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  1. You’re gonna wanna find a place that has 400’s with the big drogues. There are only a few of these such places around. Lodi is one of them.
  2. Byron skydance hollister silicone valley lodi Monterrey Santa Cruz cloverdale Tracy Probably a couple others out there I’m forgetting
  3. Looking for an older complete rig 225-240 Lemme know what you have and what your price is. Thanks! [email protected]
  4. He definitely made at least one sport rig in the last couple of years.
  5. For those who don't know what xrw Mr. Bill is https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=3633137606750030&id=100001614788582
  6. I believe that there are DZs in these states operating : Arizona, Hawaii, California, Florida, Texas
  7. Elsinore will run you 3500$+ for an A license, and afterwards you will pay 27 per jump ticket, elsinore is not a good option if you are looking for affordable.
  8. If you are looking for cheap, you may want to look into Static Line instead of AFF! For less than $1600USD you can get your A license @skydiveFargo. http://skydivefargo.com/static-line.html But remember you get what you pay for... just kidding, I'm sure its a great DZ. Static Line (SL) is usually a more affordable option for those who are looking to get into skydiving but dont have a ton of Cash. At some DZs you'll have to do a tandem and/or some tunnel time before you do start AFF, so take that into account when comparing various DZs' SL and AFF costs. Dont let people discourage you because you're lacking finances and wanna get into the sport. good luck and do your research!
  9. what are the softest opening canopies out there? I have a spectre w/dacron that slams me and a safire that opens even harder than the spectre. looking for something that I can trust wont break my neck.
  10. I am not jumping a AAD that hasn't been sent in for maintenance, I am just curious. Have there have been any incidents where a Cypress that was past its maintenance due date malfunctioned before during or after a Skydive? And if so, does anyone have links with information? I Don't need an explanation on what ifs and what is legal or not. Simply looking for incidents where a jumper with a due for maintenance CYPRESS had a malfunction(misfire) specifically as a result of the AAD being overdue for Maintenance and not functioning properly. Thanks!
  11. I could be wrong but I think Lodi is the only DZ on the list that's actually open 7 days a week.
  12. I understand that Dallas is a part of "tornado alley" and that there can be some wind and weather days. Because of the high winds it can be difficult for an AFF student to Complete or even begin their AFF. So would anyone happen to know from experience which Dropzones in the Dallas area are less windy?
  13. https://www.google.com.ph/amp/s/themountainnewswa.net/2013/05/04/update-on-the-murder-of-earl-cossey-an-analysis-of-his-role-in-the-db-cooper-case/amp/
  14. While the "4 seasons pass" as i call it, that Spaceland has to offer is an incredible deal, i find that the weather's a little harry for significant portions of the year. torrential rainfall, flooding, tornados, and hurricanes followed by an unbearably hot & humid summer IMO don't make for a good time. especially for a montana guy like me or when comparing weather to other DZs around the US and their jump ticket prices. Also spending $8,000 in my case is not realistic, as i am looking for the most affordable jump tickets the area has to offer, and not the most expensive jump ticket. That being said im just searching for a DZ where one would go to get a few affordable jumps in IF they find themselves in the north texas area for a few days. Or maybe im looking for more smart ass answers from a person who's supposed to be a representative of the USPA... Mr.Akers. By all means troll on! Perhaps someone reading this knows of a place that offers block ticket prices in the N. Texas area. For example when a DZ has jump tickets at $25 & and offers one dollar discounts for buying ten tickets. Or five dollars discounted per ticket when purchasing more than 100 etc. This is not a new thing and plenty of DZs do this. And yes google is infact a personal friend of mine, but this is an open forum designed specifically for sharing information, trolling people, and asking skydive and skydiving related questions like the ones i have. When i jumped at what was then called skydive dallas, was 2013 and i hear the DZ has made significant improvements. I wonder did they ever did fix the giant cracks/holes in the landing area or of that was just due to dry weather that year. I do understand the overhead of being a skydiver, i also understand that some dropzones are more affordable than others. Any useful information would be much appreciated, Thanks guys!