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  1. yeah, that must've been it.
  2. didn't they have the bloody summer in that year with 19 bloody engagements? i forgot where, just that it happened across the country.that was the reason it happened, to destroy it. a shame is what it is.
  3. i jump a 181 raven main and 218 raven 2 reserve, the main is right at 1. i doubt i'll ever want to swoop though, i still have trouble holding my fronts for more than 2 turns. i was going to try to order one that would hold my 218 and a 170 though, just haven't got to it yet. i don't think that is too much of a difference but i don't know anything about it. i like the idea of landing on a .8 if i was unconscious. hell, if i wanted to continue to take chances i wouldn't have gotten an aad this year.
  4. from everything i have read about segregation, when left alone in their own communities, black folks have thrived and consistently out-performed their white counterparts. then the white folks got jealous and took everything away, destroyed what they built, and made sure it wouldn't happen again. maybe the op of this thread wants that to continue, and based on that last comment, it appears that way. some things never change, and folks with that attitude seem to want it to continue.
  5. i'm still trying to figure out how tulsa went in 1919 as all i recall reading about is the black folks got the worst end of that deal.
  6. sounds like you've never been to rural wv. my only vehicle right now is a 19 year old motorcycle. my son inherited the truck i drive sometimes, it's older than him at 21. maybe in ca it will be like that, but i seriously doubt everyone will have an ev, even there. i've seen some parts of ca that are comparable to here.
  7. dunning-krueger says he will never know.
  8. we should just accept that the us is too large and diverse to ever be one nation and split into five. there was a book i read when i was younger, if the south had won gettysburg, and it had the concept in it. republic of tx, republic of ca, north, south, and the rest (i forgot what they called it, but it was the pacific northwest). of course they didn't address ak and hi, so maybe we end up with seven. of course, alternate reality books leave out a lot of the reality, but it couldn't be any worse, provided we had a good united federation of nations or something.
  9. let's not forget alan eustice (sp?) who financed his own record setting jump and was first to pay his own way into space, if i recall correctly. too early for looking shit up. no fanfare to speak of, no corporate sponsors, just a rich guy doing rich guy shit. or so i assume, i am not now, nor have i ever been, rich.
  10. so, every house and building having it's own storage system? nice concept, but it seems like it would be very hard to retrofit the existing buildings with enough storage to satisfy the energy needs of the occupants. that depends on the type of storage of course. we will need a grid of some sort for a long time with the way things are going. maybe about the time we convert from individual countries to one it will be ready.
  11. now this is interesting. i have heard that is impossible, that as soon as you pass out you start breathing again. anyone know if that is true or a myth? anyone care to try? with a rescue person standing by of course. and video, separate person for video. unless one is extremely confident...
  12. it seems that one in particular is proving this to be very true. i don't think anything else can come from this discussion. anything new or relevant that is.
  13. well, since crt is nothing more than telling history as it was rather than what the ruling elite say it was, aka whitewashing, it absolutely needs to be adjusted for every country. most were just as racist and homophobic as in the us, but the differences are there, so the theory needs adjusted for them. and since this thread is related to the us, or at least that is what everyone is referring to, then any changes other countries make are irrelevant, but duly noted. like any theory, it can be adjusted without invalidating it. damn, jakee, you're beating me to all of them today.