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  1. never had poutine. as for holding someone's origins against them, no, it shouldn't happen. i hope it doesn't in this case as well, yet recalling how asians were treated during ww2 and muslims after 9/11, i have little hope it will be any better. the only thing that gives me any hope at all is that a lot of folks are in bed with russians politically now. (trying to avoid getting this thread moved to sc)
  2. i like the mr. poutine. i've taken to calling him puddin'. not sure which one has the better ring to it.
  3. buy the domain and i'll host it. anytime you want to update it just send a new one to me and i'll replace it. i have unlimited web hosting so it's cool. a domain only costs like $20, or it did a few years ago anyway.
  4. look around, at those highest levels of administration in the government. we are scofflaws, or at least it's a lot more common now than it used to be. either that or it's talked about more.
  5. stormtrooper 1 this morning: may the fourth be with you. stormtrooper 2: and also with you. but that was yesterday. stormtrooper 1: damn, missed it!
  6. after watching the video below and hearing how luke took full responsibility for breaking a rule, i like the guy. i had no views one way or another before, but i like when someone owns their mistake. this all by itself raises him levels above anyone in the gop, and most in politics. i think we're gonna get this moved to sc if we keep throwing political references in here though. i had a few i had to delete.
  7. maybe we should figure out a way to start getting the uspa officials to start following the rules. i know it kind of pisses me off that i need to have a uspa membership to jump at a uspa dz. the one time i traveled since covid to another dz to get my reserve repacked and jump with a couple of friends, i sent off my uspa membership fee in the mail two weeks prior, but hadn't received the card yet. i figured it would have at least been processed, but it wasn't in the computer so i didn't jump. i know that's on me, so i didn't argue or do anything but talk a bit more then leave early. pretty sure that was a whole lot safer than this was. i was current, b licensed, and had just gotten a repack on the reserve. i'm tired of hearing about all these uspa officials breaking rules with no consequences when we have to follow even the most restrictive ones. piss on that. at the risk of getting this removed, it sounds like a certain political ideology is creeping across everything in this country.
  8. not all the time. last time i had a cleaning the doc did it. shortage of help.
  9. yes, the person cleaning my teeth is a doctor of dental medicine. i had to look it up since i don't care much about titles, and strangely enough he is also called a dentist. i always called him doc whenever i went to him.
  10. they called me the engineer, i don't care what they call me as long as the check clears. $40 an hour to sit on my arse in my jammies, or travel around anywhere and work gets that kind of loyalty. all the way until they laid me off. half of the jobs i apply for is network engineering. i was also a combat engineer. still affiliated with the corpse of engineers. lol. yeah, i've paid my dues. i'm an engineer.
  11. just curious if you're ok with my job title being a network field engineer. no engineering school involved, but a lot of physical network engineering. it's a matter of semantics, but those matter to some folks.
  12. or an app on the phone that told them what the plane is and all that...i've done it before. but another thing to consider, if they were doing a demo, wouldn't there be a crowd and crowd control? i'd think if i were doing crowd control, i'd want to know what type of crowd to expect. i would hesitate to place the blame on the faa because of that, or at least all of it.
  13. well, she was involved in an attempted insurrection not too long ago. i'm sure she would have liked to have seen a response like this during that little sideshow. perhaps that has something to do with her reaction. i know it would piss me off a tad if bunch of idiots tried to kill me and nothing happened, only to find an over-reaction to this extent over a miscommunication. but that's just me, i guess i take it personally when folks try to kill me. fortunately, it doesn't happen often. just offering a different perspective.
  14. the main thing about a hop and pop, especially from 5k, is take the time you need to get stable before pulling. i tumbled once, took a few seconds and got stable first, was open by 3k and that was a 4k exit. it helps that my canopy is open in 200 ft, but that's why i jump a reserve. well, that and it was cheap as hell.
  15. just thinking out loud, would deploying a reserve into a downplane where you couldn't release the straps be advised or not? i mean, it may not help anything, but it may slow you down a bit and make it more survivable, but i'd hate for it to have some affect like wrapping around the main and collapsing everything.