ago due to huge cameras. bottom line is keep it up, and keep your feet and knees together when you land preparing for a plf, don't slide in. our manifest person has a broken back from sliding in when she should've done a plf. welcome to the sky.
  9. read the comment above this one. damned near forever it says. i jump a javelin made in '94. has some stains on it and you do not want to freefly with it, but it is airworthy, jumped once yesterday.
  10. have you tried their facebook page? that last picture will likely be the key to returning it. skydance is a cool place to jump.
  11. i don't think anyone is calling for thought control and i'm not arguing, just stating a fact. everyone knows that language changes, and it does so when it needs to. ask anyone about the 2d amendment to verify that. i don't particularly care if anyone accepts this as a fact either. it's ok to be wrong, but in this case, it will never allow the problem to be solved if it cannot be accurately defined. this is part of the definition, and some can't even accept that there is a problem at all. i almost said, "good thing i'm white", but that does nothing to help anyone else. i've always been ok and always will. i have friends who need help though. and i also care about all people, not just the ones who live in the us and look like me.
  12. if it were my idea, i would see your point. i didn't make this shit up, i am repeating what i have learned from others. i didn't agree with it when i first heard it, but when it was explained to me, i got it. it makes sense now. again, your call to learn it or not, i am not able to explain it to you, just point out that you're wrong. it's part of the reason that it will probably never get fixed.
  13. dude, i don't care if you believe it or not, that's what it is. it took me years to accept it, and not until i had a particular discussion one time did it click. prejudice is in everyone, but racism is only there if the power to oppress is there with it. that is the definition of prejudice, not racism. the guy in china that hates asians can't do anything about it systemically, just individually. it makes perfect sense. everyone is prejudiced, some towards skin color, some towards other things. not everyone is racist, even if it is whites hating on blacks. that would depend on the circumstances surrounding it. why is it so hard for folks to accept that things change? one time, giving someone the finger meant "go to hell". sometime that changed to "fuck you". not many recall the go to hell part, and some have argued with me that it wasn't true.
  14. you have to bring what they ask for. if they don't ask for the social security card, you can write down whatever you want, and for a 1099 worker, that means no filing tax returns to pay the money to the govt. has happened many times that i personally know of.
  15. man, you're missing out on all the fun if you're not driving around yelling at folks. you should try it sometime, just be careful what neighborhoods you enter at what time.