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  1. no, he's draining it all right. it's just that it means exactly what it means and not what we all read into it. when you drain a swamp, you leave all the scum and crud from the bottom exposed. he sure as hell has brought the scum out in the open and isn't trying to hide anything any more. i guess he did it after all.
  2. not really, it's a symptom of a psychological problem similar to hoarding. i read a study on it a few years ago while studying for a thesis. it wasn't part of the topic so i don't have it saved, it was one of the sidetracks i always end up on when researching. shouldn't be too hard to confirm though.
  3. at the bottom of the page, the word leave is separated on my computer. le is on the top line and eave is on the next one. easy to tell what it means, and it is a bit ironic that is asking for constructive criticism. i like the site though, looks good.
  4. i was thinking i could host the damned thing but am no good with design so i left it alone. if you could design it and set it up, i'll host it with my other domains.
  5. if you are tying your personal wealth to your business, then you are doing something wrong. maybe you don't need a loan, but then you didn't need the 3 tasting rooms either.
  6. politics is the art of compromise, always has been and always will be. the thing is, we need to shift the compromise from benefiting the wealthy to benefiting us all. i have no illusions that anyone will ever stop the back room deals where everyone makes something off the deal and i don't want to, that is a whole other campaign and job i cannot handle. what i want to do is get them thinking about how to best take care of the people rather than just how to best get re-elected. they have made it legal to get insane amounts of money so there is no reason for them to be breaking the laws that do exist and for the boss to pardon the ones that do get caught. i don't care a lick if a senator gets a sweet job for his nephew or a representative gets a kickback for taking care of his people. that keeps them from doing what they have done which is becoming nothing but paid shills for whatever interest has enough money. as long as they take care of their job and the people, then if they can legally get something extra, so be it. turns out that taking care of the collective is progressive thinking, and the article i read said that is mainly why most people don't adopt it, as smarter people tend to have progressive thinking and we all know the distribution of smart folks. so we may be doomed to the "me" attitude for a bit longer but i will be damned if i allow open criminals to represent me without doing something about it!
  7. and the profits from the company would cover that. or they could use equity or just get a loan.
  8. nothing to discuss. pay the re-election campaign of the mango mussolini enough money and get what you want.
  9. it looks to me like he wants some results and after waiting almost half a century i think it is justified. he has some good points and offered some solutions. i think it is time to open everything up and let anyone who wants to look, look. if a member has a concern that his (and everyone else's) money is being used in a way that is counter productive or is being wasted, then he has a right to challenge that and have it looked into further. could he have done a better job? maybe, maybe not. does that negate his concerns? absolutely not. i am going to jump in and help now, as i am concerned as well. and i think he did comment that he got his money back and thanked someone for it, but am not gonna go look now.
  10. i would normally say the same thing, as i am not an instructor and i do not know you. having said that, i can safely say this: plfs will save you injuries in the future. practice them anywhere, all you need is something you can safely stand on that is about 2 or 3 feet high. i couldn't keep my feet and knees together at airborne school and they tied my boots together and i hopped around all day. i can do the most beautiful plfs now, 20 years later, and have done them at start when i jumped. i could have ran it out and stood it up, but on the walk back when i stepped in a hole i decided i made a good call with the plf.
  11. i didn't say anything about anyone being a member of anything and don't know what you are talking about there. do you still have access to the plans you saw and financials you are talking about? if so, let me know how i can look at them also please. as you say, if there's nothing going on there shouldn't be a reason to hide anything and it seems like nobody is. and 39% fundraising costs isn't that much to pay, depending on what the rest of the deal is. i know some campaigns pay 90% to the fundraising fees and only keep 10%. highway robbery done legally. real similar to politics and this pac shit. i thought i read a comment in this thread that said there was more discussion prior to the 10 minutes in the meeting, so there should be some more information out there to look at.
  12. did you look to see if they have a facebook page? lots of dzs here are doing it, not sure about germany since i left almost 30 years ago.
  13. you get me the go ahead and i will help. i may even be able to help get some progress done, as i am a licensed contractor with a degree in leadership. i don't have experience with a project of this magnitude, but i did run a special forces batallion s1 section for a year from ft campbell while they were deployed. i wouldn't know who to begin talking to so handle that part and let me know what you need.