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  1. sfzombie13

    "I hope this finds you well" - really??

    the thing i hate is that microsoft did away with two spaces after a period. it seems like such a little thing, and platforms like twitter and the 140, then 280, character limit helped. the thing is, when speed reading, that extra space is needed to signal the end/beginning of a sentence. it is hard to read really fast without the extra space.
  2. not really. as i said earlier, all of my information was recalled from over the years. when i began jumping in '98, we were using fxc's in student gear and the cypres was relatively new. there were issues that they had fixed and some that had not been addressed yet. it had been mentioned that there was a 10 errors from one unit and i mentioned that was not the case. weather the issue had been corrected or not does not negate the fact that it has happened. yes my information is old and yes they have corrected the issues. no there is not a 0 incidence of misfires (firing when not supposed to or not firing when it was). i much prefer to err on the side of safety, so even though firing when not supposed to is dangerous, not firing when supposed to is worse. i have NOT heard of that happening, ever. sorry about the other account, i had a second when when i got locked out of the first (this one) years ago and was using it for email. and to gowlerk, i was not posting anything i was unsure about as it happened. yes they are all three great, yes they are all dependable, but no, they are not foolproof and are subject to fail at any time with no warning whatsoever, just like anything manufactured or electronic (even though they are pressure operated, there are electronics inside, hence the batteries). if one were to read that particular post and choose to think an aad is not safe, well, in a sense, they aren't. they are well suited as a backup device but ultimately, the canopy pilot is responsible for getting a pilot-able canopy out in time to fly it safely to the ground, including deploying the reserve. personally, i am not going to use one, but not because they are unsafe or of any issues i have heard about regarding them.
  3. sfzombie13

    Surviving a 1,000 feet free fall?

    i don't know if there is a list of landing injuries for airborne operations but i can guarantee that 50-100' falls are not usually fatal. as stated, they usually involve partially inflated canopies, and are usually dropped onto prepared surfaces or grass. this is not to say that one could survive a 1000' fall with a good plf, but there are some extenuating circumstances i can think of to make it more likely to be survivable such as: good slope to slide on, one or more partially inflated canopies, thick snow or tree canopy to land on, or very swampy wetland.
  4. sfzombie13

    Creating a Game Room - ideas?

    i built an arcade cabinet, 2 player stand up. it is ran on a raspberry pi and has about 5000 games on it. cost me about $500 total and it took a bit.
  5. sfzombie13

    Having trouble figuring out this whole "life" thing

    brother, it is all about perspective. the only one that counts is YOURS. as was said, you have lots of reasons to feel great, not least of which is you are still alive. as long as you keep that one true, you can work on everything else. don't fall victim to the whims of society and try to live up to a picture you never wanted and can't sustain. if you think college is tough, wait 'til the first dead end job that you can't pass up because you like to eat AND have electricity. as long as nobody is bleeding out and there is no incoming fire, you have time to work on it. we are all insignificant in the grand scheme of things from one perspective (universe scale), but we are also vital and irreplaceable when the perspective is changed (household scale). you've already learned the second most important lesson also, don't give up. applies to skydiving, as well as everything else, but especially in life. it sounds like you need a few jumps, and i am headed up to michigan next week. if you are up to it, i can stop in and jump with ya a few times and we can have a beer and talk a bit afterwards. depression is a gnarly beast to face alone.
  6. sfzombie13

    Entire site in Italics

    i will post them here as i come across them. it looked like a closing tag missing. glad i could spot that.
  7. sfzombie13

    Entire site in Italics

    halfway down this page: https://www.dropzone.com/forums/topic/80830-canopy-downsizing-chart-by-brian-germain/?page=2 the scary skydiving stories thread used to have a few italics and bold pages but they aren't there now. some of them have some short pages and are missing the page links on the bottom, like page 44 and 29 of that thread. it is almost as if there is a random html tag for some of them, or firefox is misinterpreting something as a tag.
  8. sfzombie13

    Entire site in Italics

    i have been noticing similar issues on certain pages. i read all of the pages on scary skydiving stories or something like that and some pages would be all bold or all italics. not all of them, just some.
  9. sfzombie13

    HUD dashboard development

    if i were you i would ditch the smartphone part and use a raspberry pi zero. it already has bluetooth and wifi built in and you can attach the modules to it directly and get much more accurate sampling. you can use the gps module and the altimeter module so that you can combine everything you are doing with the hud and add a logbook function as well. add in a small lcd display and you have a wrist altimeter that does all of this while sending output to the glass for the hud. i am actually working on all of the stuff except the hud, but i ran out of season to test the stuff.
  10. sfzombie13

    Looking for entry-level material about the internet

    i am putting together a series of presentations on this and other issues commonly faced by non-technical individuals to be given at a local business. i will share what i have with you when i get it done if you'd like, just pm me an email address. feel free to use codewv.org, as it is just a website aggregating free learning websites that i host. the training page has all sorts of good information. i need to get my guides finished and put up there also.
  11. sfzombie13

    HUD dashboard development

    i wouldn't think the smartphone would sample enough to be accurate at freefall speed, but have not looked into it. the reason i mention it is because i am working on using a raspberry pi, gps, and altimeter module to make a logbook/altimeter with a small display screen. it seems that if it were to be practical, it should have an audible also, maybe bluetooth or other nfc type communication to a speaker? i need to check those links to find out why they stopped it, maybe it will save me some aggravation.
  12. sfzombie13

    Rate My AFF Jumps

    i was told that when i track, put my feet down first then point my toes. then sweep my arms back. opposite of docking where i was told to pull my hands to my shoulders first, then straighten my feet out.
  13. sfzombie13

    California Marijuana and Nursing

    it's not called being defensive, i get ticked off when people use the term retard. it hits a little close to home, let's just leave it at that. you obviously have an opinion, and that is ok, just as it is ok to be wrong, as you clearly are on this. _________________________________________ Si hoc legere scis nimium eruditionis habes
  14. sfzombie13

    California Marijuana and Nursing

    first of all, that is just rude. second, i can prove it, and in fact, have proved it by performing all of my tasks; i write a bi-weekly article for a newspaper, currently am enrolled in 18 hours of college for my bachelors, work full time, maintain the iso database at linuxquestions.org, volunteer with a local youth group, attend security conventions and somehow find the time to camp and fish. with the exception of the fishing, i perform all of the actions at least 'good', and am striving for great, but that is a little hard while juggling so much. and i get high every day, sometimes several times a day. so screw you, you have no idea what you are talking about. _________________________________________ Si hoc legere scis nimium eruditionis habes