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  1. not sure if i'd call that trending down, but we'll see next year.
  2. the movie. dodgeball. funny as hell, even if it was dodging a wrench.
  3. "if you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball" that is the first thing that came to mind when i read that part about the tennis balls. thanx for the laugh.
  4. i have no idea how that works. like maybe straight talk so that you don't have to pay for it until you need to use it. i'd give it a try. i'll bet you can pick those trackers up cheap if the company went out of business.
  5. that's not what you need to program, the os or whatever runs it is what needs programmed. qualcomm has pretty good documentation on their chips and what the pins do, but they look real hard to get to the way they soldered the chip on the board. but it's hard for me to tell a lot from a picture because it isn't my specialty, just something i know about. i've done it before on other devices and could probably figure it out but maybe not. now going into the qualcomm firmware, you're right, no way to do that i could ever figure out anyway.
  6. i don't see a jtag connection but it looks like you could reprogram it if you knew how. you'd need some way to attach to the chip. some of those test points may also be the jtag and it just isn't labelled, some companies do it that way. i'm gonna look it up since i now have numbers to put into search engines. thanx for the pics.
  7. open it up and take a picture and post it here. i can look and see if it has any connections i can tap into on the board. you may not be able to get it apart without breaking it. i'll do a search and see if anything comes up. someone has probably done it if it can be done.
  8. i wonder if you couldn't reprogram them to use another number and set up your own cloud for it to talk to. would be worth a try. do they have a jtag pinout?
  9. we can take that allegedly out of there now...
  10. i just tried to download the code and it wasn't able to, said it was on localhost. website must've done something to it.
  11. had a friend give me a canopy a couple of years ago, about a 250 or so with no tag or markings of any kind we could see. it is worn out so bad you can see through the black panels pretty easily, but it has a jump or two left in it i think. as soon as i get my rigger to make sure i'm right i want to jump it.
  12. doesn't about half the dropzones in canada use the uspa as a governance body? i know they have the cspa but thought i had heard many use the uspa. it was a while back, when i was a member of uspa. i maybe should renew my membership this year.
  13. it was a phone call and you don't record your calls. if you get creative, you can have a facebook message to show them. that would involve someone else though. hell, i'll send you an email from whatever country you need it from in whatever language you need. it may not be a good translation so you'll have to check for yourself. i can do czech, german, or english, but need to use a translator for anything else. edit: although if they check your social media and find this you may get in trouble.
  14. visiting at some friends i met when they came and stayed with me. returning the favor.