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  1. yeah, that's the reason.
  2. that's a lot better and i can understand that. i have no opinions on how or what the uspa should train, and did not ever try to even stretch anything to imply that. sorry if you have a hard time understanding my words, sometimes i can be a bit unclear. you took a whole of post history and condensed it down to one comment and applied it all to that comment. none of it matters one bit to the comment though, so enjoy the weekend. just know one thing: it's ok to be wrong and it's also ok to let things go, as i am going to do now. have a great day.
  3. it helps explain why you disagree with me but does nothing for the actual part i disagreed with. no, i am not an instructor nor am i a coach and in fact have not jumped all year and am not even a uspa member presently. does that mean i don't know what i am talking about? maybe, but again, i doubt it. the only things i speak authoritatively on are the things i know about, and if you'll notice, i pretty much just disagreed with you based on my personal experience (which i really did have just in case you're going to question that) and it really did happen just that way (in case you question that). i also looked through the irm for the requirement for teaching a fjc before the actual course and could not find it but my irm is outdated and could be wrong. you may want to brush up on your terminology, since "almost certain" is just that, almost but not quite, and the phrase "i could be wrong" means just that as well, it leaves room for my information to be incorrect especially since it's a few years old and things tend to change in the sport. you may find a few examples of my comments being a little different in the past, but you'll also notice that i have not made many in the past year or two, and the ones you'll find there have a slightly different tone, especially the ones from this year. one thing you may not notice is that my past includes a good bit of teaching things to folks including being a driver trainer for new soldiers and many small group classes. one thing we learned when i was taught small group instruction was that it is best to practice what you are going to teach before actually teaching it. now that may have also changed since i left the army almost 20 years ago now, but i highly doubt it since most of the things taught by them were in my instruction for the leadership bachelor's degree where i learned the theory behind all of them. no, i don't have hardly any experience teaching jumpers anything but plfs and a few fjc courses i assisted with when i had half my coach rating, but i have decades of experience teaching folks how to do things from shoot pistols to driving wreckers. teaching is teaching. an instructor is not going to get much from helping teach a course before being formally trained in the outcome except familiarization. if you think you're right and i am wrong, fine, it happens sometimes to me as i'm sure it does you. but when you say that your experience means more here than mine, even if it does, you can still be wrong. i take no disrespect from your comment, but that was a whole lot of words you put down to basically say "piss off". enjoy the weekend.
  4. i disagree. it is almost certainly just to get familiar with the course. am i remembering right that a coach can't teach the aff or iad specific parts of the course, only the general part that applies to everyone? and they don't test with students anyway, or at least mine didn't. they told the "students" to mess with us to see what happened. when it came my turn, the "student" was "blind"! talk about throwing me a curveball. we didn't have to assist with anything first, and i haven't seen any requirements in the irm for it, so i am basing my answer on that. of course i never did finish the rating and haven't really paid much attention to it so i could be wrong.
  5. well, there's the problem. you're reading fox news.
  6. i can't seem to find tubing that feels like a real tube stow. the tubing i have is different. i have yet to try the ones i made but another jumper did last year and they didn't work.
  7. i tried that last year and they didn't work. wrong kind of tubing. do you know the name of the tubing that you used or if it even has a name? i have tried three different kinds, and they all seem to use the wrong kind. on the plus side i now have a stock of tubing if i can find a use for it.
  8. i'm not the answer man. i'm not even a uspa member right now. i just clarified and added my opinion that it was reasonable.
  9. please correct me if i'm wrong, it happens, but i haven't seen anyone that i recall talking about banning swooping. i do see quite a few comments asking for an answer to a question which never came along with talk about having the uspa stop promoting swooping, but that is reasonable. kind of like the way they used to use joe camel to promote kids smoking. it wasn't set up for that to happen, but that was an unintended consequence which later became illegal, or at least was stopped by someone. maybe a better analogy would be they way they stopped putting smoking in every movie and tv show and stopped showing ads for it on tv.
  10. so if i get this right, one was too many for you and when you saw that the mitigations you put in place weren't working you filled in the pond. so much unlike the situation we have with the uspa, you actually took action that stopped the swooping fatalities. i may be wrong about that last part, did the fatalities stop when you filled in the pond or did they continue and still happen? if they stopped, then it sounds like you figured out the formula and know what you're talking about. if not, well, that's a whole other can of worms.
  11. davinci works pretty good for editing videos. it can do different formats and all kinds of cool crap in the free version. makes me wonder what else is in the paid edition.
  12. i call bullshit on this. no way in hell you got anything for an airplane for under a dollar.
  13. i'd have to disagree with that view, but since i have pretty good depth perception i don't know for sure. it does seem to me that it takes depth perception to figure out where the ground is no matter what canopy you fly.
  14. i'd buy new if i were you, and would have when i bought my rig had i had the extra cash then. i was planning on a new one when i got my backpay, but it's been a few years and i doubt i ever will but my used rig is still good so it doesn't matter. i also don't plan on downsizing for the same reasons, but maybe going up a size or two. this is something you may want to consider taking into account. like wendy said a used one will do you just as good as a new one and may save some wear but a new one will probably last the rest of your life. that was my thought anyway. riggerrob was right as well, talk to your local folks and get their input on fit and particulars.
  15. mit researchers found a way to make concrete super capacitors that can use a house foundation as storage for the whole house. at least they made the little ones so far.